A Donald Trump supporter reportedly interrupted a performance of ‘Hamilton’ in Chicago last night, leaving cast members in tears.

According to the Washington Examiner, the audience member shouted, “We won, you lost, get over it, fuck you,” from the balcony.

A witness confirmed that the man was removed from the show.

According to Broadway World, one witness reported on Facebook that the man’s rant drove the cast to tears, although “they didn’t break characters once.”

The internet promptly exploded with reaction to the incident.

Some people, of course, couldn’t help but see the show’s liberal cast as the victim in all this.

Others defended the man and pointed out the hypocrisy of liberals who are offended by the whole thing.

Controversy with the ‘Hamilton’ show began on Friday night, when the show’s New York cast called out VP-elect Mike Pence as he tried to leave following curtain call.

They then proceeded to lecture Pence, indirectly calling him a racist homophobe.

Donald Trump himself demanded that the Hamilton NYC cast issue an apology to Pence for their actions.

The cast or any associated party has yet to respond to Trump’s request.

As for Mike Pence, he responded to the controversy this morning by saying he wasn’t offended.

“I’ll leave it to others as to whether it was the appropriate venue to say it,” he remarked, referring to the speech cast members had called him out with.

Broadway World
Washington Examiner

  • James

    “my heart is crying for the hamilton chicago cast. i can’t imagine how scary it was when the trump supporter started shouting at them”

    I’m sorry, that has to be a joke, surely.

    • UrAllUsefullIdiots

      Those scary Trump Supporters…. lol

      • Vinson Parkhill

        We’re building slave cabins now. 🙂

        • Rick Smith

          Don’t forget the massive gas chamber construction planned.

          • Vinson Parkhill

            In the FEMA camps.

            After we’ve been chem-trailed.

            They will sap our precious bodily fluids, Mandrake.

          • Rick Smith

            LOL What a great flick

        • Mickey Mouse

          Building? We’re gonna use those FEMA camps the Dems set up and keeps under wraps.

    • Eleanor Abernathy

      LOL when I read that too, I thought it was a joke.It reminds of when Miley Cyrus started to cry on camera.

    • Donald Ogrady

      It’s not a joke, and don’t call me Shirley.

      • Shanna Dugan

        Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue…

    • Stacy Mack

      lol…I had to retweet that moron!

    • Star Siepka

      Lmao you’re afraid for them but not the ones being attacked from the rioters or the little 4 year old girl that no longer has a dad because protestors blocked a ambulance in and they arrived at the scene 45 Minutes late. Please call her family and justify why he had to die. Explain that to a little girl.

      • Tracy Swenson

        That’s pretty scary for children,rioters stopping traffic,arguing with people,but I guess only liberal kids are allowed to have feelings,we used to have a saying,you don’t shit where you eat,I would NEVER have gone to any job & presumed I could push my agenda on my customers,if employees had issues they were told it’s not for the workplace.

        • amendingangel

          You’ve unleashed a beast that cannot be tamed. Political incorrectness will now bite you in the ass! It goes both ways.

          • Queena Knox

            Where’s the change? Conservatives have lived with it for years. We get pelted and we silently put up with it. We finally start saying something and the liberals go violent.

          • Queena Knox

            Google and listen to Jonathan Pie. Though I don’t agree with everything he says (especially his language) he is absolutely 100% correct on WHY Trump was elected president. Freedom of speech has been only going one way for a long time. He points that out. Clearly. Perfectly.

          • ImaginaryCanary

            Jonathan Pie is so interesting. Very smart and funny. I wish he would come to the light!

          • It’s time to unleash our inner beast that has been locked up for eight years, show the liberals what a true “throat punch” feels like. It might take their minds off their “butthurt” !

          • ImaginaryCanary

            I won’t stoop to their level happiness is its own reward. They can move to Cuba if the loved Castro so much…flights available thanks to obummer.

          • amendingangel

            Silently? You belligerents have been huffing and puffing for a decade!

          • gk137

            You can’t be talking about the GOP.

          • deedwan

            Oh really…please list all the riots and demonstrations and protests we’ve been involved in…idiot.

          • gk137

            I think the all of 2016 showed the US how liberals truly are. Now they’re just proving our point.

          • ImaginaryCanary

            They are spoiled brats…the old ones are living in the sixties still… They think they’re liberal when they’re fascist. Ignorant! I blame CNN MSNBC….Rachel maddow still fanning the flames. Cry babies. Drink liberal tears!

          • Dave M



          • Deplorable Frog

            Who cares I’m not a woman you can say what you want and I’ll laugh at you my feeling of self worth isn’t based on what some worthless liberal says about me and they shouldn’t care what I say about them.
            And what you’re talking about isn’t political incorrectness. Rioting is a criminal act because physical damage is done unlike with words. Physical damage is brought to people and things that people pay for. That’s not political correctness you shallow, cognitively challenged child.

          • amendingangel

            *Ribbit* *burp*

          • BORG110101001

            And here you are proving Frog’s point.

          • Deplorable Frog

            The more I debate with these morons the more I realize that’s all they’re capable of doing. It’s great.

          • ImaginaryCanary

            Flights open to Cuba!!!!

          • amendingangel

            Get on it. Do us all a favor!

          • Deplorable Frog

            I think you’d like Venezuela its very socialist their Money’s doing great.

          • Tatiana

            My son just came back from Cuba. Flew there totally open minded.Came back with disgust towards this “3-rd World ‘Dump, shit hole of poverty, with everything broken, rusty American 1957 Chevy cars treated as luxury and all population begging for money”

          • Your not done keep SUCKING IT !

          • Deplorable Frog

            Yep. Cognitively challenged child.

        • gk137

          We all know how many feelings the liberals have. The world is reminded daily…

      • SAK68

        That never happened. I challenge you to find the source of that story.

        • Tink88
          • James Curtis

            Did you just hear that Mic drop? Deafening….

          • What Mic? After the guy yelled at the poor crybabies in the cast?

          • James Curtis

            o.O erm no…. read the comment above mine. I think you will see at least 19 other people knew what I meant.

          • Richard House

            The real cry babies are the one that had to yell at people in the cast who want equal treatment and the cry babies feel they deserve white priveledges because they voted for Trump. Anyone who disagrees with the bigotry of the new administration is a bully to the cry baby idiots interrupting the show.

          • Derek Diaz

            Do you know what having white privilege really is?

            It is having a high IQ.

            And it is permanent.

            Because it is genetic.


          • The Elderking

            And let’s not forget the accumulated social capital derived from the hard work and creativity of our white ancestors.

          • amendingangel

            Let’s not forget the accumulated misery, oppression and corruption of our white ancestors and the current white population. It’s certainly not people of color in positions of authority destroying everything it can get it’s hands on now, is it?

          • Alan Wood

            You have a point. We all hate and vilify each other that has been the way it is since the beginning. WAY back ‘den.’ And?

          • amendingangel

            His statement is biased.

          • Derek Diaz

            He has zero point. See my other comment. White greatness in intelligence has been the best thing to ever happen to the world of low IQ minorities.

          • amendingangel

            You are a minority.

          • cheeflo

            No, they’re just destroying their own communities and blaming it on white people. And there is one person of color I can think of who has managed quite a lot of destruction from his position of authority in the Oval Office. It’s going to take some time to mop up his mess.

          • amendingangel

            When the heck did a Republican EVER mop up a mess? They cause the mess and you’re right there helping them!

          • ForeachLoop

            Apart from Obama, and all those rioters.

          • Derek Diaz

            Actually the only reason you have food to eat and a shirt on your ungreatful back is due to white minds and their inventions.

            Think a bit. What was the natural carrying capacity of Africa before white men’s magic in agriculture was SHARED with them? Less than 100 million. Today Africa is 1.1 billion strong. Take away white minds and that falls back to 100 million in a generation.

          • amendingangel

            I’m white, fool. Those innovative whites share my ideology. I have no beef with liberal whites. It’s the conservative ones who cause suffering and hardship in the world.

          • Jane StK

            Actually, look at Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit. All run by people of colour, all democrats. On National Statistics: Highest murder and crime rate, highest incarceration rate, highest welfare recipient rate, highest high school drop out rate,higher rate of children out of wedlock, high suicide rates, high child abuse rates, high sexual exploitation rates, high sex trafficking rates, low college/post secondary education rates of residents, low average annual wages. The list goes on and on. Tell me about accumulated misery, oppression and corruption again? These cities are all on Federal tit, state tit and have never improved in 40-50-100 years of democratic rule, same race as majority demographic ever. Until they are freed from their liberal oppressors they will never be set free. What do we call this of their legislators “Black Priviledge”?

          • amendingangel

            You’re talking about logistics, I’m talking about ideology. It is very typical of you to bring up examples that fit your. narrative when I can come back and say, look at the south, run by conservative Republicans for decades!

          • Diane Demp

            you are an air head –too much social work, sociologist, psychologist, Gallup reports etc going in and no commons sense coming out of YOU –think for yourself and quit whining –but again all you seem able to do is regurgitate hate and a laggards type of attitude

          • amendingangel

            You’re an ignoramus who will stay that way because you’re a coward.

          • Diane Demp

            everyone is a coward or shit head to you –anything else ?

          • dcooper

            Must we have that discussion again about blacks selling and owning slaves again?

          • William

            I believe that was also the case all the way in Africa.

          • amendingangel

            Let’s pass on any discussion, shall we?

          • William

            “it’s certainly not POC destroying everything it can get its hands on now, is it?”

            Have you been to Chicago, Detroit and Sacramento lately?

          • amendingangel

            You’re talking about something else entirely.

          • amendingangel

            Those are not liberal whites and they’re not liberals.

          • amendingangel

            You are not talking about yourself, obviously! Your IQ is that of a rat, obviously! LOL! Could there be anyone more obtuse than a Latino supporting Trump? Well yes, a Muslim supporting Trump!

          • Pam111

            Rats are actually very intelligent

          • amendingangel

            That is pretty desperate!

          • Alan Wood

            I tweeted this nonsense. AmendingAngel. Calm down you lost.

          • amendingangel

            You tweeted this? You need a life! We all lost. The country is falling into chaos and the monosyllabic blob isn’t even in yet!

          • Alan Wood

            Look. Count yr blessings. We got OBAMATOILETS. My vagina and dick are happy.

          • amendingangel

            Trumps toilet is gold encrusted. Your working class”hero” is entombed in gold, marble and fine art. He understands you completely.

          • Buddy Bishop

            Your sensitivity empowers your name calling, how? Your hate filled rhetoric is at odds with the premise of your protestations. I submit to you that 99 % of the violence, hate speech, bullying and destruction has been perpetrated by those claiming to support the Clinton Campaign and/or liberal beliefs. Every major network (all but one of which rally for the liberal mantra) has reported on this, while making every effort to demonize the handful of idiots claiming to be Trump supporters who have vandalized and bullied people. The numbers, alone, should be enough to give you pause, so that you might consider the path upon which you have set, should you continue. One cannot lend legitimacy to a cause by adopting the very mannerisms and characteristics of that which you protest. The opposition will dismiss your efforts as hypocrisy and your allies will denounce you, regardless of the validity of your words. Lastly, the intent of your speech gives one the impression you are possessing of some manifestations linked to abandonment issues, perhaps from your childhood. Therapy may be worth some consideration. The lashing out and transference is a cry for help. Find a safe place and breath.

          • amendingangel

            Have you read the papers lately? I can see you haven’t. Hate crimes have risen tenfold and the monosyllabic germophobe isn’t even in office yet!

