Dr. Phil appeared as a guest on The View Thursday and co-host Joy Behar wasted no time turning the conversation to President Trump. Dr. Phil was asked to diagnose the president with narcissism, but the women received an unexpected verdict instead.

As Behar was salivating to get Dr. Phil to give his diagnosis, the TV doctor read from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, particularly the section that explains the signs of a narcissist.

Dr. Phil went through numerous examples, as Behar’s face lit up with glee as she made a check mark in the air with her fingers to confirm her bias.

DR.PHIL: Okay. Three, believes that he or she is special or unique.

BEHAR: Check, check!

When Dr. Phil finished reading from the list, Behar delightfully chimed in with, “case closed!” However, Dr. Phil was quick to remind the co-host of something that would soon remove the joy from her face.

“Well, if you — that’s a lot of people. And if you take out everybody that has any of those characteristics then you’re going to take out a lot of people including some at this table.”

Watch the funny incident below.




American Psychology Association

  • Fleshking

    cmon, TL;DW. cut it down a little

    • Michael Kouvatsos

      7 minutes …. TL …. I feel sorry for any girls you sleep with.

    • Casmige

      I know, I know Right?? I mean more than 3 minutes with your Fleshlight & you’re pissed off it’s taking away from your Minecraft gaming, n’est pas?….smh

  • Michael Collins

    Hoist with her own petard1 :).

  • Metaby

    Obama enjoyed overwhelmingly favorable press coverage throughout his time in office, especially in the early days. Even still, he constantly complained about FOX. That is narcissistic.

    • David Adams

      Your worth is measured bye the number and caliber of your enemies. Truism. Trump must be one of the best people on Earth or the worst. Since he was not known as one of the worst before the election, I am in favor of believing he is one of the best. Whats the worst that Trump could do. It is not like he would try to take away the peoples guns. Lol that’s a democratic principle. We the people having means and a reason can always take our government back from the elites.

  • Brigitte Alsdorf Rickards

    Sad when grown woman act like that, have not watched that show and never will

    • David Adams

      Nothing there to laugh at anyway. Bunch of ignorant rich democrats vilifying republicans who are trying to get rich.

  • budfudlacker

    God what a sad, sad bunch of women. Seriously. They are scary hypocritical.

  • Kathy Kendall

    That woman is a narcissist. Asking a “question” that she already thinks she has to answer to. Not wanting the truth, just endorsement of her own opinion.

    • Joe_Schwinn

      The pots calling the kettle black? That is a pathetic group of women.

      • Chatoplay

        Ugly to boot!

      • Janice Perry


    • Bianca Devino

      IKR? Trump is very empathetic…he freakin would help out a lot of people! Like the Disabled vets…he opens his mara lago home to them…& Obama did award himself some medal..remember? And for the 100th time- Joy better look @ all the facts regarding Trumps making fun of the disabled…yeah ok…look on yt. NO he didn’t.

      • Carmen Quesada

        Joy hates Trump soooo much, you can see it on her face..no matter what he does or says..she won’t accept it. BUT who cares????

        • Majah

          Actually Joy hates herself. She is so full of hate that she cannot see the good in anyone who believes differently than she does.

          • Lisa the Deplorable

            Self-hate is a symptom of borderline personality disorder. But SHE is a self loathing narcissist. That is a true disorder. Check, check and check, check, check!

        • Janice Perry

          He never did anything to the —–
          she gets lot of attention thru the
          liberal media – otherwise no one would even know the hag was alive

      • Janice Perry

        no Trump did NOT make fun of the Disabled

      • Sam Cano

        Donald Trump has done nothing for nobody but destroying this freaking world and makeing himself richer he’s all lies and he does’ it in your face and you still believe him so get it right even the vets said they havent recieved a dime donald trump is a fake just like his presidency

    • Confirmation bias in action.

    • David Adams

      Nope try egotist. Maybe!! Mostly just limited intelligence. A lot of the most successful must have a High and or exaggerated sense of self worth. If you don’t promote yourself it does not matter how good you are no one will notice if you don’t make a scene.

    • Janice Perry


    • Kimchi Ninja

      This Joy Whoever might just be the creepiest person on the planet. Do people get any more intolerant and closed minded??

  • Bug

    How many times did Obama mention himself in his outgoing speech?

  • RGuss

    Why is Whoopi Goldberg dressed like a pirate?

