Little-known singer Joy Villa’s Grammy outfit has liberal tolerance out in full display tonight online.

Villa originally appeared at the Grammys wearing a white dress, but quickly tore it off to reveal a patriotic dress with President Trump’s famous campaign slogan written on it in big bold letters.

Singer Joy Villa Wears 'Make America Great Again' Dress At Gra…

Looking good!

Posted by Milo Yiannopoulos on Sunday, February 12, 2017

It didn’t take long for Twitter users to take notice and pump out some pretty heavy messages of tolerance for Joy Villa.

For some, however, Joy Villa’s dress is a sign of courage at such a liberal-dominated event like the Grammys.

  • Onil

    TRIGGERED! l love this

  • 卯ノ花 烈 ® ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

    Joy Villa was the only memorable thing tonight. Everyone else, copy and paste.

    • Ann


  • Ann

    Look at the profiles of the women who are pissed at her. Children. Disillusioned about life.

    • BooBooBaby

      I know! So true!
      Also, did you see that disgusting Racist one!? Wtf was that about!?

  • Truth Gun

    I will purchase her music. She now has this household’s support.

    • BooBooBaby

      Yup me too!!
      I think WE should ALL buy her SONGS and show these SJW LIBTARD CryBaby Hypocrites!!

      • Kellie Maree

        I have never heard of her but will google her stuff now and will support LOL

        • TBorNot

          It’s really very good, I bought her album this morning.

  • Tim Feerick

    stunning and brave (literally)

  • Sam2

    I wonder if they had a cry room to go to so they could deal with the emotional trauma that they have experienced.

  • The_Lazaro

    The feminist movement, none who ever had their pussies grabbed are at it again. Most of these radical liberal imbeciles aren’t hygenically acceptable enough to touch with a flaming ten foot pole.

  • The tolerant Left, not so tolerant when someone who they thought they owned, and needed their protection, releases themselves from the shackles of low expectations and bigotry.

    • POA

      …and now probably needs protection from their tolerant violence for going against their opinions.

      • RobNClt

        Like others, she should carry a gun, that will keep them off of her.

  • Michael Lockard

    Not brave when you have to cover it up and fake it with another dress. What a bunch of lowlife and lying assholes. Fucking right-wing ignoramuses

    • Syberlink

      They would not have let her on the red carpet if she did not cover the dress. If its not brave, then support trump on your webpage, website, and in Hollywood for a night and let me know how it goes. PS try to be a black women trying to escape the democrat plantation.

    • BoomerBabe


    • Jeromy Green

      Another one stepped off the Democratic plantation. Better throw out some insults.

    • Guy Pinestra

      Are you really triggered? You seem really triggered…

      • Syberlink

        I think he’s using his crayons and sitting in his safe space right now.

        • Guy Pinestra

          Puppy or binky, do you think?

        • DChousewife

          Exactly–and he has his safety pins holding up his diaper!

    • Onil
    • Bob Lake

      Ignorant toad

    • Chrissy Branch

      How silly to see a grown man all jealous over a young woman!! Her balls are bigger than yours!

      • Take a look at his profile pic: a man that overweight hasn’t seen his balls in at least a decade or more.

        • Donna Kaiser

          Yes….they call that the DICKEY DO DISEASE……his belly sticks out further than his DICKEY DO!!!!!

          • Arhi Mith

            you mean he’s got one?

      • Norman Casey


    • Mike Fleming

      She wanted the big unveil on the red carpet. I can tell what you know about the entertainment industry you’ve learned from scrolling through porn sites with one hand.

    • You wanna know what also screams “not brave”?

      Having a private profile. Loser.

    • Zack B

      Shut up you delusional, old, fat retard.

    • suqsid4

      You’re an idiot.

    • Donna Marie Smith

      Grow up. Your immaturity is showing.. Just like every other liberal you have to resort to name calling and profanity..

    • hadley

      Well said asshat…

    • BooBooBaby

      Take Your Fat Ugly Uneducated Unhinged Crazy Looney Lying Lefty Racist Race Baiting Whiny Loser Nutjob DemonRat LIBTARD CryBaby Hypocrite Arse and go TROLL somewhere else!!
      Fucking Fat Libtard pos!!

  • Sam2

    Her record sales have now shot up.

  • Syberlink

    A new American hero is made. LOVE IT!

  • Scott Swan

    Bill got a blowjob but that’s better than talking about grabbing a pussy.

    • Cuda

      from a 18 30 years his junior in the oval office no less, as the POTUS and adult Bill should have been protecting the interns, not poking them

  • Stephen Walter Howard Crane

    Smart af. Who knew about her until now? Just like the Trumpster, free attention, millions in advertising (for her, billions for him).

