Out of the darkness of yesterday’s violent clashes between Trump supporters and Antifa rioters comes an image of hope in the form of #BasedStickman – a commie-crushing superhero with a stick and Texas flag.

#BasedStickman quickly grabbed the web’s attention after he popped up in footage from the clashes, swinging his stick in defense of the innocent rallygoers being attacked by commies.

Several Twitter users subsequently immortalized #BasedStickman in meme and tribute form.

#BasedStickman eventually paid the ultimate price for his heroism, as footage shows police arresting him yesterday.

In light of this, some Twitter users appear to be organizing a fundraiser to help cover #BasedStickman’s legal fees.

  • Ms.rainman

    I’ve already heard the liberal spin. If the Trump supporters didn’t start the “clash”, why would anyone show up with a gas mask and a shield? One guy in this getup versus all the black masked, pepper spraying rioters, but the Trump supporters are the violent ones.

    • Alice PD

      You are really fucking atupid

      • HeavyCream

        ^^^ The impact of an insult takes its true form when you can fucking spell.

      • MMCRailgun

        He sounds spot on to me. And lol, HeavyCream is right you can’t spell.

      • OreWaSpyke
        • Needs three more levels, sadly, and we’re already onto the first one. Had Hitlery been elected or if the Deep State coup against Trump is successful, we might begin to soon expect the other two.

          — Using threats and mild violence: Opportunistic violence at riots and other occasions targeting those merely perceived to possibly have opposing views.

          — Systemic formal un-personing and arrests of opposition: Using institutions or organizations to methodically round up and incarcerate those deemed to have opposing views.

          — Systemic targeting for genocide: Using institutions or organizations to methodically extinguish the lives of those deemed to have opposing views.

          • Ros Hemphill

            What “deep state coup” against Trump? The “deep states” are the ones teeming with PRO -Trump swastika adorned neo fascists, heavily armed with automatic rifles, side arms, pepper sprays baseball bats and flagstaffs, ‘peacefully’ marching through other people’s cities, arms outstretched in Nazi salutes, chanting anti Jewish slogans……..

      • Ms.rainman

        you are fucking stupid. FIFY.

      • E1 Kabong

        Clearly, being STUPID would be a vast improvement for you.

      • Denileriverafter

        Normally, I ignore spelling, I know how easy it is to typo while typing passionately, BUT, this one just SCREAMS…STUPID, STUPID!!

      • AverageJoe1987

        Aww, is someone upset that the Antifa terrrorists aren’t being praised for their ‘peacefulness.’?

      • OpusX

        Fuck your whorebag mother

        • Paul Johnson

          Hey, no name-calling. You’re under arrest (but Alice PD is not).

  • Chris Richardson

    A true hero. When the police won’t do shit, a hero must step up.

    • spmat

      The police will do something. They’ll arrest the hero. The police don’t give a crap if you get beaten. They want you to shut up and stop causing trouble.

      • Michael Mazziotta

        Yeah but the people causing trouble didn’t get arrested! The guy defending people from being assaulted did. Your right police do not care.

        • John

          A bunch did get arrested actually.

          • AverageJoe1987

            Only because they were afraid of how bad the PR for their department would be when people raised a stink that the cops didn’t arrest any Antifa terrorists and only arrested the guy standing up for the people Antifa were trying to victimize.

            Like in Berkeley. Antifa terrorists were committing all sorts of crimes and beating people in the street and the cops made ONE arrest.

      • OpusX

        Then the police are supporting these communists. In this case the cops need to be targeted along with Antifa

        • JSebastian

          Bingo. Standing down while people are beaten then arresting those who are defending themselves and others, deserves the death penalty…my opinion.

        • Neo McMurray

          Absolutely, and a pattern has emerged in liberal cities, with violent protestors of the police standing down. Ferguson, Baltimore, Chicago, Berkeley.

  • Justin Green

    I believe in people once again. It is time to fight back. Thank you Basedstickman!

  • 7even

    Instead of our taxes funding cuck groups, how about the funds instead go towards legal funds towards people like this?

