Hungary has reportedly begun constructing a second fence along the Serbian border to stop the thousands of migrants waiting there from entering.

According to The Daily Caller, Hungary already has one barrier separating itself from Serbia – intentionally built several feet within its border, since international law prevents any nation from repelling migrants from its border.

The Washington Post reports that, prior to the barrier’s construction, 13,000 migrants made their way into Hungary on a daily basis. After the wall? WaPo itself admits that “Hungary has more or less snuffed out illegal migration.”

Now, Hungary hasn’t stopped Serbian migration altogether; according to Politico, the nation allows 10 asylum seekers per day into the country.

Zoltan Kovacs – a spokesman for Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, a vocal supporter of Trump’s border wall – told reporters earlier this month, “you have to reinforce your borders, establish the rules that only legal migrants can enter the European Union, otherwise it’s not going to work.”

Orban himself, a strict opponent of letting refugees into Hungary, previously told reporters, “every single migrant poses a public security and terror risk.”

News of Hungary’s recent undertaking has sparked plenty of positive comments (and sarcasm) from social media users.

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