Hollywood actor Adam Pally remains employed several days after declaring that he’d like to assassinate President Donald Trump.

Pally – known for his roles in Fox’s ‘Making History’ and ‘The Mindy Project’ – made his statement on Wednesday.

When asked by a TMZ reporter if what he’d do if he could travel back in time, he declared, “I’d have to kill Trump or Hitler.”

Pally’s comment quickly earned him attention on Twitter, with many calling him out for his blatant declaration of will to commit a violent act.

Remarkably, Pally apparently remains employed by Fox.

The internet has noticed.


  • Phelin M’Quirk

    Where is the Secret Service?

    • Pebbles

      I just saw an article on Fox News about the secret service being ineffective in their duty due to poor leadership. The guy that just invaded the WH area, actually set off an alarm, and when a SS person looked into it, he shut it off and announced it was a false alarm, without knowing anything about what set it off, and failing to investigate. Many of the dedicated SS people are disgusted with their so called leader, and say the administrative area of the SS needs a major overhaul. Just having someone unauthorized within the WH perimeter is scary, and dismissing it so casually is frightening.

    • GTKRWN

      Overwhelmed by libtards. Over 12,000 assassination posts on Twitter alone, and that count as only gotten higher since February when the number was published.

      When King Barry was president the USSS had time to personally investigate every little naughty Faceberg post because they were so few of them. Now that libtards are gonna lib they just can’t keep up and have to triage cases and focus on serial libtards and more specific threats.

  • AverageJoe1987

    The left-wing trash get more and more fringe every day.

    They’re just so mad that Hillary didn’t win.

    My guess is, with Hillary being married to a rapist, the left were hoping that Hillary would legalize rape, so all of the blue-balled Beta-Males on the left could finally get laid.

    Cut funding to Los Angeles. And don’t allow studios to get tax breaks anymore for filming. Hit them in their wallets and they’ll stop employing domestic terrorists like Pally.

    • Amy

      And when you try to explain to them that if she had been president there’d be a rapist in the white house they can’t make the connection that BILL WOULD BE THERE TOO. This is how mentally limited they are.

  • Guyman

    Just for giggles, why doesn’t some conservative make a comment about killing Obama/Hillary. The backlash would be huge but it would open the door to these liberal statements that most people don’t hear because the media covers them up. The media could not help themselves if they had a conservative cross the same lines.

    • GTKRWN

      Most of us have jobs we’d kind of not like to lose when we break the law, then get justifiably raided by an internet hate mob. It’s not worth it just to prove that liberals are hypocrites. We all already know that.

      Liberals are fearless because they’re all welfare-sucking leeches to begin with. You can’t threaten the unemployed with joblessness.

  • Andrew J

    So Pally thinks he needs a time machine in order to kill a living person? Apparently he’s as dumb as he is immoral.

  • Eric Thorson

    Can’t decide which is most cringe worthy…the idiotic canned questions or his bigoted answer…

  • Michael A Teuschler

    Never heard of him, thanks for the warning, I prefer to avoid stupidity.

  • HT

    Liberal insanity should be grounds for forced commitment in to a mental health facility. Preferably one that still uses electroshock therapy and lobotomies.

    • GTKRWN

      Perhaps some sort of camp? Someplace far away, with no distraction, so we can help them concentrate?

  • shappens

    Note to self: Avoid anything of this person!

    Communist purged more people in recent history and yet nothing? Um….could be a communist!

  • Oscajo

    Another hollywood big mouth like Lil dog shit or bow wow or whatever dumbass name he goes by. Put that friggin terrorist in Guantanamo with the other haters

  • Joseph Ice

    Once again putting Hitler and Trump in the same sentence People show how stupid they r when it comes to reality. Like they say . look stupid and keep your mouth shut. . Open your mouth and remove all doubt