          • dcooper

            Only the Snowflakes are experiencing “chaos.” The rest of us are getting along just fine.

          • amendingangel

            That’s not true. Many of you…let’s see, we’re the snowflakes so you must be, the bird droppings…you’re getting abused also!

          • amendingangel

            I didn’t lose. I don’t depend on the government for anything…..yet. What was lost is a sense of decency and civility.

          • Alan Wood

            I agree with you. Decency civility but ..Few in the Public eye are particularly up there. And it’s getting louder and more frightening as we speak. I think we’ll have massive civil unrest U too?

          • Buddy Bishop

            I consider your bullying and name calling to be abusive, in every definition of the word. How are you able to key these statements without feeling shame for your hypocrisy? What possible justification could you claim that presents you with the right to bash Hispanics, Muslims or Gays? Their political leanings make them obtuse? How can you be so mean and still consider yourself sensitive? Sensitive to what?

          • amendingangel

            Your bias is showing. Pull up your pants. You have some nerve getting on my case when we have been bombarded with horrendous insults and verbal abuse. Take your sanctimony someplace else, hypocrite!

          • Derek Diaz

            I will deign to answer you despite your exceeding dullness.

            Higher IQ men support laissez-faire capitalism and Trump is closer to it than your Kenyan Comrade or Feminist Politburo Member.

            Intelligence trumps race, but you would know that if you were intelligent. So now, we both know the source of your confusion, as clearly you did not prior to my informing you.

          • amendingangel

            Go scratch your balls!

          • dcooper

            You forgot to stereotype women.

          • amendingangel

            What would that be? What’s the stereotype-du-jour for women?

          • WRONG! …….So what happened to the “WE ALL MUST LEAVE THE CHILDREN OUT OF OUR POLITICS” bull-chit? ….So the hell with Pence’s family and children right there right! …..Or was that only for the Obama’s or ALL the other bigoted hypocritical Democrats.

          • Sally Becker

            BIGOTRY????? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? Liberals are the MOST hypocritical people I know. I was told I insulted some people by what I said, but never mind how they insulted me – that was fine and dandy. Liberals have the idea it’s ok for them to be insulting and say whatever they want, they are always right, and they can act like cry babies, needing play dough, coloring books and safe spaces AS ADULTS, but if republicans were to do the same thing they get called bigots and get disrespected. As a child we were taught to be respective of our elderly, we could not even say the word queer in our house. We went to church every Sunday and spent time together after. The generation today is the ME generation, everything is about ME and when I don’t get what I want or if someone doesn’t agree with ME, even as an adult, I will be disrespectful and throw a tantrum.

          • Louann

            The liberal strategy to everything is race baiting, race baiting and race baiting.

          • MD B

            And when race baiting doesn’t work, they stomp their feet and cry while race baiting!

          • Melody Dawn

            And loot and burn things too….. 🙂 … you left that out…..

          • MD B

            I stand corrected. LOL Thank you! 😀

          • amendingangel

            You don’t know the meaning of race baiting, yet you repeat the term 3 times!

          • amendingangel

            Liberals are well adjusted. Those feelings are what distinguishes them from the sociopathy of the right wing. You want to talk about crybabies? Take a look at yourself!

          • vizunary

            Well adjusted?!? Haha, those “feelings” don’t make you well adjusted. When you complain about someone hurting your “feelings” that’s not well adjusted. If someone offends you, so what? Be offended, NOTHING actually happened.

            Edit: trigger warning, hahahahahahaha

          • amendingangel

            Yes, feelings actually do make you well-adjusted! Loving people are well-adjusted! Why do people have to suffer abuse at the hands of someone else? Why don’t the bullies adjust?

          • ForeachLoop

            No, liberals are generally fucking insane

          • amendingangel

            Your opinion is meaningless because it is inaccurate.

          • Kerry Dorsey

            no. Liberals who behave like that are passive aggressive. That is not a sane adult response. A passive aggressor does not express anger in healthy ways; and liberals who bully in this way are proving they are PA.
            The classic ploy of a passive aggressor is to use deniable condescension or denigration to abuse someone… by definition. And it’s wholly unacceptable.

            Conservatives, your anger over criminal misconduct or bullying is a normal healthy emotion. Look up Passive Aggressive and how to deal with it.
            The way to combat it is to expose their decision to belittle others.
            Don’t let them play the wounded good guy image.
            Don’t let them make excuses for their bad behavior.
            Don’t feel guilt or let them pretend they did not deliberately bully you.

            Notice and condemn their tactics, while arguing their logic sanely. Assuming you stated your view without being abusive yourself :
            1. directly identify the nasty remark, call it belittling, and call them a bully outright.
            2. whatever their response, again expose their deliberate decision to use the tactic of denigration and call it what it is (passive-aggressive abuse).
            for example:
            SA (sane adult): clear statement of anger over criminal misconduct.
            PA: nasty snide remark about racism or an insinuation that you are the social slime.
            SA: “so your nasty little remarks about (thing accused) are not in any way intended to belittle and bully? You feel it is acceptable for you to be abusive?”
            PA: a half-ass excuse for his behavior, or a claim they are not at fault, or attempt to turn it back on you.
            SA: ” Passive aggressive horseshit. The classic ploy of a passive aggressor is to use deniable condescension & denigration to abuse… by definition. And its wholly unacceptable. There is no excuse for accusing someone of being (thing accused). Anger over ( item ) is a normal healthy emotion. You deliberately denigrated and belittled me, in a blatant attempt to bully and abuse me.”

            Every time they play this childish game, call them what they are, over and over. They are the abuser. Don’t let them play the victim.

          • elisheva60

            WELL DONE!!!!

          • amendingangel

            What the f¥€k are you rambling about? Conservatives are afraid of everything and they use aggression and hostility to intimidate others to protect themselves. They also lack empathy which is a classic sign of sociopathy. They are insular and closed-minded, which are also traits of a coward. They stay within their collective and reject everyone else that is different because diversity SCARES THEM!

            This election was about choosing fear and divisivenes or unity and acceptance. The ugliness did NOT come from the liberals! As a matter of fact, they did a survey, I believe it was Gallup, on who ran the better campaign. The winner was Hillary. So, you have your anti-establishment, disgruntled Trimp voter, which I understand completely and you have your racist Trump voter, which I despise completely. Those two factors are what gave the Divider-in-Chief his electoral college victory. Passive aggressive does not define liberal ideology, but fear does define conservative ideology which has been proven over and over by mental health experts. Tolerance to outside groups is what defines us.

          • Dan

            You forgot all your talking points…

            General basket of Deplorables

            But you did well adding “uncaring sociopathic” to the menu of names to be used.

            Yes keep shouting these things at people until they understand how inclusive and tolerant liberalism is.

          • Melody Dawn

            nope. you are dead wrong.

          • amendingangel

            No, I’m not dead and I’m not wrong. Conservatives suffer from sociopathy. It’s been proven. This is why they lack empathy.

          • Deplorable Frog

            You’re a liar

          • Deplorable Frog

            And you’re stupid

          • Myke Huntz
          • amendingangel

            Yes, you have to go back 150 years to find merit in the Republican Party.

          • Deplorable Frog

            Lol it’s been proven you lie you lose.

          • dcooper

            No crying going on here. Lots of laughing though.. ..at idiots like you.

          • amendingangel

            I don’t vote against myself. You’re the idiot.

          • Deplorable Frog
          • ForeachLoop

            That is brilliant!

          • amendingangel

            Really? In your world, memes are reality? This is why you will remain stupid for the rest of your life.

          • Deplorable Frog

            That meme was a representation of what actually happened in reality you idiot.

          • amendingangel

            Reality is two different things to you and me: mine is real and yours is fiction.

          • Deplorable Frog

            Reality is concrete and it is undeniably indistinguishable between the two of us. We occupy the same reality. Don’t give me that BS all you progressives try to do that when you can’t have an intelligent debate.

          • Myke Huntz
          • amendingangel

            You, who has to have his hand held by a politician because the world is so mean to him, are making fun of me? Now, that’s funny!

          • Myke Huntz
          • Deplorable Frog

            Thank you that was really great. Pictures are worth 1000 words.

          • amendingangel

            Conservatives are exactly what I expressed. You posting on the Internet is not going to change that reality.

          • Deplorable Frog

            Lol no me posting isn’t going to change reality. it will just show all the people who read these posts how stupid you are.

          • Flip

            Wow, wouldn’t it have been easier for you just to write “I know you are, but what am I?” I mean, that is what you are saying, but trying to sound intelligent.
            Don’t forget, you can also use “I’m rubber you’re glue” and “nanny nanny boo boo”.

          • amendingangel

            Maybe it actually WAS an intelligent post! God forbid you should give someone credit!

          • William

            And maybe small grey aliens control the govt. Both are equally unbelievable.

          • William

            If this is the level of “well-advised” then no wonder why liberals are all in therapy.

          • amendingangel

            Liberals are not all in therapy but all conservatives NEED therapy.

          • William

            Spoken like a true elitist.

            Did you spend all night thinking up that gem?

          • amendingangel

            Hmm. Don’t you support elitists? Didn’t you vote for the quintessential elitist? Or, maybe you thought he was a plumber? Who knows what delusions you conjured up, this time.

          • Deplorable Frog

            You’re a narcissist

          • Deplorable Frog

            Well adjusted people need safe spaces and play dough

          • Louann

            Stop your race baiting. You are part of the problem.

          • Harry Mustachio

            Did you drop your binky? Poor baby, don’t cry.

          • calligraphy1019

            It’s not equal treatment they want. They want to take all of our rights away so they can live the way they want to live. It doesn’t matter to them one bit if they take our rights in order to have it all for themselves.

          • Randy Wilson

            Hypocrite much rump ranger?

          • Gene Mierzwa

            Equal treatment for a show that decided not to hire any white people? Perhaps, they should refuse to sell tickets to any white person that wants to see their show!

          • Isaac Shelby Baker

            There’s more punishment coming, Richard House. We watched over the past eight years as your community organizing demi-god did his damnedest to “fundamentally transform” our Country. You ought to put your seatbelt on, snowflake. It’s going to be a bumpy ride for you people.

          • dcooper

            I don’t see any Trump supporters crying….only libtard tears. Love it.

          • Renae

            I don’t hear Conservatives crying. Crybabies actually cry…..real tears…..adults crying tears and claiming to be “scared” of the bad, mean Trump supporters is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard in my life! Half of the hypocrites are curled up in their safe space while the other half are busting in car windows in protest.

          • Cali Trisha

            No – mic drop after Tink88 challenged someone to provide a source for the story

          • TomK

            TMN, InfoWars, Conservative Daily Post, ect, aren’t exactly reputable or unbiased sites. Most have the exact same text, which even includes the phrase “unverified.”

          • dcooper

            Like CNN??

          • TomK

            Exactly the opposite. CNN is a real news network that doesn’t base stories on conjecture. Whereas Alex Jones of InfoWars reports that Clinton and Obama are both possessed by Satan.

          • dcooper

            No. CNN just fabricates stories.

          • TomK


          • TomK

            I have to laugh again. BAHAHAHA!

          • TomK

            Not sure if this posted already… No, CNN is an actual news network that doesn’t base reporting on conjecture. No organization in 100% perfect in their facts or completely unbiased. But guys like Alex Jones of InfoWars report that Clinton and Obama are possessed by Satan. And Milo Y. works for Breibart and all the trash that goes with it.

