A recent CBS video revealed that the original plans for the Statue of Liberty involved a Muslim woman.

The report comes during President Trump’s recent executive order on immigration, and the left’s insistence on deeming it a ‘Muslim ban.’

According to the report, Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, the french sculptor that designed the Statue of Liberty, originally planned to represent an Egyptian peasant. According to historians, the statue was originally called ‘Egypt Carrying the Light to Asia.’

Lady Liberty

The first sketch of the statue. Photo credit: FILE

The CBS report says that the sculptor was unable to sell his idea to Egypt, so he took it to America and changed the statue from a Muslim woman in Arab peasant garb. to a Roman Goddess of Liberty.

The glaring issue with this report is that the only credible source seems to be unnamed “researchers.” In 2015, the Smithsonian published a similar story, but still left much to be desired in terms of factual evidence. A quick look at the comment section of the Smithsonian article reveals that the majority of the reader’s do not believe the story and have scrutinized the facts.

Those on Twitter also questioned the legitimacy of the CBS story.

Watch the original CBS report below.


Express UK

CBS News

Smithsonian Magazine

The Hill

  • Mauny Kaseburg

    #insouciance – VIVE M. Le President!!!

  • Timothy B Sarver

    I’m fucking done with these people. DONE. Bring on the civil war.

    • C_EZ

      seriously, at this point it’s the better option

      • Robert Jones

        Not really. We’re winning which is why they’re going nuts.

        • Ronald Garay

          I really hate people that say that. You’re not doing anything, so no, you’re not winning at anything.

    • Angelo Ferkel

      I’m nearly with you … France, my beloved country is dying …

      • DixieAngel_76

        Start praying. It’s our only hope at this point. And may God deliver us all from idiot politicians.

  • saitamathebadass

    How fucking dumb are people.

    • Broncotommy

      not all people, that is why they are called Libtards

      • saitamathebadass

        But for anyone to believe this, and for what was once a news channel to report on it Ive lost all faith in this country now. CNN should be fucking taken off the air for bad news and the morons who believe this should be forced to take a history lesson.

        • DixieAngel_76

          As long as it’s not at a public school.

          • saitamathebadass

            100% History class in public schools are a joke they dont teach much of high importance and what they do teach is to fuel an agenda. If it wasnt for the fact my father is a history nut I would of gone through school thinking the civil war was fought just to free the slaves.

          • Thomas Simmons

            The students don’t remember the little that is taught. Good thing they don’t teach more.

          • saitamathebadass

            it sure isnt a good thing considering the fact that in order for a civilization to thrive we must learn from our own histories mistakes and the histories of others yet some of the people born in my gen (born in 97) cant even tell you who Nixon was, dont know who the allied powers were, or what the league of nations was. Some dont even know the rights given to them in the constitution and more will believe this shitty news article even though the Statue of liberty was modeled after the mans mother. Its not good history isnt properly taught because then people can be led around like sheep by someone using the same tactics as say Hitler. And many groups already are and very much resemble how the nazi party rose to power. And if the students cant remember what is taught then im sorry but the teacher failed at doing their job, of course there are some who simply dont wish to learn but if a class ass a whole cannot then they need to re amp their style and bring the history to life.

          • rhinobiker

            On board with you except for the “rights given to them in the constitution” part. Rights were guaranteed not granted by the constitution yes?

  • budfudlacker


    Wtf is going on? Seriously? Is the earth being punked by aliens or something?

    • HT

      Illegal aliens, yes.

    • Rufus

      This is what happens when See-BS uses snopes as research…

  • gamefreak2

    A Muslim women speaking over The Statue of Liberty being Islamic relic Please god NO!!! More proof of wat kinda Garbage CBS, msnbc, CNN is. go dislike that shit video out there.

  • Sam2

    The left sounds like the desperate creep at the bar who will say every kind to get you to go home with them. They just hope that someone is stupid enough to buy into their lies so they can get their way.

    • C_EZ

      oh there are plenty who are dumb enough.

