A feminist is apparently upset about a viral video that shows a BBC presenter being interrupted by his children mid-interview.

First, here’s the video for context.

Pretty funny, right?

Not to one feminist.

In an article titled “The BBC pundit’s children video is NOT FUNNY. It’s patriarchy in a nutshell,” New Statesman writer Moley Tant builds a case against the viral video.

“I can’t enjoy it,” Moley declares. “Basically the message this video delivers to me is: being a man is playing life on the easy setting. Once again, the yawning awareness of the patriarchy shits on my ability to enjoy something.”

Moley goes on to argue that if a woman had pushed away her child as the presenter – Robert Kelly – had, “we wouldn’t be sharing the video while wiping tears of laughter from our eyes.”

“We’d be knee-deep in a tedious discussion about whether she’s a terrible mother and whether her career of Korea Takes was leading her to ignore the small, simple pleasures of watching a child dance like a loon.”

Moley also states that when Robert pushed his toddler back he did so “with the easy reassurance of someone who knows that another person is going to swoop in and deal with the kids.”

“True equality will not have been achieved until we see a father desperately clawing at a baby wheeler while a woman talks about the rising threat of nuclear war,” she wraps up.

For the most part, thankfully, this analysis of the viral video has received harsh criticism.

Several people also pointed out that the Media Mole account had tweeted out a story praising the video just hours before.

New Statesman

  • Our Bloody Mary Hospital

    Well holy Moley is that stupid…

  • freenclear

    This Moley Taint needs a dick. Big time.

    • NiceAbs

      I missed her name! OMG thank you for pointing this out!

  • Brock

    “Feminist angered”

    Must be a day ending with “y.”

  • Sol

    “Feminism” takes women who would be smart and successful and turns them into stupid shrinking violets. Its followers are too stupid to realize.

    • Dwight Reid

      “Feminism” is simply the belief that men and women are equal and should be treated as such. Something you are apparently too stupid to realize.

      • John Sharma

        Feminism is just the Belief that men and women are equal expressed as killallmen. Suuuure, gay just means happy too.

      • Mystikan

        Feminism is the belief that when a man’s rights and a woman’s rights come into conflict the woman’s rights always prevail. Something YOU are apparently too stupid to realize.

        And I notice you are male, surprise surprise. Why don’t you cut your own cock off since you obviously hate having one so much?

      • Patrick Larson

        Yes,you are indeed a castrated girlman. The detestable species infesting our societies.
        Grotesque. Beta males are gross creatures. I’m a woman btw, it’s a nickname.

      • Sergey Ermolenko

        Stupid is not an argue.

      • Christopher Lee Hartsock

        EGALITARIANS believe in sexual equality.
        FEMINISM, especially third wave feminism, is Femacy, to some of the most privileged women in human history.
        Don’t wave the dictionary if you don’t actually adhere to it by actions. Do you attend a lot of MRA meetings to keep your time ‘EQUAL’.

        You don’t get to call people stupid, you hypocritical moron.

      • noyfb

        So funny when people throw the accusation of “too stupid” around while bathing in their ignorance.

      • Amanda Eivers

        Feminism is an embarrassment to women, who have made in life of their own backs without screaming “equality” “equality”. I wish you would all go back in your holes, you are actually harming women with your stupid ideology !!!!!

      • debinak

        Properly understood you’re definition of feminism is correct. But these days feminism has become a cancer. It has been co-opted by identity ideology that is forever outraged at ever declining inequality.

      • Sol

        It was like that and the earliest feminists (the suffrage movement) were Republcians, because the Democrat Party never did like the idea of equal rights. Today “feminism” has become just another perepetually offended SJW group because women can become what they want now. And all you do is project your stupidity.

      • HT

        That’s what it use to mean. Today’s wave of feminism has nothing to do with equality. Educate yourself before you embarrass yourself further.

  • positively4thstreet

    OMG that is so funny though. Feminist needs to be dropped in the middle of an ocean by a shark pod.

    • Dwight Reid

      The idea that women deserve equality should be eliminated? Do you ever stop to think before spouting nonsense or do your kneejerk reactions guide your every move?

      • John Sharma

        So when are women going to relinquish all their advantages to have equality?

      • Christopher Lee Hartsock

        Ah, so you’re lobbying for women to have to register for selective services?
        Automatically receive 50% of child custody? No longer get alimony or child support?
        Are you suggesting that women should be held to the same physical standards in military service? Ah, I get it. You mean they should be sentenced to prison exactly the same as men, for the same crimes, right?
        I’m sure that’s what you mean by ‘equality’.

        Women. Have. Equality. Jesus, climb out of the ’60s. Feminism, when it actually meant something, won. Stop playing obtuse VICARIOUS victim. It’s UNMANLY.
        I -do- think women deserve equality, instead of unqualified advantages, which they clearly enjoy, without attendant responsibilities.