          • dcooper

            I absolutely love the way Trump marginalized the press. Pure genius.

          • TomK

            That I can agree with.

          • truthbetold
          • Michael Carter


            -Original source of your article is Infowars. Hardly credible.

            -This was sent from an instant messenger from an unnamed sourced so there is no way to verify it publicly.

            -It clearly states in the article that the incident was never verified. Since burden of proof lies on those making claims… it never happened.

          • Rick

            We still WON!

          • Phrenzi

            Won would mean that the majority voted for him……they didn’t.

          • Julia D. Plorable

            Maybe you should ask Hamilton how it works. He invented the electoral college after all. Awkward!

          • Grommash Hellscream


          • Grizzly

            You win if you get more votes in the electoral college.

            Trump did that, so therefore he won.

          • Brett Johnson

            Deduct the 3000,000 non citizen illegal votes that no doubt voted Hillary and he actually won the popular vote of American citizens too.

          • Plus all those dead people voting and those who vote multiple times!!! Bwala!!!! Trump won by a landslide!!!

          • Jonty Head

            You must be a citizen to vote Brett. Your guy won dude, you can leave the bonkers conspiracy theories alone for a couple years.

          • Vote4SexualPredator’sWife2016

            Buh buh but…she’s popular! We need to undo the electoral college we had no problem with on November 7 because we never learned how to lose graciously!

          • Drive-by-Comment


          • Drive-by-Comment

            Hey stupid, the President is chosen by the Electoral College. Too bad Hillary and YOU did not know that. Loser.

          • Hillary knows that… that’s why she conceded so quickly… well not quick enough cuz she he was busy screaming and hitting her aides… but she didn’t want to challenge it because of all the fraudulent votes that she knew was inclued in the numbers.

          • Jonty Head

            La-hoo-za-herrrr. Funny when grown ups call other people losers.

          • David Harper

            Actually they did, you need to catch up on the final count. Your info is outdated and incorrect. However, even if Trump hadn’t the popular vote he still won. The electoral college is working as designed, it prevents two or three states from dictating the whole nation. Sometimes we all dislike how it works but in the end it’s fair, this election was a good example of it at work. If you break the election down further and look at the results Clinton won less than 50 counties nationwide the hundreds remaining were won by Trump. I realize that this news may seem traumatic and send you screaming for your safe place to sip cocoa and snuggle in your blankie while you color but you’ll survive. Suck it up

          • redrick
          • amendingangel

            Pardon? Hillary won by 1.5 million votes. The electoral college is the only thing that gets your kind in the White House. The Republicans would never abolish the electoral college.

          • Vote4SexualPredator’sWife2016

            Dude, do you even Constitution?

          • David Harper

            1.5 million based upon what has been counted and includes votes that have been identified as having questionable legitimacy. If you research the votes that won’t be counted such as absentee ballots in many places because there is no need and the law doesn’t require them to be counted because the margin between the candidates wasn’t close enough to call for it, Trump clearly wins the popular vote as well.
            But let’s talk about my kind, that you mentioned as if I were somehow inferior to you in some way… which I can assure you, I am not. I am a human being just as you, I am an American which I’m assuming you to be as well. What is likely the main difference between us is a difference of opinion and I refuse to think less of a person because they differ from me on political views.
            My kind, loves America and is patriotic.
            My kind, believes we can always be better as a nation
            My kind, wants everyone to be able to prosper
            My kind, believes that the government has a place and it not there to dictate and control every part of our lives.
            My kind, believes that we all have our rights and nobody else can take them from us because they disagree.
            My kind, believes in our Constitution as it fairly balances control between the federal and state government.
            My kind, understands that the United States is a republic with some democratic principles and was formed this way because a true democracy will always fail in time just as socialism and communism do.

            So you are right, my kind, the Republicans will never abolish the electoral college, as it bring fairness for elections. Anyone who doesn’t understand the importance of that likely doesn’t understand the repercussions that would come along with abolishing it… There would be no speedier way to split this nation and destroy the United States than to eliminate a system that prevents the entire country from being dictated by a few highly populated areas.
            The values, culture, and heritage of people differ across this great land and we stay together with a compromise made available by of changes in power. It balances us out. If you remove that balance the compromise is gone along with the ability to be united.

          • amendingangel

            You are incredibly arrogant thinking I’m going to read all of that bullshit, and her lead is over 2 million now. There is also evidence of voting anomalies in 3 states which need to be investigated.

          • Jack

            Hey moron…I have news for you and the rest of the brain dead liberals:

            Neither Republicans OR DEMOCRATS in rural and less populated states would ever vote to abolish the electoral college. It would guarantee that only a handful of cities would dictate the outcome of the election. The less populated states would lose their influence forever.

            And here is another fact lost on liberal morons (and yes, all liberals are morons): states elect Presidents, not individuals.

          • amendingangel

            Jack-off…I mean Jack, it’s people like you who are the morons. The liberals are the ones who produce, teach, create and entertain. You do the menial tasks.

          • Jack

            Everyone, take a good look at the writings of the typical extremist progressive liberal idiot. This lowlife goon actually believes the liberals are the “enlightened” ones. According to this mentally deficient piece of filth, only liberals create.

            Well, stuff for brains, if that is true, then you obviously are far too stupid and blinded by your disgusting leftist ideology to understand or realize that it is Republican conservatives who FINANCE the productions, who donate money so the liberal filth can teach, who put up the money so liberal slime can entertain.

            Entertainers are nothing but clowns. They are court jesters who pretend they are others for our amusement. That is what you think of liberals, you idiot. And teachers? All they do is inform about facts, history, science, information CREATED BY OTHERS. That is what you think of liberals, you disgusting lowlife.

            So, I am glad that you agree that liberals exist only to entertain and pass information. The Conservatives are the ones who actually pay for everything.

            By your own words, you are living proof that liberalism is a mental disorder that causes a suspension of reality, incapability of
            processing logic or reason, and blind acceptance of what authority figures tell you and the rest of the useful idiots to think.

          • Phillip Potacky

            lol and that margin of difference was pretty much the hugely massive and ultra dense populations of California and New York (neither of which had any illegal aliens voting I’m sure.. *cough*).

            If anything it only PROVES why the popular vote shouldn’t count.

          • annademo

            Nor any felons or dead people voting, I’m sure.

          • Donald Costa

            Not taken in vans and voting ten times. I’m sure

          • amendingangel

            That’s human error, not election fraud. Who practices the act of suppression and voter purging? Why, that would be you!

          • Rick

            First of all, we’re supposed to suppress illegal voting! Second, it’s not human error when illegal voters intentionally attempt to vote, that’s fraud! And illegal!

          • amendingangel

            If you think “illegals”….let’s stop the shit. You hate all Latinos and wish they were gone. The “illegals” parody is a sham. They’re not going anywhere and neither are Muslims that are here legally. You’re simply a miserable, gullible person who has to find someone to scapegoat. If you think “illegals” are voting in large numbers, you’re a fool.

          • AF Sarge

            http://thenearlyfamousbulletinboard.yuku.com/topic/17737/Border-Crisis-Poll-64-of-Hispanics-Back-Deportations#.WDL0dXHQeUk According to this even Latin Americans hate Latinos. Wow I love the Progressive if you don’t agree you are a bigot what they don’t realize is it works both way. My ideas about Government are 240 years old and have been working all that time. Socialist ideas about Government only have a long list of failures. I have lived ( shared a room as in slept and broke bread) and worked along side every minority in America so please tell me why you get to decide who is racist. How many illegals live in your home.

          • amendingangel

            You’re a fool. Latin Americans are Latinos.

          • AF Sarge

            No kidding the article states that Latinos in this Country don’t want illegals in this Country so if I wish illegals gone because I hate Latinos then legal Latin Americans who wish illegals gone must hate Latinos using your logic so if the logic is foolish then look no further than the mirror to find the fool.

          • Diane Demp

            if you think the possibility for illegals to vote was not there –then you are the fool, if you supported the sham artist Clinton you are a fool , if you think it was ethical to take 90% of contributions for Haitians impoverished and give to your staff than you are corrupt, if you think liberalism and socialism is good for you then you need to see and live in Europe or Cuba — and if you think open doors for immigrants is good policy, then let your house and car doors remain open or your bike non secured — if you think broke ass poor lazy educated people are good for a country then you are a fool — if you think the blue collar workers of all races paying taxes and carrying all the lazy ideological and theory blabbing liberal maggots is good for the country then you are a cheap ass self centered gimme gimme gutter maggot as most liberals are — quit drinking the Castro/Lenin booze and quoting the two bit coinage of the politicos, social workers, sociologists, psychologists etc. — they have contributed nothing except grief and mayhem to society while they collect outrageous professional fees (usually charged to the US government for all the liberal psycho babble , studies/forums etc — these people know everything about nothing and usually care about nothing except the $$$ while in the disguise of helpers but only help themselves and fool the liberal immature and or thoughtless ignorant masses who dont work because often they think it is below them to have dirty hands).

            hey stop sending messages and get to work, roll up your sleeves and work like the sanitation guys do or the guys in the sewer guys or bus drivers — or up the chain become a welder, carpenter, plumber, etc. — we have an immigration problem because most of the young educated or think they are educated dont want “any” job — they want special jobs and when they dont get it ask for free stuff , whine or riot —

            the biggest nut idea is free education — know one ever mentioned who gets chosen to go to Harvard, Yale, Princeton —it would be the liberal bigshots kids

            what kind of idiots make loans to attend ivy league schools and major in art history ? and expect me and others (conservatives or independents) to pay for it ?

            no liberal rich person is going to pay — they have Foundations with all the business /contributions in other countries — so who can check on it –most college graduates dont know where the Adriatic is located or the 4 directions or where the sun rises so how in the hell can they analyze on their own the corruption coming out of the demo liberal phony baloney bullshit
            coming out of their hypocritical two faced with split tongue snake mouths

            you are one of those — advice: turn the media off, where ear muffs so you cant hear anything until you get out of USA , go to Europe and/or third world countries and observe how they live and what CRAZY policies got them there and is driving them into deplorable straits —then turn around and kiss your ass goodby because you aint going to get nothing from these soicalists countries because you are an illegal (and not from the politically correct countries of Africa or Middle East or a legitimate political exile)

          • thos1787

            In NC it was actually the NAACP, ‘led’ by William Barber !

          • amendingangel

            There are many times when simple human error causes problems, unintentionally.

          • Since 2005, WA has issued State Driver’s Licenses to criminal aliens.
            Since 2005, 12,000,000 licenses have been issued in a State with fewer than 9,000,000 humans. You nice Virginians know what I am talking about, your State alone, is holding nearly 70,000 WADL’s you have taken from criminals you have deported.
            Help us clean our Swamp, it stretches from Olympia, to Seattle, and it is time to stop the stench.

          • Amen to that!!!

          • UncleCoconut

            Slam1263, to anyone who doubts your story, I was a witness recently at a WA DOL in Vancouver. In the time I was there three Hispanics who barely spoke English or pretended they couldn’t speak were issued state ID’s. They all provided only P.O. boxes as addresses. They all claimed “no house” only pos’ oppis bux”,(post office box) “I no house”. Then when asked for birth certificates which they all replied they did not have one, then when asked their names they messed up and could not remember the name they gave because when they were called back to the desk after their photos were processed into a card they all fumbled with their names and wanted to look at the photo card first to claim who they were. Also, none of them came to the DOL together and they left in separate cars. I speak Spanish and offered to translate but they did not want a translator and they all got real quiet after that and stopped talking. So based on my experience I would say the Swamp stretches from Vancouver to Bellingham.

