18 workers from Bradley Coatings in Tennessee are crying foul after being fired for skipping work as part of the nationwide anti-Trump ‘Day Without Immigrants.’

According to News Cannel 5, the employees told their supervisors they would be skipping work to join the strike. Shortly after, they received termination notices.

“We are the team leaders directly under the supervisors and they informed us last night that we could not go back to work and the boss said we were fired,” said one employee.

Addressing his former boss, that employee – who reportedly wishes to remain anonymous – had the following to say.

“He was unfair, after working for them for so many years, gave him our best. They could not understand that it was just one day. We were going to make up that day on a Sunday, but they didn’t understand that, and it was not the best way. They didn’t give us an opportunity and just told us we were fired.”

An attorney for Bradley Coatings issued the following statement, which claims the employees were warned about their actions.

Bradley Coatings, Incorporated (BCI) is a family-owned, Nashville-based business that provides commercial painting services to its clients on a very demanding schedule.  Established in 1986, BCI has always celebrated diversity and supported the immigrant community.

This past Wednesday night, certain employees of BCI informed their leadership that they would not be at work the following day.  Because of the time-sensitive nature of the jobs these employees were assigned to, all employees were told that they would need to show up for work or they would be terminated.

On Thursday, the majority of BCI’s employees fulfilled their obligations to our clients, but eighteen employees did not.  Regretfully, and consistent with its prior communication to all its employees, BCI had no choice but to terminate these individuals.

Chris Cannon, a Department of Labor and Workforce Development spokesperson, said the company’s actions are consistent with Tennessee labor laws.

“Tennessee is an employment-at-will state which basically means an employer can end your employment at any time without reason or cause,” he said to News Channel 5.

Elsewhere in the nation, workers participating in the strike were also fired from JVS Masonry in Denver, Colorado.

Owner Jim Serowski told KDVR, “I have no view on immigration laws or anything like that. All I know is I have a business to run.”

News Cannel 5

  • Acacia The Vet

    I love it when Poncho takes it in the ass

  • Evelyn Tremble

    Hey Donald Trump said he’ll MAGA and create jobs and all of a sudden new job vacancies are appearing all over the country! Thankyou immigrants for giving up your jobs to people who need them

    • Teressa Clark


    • Derek Burns


    • TakeMeNowJesus

      Chuckling out loud.

    • Lynn Barna

      see ? he’s already creating jobs–LOL

    • Robert Gatto

      Yes!!! Agreed????

    • Kathy


    • Walter Pence IV

      The most mind-blowing part of all of this is that these people were so incredibly stupid that they actually thought that they were not going to get fired for this. Why do we want these kinds of people in our country again???!!!…

      • gtrippp

        I know, right? Jjust the fact that they would take a chance w/ their jobs, showed how little the jobs matter to them, so why would any place want them working for them, in the first place? Half of my work is immigrants, but nobody tried that bs. In fact, this is the 1st I’ve heard of any disruption, period, on that day. I guess the Marxist assholes that preyed on those ignorant fucks must’ve thought that a lot more immigrants would be stupid enough to fall for that shit! NOPE!!!

      • Grace Knight

        They’re so used to calling the shots when they’re told no about something they don’t know how to react.

      • pinetreeflag

        What? PTO for political causes *isn’t* a constitutional right? I thought it was- just like birth control…

      • Peter C McNaughton

        Umm in case you haven’t noticed, even the citizen younger kids today think like this. It is called entitlement and the older generation raised their kids to think they are soo special, they can do as they please and the boss will continue to pay them. As a business owner, I don’t put up with it either. Don’t show up, don’t come back…. if I didn’t need you to work I wouldn’t have hired you.

        • pinetreeflag

          I’m disgusted that my public education teachers all were grooming us for an attitude of entitlement– no competition (we “all are winners”), patting ourselves literally on the back (for no good reason), and getting “Thank You” coupons to buy treats for DOING WHAT WE WERE SUPPOSED TO DO ANYWAYS.

          Thankful my parents pulled me out of the school system.

      • Kathy

        They have been told that America is the “land of opportunity” and “the streets are paved with gold” and since so many in their social group have taken advantage of the system, they thought they could too. Backfired, big time!

        • Sally

          The streets are paved with gold, but only if you show up to work!

          • Standingbearslo

            mehh not really… Even then they are paved in crap for those of us who are not special………Lots of pot holes to fall into along the way too.

          • Sally

            I guess it depends on your sense of optimism, borne of gratitude. If you don’t have it, you’ll still be mad at the world and think everything is $hit.

          • Bob Wunderkind

            StandingBS…You sound like a whiny loser….

      • bob

        It is almost Darwinian.

  • Jennifer Lee Curry

    What? You can get fired for not showing up to work? What kind of America is this?


    • 0bsoleteMan

      The great kind of America. 🙂


      • Ronda Dudley Cantwell

        Your profile pic though… Lmmfao! ????

        • Kathy

          Hahahahahaha!!! I remember this crazy chick!!!

          • BooBooBaby

            Omg! Lolz! That’s a Chick!??
            I thought it was a dude at first.