  • FCP

    Hahaha! No “evidence” documented but they run the story because it fits a narrative which is the very definition of “fake news”. What a joke…

    • thos1787

      I agree with your post but I’m tired of the “fake news” phrase !! Call it what it is – BULLSHIT, or for those of a gentler nature, FICTION !!!!

  • CJ Brown

    The next thing you’ll be told to believe is that the moon is made of cheese ????

    • Broncotommy

      It’s not?…………N. Pelosi

      • HT

        Let’s just say it is so we can find out later if it’s true.

    • Anya Ovseenko

      Yummy cheese

    • Kenton Clarkson

      IT IS!
      Haven’t you ever seen the first “Wallace and Gromit” episode?
      CRACKING good cheese Matey!

  • Maggie Scheck Geene

    He wouldn’t have sold an Egyptian woman in Peasant garb to America, so it matters not what his first draft was.

  • C_EZ

    Not at all. The inspiration behind the statue of liberty is actually based on writing that described the Colossus of Rhodes from ancient Greece. Not to mention it was a gift from the French, a christian society Way to try and rewrite history to fit a very fake narrative.

    • bogusboggs

      Right along with Islam was fundamental to the founding of America….

      • A deplorable thinker

        They were fundamental in the building of our Navy…we needed better and more ships to fight the muslim pirates.

        • Csar

          Muslim dindus*

    • Jimmy Phillips

      It can be found in the writings of the Free Masons that it’s the body of the goddess Isis and the head of the Greek god Apollo.

      • C_EZ

        Well I don’t know about the free masons, but the actual architect Fredric August Bartholdi was quoting to saying he drew inspiration from the colossus of rhodes. Maybe the posture and size are a reflection of the colossus, and the body and head are inspired by what you said. fun fact though, European architects announced plans to build a modern Colossus at the harbor entrance in Rhodes bestriding two piers. That’d be cool to see.

  • Mike Brixius

    If that is true, one thing is for sure: it certainly would have made the last 20 minutes of Ghostbusters 2 much more scary.

  • Marie Still Deplorable


  • Do some digging for one’s self, so much you can find out!

  • Deb Scott

    I always thought Lady Liberty has a rather masculine face

  • Irene
  • Broncotommy

    as usual unnamed sources from the mainstream drive by media.

  • HT

    The sad part is the leftards eat this stuff up like pigs on slop.

  • Jack Crofoot

    CBS FAKE NEWS: here is the truth. In 1871, Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi made his first trip to the United States, where he pitched the idea of a massive statue gifted from the French to the Americans in honor of the centennial [1876] of American independence. It had nothing to do with immigration and he sculptured it after his mother who was of German Descent.

  • Jack Crofoot

    In 1871, Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi made his first trip to the United States, where he pitched the idea of a massive statue gifted from the French to the Americans in honor of the centennial [1876] of American independence. It had nothing to do with immigration and he sculptured it after his mother, Marie Bartholdi, who was of German Descent.

    • Martelson


    • Ugh

      An idea originated by Laboulaye, not Bartholdi.

  • This is why I stopped watching television about fourteen years ago.

    I have been much happier since.

  • duelles

    But it is not a Muslim women! That’s like all those Hollywood stars that could been characters in movies they turned down. Never happened

  • Kenneth Barten

    I want to see the ORIGINAL copy of Mr. Eiffel’s diary to clear this all up and put the matter to rest once and for all..
    Oh.. I would like to mention that the ORIGINAL NAME for the Statue of Liberty was”
    ” Liberty Enlightening the World”..
    Sure does NOT sound Islamic in ANY sense….

    • Bryant Steury

      Absolutely. The diaries still exist or at least the original plans do, not to mention it was only 130-140 years ago. There will still be plenty of communications back and forth from Paris to the US, the national parks services, etc about the design, where it’s supposed to go and all that. I’d find it hard to believe that in all those communications and design specs it wouldn’t be mentioned once, were this story true. I’m not holding my breath.