  • Gilchrist

    Buying her music rapidly, which is a new situation after turning away from all the clowns.

  • Deana L. Burnside

    Their hatred is thick tonight. My, my….
    There is “Joy” in the air. #maga

  • Jere Prest

    Still waiting for these people who have such a problem with Trump to boycott America and move to the socialist country of their choice.

  • suqsid4

    Good to see the Left suffering.

  • Joey

    So I guess Madonna saying she would suck D*CK for Hillary votes is feminist?

    • Mauny Kaseburg

      And SO classy, that Madge…ugh…I vote for Lady MAGA ANYTIME!!!

    • Arhi Mith

      You just triggered me with that horrible vision.

    • Cuda

      makes me wonder which end of Madonna smells worse!

    • Todd Dickinson

      My God this is a brilliant point!!! It’s almost unbelievable, the number of safe-spacers walking around, blissfully unencumbered by the burden of intelligence.

    • Jon

      She’d have to take out her teeth first.

  • Chauncey Hall

    I will pay for some music tonight. First time in probably 10 years.

    • JD Hart

      It’s only 99 cents per song

  • ric sims

    You can only be a feminist if you support rapists like Clinton I guess…

    • Deserie Sanders

      And wear pussy hats out in public don’t forget lol

    • Evnl76

      And vagina costumes?

  • Plop bop

    Just donated money to her youtube page and got her music at amazon! What a beauty and her music is amazing!!!

  • Day Day

    Love conquers all.

  • Timothy B Sarver

    They are just faking apart in front of the whole world. Liberals can’t help it, it’s like they’re in a contest to out stupid each other.

    • timothius

      Wahoo, that’s good!

  • GreezyNutz

    Non white female supporting President Trump. The level of trigger is about to set California into the Pacific. Well done, young lady!

  • Mauny Kaseburg

    LADY MAGA!!!!

  • Bel Rick

    Why is it wrong for women to have choice over their body such as when they let a man grab their pussy in exchange for material wealth?

    • Arhi Mith

      Ask Bill Clinton. He let Monica suck him off in the Oval Office, and Trump uses the Oval Office for (gasp) work!

  • Union Lacktivist

    I don’t even care if she supports Trump or not. A move like this exposes the true hatred you’ll see in this country.

    Leftists love to project!

    • Rich


  • William

    To those who labeled her a traitor…..a traitor to whom exactly? A traitor to America? A traitor to the closed group of Hollywood liberals which represent less than 1% of American citizens?

  • Shaun Hayler

    We the counter culture now!

  • Uncle Ronnie

    Well she’s not “little known’d” now more. Interesting their calling her a traitor. Traitor to what?

    • dneth2

      To their far left hateful views on life. BRAVO Joy Villa!!

    • traitor to BLM and feminism of course

      because you know, anyone who is coloured and female who doesn’t toe the white-hating and man-hating lines must be executed

  • Marcos Scorzelli

    God bless you Joy Villas, for you courage, strong and to be a true american heart, i wish we get a president like Trump on my country, a true patriot and conservative, not like a corrupt like we have in Brasil

  • fallsch

    I’m sure she thanks you for the free advertisement.

  • Paul B

    Joy trumps hate. 😉

    • Deserie Sanders

      ha this should be a new saying…make it a hashtag 😉

  • HeavyCream

    Only shows to never a female Liberal, because like internally they’re ugly as fuck externally. Thank you Libs for helping me narrow to pool.

  • Batters Box

    Congrats Joy Villa for fighting the intolerance of the leftist dominated entertainment industry and it’s minions that suppress free speech and expression.

  • PKD

    Joy is my hero, it’s about time we support our President and our values! Perhaps these despicables start to get it, we’re not going to put up with their insults anymore!

  • Kev Mccormick

    She has my household support

  • Rose Mary Booth

    Meryl Streep. Who? Lol

  • Russ

    who’s blocking highways? liberals. who’s rioting? liberals. who’s assaulting people? liberals. who are the HATERS?

  • BooBooBaby


    I hope I am Not the only one that wrote back to some of those Nasty Racist Lying Haterful Evil Looney Disgusting Liberals aka LIBTARD Hypocrites, and told them OFF!! And told them what they Really Are!!

    • BooBooBaby

      P.s. the ones on Twitter from up above in this article!!

  • John Michael Gilday

    I salute your courage, but the tolerant left will not allow you to survive… sorry

  • John Wayne

    Got to love the reveal, priceless. They cant say it looks bad because she is a 10.