          • Kathy

            Hahahahahaha!!! Hahahahahaha!!! I know, it takes a “double take”!!! She was photographed on Inauguration Day. That’s why I remember her so well

          • PunJabber

            Careful! You can lose your Twitter account if you come within a Milo that line!

          • Lia Parma

            Gavin McInnes, Greg Gutfeld, etc …use this green ,screamin’ lesbo, incorrigible ,….all the time . It(she,it,wannabe,intersectioned ,compromised individual) never ceases to amaze what one will do in public. Can you imagine if she had the gaul to procreate…….and then imagine to be one of her offspring???? Oh!!! the horror!!!

          • Kathy3882

            OMG…….. Don’t even say it!!! Now stomp your feet and spit three times. Make those thoughts go away!!!
            Hahahahahaha!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

    • Grey Winters

      Think much stupid ?. Brain dead idiot.

      • Ye Olde Sausage Machine

        I think Jennifer was being sarcastic

      • Jack DiGiacomo

        I am sure Jennifer was being sarcastic.

        • glamdeluxe

          He’s a dumbass.

      • JenB

        She was being sarcastic. The winky face was the big clue.

      • Linda Tew

        Ummm don’t need a brain to know she was being sarcastic

        • Derrick

          Literally says “sarc” after comment

        • @grey_winters:disqus needs more grey-matter!

      • Joel Almestica

        Actually people make coments like yours when they are brain dead

        • ken


          • Travis

            Ken, you really are an idiot. Joel expressed no opinion on Trump winning. He merely pointed out to another user that Jennifer’s comment was sarcastic. You are equally stupid and missed it. Jesus FUCKING Christ you’re retarded.

      • AverageJoe1987

        The immigrants think they don’t have to show up to work and they think they shouldn’t get fired for no showing their jobs.

        You’re the brain dead idiot.

      • drippynose

        You must be stupid to be unable to detect sarcasm.

      • Brandy Michelle Stewart

        Love it when people make a fool of themselves because they can’t pick up on obvious sarcasm.

      • dleemoon

        Grey Winters is a perfect name for you; it describes the state of your gray matter, in a cold dark place.

      • Spychiatrist

        Sarcasm escapes you, huh?

      • azboltfan70

        Know Sarcasm when you hear it?! Brain dead idiot!

        • speedcat

          But that is the problem with text, you read it , you don’t hear it. Lighten up.

      • yomama

        Okay guys let up. Looking at his profile, I think he’s on our side. The best of us will not always be able to discern sarcasm.

      • Colonel Stieg

        She was kidding, pretending to be libtard

      • Kev Mccormick

        Her comment was sarcasm what part of that didnt you get stupid brain dead idiot

      • Tim Lankins

        You obviously didnt see the smiley face. Her comment was sarcasm

      • Baffled215

        You can’t can’t someone stupid or brain dead when using basic punctuation incorrectly.

    • AverageJoe1987

      It must be racism that caused them to be fired for refusing to show up for work!!! /sarc

      • pc25

        after they were warned to boot.

        • AverageJoe1987

          I know that if my boss told me “Do this or you’re fired”, I’d do what I was supposed to do to avoid being fired.

      • Ronda Dudley Cantwell

        Ikr? LoL!

    • Jd Creager

      Damn right, fire their asses, they were hired to work when the business needs them not at their leisure.

    • Spychiatrist

      Not Obama’s America that’s for sure.

    • sallie mullinger

      Unless Im way off base..Im thinking Jennifer Lee Curry was being facetious in her comment.

      If she wasnt, shes part of the problem

    • yomama


    • R york

      What? A dumbass like you cannot possibly own a business .ok dumbass you want to know what kind of America this is .. This is an America that gave these people jobs and they rewarded their employer by laying out of work and in turn causing their employer lose business and the employer inturn doesnt have money to pay the employee So now they are fired … DUMBASS! It is wonderful how things are working out

      • john

        It looks like you didn’t get the sarcasm so the only one that a dumbass is you

        • R york

          Dumbass I have heard way to many people say the same thing about America ..Dumbass John

          • @r_york:disqus Just delete your comment. Or your profile.

            Preferably both.

      • DD

        Dude, what do you think the “sarc” after her statement means?? SARCASM!! YOU are the dumbass. ????

      • Sasak

        Jennifer was being sarcastic? Why can’t people understand sarcasm? Looks like you’re the dumb ass.

    • dernspiker

      Hey jen I have a sarcasm font I’ll sell you…

    • justpchy


    • Ray Hicks

      the same America that fired Air traffic Controllers by Regan consider that the next time your soaring at 30,000 feet

      • vivian greer

        well it’s not like he replaced them with janitors or zoo keepers, geeze!

        • Mark

          Yup. A friend of mine was a flight controller in the Air Force at the time.

          He was one of those that filled in.

          • Bob Wunderkind

            I remember that…All the gloom and doom that the military controllers weren’t as qualified as the union stooges. LOLOL…they sure found out differently. Those military controllers are the best.

      • disqus_AkAsSvvc8Z

        It was one of the best things Ronald Regan did. It showed the unions they can’t hold America hostage and everyone is replaceable. Including immigrants. BTW if they are illegal immigrants they shouldn’t have jobs in the USA anyway.