    • Bianca Devino

      and she questions others?? LOL

    • jambalyabones

      She’s only 5’4″. I’d like to see her in person bet she looks like a beach ball with dreads. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/62659425d09ef4dfa676ffa82e269a552fc5da1a5e103fdadb939419df3cbf79.jpg

      • Mary123s

        hey, not nice. Remember she cant stand Trump but is willing to support Tiffany because all of those NYFW divas were proud of themselves shunning her.

    • Craig MacMillan

      pirates wear crocs ??? 😀

    • Rhonda Bateman

      she’s not, she’s dressed like a refugee…

    • Terri Basting


    • Chatoplay

      She usually passes as a street person.

  • josephine hill

    Whoopi is a loon. Look at the way she dresses…she is a complete mess.

    • jacki ernrex

      She looks like a homeless who never bathes.

    • Rhonda Hulbert

      Maybe she shares Michelle Obama-bin-liner’s stylist?

  • January 2017

    I stopped watching “The View” over a year ago and this video was a great reminder on how glad I did. Behar opens her mouth and stupid just pours out.

  • Will Iam

    Whoopi is such an ugly thing. I’d call her a troll but i don’t want to insult trolls.

  • Ben Daho

    Now I can eat a little more because I just had an instant purge while looking at Woopie.

  • Resist Liberal Fascism

    How about we diagnose liberals and find out what kind of mental problems they all have that they can see liberals being violent and will defend said violence by blaming the right for the actions of the left?

  • Duncan Mattie

    I have no doubt that Trump has Narcissistic disorder, it has served him will to this point.

    • PeteNice

      It’s only a disorder if it’s harmful

      • Duncan Mattie

        It’s harmful to people around him, yes. More specifically, he’s abusive towards Melania. That, and his narcissism may very well be flushing this whole country down the tubes. How’s that for harmful?

        • PeteNice

          Lol that abusive to Melania bullshit was started by some padded room nutjob on the internet. Stop being such a cuck

        • Abusive toward Melania… lol that’s rich. You are definitely a little pissant with no substance in your words. So harmful bringing the factories back to America and actually enforcing immigration laws so my children don’t have to depend on big daddy government for survival. I’ll bet you believe anything your lamestream establishment masters tell you, little boy. Go run along and play, the men of this country have work to do.

  • Richard Smith Jr.

    She is so hard to watch. The bias literally drips from her face to form puddles of hate on her table.

  • Joel A. Ohmer

    Geez, is Whoopi homeless?

  • jonsen

    Obama was 100% a narcissist.

  • Cheryl Gumulauski

    Joy and her sidekicks on the view are a bunch of ignorant, no little, snobby bitxxes who need to get lives. End of story.

  • DamnTootin

    What about Obama’s narcissism?

  • HT

    I can’t believe anyone watches those twits on a regular basis.

    • Janice Perry

      HT I do not watch

  • Dennis Glendenning

    Want to know why the country is confused by the conflict between the way that information does not match reality in the world or social media? ……………………………..This is why…………………………………………………. ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, National Security Adviser.
    CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.
    ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney
    ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary
    ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood
    CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.
    NBC News Anchor, Andrea Mitchell is married to Alan Greenspan, Chairman of the Federal Reserve of the United States from 1987 to 2006.
    CNN’s (formerly of NBC) David Gregory is married to Beth Wilkinson, the attorney who represented several of Hillary Clinton’s staff members during the email investigation
    Associated but not related:
    ABC News Anchor George Stephanopoulos, Clinton’s White House Communications Director and press secretary
    PBS Chief of Staff Julie Anbender, Clinton’s Deputy Director of OPA and DOJ
    Comcast-ABC Senior VP, Government Affairs Meredith Baker, Bush’s and Obama’s Commissioner, FCC
    CNN News correspondent, PBS Host Yul Kwon, Obama’s Deputy Chief CGAB, FCC
    CNN Department Assignment Manager, Joe Lockhart, Clinton’s Press Secretary
    CBS VP, Corporate Communications, Lisa Caputo, Clinton’s Press Secretary, First Lady’s Office
    NBC Political Director, Chuck Todd worked on Senator Tom Harkin’s (D) campaign
    FOX News Contributor, Marie Harf, senior adviser for strategic communications to Secretary of State John Kerry
    Feel free to copy and paste

  • daz2002

    Am i missing something ?

  • Michael Cox

    Please stop making me watch The View!!!

  • Dennis Glendenning

    These twats are a fucking joke.

  • Usurpname

    This shrew needs taming

    • jambalyabones

      I used to break broads like her for kicks but after awhile it got boring.

