It turns out even Bernie Sanders isn’t safe from well-timed “technical difficulties.”

Last night, while speaking with Erin Burnett, the host of CNN’s OutFront, Sanders was asked to comment on President Donald Trump’s denial of knowledge concerning reports that Mike Flynn had secret talks with the Russian government.

“Well, I dunno, maybe he was watching CNN fake news – what do you think?” piped Sanders.

A few seconds of awkward silence followed, after which Sanders quipped, “that was a joke.”

Then, mysteriously, Sanders appeared to lose contact with the host.

“Erin? Are we on?”

See the full painfully awkward clip below.

Some, like Mike Cernovich, think CNN’s producers deliberately cut Sanders off for his comment.

The show’s producers eventually did get Bernie Sanders back on air. You can watch their full interview below.


  • Virdun

    HAHAHAH! Wow. Erin Burnett is a rough skank – and this was just great – Zucker must be ripping what little hair he has out of his bald head. Your news net is a joke, fat man!

  • CrusadaB

    Roflmbo! The Truth Hurts Network! ????????????????????

  • Andrew Rothwell

    CNN is flaming dog shit

  • Sam2

    Hey Bernie, when you gonna talk about why you bowed out of the presidential campaign? Or is that not fit for news?

    • Snorlaxation

      Don’t be an ass. He didn’t bow out. The stupid heads of the dnc decided to screw him and his supporters over by throwing all their support behind Clinton. I’ll Never forgive them for that.

      Bernie did however decide to stand by Clinton, which lost him respect points, and ultimately the manner in which he did that was one of several reasons that Clinton lost the electoral votes she needed.

      • Sam2

        Your response is essentially what I was referring to by the way.

        • Snorlaxation

          My bad.
          I agree then. I’d love for him to call out all those morons that shafted him.

          • Sam2

            It’s cool, after you posted your comment I realized that I could have been ALOT more clear, so in a sense you’ve helped me to understand that things may come across in a different way than I intended for them to come across.

      • Glen Kim

        The ONLY reason Bernie stood behind Clinton is because he didn’t want to “accidentally” have an accident on the way home. Come on now.

        • Snorlaxation

          as if anyone would waste time with that. As much as I’d love to vote for him in 2020 (assuming he runs), not too many think he’ll even be around or finish that term if he won. He’s getting on in years.

          there are many who say clinton fits the republican bill more than the democratic one considering her views (previous views) and how rich she is, but either way, even with drumpf in office, I’m glad I didn’t vote for her.

  • Shorn Cox Drucker

    Bernie Sanders you should go bury your head in Shame your nothing but a sellout, your just mad cause Trump won but the person you should be talking about is Hillary Clinton but no you go and attack everything President Trump does and that’s because you sold your sole to the Devil herself hahaha You feeling that Burn

  • Jiseph

    They got him back on moments later its obviously a techincal issue.

  • Jiseph

    this whole article is bullshit

  • Jackie Jackson

    Feel the Burn yet? Bern

  • Jamie Baker

    Dear: Bernie Sanders…..your own party screwed u over to get Hillary nominated. Focus your energy where it needs to be. Reforming the corruption of the DNC.

    • Diana Maras

      You must be joking. He chose his career over his own rhetoric. If he believed half the shit that comes out of his own mouth he would have run as an Independent. He chose his career over his supporters. And can anyone remember how he stood in the corner while BLM took over his stage? Yeah, real manly that one. LOL

  • JD Hart

    Scotty beamed him up.