        • William

          damn right. Look at France. A strike by farmers can literally grind the entire country to a halt by other union workers showing solidarity. That country has a perpetual 10% unemployment rate even when the rest of the world is at 4%. Nothing gets done in France.

      • Fired them for no reason at all or………..?

        • AverageJoe1987

          Not coming into work is a good reason to fire someone.

          • I know—-I was just trying to pull the answer out of @disqus_nJvyNSA5FG:disqus .

  • Clay James Belter

    You don’t work, you don’t get paid. Simple as that.

  • Tara Payne

    The workers act superior to the rest of us. They cry foul because they are not understood. They don’t understand what it takes to run a business. I’m glad they got fired and I hope unemployment won’t be lovey dovey and rule in their favor.

    • Cheryl Hall

      Well said!!

    • I have a young hispanic guy (mid 20’s) working for me at the moment. Great kid, super nice but he’s always making comments about how “lucky” I am to own a business. He has no clue how much work it takes just to keep the place afloat let alone to turn a profit.. Were we to switch positions within the business we’d be bankrupt in a matter of months if not sooner.

      There’s a reason some people work for other people. And always will.

  • 0bsoleteMan

    Now the left will demand paid protest time off in addition to paid sick leave.

    • Cheryl Hall


    • Cindy Kay

      Please don’t give them any ideas.

      • Paul


    • yomama

      Don’t doubt it….but I’m with Cindy…..shhhhhhhhhh!

  • 1MegaBeast2

    Man I am loving this. No reason they can’t go back to Mexico where the ybelong and sell tacos.

    • demoman

      im betting they are here legally. This country is all immigrants at one time. im as white as it gets and think you are as clueless as it gets. no racial bias here…… They did get what they deserve but you are giving Trump Supporters a bad name so do us all a favor and STHU.

      • ken


        • demoman

          i asked him to do it as a favor….reading works

      • Albert Forte

        I also like Trump Mega has his right and so does Ken and I would fight for their right to say it. However Demoman I’m with you these are the type of people the media find to make the rest of us look like racists to

  • Pambi

    I have been waiting to hear these reports !! YAY !

  • Bob Wehadababyitsaboy

    The only thing I don’t like about this story is no news of people currently at this moment chucking rocks at these hippies.

  • Virdun

    At will employment is at will – but these kinds of bad apples get away with this and the next thing they want is to unionize etc. Buh bye… you’re done. I would love to see how many of these employees actually had a dog in this fight – versus, how many were just crybaby liberals wanting to prop up a bogus cause.

  • Cheryl Hall

    Are these people so delusional that they think THEY can tell their BOSSES when they are coming in to work and when they are NOT coming in to work???? YIKES!

    • Craig_Bosley


      • Paul Robson

        If he didn’t do this then they’ll be off on every anti-Trump idiocy.

    • Sasak

      Yup! and then when they get fired they cry foul. I’m so sick of them always crying racism or crying foul. Send em back across the border.

    • William

      Immigrant: “Aw…man, this wouldn’t have happened under Obama, heffe!”

  • Daniel Machiavelli Canham

    i’m not a fan of the “employment-at-will” type of states, since i feel it can easily lead to abuse, but the guy is right. he has a business to run and you calling out for your feelings is not a good excuse. hell they even got a heads-up on the repercussions. you’d think they’d at least have the presence of mind to call a sick day or something, like everyone else does when the next fallout game comes out.

    • Grey Winters

      You mean “the right to work” without fascist intervention.

    • Linda Tew

      I live in a right to work, lived in a union state for 10 years. I’ll take the right to work any day.

    • Nancy Vining

      of course, calling in sick when you’re not is lying to the boss and that can also be grounds for firing. In most places, sick is sick, annual leave is annual leave and earned comp time is earned comp time. If you have it and IT IS OKAY WITH THE BOSS/OWNER you can take a day here and there. If taking time will hurt production and the boss or owner says you can’t take the time and you take off anyway… especially en-mass… the repercussions had better be something you can live with.

  • Grey Winters

    Ever work with these mother fuckers , all you hear all day is gringo this gringo that . And if you think one of them is your friend try talking to hm while he’s around his

    his crew.

    • Nancy Vining

      And yet, years ago ( 60s) in Miami there were men who came from the middle east who worked in aircraft engine and powerframe and worked hard for the money they earned. They liked their co-workers and often cooked ethnic foods and brought it in for their friends to enjoy. There was no hate or anger. Just hard working people who shared their food with friends and everyone got along. I know this was true because my husband used to talk about his good friend ‘Nish”.

  • demoman

    this is perfect. it would be a non issue if one or two didnt show up but that many hurts production…

  • jamest1148

    When the owners name is something like Jim Serowski, I don’t think he’s an a indigenous person.
    Sounds like someone that worked hard to establish his company. Sorry he ruined all your fun.

  • “You’re terminated…Git to de choppa! Git to de choppa, now!”

  • Radhakanta Dasa Prada


  • AverageJoe1987

    The sense of entitlement is sickening.

    Not only do they think they are entitled by thinking that people from other countries should be allowed to come here illegally and get instant special treatment, but they think they can refuse to come to work and not have any punishment come down.