          • It happened to me as well.
            I speak enough Spanish to understand what is going on around me.
            This is why we need to clean things up.

          • Jonty Head

            Oh no…what happened? I hope you are ok.

          • I had a Jonty Head removed from my rectal cavity.
            I blame tequila.

          • Jonty Head

            Were they baddies?

          • UncleCoconut

            If I want to be fair, I can’t say with any certainty BUT anyone who is as vague as they were are probably “baddies”. None presented any documentation as to what their status or identities were. They all could, more likely would not provide a physical address. What I felt is that they were all “coached” into to how to avoid incriminating themselves and still be able to receive a state identification card which looks pretty much like a driver’s license.

          • Jennifer Sands

            Nice challenge. I hope all who see it understand that if you win by cheating you only harm yourself in the end. I know that my state needs to accept the challenge as well and will do my part.

          • amendingangel

            I suggest a nice low-paying red state for you. You can commiserate with the like-minded and praise the lord for your crumbs.

          • I suggest dragging dem scum into the street.

          • amendingangel

            I suggest you do some gardening and leave the world alone.

          • Why, don’t you want to play?
            The fun has just started, and your IP is showing.

          • Alexandra

            So many illegal aliens voted. The sheer number would be mind boggling if they allowed an investigation. Now you get why illegal aliens were given drivers licenses in California.

          • Katie

            Nevada too. What lamebrains we have deciding this crap!

          • Maderadura

            What would be the point of rigging an election. In California or New York? She was going to win those anyway. You dipshits make no sense.

          • UncleCoconut

            Hardwood – Illegals vote numbers could make a difference in municipal, city, county and state elections in CA. In a presidential election, Orange County has historically been conservative/red as well as San Diego County but if enough illegals change it to blue the results could cause a significant change in government and policy.

          • Maderadura

            First of all, Hardwood is my last name and is a proud English name that I would prefer you not mock.

            Secondly, by the most liberal of estimates there are maybe a little over two million illegals in California. She is currently winning that state by twice that and they haven’t counted all the absentee ballots yet.

            Voter fraud is not a thing. The stupidest possible way to steal an election is to do it on the voters side of the ballot box. You would need to do it after the votes are cast.

            There is no way you could cheat before the ballot box, either party, to the degree I could flip a state. Not have and Secretaries of State ever said fraud was any kind of issue. This is made up. Logistically, it doesn’t even make sense to do. You’d never accomplish your goal.

          • redrick
          • UncleCoconut

            Volatile kind of guy, huh? I NEVER mocked your name. I would think that translating a proud English surname to Spanish is more of a mockery.

          • Maderadura

            You’re putting in your post to me was a jab. You didn’t know it was my last name, so I’m sure you didn’t mean to mock my name directly, just me perhaps. And as my husband and his very large family are Hispanic and that’s how they say it, in a very loving way. That’s why I use it. Changing an Anglo surname to a Spanish handle on SOCIAL MEDIA is not to mock it.

          • amendingangel

            Illegals can’t vote.

          • AF Sarge

            Funny all you need is a Drivers License, voter registration card or paycheck, utility bill, or government document that shows your name and address. You can register to vote when you get your Drivers License. So what is to stop an illegal in California with a valid State Drivers License registered to vote when they got the License from voting? One of the Progressive poll watches? Yah not going to happen so how can you say illegals can’t vote. Saying that is like saying that the people who do not use the immigration system to enter America are not criminals.

          • amendingangel

            You need a Social Security card to obtain an ID. Your assumptions are incorrect.

          • AF Sarge

            http://www.cbsnews.com/news/california-opens-drivers-license-applications-to-illegal-immigrants/ I think the Liberal media disagrees you. See the date? Your statement is false.

          • Majah

            Do you see the rioting going on? Those fools actually believe she won the “popular vote”. The only point then in rigging this election would be to create a scenario where they could perpetuate mass riots. The Socialist Party is loving this I’m sure.

          • Maderadura

            I don’t know who the Socialist Party is and niether do you. If your speaking about Democrats, as a Democrat, I do not want to see riots. I think it’s ridiculous. In Portland, 60 percent of those arrested didn’t even vote. I don’t get that.

            But I do understand the anger. As a gay American who just got married to my partner of five years yesterday, I do understand the fear. I just got to pretend I’m a real American for the first time last week. I say pretend because I can still go to work tomorrow and be fired because of the ring on my finger. I still can’t donate blood for whatever stupid reason that is (plus my blood type is rare so explain that one). You guys know what kind of campaign this was. Nobody loved Hillary, and she lost. But nobody is in the streets supporting her. She was a terrible candidate. They are in the streets because they are angry at YOU For voting FOR such an unamerican divider-in-chief. In reality, he got 61 million people to vote for him but America is 320 million people. That’s 19% support. Enough to win but the other 81% of America, some in his own party, see him for what he is and he better behave that way or he won’t last long.

          • AF Sarge

            I say if you didn’t vote you have no voice. I am sorry you can’t donate blood for whatever I can’t donate blood either because of where I lived. I have been exposed to the meat of a mad cow because I was stationed (yes the military) in Germany from 1989 to 1991. As far as who you sleep with I don’t care I do wish they called it something other than marriage, but militant gays wanted to hurt Christians so you are married. As far as Trump is going to divide the Country I think the current President has done a great job I mean 1 white police man killed and 2 others shot just on Sunday, Black lives matter unless a Black man shoots you then you don’t. Why wasn’t Donald Trump a Racist when he won the Ellis Island Award http://www.snopes.com/trump-received-ellis-island-award-in-1986/ I know he fooled everyone or maybe someone lied about him naaa the Clintons and the Media have too much integrity for that. I don’t find him unAmerican so he will do what he was elected to do If people were stupid enough to vote for no one then they need to shut up because they had the chance to voice their opinion and had nothing to say.

          • Maderadura

            Ok, I never said Donald Trump was racist. So I’m not sure what the hell youre talking about.

            It is the height of insult for you to think that my marriage is about “who you sleep with”. It’s not about that any more than your marriage is. We pay taxes and raise kids and go to work and make decisions for our family just like you do. We love this country just like you do. Even the people I disagree with. And for you to suggest “separate but equal” works is to ignore history. That’s not how the equal protection clause works. The fact is Trump wants to affect my family negatively. And it’s a real threat. And if you threaten my family, I’m going to fight you. I am not talking about offending me or doing something I find objectionable. I mean actual damage. Real harm. He said he would. My point is he has threatened a lot of groups with real harm and if you can’t see the real anger and fear people feel, I don’t know what to tell you. This is what you served to protect. The least of us.

            And I am afraid my marriage wasn’t to harm anyone, Christians or otherwise. Atheists can get married. Non-Christians can get married. It’s not a religious act EXCEPT perhaps when YOU do it. And that’s your prerogative. I sincerely don’t understand how you feel my marriage caused you harm. Explain that to me.

          • AF Sarge

            By using the term Marriage you made both of our marriages about who we sleep with so I am as insulted as you. Marriage was a Christian term for the joining a man and a woman. To use your argument if a man or woman and a dog want to marry that’s a marriage. The term was usurped by the militants in an effort that is designed to anger Christians. How can Trump do anything to impact your marriage as the Supreme Court has already ruled it Constitutional? I know the real anger that caused him to be elected we were tired of the left pushing it’s agenda on America. We were tired of a President telling us who we are without knowing who we are.

          • Maderadura

            That’s the most ridiculous group of statements I’ve ever seen slapped together.

            I am going to assume that you know that marriage was not only NOT invented by Christians (niether the term nor the institution), it has historically been used for myriad things having nothing to do with religion, Christian or otherwise. If you just google “origins of marriage” you will get all kinds of information regarding where the word and the traditions come from and all the many different form it’s had throughout history.

            Additionally, what makes a marriage a marriage is that two or more people CONSENT to be wed to each other. Since a dog, or a child, or a dishwasher cannot legally or, in he case of the dog and the dishwasher, literally consent, there can be no marriage.

            Please don’t pretend to be stupid. You know damn well how Supreme Court decisions get reversed. The Supreme Court does it. So if Trump get to appoint more than one Justice to the bench, it a real possibility.

            And as far as a leftist agenda is concerned, I’m not sure to what you are referring. If you mean my marriage, then I guess the Constitution is leftist because denying gays the right to marry while you grant marriage rights to straight people violates the 14th admendment. So if you oppose that, then you think your holy book outranks the Constitution and this country was founded precisely to avoid that. The pilgrims wanted to practice their religion freely and were unable to. So in this country, you can. The government is separate from religion. On purpose. To protect YOU. And me, since I have no religious beliefs. We all get to be treated the same way by our government. And isn’t that great? I love this country.

          • Taco????bout it✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ SPICY????

            Please take children, felons, et.al. out of your population statistic. If they can’t legally vote, their opinions really don’t matter. your 81% is nonsense.

          • Maderadura

            Alright, I’ll concede to that. I’ll remove them and that puts Trumps number at 27% of Americans eligible to vote cast a ballot.

          • Taco????bout it✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ SPICY????

            Now do Hillary.

          • Maderadura

            Why? Is she president? How is it relevant? I’m just saying, in a campaign you can divide and conquer sometimes. Play to baser feelings. But now he has to govern and for, and what is it now, 73% of Americans, he may not be their guy. And if he can’t do what he told you he was going to, he may not be yours either. Let’s see how he does.

          • Taco????bout it✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ SPICY????

            I can only hope that he proves himself worthy of my vote. We’ll see.

          • amendingangel

            She won the popular vote.

          • Vote4SexualPredator’sWife2016

            And look at all the good that did her….and her pacifier-sucking supporters.

          • amendingangel

            As opposed to turd-sucking Trumpanzees?

          • Vote4SexualPredator’sWife2016

            Lowest common denominator, as expected.

            My “pacifier” remark calls to your immaturity, and you did not disappoint. Move along now. Don’t they have comment sections at the Sesame Street website?

          • redrick

            actually she lost it by 3.7 million votes

          • amendingangel

            She is ahead by over 2 million votes.

          • Majah

            Have you read the Constitution! We don’t live in a Democracy. We live in a Constitutional Republic. If the Popular Vote decided election outcome four or five States would decide elections for the entire Country.

          • amendingangel

            Only to themselves do they make sense.

          • redrick

            http://www.huffingtonpost.com/howard-foster/democrats-benefit-from-illegal-immigrants-voting_b_1418523.html actually there is evidence that the only thing that keeps california in the democrats is the illegal voting and the fact republicans in those states know they can’t win due to the fraud. if they came out they would win

          • Maderadura

            Your link is an opinion piece, not evidence. Evidence isn’t “because this guy named David thinks so”.

            The facts are that there is no widespread voter fraud. If there were and it was the democrats doing it, we might actually win an election some where. Only you fucking whiners, who literally control nearly every branch of FEDERAL AND STATE government AND HAVE FOR THE LAST SIX YEARS BTW, could think you’re being taken advantage of by the party in the minority. It’s a ridiculous notion and it’s untrue.

          • redrick
          • annademo

            Did you cut Civics class when they talked about the Electoral College?

          • judithjonbil

            I don’t count the illegals whom were told by Obama and Brown they could vote. Both crooks

          • çàrl smi┼h

            No dumb ass, the electoral college was setup to not let large urban cities out vote the majority of rural States. Meaning; evening the playing field and allowing each State have a voice and not just urban shit holes. If you deduct the 3 million illegal alien votes and other Dem fraud like the dead, etc Trump would have won the popular vote as well. The electoral college isn’t going anywhere, even though Trump himself, said he wasn’t a fan either.

