The Department of Justice confirmed on Friday that immigration judges will be reassigned to 12 cities, in an effort to improve the deportation process of illegal aliens.

The DOJ is still working out the reassignment plans and has also called for volunteers among immigration judges before moving forward.

According to Reuters, New York; Los Angeles; Miami; New Orleans; El Paso, Texas; Harlingen, Texas; San Francisco; Baltimore, Bloomington, Minnesota; Imperial, California; Omaha, Nebraska and Phoenix, Arizona.

Officials say that these cities have been chosen because they each contain a high number of illegal immigrants with criminal charges.

Illegal immigrants with pending criminal cases were made top priority for deportation in January due to President Trump’s executive order.

The Justice Department’s Executive Office of Immigration Review shows that the cities being targeted by the immigration judges have more than half of the criminal cases that involve illegal immigrants.

The Justice Department will also be sending immigration judges along the southwest border to visit detention centers. Their temporary placement begins today.

Chairman of the Board of Immigration Appeals Paul Schmidt seems to think that even illegal immigrants, who are also serious criminals, wouldn’t necessarily be deported.

“It seems they have an assumption that everyone who has committed a crime should be removable, but that’s not necessarily true. Even people who have committed serious crimes can sometimes get asylum,” Schmidt said.

According to DHS, Texas alone has booked over 215,000 criminal immigrants into its local jails between 2011 and 2017.

Those immigrants had committed more than 566,000 criminal offenses including 1,162 homicide charges; 68,151 assault charges; 68,102 drug charges and 6,098 sexual assault charges. Of those 215,000 over 143,000 (66%) were identified by DHS as being in the country illegally.


  • dsoberg

    Left or Right, you can’t blame Trump of procrastination. (David)

    • Rekt

      he’s a busy man!

  • dsoberg


  • dsoberg

    By the way. Why do conservatives never give Obama credit for deporting more illegals than any previous president?

    • Jay Tarum

      the honest Truth, Because Obama wont acknowledge or give HIMself credit for it – almost as if he is ashamed of it. We conservatives don’t just support the action, we support those who wear their decisions openly.

      • dsoberg

        He may not want credit for it. But you could give it to him, just to piss him off.

        • Jim Bean

          You’re not well read on the subject dsobErg. The statistic for deportation changed when Obama took office–it now includes individuals who get stopped at the border. Bush’s and previous presidents did not have these stops included. So Obama’s high numbers are superficial due to comparing two unlike numbers/statistics. Another example of this error, is Americans comparing unemployment numbers now to the 1930s. Individuals who are not actively seeking work or do not have a job after a time period are no longer included in modern day unemployment figures. The number is much higher than what people believe. So you should admit you are unread on the subject and move on.

          • dsoberg

            I’ll have to look that one up.

          • Jim Bean

            I give Obama credit where credit is due and I will give Trump credit when credit is due. In the news, MSNBC and other news agencies never bring up the policy polls on Trump’s moves. Trump is an unpopular president so far yet his policy decision receives positive ratings. Obama was extremely liked yet his Obama Care never reached over 50% support among the public. It hovered between 35-48% roughly. So people need to stop hating Trump bc he is Trump and stop liking Obama because he is Obama. The inner cities are worse now than when Obama took office, if anyone should feel slighted it is the African American voters who got jack shit for their vote.

          • dsoberg


          • DEPLORABLE Grandma Susan

            It used to be referred to in Customs and Border language as ‘turn arounds’. The ‘rules’ about counts were changed in 2009, and any criminal who was caught trying to get in at the border and denied access was added to the Obama counts as a deportation.

          • dsoberg

            Again, I’ll look that up. Thanks

          • Christopher Lee Hartsock

            Yes, do please look it up, and since your initial aspersion, hurled at anyone who didn’t know your meme-fact, was that they weren’t intellectually honest, you should have looked it up in the first place, and come back and apologize to people who have known this for years.

            Once you deflate the Obama stats back to actual deportations and turn-arounds, not only is he not the Big Leader, he’s in fact in the low-middle of the pack.
            It’s been a day, and this information isn’t classified.

            Even if it were, you could have read it off of Hillary’s server in less tiome. It’s been a day.

        • CORMAC___NJ

          Seriously, read something besides words that sooth you, because at this point you just look like a moron.
          Most people know that statistic is crap and other commenters here are proving it.

    • Dan

      Obama granted amnesty to 5 million illegal immigrants.

      • dsoberg


    • Frankie SayRelax

      There has been next to no intellectual honesty out of the Liberal-Leftist Democrat Establishment. The entire Clinton-Kaine platform was built upon fake news, fantasy fictional narratives, and billions spent on propaganda advertising.

      • dsoberg

        Not an answer to my question.

    • Elizabeth Lewis

      Actually Obama, like everything he did, twisted the word deportation. Those people who were caught and turned back at the border were considered deported in Obama’s crazy mixed up world.

    • swirve

      How many illegals came in under Obama’s term…

    • Barbara Barrington

      Because he also let more in….than any other president also

  • Debbie Kirby

    There truly is a God.

  • kamenetz

    Need another in CO, too much of an illegal infestation here!


    Best graphic ever!