    Here’s what I want to know, did any of them call in? Did they switch days off with another coworker so they could have the day of the protest off? Did they use any sick time? Or did they just no call/no show their jobs and expect the jobs to still be there?

    You can’t whine. This is what happens when you neglect to show up for work.

    • Nancy Vining

      In most businesses, if you call in sick, a supervisor can visit and if you are walking a protest line instead of home in bed with Kleenex and chicken soup, you can be summarily fired for cause. If you need a day off and are out of annual leave or comp time you can sometimes get others to donate time to you but this is usually allowed for catastrophic illnesses – each company is different in how it applies time. Taking a day to show how much immigrant workers are needed in the USA really did show all of us how much our work is valued. If we skipped reporting in, most of us got what was fair. Have some cheese with that whine!

      • AverageJoe1987

        I knew a guy once who called in sick to work so he could take his girlfriend to a concert.

        Bad luck for him was that one of the supervisers decided to take his wife to the same show and ran into the “sick employee” in the lobby.

        After firing him when they were both at work, the manager gave a happy wave and said, “Glad you enjoyed the concert, I know my wife loved it!”

        Funniest firing I ever saw in person.

  • jamest1148

    With a owners name like Jim Serowski, I don’t think he’s an indigenous person. He is someone that worked hard to establish his business.
    Look on the bright side, at least you can sit your happy ass at home and start your own coatings company. Make sure you close your company down for a day for immigrant awareness. I’m sure your customers will understand.

    • AverageJoe1987

      They should look on the bright side.

      Now they have a lot more free time to protest and demand free stuff at taxpayers expense!

    • Itsjust Penny

      No one is indigenous to the United States. The first peoples of every nationality in the U.S., immigrated from somewhere.

      • Kameron Brown

        Exactly. Even the ancestors of the so-called “Native” Americans were descended from people who crossed the land bridge between Russia and North America.

      • Brandon Smith

        A quick google search leads me to the definition “originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native.” Since people like myself are now naturally occurring in this part of the world, as compared to when the country was first settled by the Europeans, the argument can be made that the definition also refers to those who have had family in the country for some time.

    • Ann Johnson

      Tell me how the “boss” can run a business by himself/herself. If they don’t need anyone to help them to build or run the business, they can do whatever they like. When you own a business, you are obligated to work with your employees. IF you had read the article in full, you would have noticed that the employees in question were to work on Sunday to make up the lost day. I am thankful every day that I work WITH a company and not FOR one.

      • Don Breivogel-Williams

        Ann, if you had read the article in full, you would have noticed that the business has a demanding schedule with its clients. They most likely have a contractual obligation to those clients. It also appears from the article that the employees in question were the ones that decided that they would work Sunday to make up for the lost day. I’m not sure that they are the ones responsible for scheduling with the clients.

      • alwaysrocking

        Guess what, The business has customers to satisfy. Where I work if I ask off (not tell) and several people asked off, guess what I am not gonna get the day off. I better show up or be ready to face consequences, They paid me for all the work I have performed gave me benefits, time off etc. They owe me nothing more then what they already provided.

      • JustMe283

        So being told in advance that they would lose their jobs if they didn’t show up for work wasn’t enough? WOW you must be a special kind of snowflake… The ONLY thing the boss owes to the employees is a paycheck for the amount of hours they work PERIOD.

    • Ann Johnson

      Tell us please, your surname so that we can determine whether or not you work “hard” enough.

  • AverageJoe1987

    Sounds like there was reason and cause for their termination to me.

    “We refuse to work!!”

    “Okay, you’re fired.”

    “WHAT? That’s not fair, why should I be fired for not showing up to work!?”

    • dawn smith

      same as “why shouldn’t I get everything free just because I snuck in?”

  • ken


  • Oriru Bastard

    They all made their choice. 🙂

  • Supermanu

    Why are they working here in the first place?? Illegals should not be working in America!

  • dgh629

    When are these people going to figure out that you don’t tell your boss you are taking a day off. You can request one and have it approved but just “informing” your boss that you have decided not to come in? Idiots.

    • AverageJoe1987

      Most places I’ve ever worked require you to request a specific day off at least 30 days in advance.

      If it’s an emergency (death in the family, severe illness of a relative, etc) they’ll work something out by either moving around your days by swapping them with another employee who volunteers to do the time swaps, and they make sure you have the days off you need. And if some illness caused you to have to miss work, they would let you use accumulated sick time. And if you had no sick time, there was a point system where if you gained too many points they’d have no choice but to terminate you. Points came off after 6 months. And if you were going to be out for a while, they put you in for a sick leave where your job is safe as long as you can return to work within a certain amount of time (which differs from place to place). Employers are pretty fair when you play by the rules.

      But these immigrants learned the harsh lesson that they don’t make the rules. They learned the hard way you can’t just walk up to your boss last minute and say, “Not going to be here tomorrow, going to protest!!!”

  • Crosscheck

    Well their day off did not affect anything one bit. Looks like we don’t need them after all. Let the cleansing begin.

  • spymon74666

    Protest on your own time…

    It seems harsh but think about it…you were working for the company. Your protest hurt your company and its ability to deliver in its promises.

    How did this further your cause?