  • Jerry Hart

    They arrest the super hero. Gofundme……based stickman!
    Police are creating hate against them.

  • TheDreadnought

    You will start to see more based people defend what, to most, is right.

  • CrusadaB

    I love you Stickman! ❤

  • Don’t fuck with the Captain America LARP Crew!

  • Steve Webb

    Yeah, I thought the police were supposed to stand for law and order. The masked thugs destroying public property and beating up old people are the ones who need to go to jail. Is there a cop out there that can explain why you dont ARREST these law breakers?

    • spmat

      The cops don’t care. Never have. The cops work for the politicians that support Antifa.

      • OpusX

        Then the cops who stand there with their thumbs up their asses need to be targeted as well

    • AverageJoe1987

      Since this stuff happens in liberal cities, it’s obvious the liberal mayors have given orders that Antifa terrorists are to be given free reign.

  • livinfree2010

    Looking forward to ak-47 man, taking out a dozen anti-fa or so. Believe me, it’s coming.

    • Yeah, I could see that happening.

    • Denileriverafter

      I know!! How stupid do you HAVE to be to attack a group of people who believe in the right to carry arms, and probably have a permit to carry a concealed weapon?!! They were VERY lucky today!! Like going to a gun fight with a 2 by 4!!

    • Cameron Thompson

      Can’t take guns to a protest but. Firing it within a protest will get you thrown in the deep end

      • Paul Johnson

        Yep. Still looking forward to seeing it.

      • JSebastian

        Yes you can. California Penal Code specifically authorizes it as an exception to the prohibition on carrying weapons in public. Any place where you have the reasonable fear of assault, or something like that.

    • Patrick Larson

      I know.Can’t wait.

    • mickel

      We better watch out should the commies come with their ISIS buddies wearing funny vests.

    • Neo McMurray

      You ain’t lying.

  • Pat Patrix

    Arresting people for defending themselves? That’s fascism.

  • Mickey Mouse

    Go Stickman!!!hahahaha. Stick it to them.

  • JEckal Totem

    Fk berkeley its a nazi democrat hellhoe

  • JEckal Totem

    Berkeley is a. Nazi democrat kkk slaver sal alinsky purple shirt thug hellhoe the police work for liberal nazis level berkeley its diseased

  • JEckal Totem

    The nazi police work for rich liberal facist in berkeley hills its a sancturay hellhoe of nazis marxist communist there both the police are obamas brown purple shirts if you are repub in berkeley the nazi police will beat u

  • HeavyCream

    Stickman, in all of his glory, was just a warning. We have guys out here in the South that use wood the size of Stickman for weapons. Food for thought to the Left.

    • Jack Randal

      The Buford Pusser Invitational Whack-A-Thon… LMFAO!

      • Denileriverafter

        No..Whack off! lol

      • HeavyCream

        I love Pusser!

  • HT

    Worthless cops at Berkeley. They must fear for their jobs now that citizens are forced to do their job.

  • Lisa Dalporto

    After standing down and doing nothing THIS guy is the one they arrest? Fucking backwards AND retarded.

    • John Tucker

      They are worthless. Thats been proven conclusively. If they were city police everyone would be robed, raped, beaten and dead.

  • John Tucker

    I am in love.

  • Craig Sonoma

    We need many more like him!

  • John Tucker

    All that is gold does not glitter,
    Not all those who wander are lost;
    The old that is strong does not wither,
    Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
    From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
    A light from the shadows shall spring;
    Renewed shall be the Stick that was broken,
    The crownless again shall be king

    – adapted from a poem written by J. R. R. Tolkien

    • Sally Smith

      Based Stickman is the true heir of Isildur!

  • Metaby

    I am amazed that Trump supporters have shown so much restraint over the past year-plus. These leftists have pushed limits far beyond what anyone could be expected to take. I believe we will see more and more people fighting back. In my estimation, these Antifa maggots are in for some more frequent ass-whoopings.