      • Usurpname

        They’ll peck each other to death eventually

  • crazedchef

    WHY are these shrews still on television?

  • Sam2

    The women on the View are morons. Seriously.

  • Justin Greiner

    I get tje feeling the audience wasn’t into Joy.

  • Paul Sain Krasulja

    Is that a Whoopi hologram??? Has to be, didn’t she leave the country after Trump got elected?

    • Janice Perry

      well whoopi proved she a liar – she didn’t leave

  • Normally I would instantly thumbs-down any YouTube video that is NOT uploaded in HD – it’s 2017, for Fuck’s sake. But in this case, I had to thumbs-down this video BECAUSE it is in HD. Who would want to look at those harpies in high definition!?

  • Daviska

    Haven’t seen anyone in a long time as narcissistic as Obama is. Look at Obama’s speeches… filled with “I”, “I”, “I.” Not so with Trump. Joy is not a therapist or a diagnostician; she needs to shut up for once.

    • jambalyabones

      Look up yenta in the dictionary and see a picture of Joy Behar.

      • Daviska


      • Janice Perry

        Amen Jambalyabones

  • Jennifer

    Get this show off the air! Its disguising and no one cares what these rich snobs think..

  • But no mention whatsoever of barry’s Actual disorder???!! Lol, what morons!!

  • Virdun

    Such skanks.

  • & joy still buys into the DEBUNKED idea that Trump made fun of a handicapped reporter…FOR HIM BEING HANDICAPPED! LOL!! This has been debunked, mainly because Trump was making fun of that guy for being a douchebag & Lying about Trump!

  • ReneeWatson

    every time they get shot down they try to change the subject ,, they need to go back to school

  • Melissa Lyn

    Sounds like he is describing MS. Behar

  • Epicification

    “Believes he (or she) is special” well if I were the president, I’d think I was pretty special.

  • JCS

    I don’t blame Joyless, I blame whoever signs her check.

  • Vladimeir The Irredeemable

    What a crackpot.

  • Digital_Crimes

    Described Obama to a tee.

  • Steve Archambault

    I wish Behar would fall face first into a bear trap.

  • Rather interesting, hollywood movie/scripts adore the maverick who goes against the ‘popular’ sentiment, but in real life they hate a real maverick.

  • John

    I sat through that torture to listen to the Dr. Phil, I’m glad I did, he is a down to earth guy, I like him. I don’t know how he can sit with those chicken heads and not want to poke their eyes out though. It must be in his job description, counselling adolescent children.

  • Drake kron

    Bunch of moronic harpies.

  • Guy Kuder

    anyone who thinks these bitches have anything constructive to say are morons

  • granny rose

    Dr. Phil’s list describes each of these people on the panel.

  • Ramsey

    Joy has that nasty “b**** wing” flapping hard.

  • Rebecca Ash

    I can’t stand these bitches

  • Panabaker

    Didn’t Obama make a joke about the Special Olympics? That must mean he lacks empathy……

  • destroyeroflibs

    Garbage TV for garbage people.

  • Untrac3able

    So they praise and laugh at a child that insults her fellow females in the audience and is promoting violence but criticize Trump for wanting to make our country safe. Hippocrates.

  • sammy

    Liberals are all insane blacks

  • Laura

    I’m a psychologist, just let me share something about diagnosing someone with a mental illness: we can’t do it if we never ever met the person face to face. It is wrong to do it. I’m glad that Dr. Phil didn’t do it and that he said that we can’t just attribute those characteristics to other people. I’d suggest calling out anyone doing this on their bullshit.

    • Blake Morris

      I watched this video just waiting for them to slip up, Dr. Drew lost his job for diagnosing Hillary Clinton.

      • Laura

        Well, no surprise there that CNN fired the guy, the way they acted during the election.
        And I don’t know what, I’m not a doctor, but I believe that she had some health issues while running for president. That video of them throwing her in that van and another one where she starts shaking her head in a weird way…

  • Andrew J Rondeau

    Thanks for fooling me into wasting 7 minutes of my life watching that trash.

  • Fozziebear

    Sounds like Dr. Phil is talking about Obama.

  • SJW_Skeptic

    Look in the mirror ladies. You keep bringing out the straw men strange how they don’t fight back.
    Come on the disabled reporter keep perpetuating that lie.

  • Jan Helene

    Are we in the twilight zone?

  • Behar is a blowhard disgusting witch

  • lito42858

    The View is not actually the View, they are actually the Unlucky Few, unlucky not to have the gift of logic from the Almighty, unlucky not to have the wisdom to discern between reality and fiction. The effect of politics in their head proved catastrophic as they lose their sanity, and just surrender their whole person to absurdity.