    My opinion of course…

  • Paul Robson

    Can I sue Milo ? This is the funniest thing since the interns were fired over the shoe petition ….. I’m seriously worried about a hernia.

  • Jd Creager

    No I am not an immigrant. Yes I would have fired you for not showing up also.


    Too bad .. so sad…another 18 legal immigrants will now have a job!!

  • Ron Whosoever Williams

    Dumb asses. “But it was just for one day? *whine “. WTF did they think was going to happen?

  • Bryant Steury

    “All I know is I have a business to run” Damn straight. Sorry, 18 people, you played the stupid game, you won the stupid prize. Even with it being an at-will state, the fact that they gave you a heads up this would be the case was extremely nice of them. Rolled the dice and it came up snake eyes, sorry.

    • AverageJoe1987

      They need to see it from the owner’s perspective.

      I’ve worked in quite a few jobs where if one person misses it means that everyone else has to ramp up their work to get everything done in one shift. One person not being at their post could mean the difference between hitting or missing a deadline, which costs the company money. The more money a company loses, the less people they can employ.

      But 18 people missing in one day? That had to have really hurt their employer, which means they hurt all of their coworkers as well. So they got what they had coming to them by being fired, so they get no sympathy.

  • blidL

    Great message being sent here to those who feel the country just can’t operate without them !

  • ͕͗F͕͕͗͗i͕͕͗͗n͕͕͗͗d͕͕͗͗u͕͕͗͗s͕͗


  • melanie

    I’ve concluded that leftists obviously do not understand what protesting is. All though out our history people have protested with the understanding and acceptance of the consequences. They shout about how protesting is a first amendment right, but also seem to believe lawlessness, violence, and destruction are rights too when it comes to protesting. It has NEVER been that way and protesters nowadays are simply pathetic and whine about the outcomes. Protests have never come without some kind of expense.

  • John Smith

    LOL ! I love it ! They wanted to throw a tantrum and it backfired on them ! Fantastic ! They got what they deserved ! Now they will be crying about how they can’t get unemployment benefits b/c they were fired. They will claim it is due to racism. Just wait and see.

  • jayfordtheman

    you dumb asses, you follow the lead of the lefty loons, you are led into trouble as their reality, then adopted by you that missed work, collides with well, reality, too bad, you gave them an excuse to unload you, pitiful, would you jump off a roof if some lefty fool, told you so…. well, you just did, no pity from me

  • Jami Järviö

    Let me get my violin…

  • Nicolas Fabbroni Leroy

    I’ll even say it in Spanish for them:

    En guerra avisada no muere soldado. (No soldier dies in announced war…. sorta… doesn’t translate well.. “you should have seen THAT coming a mile away”)

  • Shane99

    The tricky thing about having a job is that you are required to show up. The business does not pay for your beliefs, they pay for your service. That is the whole point!
    You purposely skip work, you’re fired! That is how the world works…no matter how much you cry!

  • James York

    It looks like they cured their “job lock” problem.

    • Shane99

      Looks like these people are helping MAGA by creating jobs!

  • Racheal Bella

    I’m not defending them, but being Devil’s Advocate, why didn’t they just call in “sick” that day. That’s what normal people would have done. Everyone has sick days, don’t they? They were stupid and brazen, being pumped up by the media who is telling them that this is all legal and everyone supports them.

    • Spychiatrist

      I’m glad that they were fired!

      Hope they go back to where they came from.

    • Myob Nosy

      In the past, if you took days off where certain things are going on, they want doctor’s notes. lol… least in my experience. I’m sure some bosses said, I know the march is tomorrow, if you don’t show up you damn well better have a doctors note. lol

      • happytortuga

        LOL, I know. Younger people don’t know about that and doctor’s notes.

    • happytortuga

      They didn’t want to lose a sick day or a day of pay. They were going to work on Sunday as a make-up day…..but, I see problems with that. 1) the company had deadlines to meet and 2) working on a Sunday probably would have meant they would have been paid overtime for that week.

      • AverageJoe1987

        I had an employer once who gave you time and a half on Sundays.

        So if their employer was anything like that he’d have every reason to think that they were not only reporting to work on Thursday even though they had no real reason to miss, but planned to exploit the Sunday pay system to get more pay.

    • JustMe283

      No normal people would have been smart enough to ignore the “call to muster for bluster” that these halfwits followed. They paid the price.

  • Sherri Turner

    It just blows my mind the mind set of these protesters. They seriously think they can get rid of trump and infiltrate the country however they please.

  • Letthemeatcake

    So obviously, a day without immigrants means that many businesses can do without immigrants. I am sure these businesses will have no problem finding people willing to work.

    • happytortuga

      A day without immigrants was wonderful for me. Traffic was light.

  • Myob Nosy

    I have no sympathy. None whatsoever. Every job I ever had was like this. I told my boss I needed a week off to make band trip in high school. Told me I couldn’t have it. Told em I’m gone. Every other job had a No Show/No Call/No Job rule. And they act surprised. I’m sure they were aware of the possibility of losing their job. Every choice you make has a consequence. Some you like, some you don’t. Welcome to America motherfucker.

  • HeavyCream

    You were fired for not appreciating that you had a job. If they never appreciated you, then you’d never had a job in the first place. I wonder how many employer appreciation days they gave?