  • Daish

    lol women are the least tolerant of other women

  • Law & Order Biotches

    Outstanding!!! I will buy her music or whatever else she is selling! Awesome dress!

  • Ar Double U

    This is what happens when a presumed ‘one of them’ escapes the liberal plantation leaving them behind. Instead of being happy for her their stockholm syndrome kicks in and they view her as a ‘traitor’. It’s a really sad sad story.

  • TinaKumley

    Think someone has her own opinion and the sheep of the liberals are afraid of an independent woman. Guess what, all the chatter liberals give about letting someone be their own person, to not bully others, to be kind, to be tolerant, you liberals are none of that. You are not capable of being any of that. Why? Because you are fearful. You are afraid of thinking and discerning and discovering that you have it all wrong, you might have to have a different opinion of the crowd. Just remember your rioting and marching is for not America, but the destruction of America. If you really cared about America you will find constructive ways to build it up, not destructive ways to take it down. ANd you have the worst type of bigotry, an uneducated one. So to get educated you will have to let go of Soros’ coattail and be investigative. How do Iran’s women feel about wearing the hijab, being told what to do and when, having decisions made whether they can go to a university or not, being followed around by a male companion, being flogged for having an opinion, doing something without male permission. Well in 1979 women in Iran had a life, just like you do, and then it was taken by a religious radicalized regime with Sharia law Be careful what you ask for, it just might come true and your nightmare will start.

  • RobNClt

    I love her and that dress. I’m black, I voted for Trump and proud I did @MAGA

  • Mark Swan

    I wonder if Milo could borrow that dress 😀

  • Paul Hovell

    Being an old fart I’ve never heard of her but after reading what she did.. Yo !

    Just bought her single “Beautiful” via Amazon D/L. No idea if it’s
    current or not but the preview sounded the best out of the ones I

  • SunSky

    Alt left mean girls doing what they do best

  • Arhi Mith

    Hey, Milo, that’s a girl worth trying to become straight for! ^))

  • have to laugh at the libtards in those Tweets who still think feminism is about equality

  • Rodney Elkins

    Did anyone see the mug on The,”Electric Chapel”chick?She’s talking about Trump and grabbing pussy.She’ll be lucky if anyone grabs hers, with a face that looks like ten miles of bad road.I’m just sayin’.

  • Rearden_Metal

    The Bernie tattoo is so 2016…

  • Brenda B

    I am neither a huge Trump fan and not a Hillary fan at all,but this young woman has the right to wear what she wants to the Grammy.I admire her courage.Look at all the very liberal women who have practically no clothes on,their songs were terrible and yet people went crazy over them.I guess I will be buying her songs!I am tired of everyone disrespecting each other just because you don’t agree with them.This is a democracy last time I checked.

  • Richard Head

    What’s even better is the dress was designed by a gay immigrant and huge Trump supporter. So Punk Rock.

  • chill_mc

    I think I’m in love

  • Harmless Immigrant

    I didn’t know who she was until this morning so I listened to her music.

    She’s pretty good.

  • drdov

    Is she married?