        You seem to think you’re smarter than everyone else. Fail.

      • Christopher Lee Hartsock

        Explain something to me, genius.
        Why do over 85% of American women surveyed agree that the sexes are equal, but refuse to identify as feminists, except about 18% of them?
        Do you not believe THEM that feminism is not about equality?

      • DaisyToo

        You’re a bore.

      • Sol

        Your post was a kneejerk reaction. Turn off CNN. It is fake news.

    • Big Dog Bite Hard

      How will the shark pod get her out to the middle of the ocean?

  • Justin Leeds

    But it is perfectly fine to abandon your kids to the TV, internet and pathetic public schools to raise,parent and educate you kids while you go off to have your career….Right?

    • Len Morris

      Well, are these not some of the greatest ‘heights’ of personal and cultural achievements that feminism has ‘gifted’ us with?

      Why don’t these femi-fools go attempt to give lionist and she-bears (full time mothers) a good tongue lashing, or setup protests against them? Where are the ‘men’ in these social circles?

  • NiceAbs

    I thought he was an asshole for pushing his toddler away like that.

    I also agree that if a woman did that, she’d rightly be excoriated (although go ahead and kill the baby in your womb, that’s cool dude). Because it turns out, in society, women aren’t allowed to be callous assholes (that’s why people hate feminists so much).

    • Chris Richardson

      You’d think, but the reason people hate feminists is because they demonize white, cis-gendered men as the root of all evil, while absorbing other movements in order to remain relevant. If feminism gained its own relevance again, you can bet they’d start demonizing men of color and trans people, both trans men (girl to guy) and trans women (guy to girl) because they’re men. They already call out white gay men for their privilege. Basically they’re among the biggest hypocrites on earth.

      • NiceAbs

        Or you could just say “callous assholes” and keep it simple. 😉

    • John Sharma

      He had a few minutes for his interview, he cant take those up playing with the child.

      • NiceAbs

        I don’t know why you’re posting that as a reply to my thread – I didn’t say he should play with his kid anywhere. Pushing his kid away was an asshole thing to do. Ignoring them works just as well. And I bet next time, he locks the door. ????????????

        • John Sharma

          Well we saw different things. My 3 all would have wanted attention at that age, stopping him getting his interview. Seemed to me he just stopped the kid walking in front, not really pushed away.That doesn’t mean they get no attention, just not at that moment. Agree he should have shut the door first, It was funny anyway.

        • DaisyToo

          You assume the door has a lock.

  • Yuen

    Good imagination, Moley. The fact is there is no woman push her kids away during a BBC interview. Stop the preemptive strike.

  • Oob

    A feminist is apparently upset….

    You could have stopped here and saved time…

  • P’tit P’tate

    Am I the only one who read “Moldy Taint”?

    • Bernadette

      Hahaha good one

  • Sam2

    “Basically the message this video delivers to me is: being a man is playing life on the easy setting. Once again, the yawning awareness of the patriarchy shits on my ability to enjoy something.”

    Essentially she’s saying that she has a tremendous amount of baggage that has completely tainted how she sees the world. Typically this is called emotional damage. In her case it’s absolutely delusion and most likely emotional damage as well. Probably some unresolved mental illness too.

    • CFandHappy

      Ironic she used the word “yawning”, coz her whole rant leaves me doing just that!

      • GetRektbyTheTruth

        What argument?

  • DEPLORABLE Grandma Susan

    What is WRONG with these people? How can the keep seeing WHAT ISN’T THERE?

    There used to be hospitals for folks like that, the ones trapped in hallucinations and delusions, GET HELP!

  • I was more upset at how the mom just dragged the poor kid across the floor. He was crying in pain at one point. Pick the kid up like a normal person. Or, you know, lock the bloody door.

    • John Sharma

      That was a foreign nanny, she was trying to be unobtrusive.

      • DaisyToo

        She’s the wife/mother.

        • John Sharma

          Maybe, but she is asian and those kids don’t look mixed to me.

          • DaisyToo

            Believe me, she’s the wife and mother.

          • John Sharma

            I guess since he is talking as an expert on asia he probably spent time there and married one.. their ladies not being feminists like the one complaining about them. Ha!

    • happytortuga

      Don’t blame Mom. She was great.

    • DaisyToo

      No one was crying. The mother’s pants were at half mast (obviously, the little ones chose the moment she was in the bathroom to Picking the little girl up would have created another world of problems. If you aren’t capable of recognizing how completely comfortable and happy these children were w/their parents, you need some psychological help.

  • ME

    Enough of this public policing bullshit, people make mistakes or may fluster when confronted with embarrassment. This female report needs to find something else to occupier her life with.