  • Terence J Riess

    Joy was being a total cunt this segment.

  • David Adams

    Hum be nice to see that Dr Phil show when she comes back on.

  • Brenton

    Narcism is a buzz word at the moment she is following the crowd it is a learned behaviour

  • Big Dog Bite Hard

    Has Whoopi always been like that?

  • Arian Huber

    Whoopi is one mean ugly fat bitch

  • Like it is

    Dr Phil was describing all those hags on that very show perfectly…

  • Kathy McKinny

    Funny thing is, when he was reading off that list, he was describing obama PERFECTLY!!!!!!!

  • Sylvie

    She is a stupid hateful loud mouth nothing.

  • Clay James Belter

    They hate it when their interviewee goes off script.

    Hell, all these harpies are on this list in full and I argue they are ESPECIALLY mentally ill because the big thing about crazy people is, they don’t know they’re crazy. They don’t even for one second think “Huh this kinda describes me”

  • TT780

    She doesnt even realize that hes talking about here… Wow.. You look like an idiot Joy Behar!!!!

  • Joyce Elkins

    Joy in my opinion is obsessed with Donald Trump… She is a narcissist at its worst.. She really needs to go…. Maybe I might watch the show if she goes..

  • Matt Garner

    Good god, bitch! Shut up and let him finish the question! If you already feel you have the answer, then why did you ask? The more she talks over him and asserts that she’s right before he’s even finished, the more she makes herself look like a narcissist.

  • Liberty

    Check, check, check…. narcissistic pretty much describes most liberals!

  • Corey Morgando

    surprised people watch this drivel

  • Tim Ovel

    I took a Joy of a Behar this morning, had to flush TWICE to get it all down!

  • mudbirdy

    perfect description of Obama

  • sydoz56

    can’t stand her.. or whoopi dooo

  • Sangstar Videos Presentations

    All the people in The View are suffering from a Mental Disorder, telling “FAKE NEWS” trafficking and prostitutes themselves for sexual activity in exchange for payment. Journalists Attacking a democratic ellected President Donald J Trump, are just that.

  • Desdecardo

    Mental health professionals can’t diagnose someone who is not a client. It’s part of the APA code of ethics. Dr. Phil handled this perfectly.

    It’s called The Goldwater Rule. Where a trash tabloid sent out thousands of surveys to mental health professionals to get their diagnosis of the Republican/Libertarian nominee Barry Goldwater.

    The results were the same as to what that twat was trying to get Dr. Phil to say. He probably knew better or of The Goldwater Rule.

    Barry Goldwater won a civil suit against that tabloid. He had a bunch of scaremonger progressives trashing him. Just watch the Daisy ad. 1964 was worse than 2016’s election. You can’t even get away with an attack ad like the Daisy Ad now a days.

  • Rhonda Bateman

    The epitome of narcissism are the 5 women sitting around that table. I have never watched this show because to me, daytime TV is crap. Nothing but a bunch of catty women trying to tell people that everyone else is catty but them.

    Criticizing other people that they don’t like makes them a bunch of gossipy hens with the lead hen cackling like they are all above the fray, but actually, they are not and I would love to see a collection of their cumulative personal gaffes and private life mistakes broadcast on their show so they might gain a sense of perspective and some humility and perhaps be forced to explain their own stupid selves for a change.

    If they want to continue bashing President Trump on every single show, maybe they should invite him on the show to explain his policies and what his reasons are for implementing them. Maybe they would learn something. It’s disgusting that the entertainment media thinks it’s perfectly fine to broadly criticize and bash someone that they have never even met. I’m sure if these were a group of conservative women they would be viciously slammed for being so rude.

    I can’t even believe that people really actually watch this show and believe anything they say. I mean fat old Whoopi looks like a refugee herself and the cackling what’s her name redhead is just completely obnoxious.

  • jimk53

    Give Whoopi a bar of soap.

  • Konstantin Janev

    Dr Phil just did describe Hussein Soetoro perfectly !!!

  • Dr. Oren Amitay

    Dr. Phil’s discussion of NPD shows he does not understand even the most fundamental aspect of it, namely it does NOT have to be disruptive to a person’s life in order to receive a diagnosis. Moreover, he started his answer disingenuously when he talked about taking out everyone who has *any* of those characteristics. Although many people will have one or more of those traits, a personality disorder requires people to have more than one; he is so ignorant and ill-prepared that he did not even know the actual number: a minimum of five traits/symptoms for NPD.