  • S. Richard

    You’re demonstration in dc on the 31st was an insult to all proud women around the world. Proud women celebrate themselves and their bodies. There’s no question that abortion should be legal and available to all women in this country. Although I don’t support the idea that the tax payers against their beliefs should be made to pay for this right. I also have a strong aversion to the women at their rally seemed to feel that the only way to get their point across was to present as being very crude,with crude signs, masks and hats. I know many that were there would disagree with me. However, as a communicator, I feel that people are able to listen to what we have to say and give thought to it when it is framed in a positive way. Swearing, trying to shock people, exposing our children to vulgarity doesn’t make you women much different from trump, now does it. Pulttng a my pussy has teeth sign on a 5 year old child is viewed as inappropriate on any level. 5 year olds think in concrete terms many times. Now is she worried that she may grow teeth in her vaginal area. Crude signs and children don’t mix. Crude language and signs don’t get your message across. Rejecting all feminine things does not make you more of a “woman”. Making threats against a president is never welcomed or appropriate and is also problematic. You don’t need to keep trying to shock people. Well, madonna doesn’t shock anyone anymore. She’s done it all and we’ve seen it all. Just another attempt to be in the center of everything. Nothing new there. I would just like to send one message to the very young women in this group that since the 60’s feminists have failed to promote, and that is among all the their great things we have become, we are also the vessel that and the only vessel in the world that can give life from our wombs. Without us, we would not have civilization. Also no one will disagree that when we birth our newborns, it is the greatest gift of our entire lives. It’s true, sometimes for many reasons, health, genetics, economics, and it can go on and on and it’s not going to work for that young women. Also rape, incest can be a grave concern for women.. I only want to say to younger women that it is most likely that at some times in your life that you may be in a good place to have your precious child.That being said, I think we need to know just how special our wombs, ovaries and uteruses are. These are the vessels that keep our children safe in our bodies until birth Therefore, it would only make sense that we hold these women parts as precious. Free protected sex can be good. free unprotected sex can be fatal, aids, sexually transmitted diseases, infection and on and on. Also we need to make sure that we don’t become pregnant at a really bad time for ourselves. Abortion should be used sparingly and done as soon as possible. I know with the legalization of abortions, there are much less infections, pulling tearing ,ripping.pain.I do think however, that women should disrupt this precious area as little as possible. Late term abortions involves much more of an evasion. Each women is a precious life. We need to feel protective of our wombs so when it is the right time to have our precious children that we are in the best physical and mental health for this task as it really isn’t such an easy one. Many women have because of no fault of their own, cancer, endometriosis tec have had to have a hysterectomy which prevents them from having children and they lose the female hormones they need that helps keep their bodies, bones young and healthy. It’s a sad reality and a unfortunate fact of life for them. So, yes we have every legal right in this country to do what we want with our reproductive organs, I would just caution that you feminist as mature women like myself , you should also send these young women. who many don’t have a damn clue what feminism is, is that yes, they have rights, but also have responsibilities to live healthy,stay away from heroin which is killing them by the thousands every year and to celebrate their ability to sustain the human race and produce healthy infants, their infants, when the time is right for them.. We need to celebrate the sanctity of life. Because right now , we have the sole power of choosing to give life or not. My position is not when life begins, that’s an individual choice for women, I just want them to be intact when they are ready to give life and raise their children and families. The demonstration missed a good time to spread all the positives about women today and all the work we have done and instead, that was never celebrated, how strong we have become and all the good things we have changed for ourselves and the young women in this country. in stead it was fear promoting that somehow a movie star that spoke in a crude way about grabbing womens genitals, when you women have said much worse. I know you’re not in the whitehouse but bill clinton was and he was impeached for lying about his sexual; escapades. He is the biggest sexists pig in us history and your group had no reservations about returning that slob into the white house again for 8 more years.

  • IllIIllIlIlIlIlI

    I’ve recently heard her songs after she came out a Trump Supporter. However it is much more than support for one man.Itis support for the country of AMERICA. Itis not support for a person, but for the people. The left only support themselves. “i want i want i want, free free free for me”……c’mon now……..Country support is not individualism. I give Props to Joy Villa as a leader to believe in what she believes in and not as a follower to believe what she’s told to Believe.

  • Ruth E Fabiano

    Shes #1 on ITUNES right now. I bought the album too, only $5 and its good!

  • lars1701c

    It’s not courageous to rail against Trump to a room full of his haters but his woman shows what true courage is.

  • Jon

    Joy Villa. Courage in the face of Left Wing hate.

    That’s what real heroes look like.

    Joy, I will buy all your albums!
    Boycott Hollyweird. Don’t put your hard earned money into their bank accounts.

  • Andrew Cole

    Hollywood used to be a haven for artists and free thinkers. Now it’s just a political party.

  • KAWA

    Once a left supporter….Now I’m separating myself from this group of nasty, bullies, haters, violent, and two faced rats! Always bringing up the old ‘he said she said’ crap abt grabbing womens private parts! Do any of these ignorant fools ever stop to think abt the Hollywood crowd Trump was surrounded by and the Clintons continue to cover themselves up with….ppl like Madonna, Cyrus, and others! Have they overlooked Billy Boy Clintons behavior…all the lawsuits…accused of rape…and the number of women he paid off to keep their mouths shut? Even denying the young Black man the dna test to prove Clinton is his father…and this young man looks like Clinton…even down to the bags under his eyes and his teeth…and this is a man to be admired along with his criminal wife! Trump is not the bigot the dumb left believes him to be and that is why the Blacks that know him support him! Just abt everyone has a past….especially those in Hollywood. Trump has put his behind him over 10 yrs ago…he sincerely cares abt our country….cares abt the laws that Obama failed to enforce and get out of control….knows Obamacare is not helping those with illnesses and no money to pay the high deductibles…trying to keep the immigrant mess that is invading Europe with crime from happening here….trying to bring back jobs that no President has tried to do in the past 50 yrs….willing to work for $1.00 a year…and so much more! No…these pathetic losers are brainwashed by professors, unions, and other deadbeats. They have no clue except what they hear from ‘fake news’!

  • Jodi Cure

    She just did it to get mindless sheep to buy her music. Looks like it worked.