  • What Pure USDA Certified CBS Communists Bullshit Station! The Libturd media has gone Full Libturd!
    Cut the Head off this Snake..George Lucifer Soros. Drone his ass and the Paid Protester $$ dry up. They won’t protest if their not paid.

    • Thomas Simmons

      Communists, huh? You might want to join this century.

      • Snowflake, you might need to “wake up”

      • saitamathebadass

        sorry Socialists that better? Shouldnt be since the communist and socialist parties share many of the same views also there are still communist nations and there is still a communist party so dont know why anyone has to join this century when its still happening.

  • kamenetz

    Socialist Marxist attempt to re-write history to try to fit their “Transformation of America” agenda, with scuzlim RAPEfugees at the top of their pyramid.

  • Mchebrew

    Simple, look to see if the clitors is intact.

  • In other words, the Islamic community of Egypt rejected the symbol of Liberty, so Liberty came to the West instead

    • nomoretraitors


  • Adam Sternberg

    This is how lies and propaganda start. You watch, six months from now this topic will come up on some talk show and they will reference the CBS article by saying, “Oh, didn’t know you know that the Statue of Liberty was originally a Muslim woman? CBS did a whole story on it” and then 10 other talk shows will run the spin and the next thing you know, people will assume it’s fact. This is the sad path we are headed down right now because of these liberal lunatics.

  • Willie Christianson

    CBS, you’re fake news.

  • Martelson

    No. Revisionist nonsense.

  • GA patriot

    Complete garbage! Nothing but liberal lies

  • Jess Bistodeau

    This is just getting scary….how can these people honestly sleep at night knowing they’re lying to us, even using our most precious symbols to get us on their side? It’s disgusting. Also, as others have said, GREAT TIMING, CBS.


    Actually, if it was originally intended for Egypt, it would very likely be a Muslim woman – but, since Egypt didn’t want one, he turned to the USA and so we have an Anglo looking Lady Liberty. CBS is attempting to fine tune their FAKE NEWS and it isn’t working. The Muslims never have and never will make a contribution to the USA, except to reek hell and damnation, just like they are doing in all of Europe.

    • Cpt. James T. Blair

      It could just as easily be a coptic christian.

  • Joanna Miller

    More propaganda from the left truly fake as hell, CBS the network known now as the Communist Broadcasting Station , all written by the DNC

  • y. Iamu

    Again the Muslims are the creator or the inspiration of everything.
    Just like all the other things the Muslims have claimed to have invented that were plundered and pillaged from countries they attacked and overthrew.

  • Cpt. James T. Blair

    MSM in full self-sabotage mode. Thanks for doing our work for us in destroying you!

  • Frank Earl

    I think I want my relatives Exhibits out of the National Air and Space Museum. I’m done with their lies about crap.

  • DixieAngel_76

    Oh, brother!

  • Pink_Napoleon

    This story would be hilarious if it weren’t so damned irritating.

  • Max Tsik

    What is Coptic Orthodox for $1000 Alex?

  • AlexD.

    Man, this is the goddamned dumbest thing I’ve read all day. No one is saying that the Statue of Liberty is modeled after a Muslim woman – they are saying that that was the artist’s IDEA, had he been able to sell the Egyptian government on it and that she WOULD be modeled after an Egyptian peasant woman IF Egypt had come on board with the idea. In her current state she is clearly modeled after a Roman goddess.
    And for those idiots still misreading this story and opining that she is modeled after a Muslim woman, I would just ask where the Hell you think the necessary accompanying statue went? You know the one of a male relative of hers symbolically beating her during the “honor-killing” she would most definitely have received for showing so much skin, let alone her face.
    So, geniuses, where did THAT statue go? Was the artist just too lazy to finish?

  • chevieman62

    Where do you idiots dig this shit up? The statue is based on Libertas the Roman Goddess of Liberty not some Muslim. Stick it!

  • Lord_of_Lotion
    • Dustin Johnson

      Criminally underrated.