    • Many are now ready to no longer show any restraint. Some are just lying in wait for one of these antifa morons to screw with them…

    • Jack Randal


    • wkj1970

      I’m thinking that in places where the police refuse to police, you will start to see more of this. Notice there were no cops to be seen. I read that the police in Berkley didn’t step in on the violence because they didn’t want to create more violence. Yeah….so just let a mob destroy stuff and assault people all they like. That’s not gonna float well in other states.

  • SallyForth

    Based stick man’s performance caught on video is truly one of the most hysterical things I’ve seen so far this year.

    God bless this patriot.

    • Jack Randal

      I laughed until my ribs hurt…>WHACK<

      • SallyForth

        I’m glad I wasn’t the only one.

        Was beginning to worry about myself.

  • A Practiced Observer

    This is a case study in learning from mistakes. At the Berkeley Milo riots, there was a defenseless man beaten over the head and lying in a coma on the street. When there was chance of violence again at Berkeley, Based Stickman was there to defend the rest of the people who assembled.

  • Billy Kerola

    Milo… we have to help Based Stick Man! :'(

  • Jesse James

    Absolutely amazing! Now we know what the police were waiting for. Waiting for one of the victims to fight back. Clearly, they don’t do anything about the antifa types. Probably in league with them.

    • AverageJoe1987

      Which is why all funding to Berkeley and it’s college needs to be immediately cut off until they stop supporting domestic terrorism from Antifa.

  • Mike Jacobson

    Someone needs to start support fund to help this guy with any legal costs. I’d contribute to it.

  • Vince Caddell

    Probably going to see some BasedStickman action in Austin if they try to act stupid at SXSW. Destroy property here,see how that goes for you.

  • Rufus Cornpone

    Basedstickman was the sheep dog fighting back against the Leftist Nazis…Cowardly Nazis declaring everyone they don’t like a fascist and using that as a justification to attack them or their property. They are the very fascists they claim to be protesting about, “You’re a fascist!” shouted the Leftist fascists…

  • The only good commie is a….

    • OpusX

      One with their skull split wide open, lying on the ground, dead. Too bad that more weren’t killed at Kent State in 1970….

  • wganz

    #StickMan is the spark to the flashback to #Libtard violence.
    Call the tune and let’s dance; but beware that the devil is the piper and the tab for that soiree will be hell to pay.

  • Suzy Enola

    Just considering all of the military bases on the west coast…

    If they ever declare martial law and those in the military refuse to obey unlawful orders (it is estimated that the majority will do just that, which might be why martial law was not declared before the inauguration) armed cops like those who arrest defenders instead of perpetrators – along with their bosses – will not fare well. At all.

  • ytuque

    The video shows him landing head shots on 2 Obama loving rioters.

    • Lince Ibérico

      right in the head 😀 it might had cracked because they dont have nothing inside.

      • ytuque


      • ytuque

        I suspect it made a satisfying ‘katonk” sound.

  • RemAcuTetigisti

    Who has the courage to be the next stickman, stickwoman or stick patriot?
    By God, in numbers, we can show Antifa scum we are not going to lye down.

    • fugly

      Time to bust out the hockey gear and go to work.

  • AverageJoe1987

    Antifa is a domestic terror group and it’s high time those masked terrorists start getting their heads kicked in.

    Since the cops, like in Berkeley last month, let Antifa do what they want, then it’s time that the people Antifa tries to victimize fight back.

  • Aleksandar Tomić

    May his stick strike with the weight of 2 whole feminists.

    • OpusX

      LOL! That would be what, 800, 900 pounds?

      • Aleksandar Tomić


  • claudiusxiii

    Platoons of stickmen will protect our assemblies. The left demands it!

  • Michael Jones

    His name is Kyle Chapman & he is an American patriot fighting fascism in America. I have a new hero…Stickman!

  • PrestoZuZu

    Our next AG in action!

    And I REFUSE to call the rioters “Antifa”- they are DEMOCRATS period. Calling them anything but, gives the Dems a pass…

  • Nato Cullen

    Bring in shapiro for the lawyering lolz. Ill give some sheckles for his freedom. He waded right in with a twinkle in his eye and shaliday on his tongue.
    Good on him

  • Jack Walker

    Next time it will be shotgun man….yeah

  • GrannyGripes

    I would never go to a rally again without a plan for self defense
    the commie liberal tratiors will be sorry if they attack us

  • B E

    we need more like him. the risks are great. but we need 100 more to take his place.