          • BobF50

            We’ll never know unless we verify all the illegal votes for HilLIARy and it’s estimated in the millions lol. It’s pretty sad the mental disease of liberalism will pursue changing the rules when it doesn’t work for them in the name of “justice” yet they still won’t back a simple ID verification to vote. They’ll cry for the rights of the individual over the majority in EVERY anti-social justice agenda until that very reason the electoral college was created whoops their asses lol. Pathetic.

          • greg

            were there illegals. felons, etc voting for Clinton, yes, look at VA where MacCauliffe? signed a bill allowing 60,000 felons to vote just 1-2 days after the VA Supreme Ct wouldn’t allow him to allow 300,000 felons to register, that’s why the Dems are so in favor if allowing in illegals from everywhere, they vote Dem because the Dems are in favor of free everything. This isn’t a political bias, it’s the truth, if you’re going to allow and support it then own it, don’t lie and pretend, doing that just confirms that you think it’s wrong as well but will pretend it’s not happening.

          • Yeah….Gov. Moonbeam also passed a bill allowing felons to vote! So desperate, these Democrats, and knew they were going to lose the local and federal seats. Basturds!

          • Maderadura

            Why should felons who have served their time not be allowed to vote. I’m curious. Did they stop being Americans?

          • Maderadura

            I don’t know what felons and illegals have to do with one another in this example.

            Let’s assume you’re right, explain why felons who have served their time and payed their debt to society shouldn’t get a vote. I’m curious. Did they stop being Americans because they got caught with some pot or some prescription pills they weren’t supposed to have because they are opioids dependent after a major surgery?

          • greg

            The reason I mention illegals and felons is in response to the comment just above mine, however I agree with you completely, I don’t see why a felon who has served his/her time should be precluded from voting, except that is currently the law. Also, there are many more felonies and convictions that have nothing to do with drugs, unfortunately the vast majority do, but again, we’re on the same page in our beliefs, except for that issue of legality

          • Frank Naughton

            Phrenzi when you throw out the 1) illegal invader vote, 2) those who fraudulently voted multiple times cuz, umm Making History!, 3) the dead vote and lastly 4) all the voting machine ‘glitches’ that mysteriously always changed Republican to Democrat, Trump absolutely won the popular vote.

          • mistercalm

            Remove the illegal voting (illegal aliens, dead people, etc.) and he did. That’s why Hillary was so upset.. she expected to win by packing the ballot boxes. The electoral college is a hedge against such abuses: over-voting in predominant liberal states doesn’t help her… one vote over 50% is all it takes for the whole of the electoral votes (except in Nebraska and New Hampshire.) The national majority does not ‘win’. It is decided state by state, so we don’t have to live under the screwed up rule of the coastal cities.

          • Eagleclaw 1

            F.O. duckweed.

          • Thresherman

            Actually “won” means that you prevailed under the rules. But here is shocka for you, the popular vote is immaterial because both Hillary and Trump were running their campaigns to win the Electoral College. Had they been operating under the rules of popular vote, a whole of of Republicans who don’t bother to vote in states like California because there is no chance of prevailing, would be then voting and the whole face of the election would change and there is absolutely no guarantee that Hillary would prevail in such a situation. So why don’t you quit your whining, pretend for a moment or two that you are a mature adult instead of acting like a spoiled brat who lost his lolly and act your age.

          • Maderadura

            Yeah, and those rules would apply to a state like Texas, too, where I know a lot of liberals stay home (it’s my state). But I agree. They were both playing by the rules and she lost. She deserved to lose. She was a terrible candidate. She ran a shitty campaign.

            But I’m still very angry and very worried for my own situation. And if that makes me a spoiled brat for voicing my concern, so be it. I think it makes me a patriot. I love my country and I want it to be better.

          • Actually, the majority won. The final count give’s Trump the popular vote… of course you also have to consider all the fraudulent votes… it would have been a landslide!!!!

          • Maderadura

            You need to get out of your bubble. He’s not leading the popular vote at all. Where the hell do you read that? And can you not add?

          • redrick

            Actually the majority did vote for trump. The news mafia is not reporting the true depth of hill arise loss. Trump lead the public vote by approximately 700k votes if you add up each state totals for votes, something news media is not reporting. But there is a report that 3 million illegals voted in the election for Hillary since it’s illegal for the illegals to cast a vote. You remove their votes from the totals. You then do some math, which is hard for liberals to think with out the aid of the NYT or some other source. But Hillary the loses by 3.7 million votes

          • Maderadura

            Will someone explain to me how 3 million illegals got on the voter rolls? I know what I had to do to get on there and I know what I had to do to cast a ballot. There’s no way I could have cast more than one and there’s no way I could have proven myself to be a citizen in my state to be on the rolls. It’s hilarious to me that you think illegals WANT to vote. If you are illegal, you want to lay low. You want to draw no attention to yourself. This shit is just illogical and against human nature.

          • redrick

            its called motor voter. you go get a drivers license and they ask you do you want to vote. then they sign you up illegally all nice and proper just the way the DNC planned



          • Randy Dockery

            no, it means that in a fair and legal election according to the constitution of the united states and the 12th amendment to that constitution (June 15, 1804) he won. or is your pussy still screaming because hillary lost?

          • Tom Murphy

            Yes, I heard that even dead people rose from their graves to vote for Hillary.

          • Not in the USA … it’s the diversity-promoting mechanism known as the Electoral College, that determines the winner.

            You are for diversity, right?

          • derechista

            The majority within the majority of states did! God bless flyover country! Long live the Electoral College.

          • Jack

            Hey stuff for brains….the majority did NOT vote for Hillary either, chump. Just to clarify for you and the rest of the liberal morons, MAJORITY means more than 50% of the vote.

            Typical liberal lie to use a word incorrectly for the millions of morons who follow this gutter ideology.

            Hillary got a PLURALITY of the vote, NOT a majority. And in case you forget or are too lazy to remember, in 2 elections, Bill Clinton never got more than 50% of the vote either.

          • Maderadura

            The polls said she would win by 1-3% nationally and she will. Unfortunately, that ain’t how we elect a president. I’m
            Not even sure why they do national polls.

          • Jack

            The national polls are a guide – a snapshot of a point in time – and that is about it.

            Too many people use the polls to confirm or deny their point of view, and to rationalize their ideology. In reality, any political poll makes several assumptions and can be crafted in such a way as to produce a desired outcome.

            Many politicians have lived their entire lives based on the polls (Bill Clinton was famous for this). We just saw one of them “die” by the very same polls.

          • End Leftism & Other Defects

            Learn a civics lesson, moron.

          • Winston Smith

            Why not ask the Supreme Court?

          • Jennifer Sands

            UMMM yeah they did! The majority of the 50 States that make up the United states voted for him! Learn it is free:

          • Billygoat

            He received the majority of electoral votes sh*t for brains. Maybe you could pick up a copy of the Constitution sometime.

          • ahva

            Well the dead and illegals always vote Democrat… Then add in the people they were bussing from State to State.. Yeah .. Hilary who couldn’t get a crowd up, won the popular vote……….You have to be a retard to believe that. A absolute retard to ignore all the proof they cheat. And even cheating, Hilary couldn’t win.

          • Kantral

            Total number of counties in the US 3,083

            Total number of counties won by Trump 2,597 = 84%

            Total number of counties won by Clinton 486 = 16%

            Trump won by a landslide of historical proportions.
            Winners get to live in the White House
            Losers fade into the background of history.

          • Rich K

            The fact that way many Californicators voted for Mrs Rotten Clinton is irrelevant. They only get 55 Electoral votes no matter how many illegals voted for her.

          • The Lady Weaver

            Um, no. Won would mean played by the rules and came out the victor, which Trump did. Hillary didn’t play by the rules and she still lost.

          • RJohnston

            Take out the 3 million illegal and 5 million dead voters and he won and won big.

          • Maderadura

            Ridiculous bullshit.

          • Nancy Green

            There are 3142 counties in the United States. Hillary only won in 57 of them. Trump won the rest. I’d say that the majority of the country voted for Trump.

          • Colleen

            Apparently you missed the part where if the election was won or lost by popular vote, then Trump would have campaigned differently and won by even more. However, since it’s not contingent on the popular vote, then your argument is invalid. In addition, the votes are still being counted. WE WON. Get over it.

          • The Elderking

            They did. Hillary benefited from millions of votes from illegals. They don’t count.

          • JackSplat

            No, “won” would mean that the set of rules were followed, and Trump was fairly elected. Sorry for your inability to understand a simple concept.

          • dennodog

            No richardhead. Read a civics lesson about the electoral college,cupcake.

          • Harry Mustachio

            Minus 3 million illegal votes and yes Trump won that too.

          • MD B

            Yeah. They did. Now grab your Play-Doh and mug of cocoa and leave running the country to the grown ups.

          • Vote4SexualPredator’sWife2016

            Awwwww, somebody flunked his government class’s test on the Constitution.

            By the way, “Won” would mean that that person’s preferred candidate will take office in 2017. Something Hildebeast will not do…

          • Rick

            We did win by Majority idiot! 31 states beat 20, not to mention 309 landslide electorals over 220! Crow must taste great to u lefties.

          • Lorelle Hatcher

            We don’t live in a Democracy. Get over it. The criminal lost.

          • Demetrios Litsakis

            Sure they did even with hillarites trying to cheat and destroying ballots for her

          • Maderadura

            And…now you have to take care of America after having alienated literally 80% of the country. 61 miilion votes is 19% of the population. How are you going to survive when you hate everyone so much. All this anger. It’s so sad.

            The cast of Hamilton (not in Chicago) was respectful and wanted to remind our VP-elect that he has an entire diverse country looking to him to care for everyone. That’s all. What’s so bad about that?

          • amendingangel

            What did you win? A job paying 36 cents an hour?

          • Rick

            Ask my employees. They make a shit load!

          • amendingangel

            You mean a load of shit? Just like your claim to be a business owner!

          • Rick

            By the way, how do you feel about buying & using products made by 36 cents an hour slave labor? Feel good, does it?

          • TheCatholicGirl .

            More credible than your liberal rag

          • Sean Brinson

            While it may be true that the man didn’t die (we cannot confirm because nothing has been released about it beyond a facebook post so for now assume it’s not true), it is true that protesters have blocked ambulances. Observe the link below, where anti-Trump protesters were blocking an ambulance trying to get to a trump rally located at the Chicaco UIC Arena in March. The fact of the matter is this is a real possibility, and if it IS true then we’ll find out in the next few days after the obituary is finalized.

            Also, your own link proves you are incorrect. Read the rest of that paragraph after your highlighted point. Freeways in LA, the I-95 in Miami and Portland, a major highway in Arizona… what other evidence do you need?


          • Vincent Nicholas

            Infowars is credible. All they do is expose the bullshit on the left. Also, you can’t say a report is unverified then call it unlikely when the very next line admits they have blocked roads in numerous cities and states. Since you are terrible at likelihoods, I’ll school you. That means the probability of this having happened goes up, not down. Also what are you implying about the messenger highlight? What a joke.

          • bittman

            Andrew Brietbart’s $100,000 award for a photograph or video proving a Tea Party member spit on one of the Black Representatives went unclaimed IN SPITE OF THE THOUSANDS OF CAMERAS AND PEOPLE FOLLOWING PELOSI AND HER CREW’S MARCH — proving this was another OBAMACARE LIE by DEMOCRATS!!!

