George Takei is facing quite a bit of criticism for deleting a Twitter poll asking followers to decide who does more harm to Americans – the media or President Donald Trump.

The results proved a lot closer than one would assume given George Takei’s largely liberal, anti-Trump following.

Soon enough, the poll *mysteriously* disappeared. George Takei appeared to attribute this to “alt-right hijacking” in a tweet that he deleted literally right as the writer of this post tried to embed it.

Takei later tweeted the following, apparently excusing his poll as a “troll trap.”

He subsequently deleted that post as well.

Needless to say, people have taken notice of George Takei’s game of disappearing tweets.

George Takei, Twitter

  • gregmax68

    I vote for Franklin Roosevelt – DEMOCRAT – who threw your family in a concentration camp. Shut up you old fool.

  • Drugs Bunny

    Oh My…….

    • Verbotene Gedanken


      • gregmax68


    • Taggart Snyder

      Ya beat me to it! LOL

  • memphis

    Hilarious!! Biggest loser… together with Lena Dunham and Pocahontas. The biggest brains and bridghtest individuals the liberal movement has to offer

    • signals

      They feel that bad acting makes them experts at everything!

  • A A

    gg Sulu

    And, and I know we don’t want to propagate stereotypes but, Asians are supposed to be the smart, sensible ones.

  • David Adams

    Lol tacky Takei either way you take him or you tack him it sounds the same when your pronounce him (Liar)

  • positively4thstreet

    Pretty funny considering the media’s endless Trump coverage helped him get elected. You know what they say….no publicity is bad publicity. Also turned a lot of people off the ‘liberal’ side.

  • ytuque

    You’d think a gay guy like Takei could tolerate butt-hurt.

    • CujoInNC ✓Patriot

      He was schlonged!

      • Richard de Shazo

        It was the long game or in other words, “long schlonged”.

  • charles_1

    So, I see George is taking delete-key lessons from Hillary. I guess she has to make a living somehow. Teaching liberals how to delete inconvenient truth is an ‘in-demand’ occupation now.

  • Wesley Wynne

    From the screenshot, it looks like the Media comes out slightly ahead in overall votes, but I bet Trump wins the Electoral College.

    • ThoseDays AreOver

      where does it show overall votes? I only see percentages and Trump is ahead 51-49%

      • PecX Ocedei

        It was a joke buddy

  • Martelson

    I had already deleted George Takei. It’s time for some fresh thinking Mr. Sulu…

  • Kurt Romines

    comment has been deleted

  • Philip

    not looking good for the dems in the midterm 😀

    now if we could get the RINOs in line or out of office this country will be alright.

  • Patrick Powell

    Ohhh myyy

  • hummingbirdmad

    Would this be on par with trump and the GOP being all upset about their current media accountability poll?

  • Andrew Cole

    His poll had a “warp factor” in his favor and he still didn’t get the result he wanted.

  • Hypocrites

  • It’s disappeared into a Galaxy far far away…

  • Ghost_Babel

    Anyone dumb enough to belong to the party that interned him and his family. OHHHHH MYYYYYY!!! SMDH

  • Chris Leroux

    You can hate Trump and still think the MSM are worse than he is.

  • Shadeslinger

    Mr Sulu should go back to flying around the universe.

  • ThoseDays AreOver

    I’m confused. The results of the poll show that the people who participated voted that Trump was the bigger threat. Trump 51% – Media 49%. I’m a Trump supporter.

    Am I missing something?Did George expect a wider margin? Why is the check mark next to “Media”?

    Is it an homage to the electoral college vs the pop vote? (shrugs)

    • I’m thinking that’s a screen grab someone caught before the numbers started rising fast showing the media was a threat.

      Then again, at almost 50-50, he might have disliked how it was so close…

    • $illy&oosel-lunter

      Its the fact that he panders to a liberal audience and expected his cult following of libtards to back him up since that’s the only people who would follow such a fool.

      • Paul Robson

        I would be surprise if there aren’t at least a few liberals who are concerned about the medias extraordinary bias against Trump. They’re not all “it’s our side so it’s all right to do anything to him”.

    • Geneva Braun

      Your confusion is understandable. Most of Takei’s followers are libs, so the likely results would be skewed showing POTUS as a bigger threat. The totals were not nearly what he was expecting, and worsened the longer the poll stayed up, so he took it down to try to say (his old, dried-up prune) face.

  • Rezqewr

    So let me see if I have this right. Mr. Takei was on a TeeVee show for 3 years, back in the ’60s, and now he’s the spokesmouth for all things liberal?

    • Antonio Brent

      Well, they always use washed up has-beens or low-level actors and actresses to push their ideals. Madonna, Takei, Dunham, etc. There are a few exceptions, but they push the Dem ideals so they get a free pass on sexism/racism/criminal behavior.

  • I used to follow George for the funny stuff on his facebook page, but then nearly every single post became political, and a lot of people unfollowed him, me included. A lot of that is happening right now. All these Facebook pages are getting onboard the Trunp-bashing campaign and people are sick of it. We spent 8 years with sunshine from Obama’s every orifice shoved down our throats by these pages, and now all they do is trash Trump. I just got sick of it, and judging from the numbers following Takei currently, over 200,000 others have too.

  • John Doberman

    Takei is pathetic. When one of my juvenile (50 yr old) friends started sharing him on Facebook, I didn’t know what it was all about. But you read a handful of his posts and you know exactly what he is about. Shallow, lacking any human dimension and totally full of crap.

    • Richard Head

      And really not very smart.

  • Truthsayer

    George is yet another LEFTIST CLOWN totally out of touch with reality and the American people. Fantasyland is calling.

  • Joseph F

    Was the Media leading the poll by the time he took it down, or did he just take it down because it was close?

  • Wyatt2

    #@GeorgeTakei #YOU PUSSY

  • Steve Armstrong

    Who gives 2 shits about George Takei I know I dont. But it’s damn funny his poll blew up in his face. Although I think he might be used to things blowing up in his face. Lol

  • xxSJWxx

    WOW… are you people fucking STUPID ? According to the poll, 51% thought TRUMP WAS MORE DANGEROUS to Americans than the media. Do you people live a fucking alternate universe ? Oh that’s right… DEPLORABLES are uneducated and can’t read OR comprehend.

    • Plumpkitters

      notice until 11 days u finally get a response just to point out no one listens to a retard?

  • myddrinemrys

    Go drunk, George. You’re home.