  • Betty Litwalk Rader

    ❤????????❤ Making America great all on their own. Created jobs for people who want to work ????????????????

  • Panda

    Liberals are like musIims, musIims are like liberals…

    Liberals and musIims have mob mentality …

    Liberals and musIims cannot and must not be trusted !!!

  • Hunnyb

    Wow, Trump doesn’t even have to lift a finger, and he creates jobs.

  • sallie mullinger

    Huh..go figure. You tell your boss that you arent showing up for work and he fires you for not showing up for work.

    What sort of alternate universe are we living in!!


  • daz2002

    How do you like them apples ?

  • DrTorch

    Looks like opportunities for CITIZENS.

    Go back immigrants, go make your own country great.

  • Bobby Walker

    Adios amillegalos

  • alfredopesto

    haha..later jackasses. this is America…show up or be terminated.

  • Lisa Dalporto

    Well, I hate to admit that in my younger days I pulled the no-show/no-call at a couple of jobs. And I got fired. THAT is the way it works. I don’t feel sorry for these people one bit. Actions have consequences.

    • AverageJoe1987

      And they can’t pull the race card, because I’ve seen plenty of co-workers over the years fired for the same thing. Most of them white.

      The left needs to understand that if you have a job, you can’t just show up only when it suits you. You show up when you’re scheduled to be there.

  • January

    They really showed their boss what it would be like without an immigrant working for him. He turned around and showed them what it was like to be an immigrant without a job.

  • Kym G

    OMG you mean you can be fired for not showing up to work? How unfair! Where is the justice? How can we all sleep tonight knowing employers have rights, too? I think I may need to go to my safe zone…

  • Mia

    what is wrong with those ppls? are they kind of spoiled kiddos? come on, this is real life, you didnt go to work without permission, now you got fired, blamed who???

  • Joshua Hammond Sox

    Lol the sarcasm detector must be broken on some. Anyways most states are at will states, meaning and employer doesn’t need a specific reason for termination.

    • AverageJoe1987

      And even though they don’t need a specific reason, I’ve never met anyone fired for no reason. And I live in an at-will state. Anyone I’ve ever known who was fired was fired for one reason or another, and it was always a good reason.

      Cut backs, calling in too much, not doing their work, no call/no show, stealing, etc. But I’ve never met one person who was ever fired for no reason. I know people who claim they have been fired for no reason, but then when you get the full story it turns out they called in 14 days in one month. I knew another guy who was fired who claimed to have been fired for no real reason, just to find out later he was fired for calling his boss every name in the book.

  • Steve Liles

    That will teach you

  • Panabaker

    Why a march about immigrant workers when nobody has a problem with them? It’s the illegals that people have a problem with…….

    • jewel5

      Because liberals are stupid and twist every issue to fit their own agenda.

    • AverageJoe1987

      Because for some reason liberals think that every immigrant is here illegally.

  • Michael D Smith


  • Lulu

    They were WARNED.

  • glamdeluxe

    HA HA HA HA!

  • Christopher Mcfadden

    In the Republic of Ca, employees who are fired for cause STILL receive unemployment and the employer gets hit with the increased rate for 5 years. Who is being punished?

    • AverageJoe1987

      That is some BS right there.

      I believe you should only qualify for unemployment if you were fired for something outside your control. Like being laid off or something similar.

      If you were fired for stealing, not showing up, or being a lazy jerk, you shouldn’t qualify for unemployment benefits.

  • Jennings Campbell

    I am sorry these thoughtless people made their employers have to make this decision. Companies have to operate and thanks to barrack there are plenty of people to fill these vacancies.

  • Ann Johnson

    “Full whine”. Who the fuck are you to make such a statement??? I cannot WAIT until Trumps crap trickles down to the lot of you. You who believe that any reason cannot be used against you. #FEAR BUILDS WALLS.

    • happytortuga

      Is this the first time you’ve heard of at-will employment?

    • David Langley

      i dont know if you are talking to me but if you are i have a question for you… who the fuck are you to tell me i cant? if not sorry

      • I don’t block the trolls as much as I used to but ann got blocked and not reading her leftie BS is a godsend.

      • JustMe283

        go read some of what she writes, most of it sounds like a Palosian echo….. HER opinion counts …

    • AverageJoe1987

      Hey, idiot, they were fired for not coming into work.

      Not because they were immigrants, but because they didn’t come to work when they were supposed to.

      I’d be fired for not showing up to work, you’d be fired for not coming into work. So why should they get special treatment just because of skin color?

      You’re the racist here because you don’t think minorities are able to follow rules.

    • This nonsense about “full whine” (and the whole story) is targeted at the kind of audience that would send in nude pictures of their own children to 4chan just to make the depraved slime Milo Yiannopoulos richer. Also, they have a hive-mind mentality and they rally here for the perverse sadistic kicks it gives them to experience a mock-up execution. Their hatred of working people who refuse to act like mere beast of burden is simply instinctive to them. They are too frightened by a phenomenon like that to muster a coherent response so instead they just froth at the mouth like rabid beasts.