          • mistercalm

            I was thinking about that non-incident the other day. I had a libtard telling me about the racist tea-party.. blah blah blah. Liberals truly are idiots.

          • UncleCoconut

            Mistercalm, as we have seen here in Portland, OR they are very violent idiots. They especially become emboldened when the spokesman for the Portland Police Bureau goes on tv hours before and whines that they do not have the man power or logistically cannot stop protesters. After that all hell broke lose. It was a bad way for the PPB to try to campaign local voters to vote for more money to be allocated to the police department.

          • Maderadura

            Infowars is a right wing fantasy circle jerk with a certifiable nut job in the center waiting for his bukkake money shot.

          • Rdm42

            Only when it comes to things like claiming tea party people spit on a black man or used racial epithets, that standard does not apply.

          • Steve Bazemore

            I’m so sick of people saying infowars is not credible. They expose goverment corruption on a regular basis while your mainstream crap covers it up… get over yourself

          • Maderadura

            It’s not reality. It’s fantasy. And you have to be able as a rational human being to be able to tell when something is crazy or you might be crazy yourself. Alex Jones is either crazy or a con man. I haven’t decided which. And if he’s a con man….wow. Brilliant. I suspect that’s what’s going on here. I think it’s like the evangelists that fleece their followers for millions. It’s genius really. Maybe if we adopt stricter libel laws like the U.K. charlatans like him will go away.

          • CoolBreeze

            I agree. Alex Jones is an insanely delusional man. If he actually believes what he says, He is entertaining though. aND, He is worth watching occasionally, I was amazed at the Episode in which he interviewed Louis Farrakhan. But, one SHOULD NEVER ACCEPT ANYTHING THAT COMES OUT OF HIS MOUTH AS FACT!

            He has repeatedly proven this. Has any of his predictions ever occurred? And, I mean the wild ones. Not the ones that were in line with very broadly defined main stream thought.

          • Steve Bazemore

            You’re out of your mind. He may not be right on EVERYTHING, but he’s 100 times more honest than any mainstream outlet and he and his sources turn out to be right a good percentage of the time! Go back and watch when Matt Drudge visited the set in October 2015 and revealed he was told a Supreme Court judge told him that in 2016 it was OVER for independent media, and what is the establishment doing now? Trying to end them BY LAW labeling them fake news and legalizing the CIA propagandizing to the American people. Look it up man… the proof is in the pudding!

          • Maderadura

            No, Steve…. he’s a red faced, screeching lunatic. And since my last comment I have decided that he falls on the con man/charlatan side of the fence. He peddles these stories that are pure fantasy. I’m no fan of Hillary’s but to think that a 68 year old woman is running a child sex ring out of the basement of a pizza joint in DC is fucking NUTS. TO WHAT END? How does this even fucking begin to compute in your head? She’s using coded language? This is the same woman that had her staff print stuff out so she could read them! I’m these emails their code name for Bill was WJC. It his fucking initials. That’s not code. That’s saving keyboard strokes. And one of you guys who believes this drivel went in and shot up the place looking for a basement THAT ISNT THERE. And that’s when I decided Alex knows he playing you all for fools so he can make money. He went a couple day after and pulled all the pizzagate shit off his site. If he thought it was true and he wasn’t opening himself up to being culpable, he would have doubled down. But he doesn’t. He’s a shit bag. Plain as day.

            Independent media isn’t dead. I think we need it now more than ever since this president has such a disdain for media. But if you going to sell conspiracy porn for all the white boys to jerk off to, then just own it. But people are going to get hurt over this nazi circle jerk y’all wanna stand in and those of us that have a grip on reality are just about tired of it.

          • Sunnymel13

            It was all over the news, mainstream, last week!

          • CoolBreeze

            Snopes says it is unproven. I agree that unsubstantiated claims have little value. And, are corrosive to discourse.

            So, I guess you also recognize that the vast majority of claims of violence and illegal acts attributed to Trump supporters are also unsubstantiated? And, I could be wrong, but I have looked and have not been able to find one substantiated case of violence perpetrated by a Trump supporter since the election. While, several of the highest profile accusations have been revealed to be hoaxes, designed for the public’s attention.

            Do not take me to be say8ng that there have been no instances of hate and intimidation through I’ll advised speech. This, too is wrong and often illegal. BUT, I make the distinction because much or most of this has been the product of children taunting other children with chants and messages written on bathroom walls. Still very wrong, but hardly violence. And, something schools that faced much worse in the 50’s, 60″s, & 70’social are capable of handling.

            With all this said. It does appear that the hysteria over feeling unsafe is really something caused by the media and the absence of Democrat leadership which has been silent since Hillary’s confession. They plan on using that unsafe feeling to their political benefit. Never-ending that it is unfounded.

          • Maderadura

            No, as a gay American that just got married this past weekend, I am scared because my new President wants to destroy my family. Hillary didn’t tell me that. Trump did. I heard him. You think we can’t hear?

          • CoolBreeze

            Thank you for your response. This is what Snopes says about that:
            CLAIM: Donald Trump said he’d overturn the Supreme Court’s marriage equality decision if elected president.

            Verdict: MIXTURE
            WHAT’S TRUE: Donald Trump lamented the Supreme Court’s Obergefell v. Hodges decision during a Fox News appearance and suggested that strategic Supreme Court appointments could overturn that ruling, and his running mate Mike Pence agreed that the legality of same-sex marriage is an issue that should have been left to the states.

            WHAT’S FALSE: Donald Trump did not say he planned to specifically and/or personally overturn the decision legalizing same-sex marriage.

            So, I know that is not proof that he wants to destroy your family, But, as a practical matter the Supreme Court would have to change. Scalia voted against it, so even assuming that the newly appointed Justice, which is yet to be named, rules the same way nothing will change. Justices Anthony Kennedy, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan, ruled for it. One of them would need to be replaced. Then, a case would have to percolate up from the lower courts which would take years, if not decades.

            This is why Trump says his position is no longer relevant. Even if both appointed Justices disagreed with the current ruling, which is far from certain, even if they stated their views were in support of the previous regime on marriage. No Supreme is going to take away this right once given. This includes those that dissented against it. Past decisions and the rendered opinions by these Justices clearly show that those Justices feel that it is the role of the Supreme Court to protect citizens’ Rights and Privileges, and once one is given, they are loathe to take them away.

            Personally I agree with Trump. I do not agree that the Supreme Court ruled appropriately. I think it was bad law and I think it increased the level of bad feelings between groups of Americans that will not be eased for some time. The issue was not one of Due Process as the Court ruled. It was the first time it was ever used to confere upon a group privileges that were never in the scope of the intentions of the 14th Amendment. Which was clearly not the intention of those that crafted and passed the 14th. Such Judicial overreach can know no bounds. It would have been better had the issue percolated a few more years. After the States that did not allow same sex marriage, were forced nonetheless to recognize the marriages of other States, and people saw that the result did not lead to any of the terrible outcomes many feared, it would have changed in those States, too. And, without the hardened feelings before long.

            But, regardless there is nothing anyone can do it, Whether they agree or not.

            So, I respectfully suggest you are overreacting. Though, understandably in many senses,

          • Maderadura

            Well, firstly, here is him saying it:


            And as far as your opinion on the equal protection clause, here’s how it reads:

            All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

            It doesn’t say “nor deny any person within it’s jurisdiction equal pretection of the laws unless it causes hard feelings between secular and religious people, in which case some of the states can decide not to.”

            I’m not a second class citizen just because my marriage activates your gag reflex. The fact of the matter is, marriage, as far as the government is concerned, is a legal construct. I love my husband and it was amazing to have our little wedding and see so many people show up to support us. But the reality is, I did it so we can make end of life decisions for one another, so I can be covered on his insurance, so we can pay taxes and claim dependants like any other married household. And the notion that you want the state of Texas to be able to demote my family to a class that’s under yours really pisses me off. I’m not beneath you. I’m not less than.

            For years (I am 43) I have had people just be like “just keep it to yourself” and, growing up in a southern state I did for a long time. But it’s exhausting. Everyone at work asking you about your family and home life and you having to feel scared to talk about the people you love because it might make other people have feelings about it. I’m not going to tip toe around religious people like they are made of glass anymore. I don’t believe the same shit as you and that’s fine. I’ll respect you. You respect me. But the constitution is VERY plain. You and are are equal as far as our country is concerned. And that’s as it should be.

          • CoolBreeze

            And, BTW, congratulations!

          • Maderadura

            Well that’s kind of you. Thank you. It was a wonderful day. My 85 year old Mexican immigrant very Catholic mother in law was there and she was so happy. It was four days after the election. I had a little piece in the ceremony about the Supreme Court decision. Everyone cried. Most of them told me they hoped nothing changed for us. They said how much stronger I made my husband and they loved me for being better together than he was seperately. That’s what it’s all about. Thank you again for being civil. I appreciate it.

          • cinerik

            Your ‘source’ is a page that cites a facebook post and does *nothing* to verify it. That’s no more a source than me claiming the moon is made of cheese.

          • ahva

            I went there… this is what I found…Young Father Dies After Anti-Trump Protesters Block His Ambulance

          • Maderadura

            Good lord y’all are stupid. That’s not a news site. That’s just crazy, right wing nut-bubble horseshit. You morons just lie yourselves into a lather. It’s would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic. This country might be toast and it might be the Internet that undoes it.

          • TomK
          • SAK68

            It was in response to this quote you ding dong. This never happened. “the little 4 year old girl that no longer has a dad because protestors blocked a ambulance in and they arrived at the scene 45 Minutes late.”

        • Jamie
          • Lori Nelson

            Don’t believe everything you read on snopes. They don’t get everything right and the owner was arrested for fraud.

          • Glen Saunders

            Pure unadulterated bullshit.

          • Yeah, Snopes is fill of it.

          • Vincent Nicholas

            Snopes is ran by liberals. Just look at how they refer to infer wars.. conspiracy-mongering. K, then, but I’m sure it refers to Occupy Democrats or liberal websites as shining beacons of journlaism.

          • cinerik

            If you are sure, then show it. Unsupported conjecture gets you nowhere. Demonstrate it and call the site out properly.

          • Google Kim Lacapria -the supposed unbiased fact-checker for Snopes. Background: Liberal blogger. Nothing but BS. She is not qualified or experienced to do any fact-checking. And like any liberal, is probably lazy as hell.

          • cinerik

            That doesn’t answer the question. One fact checker does not prove ‘run by liberals’, nor does it show that Occupy Democrats or other liberal websites are referred to as shining beacons of journalism. Name calling just makes you look petty. I’m just asking for examples of these specific things that Vincent was sure existed – not saying he is right or wrong.

          • SAK68

            listed as UNPROVEN.

        • Picachu1

          It happened, it’s on infowars(yes a right leaning source) , but it’s also on snopes(a left leaning source). So what now, oh btw. Eat a dic!

          • You guys are stupid for fact-checking on Snopes

          • SAK68

            Listed as UNPROVEN on Snopes. Now eat my dick.

        • Acecool

          Regardless of protesters holding up an ambulance, true or not, rioting in the streets has so far caused nothing but trouble for the liberal movement. These reprobates are only type casting the libtard movement as pure ignorance.

          • Like any stupid, idiotic, attention-getting tantrums from liberals, they are harming regular people with their dumb rallies…which makes even other liberals realize their dumbness.