  • Rainey

    I’m sick of their lies! Why would we have a Muslim woman! The true war in women is the Muslim religion! It is a religion of hate not peace! Once again the Liberals are trying to rewrit history for their own agenda!

  • trina


  • scruffthemuff

    This people are really delusional. Hollywood actors/actresses should all convert to Islam and move to a Muslim country quickly since they are miserable living in the United States. Just a bunch of nuts, fruits, and sicko’s.

  • J. Starr

    GARBAGE! The idea for the statue came from Monsieur Édouard de Laboulaye, not the designer Bartholdi. And BOTH of those men opposed slavery, which was (and is) exceedingly common among the Muslim people


    I wonder how the French feel about you calling their statue muslim right now. Must bring them warm feelings of pride and joy in light of recent events…

  • James McDowell

    Hahahahaha…..Oh man!…Well, it’s easy to understand how the mistake was made….See, the Statue of Liberty was modeled after a French woman….It was the PEDESTAL that was modeled after a Muslim woman…in a burka.

  • Kimberly Barkley
  • YankeeBelle

    Cable & Network TV Fake News. So glad I got rid of my cable TV last year. Waste of money!

  • Terbreugghen

    I’m unsure why the statue, if Muslim, was changed. Was Bartholdi an islamophobic bigot? Why couldn’t the Statue of Liberty be Islamic? Why did Bartholdi have to change the dress?

    Maybe because such a statue as the American beacon to the world would NOT be Islamic? Maybe he changed the statue’s concept, a woman holding a torch, to fit the overwhelmingly christian culture of America?

    So is the statue of LIberty an apostate? Does it need to be beheaded?

  • Mr_Paine

    CBS is a clear and present danger,

  • Dustin Johnson

    -Woman leaves Islam for American freedom
    -refuses to wear hijab for over 100 years
    -Not a target on 9/11

    Eh. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8cb7801612435a10b5127cdb4195b6fdab949600b7bddd0ef367ae40e49f2683.jpg

  • ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ Dee

    Wow…just wow. She was a gift to the US from France, no reason at all that she would be a dirty muslim whore.

    Whoever wrote this piece of crap should just move to the Middle East if they want to be a dirty muslim so bad…and take take the other liberal scum with them.

  • Kenny Beasley

    CBS admits Muslims neither want light or liberty. The CBS report says that the sculptor was unable to sell his idea to Egypt, so he took it to America and changed the statue from a Muslim woman in Arab peasant garb. to a Roman Goddess of Liberty

  • Art

    Jesus this isn’t new. When it was originally going to be at the mouth of the Suez Canal it would have been an Egyptian woman but when Egypt didn’t go for it, so it became the Statue of Liberty when the statue was made for America. So what. These “researchers” apparently looked at Wikipedia or the Park Service’s website for this cutting edge news.

  • Raven33

    Don’t believe this is nonsense. The statue is of a robed female figure representing Libertas, the Roman goddess. This is nothing but false propaganda.

  • Tara Woodruff

    Crazy Nonsense….UNREAL….

  • Mark

    So he was smart and changed the design to fit the customer he was targeting! And if he would have tried to sell it to Japan, China, Russia or any number of countries the design would have changed. *yawn* Who care really. I also wonder how many in Egypt were Muslim during that time! Their population was only 7 million around 1875. Where as ours was 44.4 Million

  • DistantEarlyWarning611
  • MrsP

    Refugee pause argument #1: ” you are fleeing your country because there are people there that have made it unsafe. The pause is so we can figure out a way to know whether or not they are following you here. Once they are here, you have nowhere else to run. None of us will.”

  • Charles LaForge

    The Lady Liberty was based on the Greek Godess Liberta as was stated by the statues creator some 125 years ago

  • Ugh

    GTFO of here. I’m totally against the pro-Trump fake Republican jackwagon side but are you joking? The Statue of Liberty was a project that spanned decades. Laboulaye intended from the beginning for it to be a gift to America and it was never at any time intended to be a specifically Muslim woman. Bertholdi never said that, never wrote that, and they never tried to sell it to Egypt, either.