  • David Langley

    i was born here and raised here i am not an immigrant I am an American quit trying to put us all in the same sack if you dont like this country ,,,, leave

  • Matt Belloni

    Another perfect example of how messed up this world is with a business holding monetary gain over the needs of the individuals procuring those gains. These people deserve to have their jobs back, fire the CEO’s instead and distribute their wealth to the workers. The way it should be.

    • David Langley

      probably a small company

    • …back to huffpoooo troll, it is where you belong…

    • Lol.. deserve???!!!!!!!!

    • AverageJoe1987

      They refused to show up for work.

      The only ones who deserved to be fired were the lazy workers who decided to just not show up for work so they could protest.

  • MichaelCrackMonkey

    We should thank all those immigrants that gave up their jobs to people who really want to work.

  • freenclear

    Face it. If you were good workers, he would have kept you.

  • Lynn Barna

    they were given a choice…and they chose to lose their jobs–simple
    as that—-liberals and such that are choosing to protest instead of going to work are getting a dose of reality…..it really is’nt their call

  • Dale

    If you took the day off illegally, of course you should be fired. That is not what you were likely paid to do.
    How about taking responsibility for yourselves rather than trying to blame your self-imposed weaknesses on others?

  • Konstantin Janev

    me like, me like a lot !!!!!

  • On the Illegal Alien protest day I had meandered into town after I got done work… and what did I see? Many migrant day-workers trodding into town, workboots on, wearing dirt-stained jeans. Obviously just ending a hard day’s work because they have no confusion about why they’re here– to work!! This was the most ill-conceived “strike” they’ve put together to-date!

  • Mary Patterson

    I wonder which part of “if you don’t show up tomorrow, you’re fired”, wasn’t exactly clear to them?

    • CujoInNC ✓Patriot

      Si no vienes a trabjar manana te despiden!

  • Fatboy71

    They were warned.. They threw their own jobs away. Who was the bigmouth who convinced these people to do this. Find him and have a come to Jesus moment with him

  • Robert Gatto

    Serves them right. I would have fired them too. This entire protest crap is just wrong. If the protesters out as much effort into making life better instead of crying then we all would be better off.

  • Cecil Henry

    Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for Everyone IS White Genocide.

    This talk about “oppressed minorities” belies the real disenfranchisement of the White majority, and denies us our rights to public empathy, dignity, or to even survive in a world of our own.

  • RightMinded24

    I’m sure their boss was just waiting for the perfect opportunity to get rid of these employees, and they gave it to him. Awesome job Bradley Coatings. You played your hand well with these demanding $hitbag employees who think the rules (and laws!) don’t apply to them.

  • matticusfinch


  • fred

    How I get tired of hearing “unfair”. Life isn’t’ always fair, especially when you had enough obligation and choose to not fulfill them. It was quite unfair to the employer who had responsibilities to his customers and couldn’t fulfill them due to the me mentality.

  • Walter Pence IV

    The most mind-blowing part of all of this is that these people were so incredibly stupid that they actually thought that they were not going to get fired. Why do we want these kinds of people in our country again???!!!

  • Steampunk Sweetheart

    I work in an at-will state and the best-case scenario if you say the day before “Hey, I’m not coming to work tomorrow” is being put on notice and given a warning. Worst-case is, big surprise, they fire you! And these sound like contract jobs where the company said “We will have X number of workers on your site on Wednesday” so if you don’t show up and leave your boss hanging, gee, wonder what he’s going to do?

  • Rusty

    “They just didn’t understand… that we could have shown up to work, but we didn’t want to.”

  • tammie

    Will they now protest A day without a job ? Now can we have a protest to celebrate your day with out pay? Trump is GREAT at this whole job creating!

  • flashpoint

    The comments on this page are hilarious.

  • pgs

    i love good news

  • rizal

    you people were lucky enough to get a job. no use crying over spilled milk.

  • Law & Order Biotches

    ROTFLMFAO!!!!!! I’m sure those jobs will be filled by other hard working individuals that just want to work.

  • Mark

    At least the Justice Dept wont come running in this time.

  • Bad Temper Randy

    All I noticed on “Day Without Immigrants” was better driving on the road and no hassling in the Home Depot parking lot at 7am.

  • Loribeth12464

    Now legal citizens will have more jobs.

  • Rafael Marrero

    Just goes to show the reality of America. 1. Conservatives are the majority, 2. Rules are made not to be broken. And 3. Even legal immigrants have gotten the wrong message from the previous administration . You have rights, but so does everyone else.

  • Flash

    Fk Me.. Top Zozzle!

  • Now report their asses to ICE. I do believe continuing employment is required to maintain their resident status. 😉

  • David K Dyer (dkd83)

    TN leads the way!

  • Jack Gil

    Illegal immigrants trying to strong arm a small, family owned business got fired…sanity restored.

  • Martelson

    Right they were fired. America first – not illegal aliens.

  • Jack Gil


  • micah09

    Did these foreigners not understand that among the non-existent rights that exist only in their heads is the “right” to not show up for work as a form of political protest? If they’re that ignorant, that’s another reason we don’t want them here. They have Third World socialist views, so better they go move to Cuba or Venezuela.

  • Flick Yoli

    brother can you spare a dime?

    • HT

      You mean peso?