  • Dion smith

    Backfire. Keep it up orcs.

  • Lince Ibérico

    well thinking about that YES they should keep coming with masks so that when it gets to action they are easier to hit. XD

  • Vautrin

    God bless based stick man!!!

  • aquaticApe aquascape

    Thank you stickman! Nazi commies should all be beat with the stick of truth

  • Clifford Ishii

    American need to carry a Jo staff for self defense against leftist thugs. Based Stickman shows us the way to go

  • John

    Good. FUCK COMMIES!!!

  • keycat

    WeSearchr has a fund started for Stickman’s defense!
    praise kek!! 😉

  • Barbosa Samson

    FUCK, the shit the antifa made against milo: 0 or maybe 1 or 2 arrest…
    THEN we DEFEND ourselves: PRISON??? FUCK this double standards

    • Matron Malice

      Berkeley is a Communist cesspool. DOJ needs to come down on them.

  • cruzed to trump

    when the police wont act, they light the stick light. Yes, a light reflecting on clouds of the Stick of Justice…with a Texas flag behind it. All the sudden the sky scream IM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN as the solid wood rectifies a leftist skull, resonating truth and civility to the mind. We saw it happen twice in the video with captain america holding the stick in the title. god bless Based Stickman and Lee Greenwood Jr.

  • nopeace

    There were an estimated 60 Trump supporters and 200 Anti-Trump attackers(many armed with pepper spray, baseball bats and bricks. Those who stood their ground were brave, many were older folks who were beaten down and robbed. The Stick was prepared and waded into the paper spray to defend those who were not capable of defending themselves. Godspeed Stickman!

  • Luke Daniels

    Based Rifle Man is coming……You know it’s gonna get to that point.

  • Bug eater 357

    It’s Berkley. Can you imagine the job interview to get hired there? Probably ask want to know who you masturbate to more….Hillary or Obama.

  • mb3productions

    Laughed my butt off, literally in tears when I read this on Zero Hedge about the incident at the Trump rally in Berkely with Based Stickman: “It’s always darkest before the dawn. During Saturday’s pro-Trump rally in Berkeley, CA, antifags attended and started to rabble rouse — spraying old men in the face with pepper spray, acting like reprobate vagabonds — deserving of the stick.

    Then out of nowhere, like the Phoenix rising out from the ash, a superhero appeared — smashing antifags in the heads for sport and pleasure — casting them back into their pits of hell.”

  • Neo McMurray

    Antifa is the democrats civil militant wing, a modern version of their KKK group 100 years ago. Instead of targeting black people, now conservative patriotic christians are the target. I really don’t see an end except for the 2nd civil war. And I believe Kyle Chapman is a hero, and victor in an early battle. What a great role model for our fellow patriots to follow.

  • TT780

    You dont fool with someone wearing a Texas flag… Get em.. Looks kinda exciting tobe fighting them back, kinda wish I was there. Lol.. Try that shit in Texas you tittie babies, you’ll run crying back to your Mamas

  • Bubba Spieth

    Hey Milo, where you stay?
    And what the hell have you been up to?
    Since leaving the cowardice compound this is the first I’ve heard of you and luckily I caught a link. Speaking the truth can be painful and costly but never back away from it. It’s cheaper than selling your integrity. In your line of work integrity will take you to the top while others fall to the wayside as untrustworthy and unbelievable.

  • John Roberts

    In the end the charges will be dismised or he will be found not guilty

  • Bible Yoda ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    Note to conservatives: Take self-defense/hand-to-hand combat courses. Don’t show up in riot gear, and come unarmed. Let the libber get the first punch. Then, take the libber to the ground and put your knee into his kidneys like police officers do. It will look like you are making a citizen’s arrest, and you can hurt the guy as much as you want until the cops show up, and you probably won’t get cited. Just saying.