    Of course, Dr. Phil’s lack of knowledge of NPD goes beyond his ignorance of diagnostic criteria. The way he spoke showed that he does not understand the actual construct of (malignant) narcissism, just as he is lacking in solid understanding of many different psychological/social/interpersonal/mental/emotional phenomena.

  • Victro La

    Ted Danson dodged a bullet

  • shy

    First off…Dr. Phil is loved by all, but he is not a shrink. He is a social worker or Councillor…if you will. Second..every single human emotion is now characterized in the psychiatrists blue book as being some sort of mental illness. If you child cries to much or is shy..they are displaying extreme depression. If your child is high strung …they have ADD or ADHD. Teachers are now psychiatrists with children being put on antidepressants at the insistence of their teacher..who does not want to actually do his/ her job.So…we are all mentally ill if you want to get technical. These woman on the view..are all lesbians , extreme left wing and very hateful people in general. So, does anyone really care what they even have to say. Their rating have dropped drastically recently. As far as this girl…she will end up in prison most likely. Also, she really needs to learn to speak English. It is sad that anybody would make a video idolizing her. She obviously needs some help.

  • NotInYourBestInterest

    politicians and no-talent celebrities are predisposed to being narcissists. think of all the brilliant, well-adjusted, and truly good people you wish would go into politics but won’t, because they’d rather enjoy life than BS people in the fake-ass world of politics. they won’t because “normal” people don’t usually want or need that much power.

    narcissists OTOH, are more likely to take on the challenge of self-promotion in a world of fakes because, as narcissists, the accolades/power are worth it to them. so, it’s kind of a self-vetting process that you end up with mostly narcissists, especially at the highest levels of power. there are the occasional politicians who do it solely because they truly
    believe in the cause, but i wouldn’t doubt that most
    presidents have tipped the narcissistic scales.

    What I extrapolate from this is not that narcissists should be driven out of office (there’d be almost nobody left), but that we need to pick our narcissists wisely. narcissists have a personality disorder; they are not inherently evil. evil intentions make people evil.

    I might check Trump off on a few of the attributes Dr Phil listed, but we truly don’t know how much of his shenanigans is trolling and theatre. how Trump leans in respect to narcissism is actually irrelevant. whether he is evil IS relevant, AWA his stance on policies.

    IMO, Trump’s showed no signs of being evil. Joy Behar, OTOH, seems rabidly bitter and obsessed. i truly believe some individual counseling (and perhaps getting laid) could do her some good.

  • Jon

    The View. What a moronic show filled with menopausal Fe ma-Nazis

    Boycott the show, all 35 of you

  • shappens


  • TheLoneRanger2

    Video is down!

  • key logger

    Video removed due to copyright infridngement, ermmm as far as i am aware copyright infrindgement does not take precedence over a clip used under youtube guidelines of use. Let me guess, did youtube owners want Hilary to win?

  • sadie wilson

    Her real name is Maude!

  • atherbys
  • shappens

    I don’t like her personality and I have watched her before, was not sure about Phil but he just got a ‘pass’

  • Sterling Mossed

    Video not available…Hmmmmm
    Covering up their mistakes…..I think Hitler and Stalin did that many times…..hate the bad press….

  • Ron K

    Oh snap and by Dr Phil no less! Guess he won’t be invited back to the View anytime soon.

  • HunchbackKing

    Ha ha ha. Love Dr. Phil.

  • john Diamond

    Joyless Brayer….Proving daily how little some feminists actually care about other women, and their issues.

  • disqus_5T2jXBEN10

    Wow, Obama isnt a narcissist??? He is the smoothest pimp on the planet and the only one who plays better game is his wife.

  • Rhonda Hulbert

    The vicious look on Behar’s face when she didn’t get the answer she wanted. – PRICELESS! No wonder the the subject changed. The blonde piece in the yellow jumper was flinging shifty looks as if she were expecting a full on snowflake meltdown from the wicked witch on her right.

  • Delvin Edwards

    They have to be some of the Most annoying women on earth and I mean annoying.

  • JBrickley

    Dr Phil has twice the ratings of The View. Of course he’s entertaining. But thats all he is entertainment and frequently a freak show circus barker like Jerry Springer. The vicious bunch of harpy’s on the The View seem to capture about 2.7 million viewers which is not a heck of a lot thankfully. Ever took a sick day off work and surfed daytime TV? I just chocked it up to hallucinations from the fever.