  • Sharon Burgess
  • George Armstrong

    the employer told them in advance what would happen, and it did. too bad, so sad, kick rocks

  • They were not planning on working Sunday; that would’ve just been excuse invented afterwards. Either way, the boss needs to decide the hours of business.

  • So these hard working immigrants that are touted as better than anyone else decided to not work? Non-immigrants did go to work. Why not follow their example instead of making a stupid political decision to not work. BTW, recent survey shows that 42% of immigrant households receive some form of public assistance. We really must get back to the strict regulations for immigrants including their not being on public assistance at all.

  • Connie Wolfinger

    Good, they should have been fired.
    A day without immigrants?
    Hate to tell you jerks, but you were not missed. You did not come to work, so now your fired.
    Love it.

  • Two Deer

    In this economy, there are probably dozens of people lining up for the jobs they did not value.

  • Two Deer

    Organizers of these idiotic protests are evil entities.

  • kasey00001

    Wow, you cost an owner his livelihood, plus yours for a whole day, and you don’t understand why you were fired? Amazing!

  • OlSkoolPreacher

    It isn’t complicated!
    Work is a trade contract. (You know: a line of trade, trade unions, trade school…)

    If I sign up with a 24/365 gym, and I go there to find that they’re suddenly only open on Tuesdays I will cancel my contract, and no longer pay, because they aren’t fulfilling their end!

    You agree to work Monday – Friday, 0700-1500, and decide not to do so, you have broken contract! Simple!

  • Daryl Weston

    Well, I hope they all enjoy their Participation Trophies and days off! LMAO

  • SallyForth

    You have the freedom to protest, and your boss has the freedom to sack you.

    See how that works?

  • Drew Brenneman

    The illegals who participated in the day off screwed themselves by not showing up to work like they were supposed to, SO, they shot themselves in their own feet. BIG companies EXPECT their employees to be to work on time and be ready to do the work the company is hired to do or finish contracts that are time sensitive. Those 18 are dumb enough to take the day off and screw the company, they screw the rest of the employees who work harder to cover those 18 missing employees. SO LONG, FARE WELL, FUCK YOU! GOOD BYE!

  • Michael Wayne

    Have another protest day and see how many show ? I do not feel sorry for any of them !!

  • Justin

    They’re gross. European immigrants who came before made this country beautiful; make America beautiful and intelligent again; not nasty third world America. Watch a black and white film noir; when America was filled with beautiful; intelligent white European immigrants. I’m gay and I’m for Trump because I have standards: and want to make American beautiful and decent again.

  • William

    Let’s play the game “Association”

    Ok, immigrant workers. Think back to your home country and your last employer there. What would happen if you didn’t show up for work one day? See, it works like that everywhere, except in France and Sweden. Bon Voyage!

  • Kimberly Marie

    It sounds like they received fair warning. ‘Striking’ in this fashion is dumb and ineffective. It is not your employer’s fault that federal immigration policy is what it is, and informing your job the day before that you just aren’t coming in? Who has a job that lets you do that? I never have. You can ask, but if the answer is no, then you go to work. There are people depending on you to do your job and if you shirk your duties short notice, you are not holding up your end of the deal and should be fired.

  • chill_mc

    There really is no valid argument from the left. They keep pushing stories about the plights of immigrants and how we are a nation of immigrants. Ok, yes, we know that; nobody is arguing that. We all have our own plights, too. But here’s the thing. Can we START talking about ILLEGAL immigrants? Nobody is trying to deport immigrants. Can the left not differentiate the difference between legal and illegal? Wait, they can! Obama deported plenty and nobody gave a $hit. You idiots should have expected to be fired. What rational person wouldn’t? Hope it was worth it, morons.

  • shappens

    They have ‘entitlement issues’ apparently.

    When the financial shit hits the ground….it will be dog eat dog…..and ‘poof’ it all will disappear quick as a wink!

    • Paul Robson

      Don’t think things disappear in a “poof” on Milo’s site ….

  • Apronlady

    I have zero sympathy. You have a job, you show up on time to work.

  • DEPLORABLE Grandma Susan

    As a former boss, if you make me consider doing without you when I need you, I will STRONGLY consider not needing you.

  • myddrinemrys

    Wait, wait, wait…… You mean that there are consequences for actions?????

    Mind = BLOWN!

    I think the part that best sums things up is right here: “Told their boss they wouldn’t be in for protest – boss says come in or don’t ever come in. They stay out – lose job.”

  • Pineneedle

    It looks like you have plenty of time now to gather your stuff and start walking back from where you came. So long and don’t come back until your invited which will be never because we don’t like stupid people.

  • Areyoukiddingme


  • dgh629

    Yes, pick which days you would like to work. Not such a good idea!

  • straycat

    Fire every last one of them

  • Standingbearslo

    What i want to know is.. Is law enforcement going to go after Bradley Coatings, Incorporated for hiring illegals? And if not. WHY ….They are just as guilty of a crime here..Really…Should make the penalty for hiring these people a lot more than it is.

  • John Testa

    You didn’t go to work. you’re fired, dummy

  • Peter Bensley

    This is what happens when you just strike.

    It’s not enough to strike; you need to also unionise, and picket.