  • border2man

    Who the hell would name their child “Moley”? XD

  • John Sharma

    Why didnt the feminists mention their latest explanation of why the wage gap is real? You know, unpaid domestic labour. Except for mexican or filipino maids like that one getting 100$ for 18 hour days, 6 days a week. Cant be that wealthy white feminists like paying them peanuts for the domestic labour they say they value equal to any other profession.

  • over it!

    Wow…..just wow….this is proof that they will attack anything ….and make it bad…Im surprised that these people are able to function I think if I was as depressed and negative as these people Id just give up and die….unreal…smh

  • Islander790

    I think this desperate feminazi’s hormones have gone into overdrive. Somebody needs to get laid m’thinks.

  • Patrick Larson

    OMG. Now we know why more and more psychiatrists are saying those who adhere fully to liberal
    and feminist ideas are seriously mentally ill. They are swamped in personality disorders, anger
    management issues, self obsessed grandiosity. They must be stopped as they intend to destroy
    society. I’m a woman btw.

  • noyfb

    Feminists suck the fun out of everything so I’m not surprised Moley “Wet Blanket” Tant can’t enjoy this clip.

  • RemAcuTetigisti

    Misandrist scum will soon have their day of reckoning .

  • HT

    Apparently Holy Moley Taint has had a successful lobotomy. Congratulations, you go girl!

  • happytortuga

    My only thought about the video is that the dad should have locked his office door. It was adorable though that he didn’t.

    • DaisyToo

      Maybe the door didn’t have a lock?

  • kzF

    If I were being interviewed on BBC, at home, and the children came in during this interview, I would be so mad at my spouse for allowing these children to get into the room and make a disruption. This was important to this man’s career, and now he is a laughing stock of an expert. I don’t see how he has it so easy, to be humiliated on TV is not an easy thing to take. His kids are a mess, and it appears that his wife has not been watching them carefully.

    Also, I want to say this: if a husband is working, and paying the bills, and the wife is staying home to take care of the children, then she has a job, and he has a job. If he is paying the bills and taking on the pressure of this providing a home financially, then the wife has a duty to be the best at home. That means she would spoil him and cook for everyone, and make sure the house is neat and clean and all things are taken care of. That is equality.

  • johngy

    I just read a post with a photo of an Arab man beating an Arab woman. Why doesn’t the feminist get upset about a real problem?

  • DaisyToo

    Wondering if feminists have declared a jihad on this happy family upon discovering the wife’s pants are at half mast when corralling the kids out of the room? Clearly, the little ones seized their moment while she was in the bathroom 🙂

    Completely charming video!

  • Julie

    This parent teaches his children respect. My dad would’ve swatted me in the head to make his point. I can still see the stars and hear my dad angrily saying, “I told you not to touch anything.”

    Please stop these man-haters! They do not speak for the majority of women who value equal respect among the human species.

  • FR057F1R3

    I’m sorry but there are lots of fathers who would have done the same for their wives. These people need to stop trying to get attention. This world has FAR more pressing problems

  • CFandHappy

    Aaaand, THAT is why I’m not a feminist!!! The video was hilarious by the way…

  • Rekt

    Feminism needs to die…..

    • HeavyCream

      As long as we men keep pissing standing up, it will.

  • puccini914

    The so called Feminists today are pretty much the opposite of what the whole movement actually started for. It began for voting rights, the right to work and the right to succeed in a man’s world. Women didn’t want to be seen as weak victims that could only be in a sheltered home environment. We wanted to be strong and respected, we wanted our minds to matter and our thoughts on important issues to matter. I think did quite well and won the battles as the many female CEO’s and successful business owners, doctors, lawyers etc can validate. What we see in modern feminism are those who are too young understand that you actually have to work to achieve your goals in life and those who just can’t stand to be on the losing side of politics and are just plain butt hurt that a sleeze ball woman didn’t win the White House. Claiming victimhood of an overbearing patriarchal society is just not feminism in any way. Feminism is pursuing your dreams matter what gets in your way, what set backs you may have tragedies may befall you. It means being a strong woman and letting nothing stop you. It means caring for your children and bringing home bacon, all while being a good wife. Not whining about how this or that isn’t fair, or how you didn’t get time off for your period cramps. smh

  • Leslie

    Dear FemBots,
    You wouldn’t be alive today without the “patriarchy” half of the equation.

  • Clementine

    It seems that feeling like a victim and being stupid and pathetic is now “cool”… I can’t wait for the snowflakes to melt and disappear!

  • dsoberg

    Who’s to say that the guy’s wife doesn’t also work.

    Seems to me that Moley Tant’s assumption that the man’s wife only looks after the kids and doesn’t herself have a job makes Moley Tant the patriarchal one. Hmmm… a patriarchal feminist. (David)