          • SAK68

            Well I agree with your point.

        • brucefl56

          It happened more than once, but liberals block those things out.

          • SAK68

            It has been reported more than once but like razorblades in halloween candy it never happened.

        • mistercalm


        • creative_dude
          • SAK68

            The story involved a little 4 year old girl, creative dude.

          • creative_dude

            I wanted you to know there are more of these deaths out there. The four year old girl who lost her dad is not the only death caused by blocking the streets.

          • SAK68

            The berkeley example given above had nothing to do with protesters blocking an ambulance. It has to do with a local ordinance requiring a police escort for ambulances. The protest wasn’t on the ambulance’s route (also, vehicles are able to make left and right turns to find alternate routes).

        • Eagleclaw 1

          Hey asswipe, it did. Now go back into your fu–ing hole.

          • SAK68

            It certainly did not you fucking tard.

          • Eagleclaw 1

            It certainly did you fucking tard.

        • Firepwr2

          Uuuuuh, FYI, “fake news” stories are almost always the handiwork of liberals…nooses, swastikas, “threats”…all turn out to be frauds.

        • mike_s

          Sak68- did the link work for you, darling? Now shut the hell up

          • SAK68

            What link sweetie? The four year old dying when her ambulance was blocked by protesters? Didn’t happen.

        • ahva


        • Kevin McIntyre
        • TomK

          It indeed likely never happened.

      • Sheri James-Morehead

        They should BE IN JAIL!! & for Murder !!

      • JustData

        You missed the last line of James’ comment, apparently.

      • Jim

        Smart lady!

      • IsThisStillTheUS

        James is quoting from the article and saying the person who wrote that quote must be joking. James doesn’t agree with the quote.

      • Degoragon

        Star Siepka, James was being sarcastic. The first part of his post was a quote from a tweet made by a liberal, as presented in the article. He was mocking said liberal and calling their post a joke.

      • amendingangel

        Did you vote for him? Because if you did, you’re the one who should be apologizing to the little girl. You turned the country into a war zone! Us decent folk voted for the lady!

      • holly

        James has quote marks then asks if its a joke. He wasn’t supporting the cast.

      • SaltyShaun

        That didn’t happen–check snopes.com

      • bcblues22

        That is a bullshit story, 151 likes never fact checked that bogus shit either… Dumbass knee jerk click bait fake news readers…

      • Blue Larkspur

        fake story, dumbass

      • Clayton Bigsby

        Were they protesting gas prices or another sanctioned street lynching? I wonder if that man had children as well? Then would that be the real reason for that other death as well.

    • Mannagg A Miseria

      It’s not a joke and stop calling me shirley

    • JannyMae

      …because words are scary. Unreal, isn’t it?

    • Shewolfie

      No need to worry for them, they were all allowed to suck their thumbs and play with play dough after the performance. They will be able to resume performances tonight.

      • Paitonboy

        I’m guessing the Clintons must have an investment in Play Dough. Surely its stock must go through the roof after all the college professors have been prescribing it for their snowflake students.

    • BLBH

      Just imagine how scary it is for the President elect Trump supporters who are being drug out of their cars and beaten. Just imagine how scary it is to be Melania and Barron Trump and have to look at signs that say Rape Melania right outside the front of their home. I think maybe your sympathy is misplaced.

      • fatscottridesagain

        They need to be beaten. Maybe that will reverse the brain damage that caused them to vote for a complete idiot for president. Republitards.

        • BB

          People like you and attitudes like yours are why Trump won. Enjoy it.
          PS: We’re much better armed and running out of patience.

          • fatscottridesagain

            Armed and stupid. We get it. That’s why we make you live the barren wateland of Mid-America. You can run around in your 4×4’s and kill shit. You don’t think you will actually get jobs or any economic gain from Trump? That’s how we keep you enslaved, stupid and poor.

          • Rick

            Meanwhile, you libtards are such inbeciles, you cry & apologize to Islamic terrorists even after they’ve raped & beheaded your little girls! Or you beg forgiveness after a group of Muslim savages kill your wife & babies & kick you off your own farm! Little crybully, you have barely two months, then WE come out to play! Sooner if we get mad enough!

          • Donald Johnson

            It’s the weed.. Way too much weed being smoked out there on the coasts… It’s pickled their brains.

          • Picachu1

            Another liberal showing his true colors wanting to bring back slavery. Thanks for sending voters to the right. You are a racist pos, now how chew on your moms dic.

          • Darren35

            Trump won, Hillary lost, go move to Pokemon land then.

          • Picachu1

            You’re obviously a individual of little intellect and no reading comprehension. I’m glad trump won; moron! I voted for trump!

          • Darren35

            you’re more of the kid that still plays with Pokemon. Act like a good winner, moron!

          • Picachu1

            What an idiot you are, you make no sense what so ever and your ability to perceive things are sorely lacking. You’ve been weighed, measured and found to be wanting. I’ve not acted like a poor winner. I call it like I see it. You are obsessed with my handle and not with the words I speak! This is what racists do. You are quite obviously shallow and a racist at heart.

          • Darren35

            Go play with Pokemon Sun and Moon. I love being a racist. Better then you being a fascist. You may have voted for Trump, but I dont’ like you.

          • Picachu1


          • Darren35


          • Darren35

            What an idiot you are, you make no sense what so ever and your ability to perceive things are sorely lacking. You’ve been weighed, measured and found to be wanting. I’ve not acted like a poor winner. I call it like I see it. You are obsessed with my handle and not with the words I speak! This is what racists do. You are quite obviously shallow and a racist at heart.

          • Darren35

            You’re obviously still obsessed so maybe a few of these will convince you to leave me alone and quit replying. I already ran off one troll, you’re too easy to run off.

          • Picachu1

            Still replying, oh big man running off trolls; dude you are a troll.

          • Darren35

            [email protected] you JACK @FF.

          • Darren35

            You’re obviously a individual of little intellect and no reading comprehension.

          • Picachu1

            Are you really this stupid? I voted for trump, but your lack of reading skills is on display here. My statement was clear and you failed to comprehend. What a fool!

          • Darren35

            I voted for Trump, get off my case idiot.

          • Picachu1

            You started it with your inanane comment which was only focused on the handle I use. I don’t care who you voted for, you’re still an idiot. There are uninformed morons with no ability to be cerebral on both sides of the aisle. Just because you voted as I did, does not make you like me. If you don’t like the conversations then stop replying!

          • Darren35

            You’re the one that’s replying, not me. I can go at this for the rest of your life so the ball is in your court. DO NOT REPLY.

          • Picachu1


          • Darren35

            PU$$Y little [email protected] loser.

          • Darren35

            Pika, Pika?

          • Darren35

            DO NOT REPLY.

          • Picachu1


          • Darren35
          • Darren35

            Are you really this stupid? I voted for trump, but your lack of reading skills is on display here.

          • Maggie McGee Bishop

            Then why, pray tell, do people move to the suburbs and exburbs as soon as they save up enough money. I know I did – so you guys can call me a Trump loving hick as well even though I was born and raised in an inner city. Must be the clean air clearing up our minds.

          • Vincent Nicholas

            Scott, do you understand what being a sheep is? Do you really think that people who can bite back when in danger classify as sheep? You need to study up. But hey, it’s not my place to make fun, why don’t you and your side keep begging for a civil war and see how long that lasts? Also a barren wasteland? Are you stupid or just retarded? Texas isn’t the only state that is armed. Read a fucking book.

          • fatscottridesagain

            It’s not a literal water land, just an intellectual wasteland. But, Texas is a wasteland.

          • Rhondal Swirts
          • bo ure

            Resolutely and permanently stupid. We get it. That why we rub your face in poo.

          • mistercalm

            You don’t make anyone do anything, dickhead. Your political party LOST! You lose…you’re a loser. Let that sink in, computer science boy.

          • Steve

            Moving liberal targets, that’s what I’m talking about!

          • Rhondal Swirts

            Yes we are. This cry baby shit is making me want to start busting some ass.

        • James Curtis

          Typical leftist hypocritical bs right there! “If you don’t vote my way your dumb enough to be beaten”
          So inclusive and loving aren’t you. No wonder there is an much hate over that side of the pond.

          • fatscottridesagain

            We hate stupid. Not retarded, because they can’t help it. Just pure Republican stupid. Yes, that’s what we hate.


          • James Curtis

            Yet you love a liar, someone who would take us to ww3 with Russia, has helped finance and arm ISIS through their friends in Saudi and didn’t do her job as Secretary of State to the point it cost the lives of your own countrymen including an ambassador in Libya?
            Someone who’s husband has paid off more sexual legal cases that even trump has been accused of, which his wife has backed him up for… Yeah you talk from such a position of high morals there..

          • fatscottridesagain

            Who the fuck is talking about Clinton? Fuck her too. I’m talking about racist hillbilly’s. i.e. Republitards.

          • James Curtis

            So you are pissed at trump and clinton.. lol .. so you’d be crying and being hareful whoever won? May as well jump off that bridge now then.

          • Smash_the_State

            Yea, if you’re not going to bow to James Curtis’ masters just kill yourself.

          • James Curtis

            actually, theyre not MY masters.. neither of them ever would be either.. I am not one of their constituents, but the point is.. if you actually took time to think and read without “blinkers” on.. then you would have understood that I meant..
            “stop being so fucking depressed, it is quite fucking annoying that people are bitching about an election result but they never did fuck all to stop it. IE if you felt so strongly, maybe you should have been out canvassing for the politician you wanted, or in the case of some of the fools protesting, actually VOTE in a voting station… not on fucking twitter or facebook.. those votes dont count”.. now get back in your hole you little worm.. Trump is here for four years.. suck it up bitch.. or.. you could always…”… what was it I said? JUMP¨OFF A BRIDGE.

          • TheCatholicGirl .

            Liberalism is a mental disorder known as a sociopath. Pure evil.

          • Sheri James-Morehead

            WE WON!!

          • fatscottridesagain

            Stupid wins sometimes, no matter how hard you try. The National Enquirer crowd won this time, and we will all pay for it.

          • bo ure

            Yes, Democrats do win sometimes. Get over your retarded self.

          • Rhondal Swirts
          • Smash_the_State

            I seen you on stage giving the speech after winjing! Oh wait, you didn’t actually win shit.

          • Sulaco5

            Their tears are like fine wine.

          • Glen Saunders

            This is a 14 year old girl creating all this drama….

          • Rhondal Swirts

            Im guessing your just retard and ill try to not hate you.

          • mistercalm

            Yeah, man… rage against intolerance! You’re pathetic.

        • Antionette Calderone

          Bring it on Dumbacrat.

          • fatscottridesagain

            Were you a wrestler at Lafayette High School? Or, are you going to send Mike and the Situation?

          • lol the salt

        • TheCatholicGirl .

          You need to beaten. You do realize your leader is a racist, facist, misogynistic, Nazi pig right? Loser retard.

          • fatscottridesagain

            You must be mistaken. Trump is your leader, not mine. He is a Cheeto stained Nazi, racist, racist, misogynistic pig.,

          • TheCatholicGirl .

            Haha so much stupid! Wrong again! Trump is none of those things – it’s your man SOROS!

          • fatscottridesagain

            Compelling argument. I guess you education failed you, as it will for the rest of your life.

          • TheCatholicGirl .

            Ok. I’ll spar with you here public school person ????. I graduated Suma cum laude with a degree in Mathematics with an emphasis in Statistics and a second degree in Economics. You?

          • NutsRunningTheAsylum
          • lolurfunnybro

            All levels you libfucks sound the same. Racist,sexist blah blah…..now go watch cnn. Fucking sheep

          • fatscottridesagain

            I’m working on my hatred, so I have been watching Fox. I guess it’s working. I’m ready to get some Info Wars and Limbaugh next. I will be a Republitard in no time.

          • NutsRunningTheAsylum
          • lolurfunnybro

            Racist,facist,misogynistic….typical liberal go to words. Shut up you dumb cunt. Go watch cnn so they can tell you who is racist this week.

          • Degoragon

            She was talking about Clinton, not Trump. Fatscott is the idiot liberal in all this.

        • MARS

          Proof that people with your liberal mentality are part of the problem

        • Glen Saunders

          Would you like to do the beating assmaggot or are you just playing Rambo with your computer keys? You probably need to get back in your Mom’s basement before a real American steps on your pointed little head. Oh and it was the Democrat’s that invented the KKK. Take a history lesson while you’re in the basement.

          • Russel aka ‘Rusty’ Shackleford

            His mom doesn’t want him back, she told me so last night.

          • fatscottridesagain

            Derp, what? Assmaggot? You should have stayed in school and got an education. The Marines left you high and dry, when it came to brains. You must have picked up syphilis in Vietnam. A real American? You have been inhaling too much Harley exhaust. As a 25 year AARP member, I’m sure you know it all.

        • Vincent Nicholas

          (Dunning-Kruger effect, and it’s an unshakeable illusion that you’re much smarter, and more skilled and/or knowledgeable, than you really are.)

          You don’t think this applies to liberals too? Oh wait, I forgot, character flaws only plague republicans, because some liberal propaganda website told us so!

          Go fuck up a rope, you moron.

        • Rhondal Swirts
        • bo ure

          Demosh|t face. Gee, this being an emotionally arrested prepubescent schtick is fun.

        • mistercalm

          Yeah, well… Trump won ‘bigly’ (as all the idiot liberals repeat mindlessly. He said ‘big league’… but I suppose the ‘children’ don’t know what that means.)

      • Mickey Mouse

        I supported Trump and nobody tried to drag me out of my vehicle. But then I got a nice NRA sticker right next to my Trump and the Piss on Hillary sticker too with a big “This is my peace sign” (A2 front post sight). Whats in my vehicle belongs to me, stick your arm in and its now mine. And I will get that arm. And god help you if your face or heads comes in.

        • fatscottridesagain

          Stereotypical Republitard. You go hick. Enslaved by your tiny brain. That’s how they want you. Controlled and pacified. A false sense of security is their best weapon. You will never receive any benefit from a Trump presidency. You will just get warm fuzzy feelings over the KKK vibe but your quality of life will remain the same.

          • agadofive.leti

            The Democratic party started the KKK. Learn some history.

          • fatscottridesagain

            And the Republitards took it over, and refurbished the club house. Welcome the the RepubliKKAN presidency.

          • agadofive.leti

            because you said so…

          • Russel aka ‘Rusty’ Shackleford

            It belongs to the treasoncrats. Always has and always will.

          • Sulaco5

            Up until the 1970’s all the Klan Dragons were democrats, including one of the most long “serving” members of the Senate. Deal

          • Grizzly

            Give me a break. Nowadays the klan is about 98% FBI agents working undercover to catch the 2% of actual supporters.

            Black gangbangers are a bigger threat. They probably kill more people in a single year than the sum total of all klan members nationwide.

          • brucefl56

            and black lives matter is a terrorist group

          • mistercalm

            Yep… embarrassed about the legacy of your political party? Just say it’s been co-opted by the other political party and pretend history doesn’t exist. The loony left in action.

          • You wish! We are not idiots like you libtards. We have more class than you fuckers.

          • Rdm42

            Fred Phelps is a democrat.

          • JustData

            The Democrats haven’t been this made at us since we freed their slaves. Well, they got pretty mad when we gave women the vote though, and even madder when we pushed for Civil Rights against the Dems.
            So, I guess they’re always mad at us for protecting and guaranteeing Constitutional freedoms, but they get the maddest when we ruin their plantations.
            They’re gonna HATE Trump for EVER!

          • Scott Horton

            FYI the KKK was formed by Democrats the true racist

          • fatscottridesagain

            And the Republitards took it over, and refurbished the club house. Welcome the the RepubliKKAN presidency…

          • Russel aka ‘Rusty’ Shackleford

            Nope, it has always belonged to you treasoncrats and it still does. The treasoncrat party is the party of small-minded bigots and racists.

          • Russel aka ‘Rusty’ Shackleford

            Stereotypical libtard bigot. KKK was founded by YOUR party.

          • fatscottridesagain

            If you want to live in the past of 200 years ago, your president will help Make America Great again. He is going give you 2 slaves and 40 acres. Good luck. Klan meeting on Sunday after Church.

          • bo ure

            Your party is corrupted thoroughly, and so is Hillary. Wake up to the corruption you swim in.

          • Russel aka ‘Rusty’ Shackleford

            Your party is the party of hate and failed ideas, the party of luddites and cretins.

          • Smash_the_State

            Since you like history so much why is it you know so little? You morons do know the parties switched platforms? The democrats were for a small federal government and states rights. Sound familiar, dipshit. Why do you think the south now votes republican instead of democrat? When the south went Republican, do you think the racist just quit voting or something? Pick up a fucking book once in a while, if you can actually read that is.

          • Russel aka ‘Rusty’ Shackleford

            Retards like you are Dunning-Kruger poster children. You have learned nothing, know nothing and have forgotten nothing. Robert Byrd, FDR and LBJ were for small government? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Damn, you must that bought the pharmacy out of stupid pills this month skippy!

          • Vincent Nicholas

            The KKK is a democratic propaganda tool there guy. And a false sense of security, eh? Tell you what, let’s try an experiment. Break into my house and I’ll break into yours. Oh wait, that won’t work because you’ll be dead as soon as I see you, for trespassing. How does that make anyone controlled? In fact it’s the opposite argument, Obama knows he can’t get away with half the shit he wants to do because so many americans have guns. That’s why he straight up told a rape victim to her face a gun wouldn’t make her any safer or have saved her. Bullshit! You’re a sheep.

          • fatscottridesagain

            What makes you think I don’t have a gun. Just because I don’t sleep with my cousin, does not mean I can’t have weapons. I have plenty of training.

          • mistercalm

            You’re an absolute imbecile who believes the bullshit his political ‘masters’ tells him. Unearned superiority and arrogance adds no credence to your opinion.

          • Smash_the_State

            I’m sure your dumbass voted too, you’re just as much of a tool as he is.

          • Jim Trent

            Video games don’t count as training. But you keep thinking that. 🙂

          • Rhondal Swirts

            I think the tiny brain lays on your shoulders. Kkk is from the democrats you dope.

          • John Crapper

            You’re like a 15 year old with autism, aren’t you?

          • T Gunther

            “You’ll never receive any benefit from a Trump Presidency.”

            Never occurs to “left-idiots” (I won’t use your demeaning word.) that non-rich people outside of Progressive “utopias” want to make our own living, not live on handouts taxed from productive people.

            I predict your life could get much better under Trump, as it always does when the rich have to invest their money in productive enterprises to make more money, rather than be able to extract more rents through government favors.

            As Trump is a known crony capitalist himself, I’ll merely say “could” rather than “will.”

            As for the KKK, there are more Democrat Satanists in America than Republican KKK members. Probably by a factor of twenty to one hundred. Which stands to reason, since both iterations of KKK strength were as paramilitary arms of the Democrat party.

          • BLBH

            Was any of that tirade suppose to make sense? Let me guess…you got a degree in Liberal Arts which qualifies you for NOTHING. If you are just going to rant nonsensical things maybe you should consider taking a writing course so you can at least make an understandable argument. Or are you too busy sipping coco in your “safe space”?

          • fatscottridesagain

            Sorry, Computer Science. Didn’t mean to destroy your fantasy. I am visiting Trump and Pence in their Safe Place. Safe Spaces are out of style already. He has made the Safe Place, the hugely betterer Safe Space.

          • mistercalm

            What’s your sense of security… Obama?

          • Hahahaha!!! What a mother-effer you are.

          • Rick

            Our benefit is FREEDOM moron! Freedom from leftist restrictions & unnatural regulations! A return to founding principles is a GREAT thing!

          • Degoragon

            Fattscottridesagain: you do realize Hillary Clinton’s “closest Mentor and friend” (her words) was a former KKK grand dragon by the name of Robert C. Byrd, and that another KKK leader by the name of William Quigg gave her a check, which he said was for $20,000? Her response when called out about it? “It wasn’t $20,000” .

        • ursafan40

          A2 front post sight “peacesign” ……….I love it!

        • How do you know it came from the NRA or from Hillary’s campaign to pissed you off. Conservatives don’t do asinine things like that.

        • UncleCoconut

          Come to Portland, OR with a Trump bumper sticker on your car. I guarantee you will have a life changing experience in no time. Those of us who are Trump supporters, know how to live in the shadows and “deny, deny, deny”….that we like Trump, support Trump or voted for Trump.

        • Rick

          So that’s why no sissy punks have messed with me or my truck!? My NRA sticker!? Huh! I still hope to plow thru a sissy crowd if street loitering fools! I’ve yet to be lucky enough to be stopped on a high speed freeway, where it’s hard to see the road at 70 mph!

      • Sheri James-Morehead


      • Vincent Nicholas

        But that doesn’t matter BLBH because only trump supporters are racist, only trump supporters deserve to be beaten, only trump supporters created the “white lash” for trump being elected. Only trump fear-mongers and sites like Occupy Democrats telling everyone women and minorities are in immediate danger every day are telling the truth. Of course when anybody refers to someone as Hitler (trump) that’s the only argument I need to hear! /sarcasm

        • Darren35

          Evil philistine, I hope ISIS slits your throat.

          • Degoragon

            He was being sarcastic, note the “sarcastic” line at the end. He was making fun of the liberal people who uses lines like those un-ironically.

      • Jevans

        Exactly, they will NEVER be voted in again. Goodbye Democrat party!

    • Maria Perez

      I know!!!! What a bunch of wusses!!!

      • Smash_the_State

        Compared to what? Pussies that cry over burnt flags? Talk about being a pussy.

    • Joey Pinedo

      Bunch of cry babies. But it was okay to do it to Pence. Shut up, go put a safety pin on. Glad he did it. They didnt like it did they. #boycotthamilton

    • prideshrinker

      Yes how dare someone make you face the terrifying reality that YOU LOST! Bwuahahahhaa!!

    • James Vega

      What is the saying? what is good for the goose is good for gander.

    • Barbara Gregory

      LOL! They deserved it for disparaging the elected U.S. vice president.

    • Vincent Nicholas


      Rofl, these people are idiots. None of them were complaining when that shit turd sandwhich harassed Mike Pence on his way out, excercising his “1st amendment rights”. Fuck them. I hope they get PTSD and fall off a fucking cliff. This is what happens when people get so pampered, they forget what conflict is. Then the slightest hint of retaliation breaks them, but they can dish it out all day. Fuck them. Fuck them fuck them fuck them.

      • Smash_the_State

        They sound like pussy ass conservatives crying about stupid ass flags. Wahh, muh flag. Muh feelings are hurt now. You’re all a bunch of whiney cunts.

    • Mar


    • Don Skizenta

      Did you see the name of the person posting? “pussification” pretty much says it all.

    • dridata

      Snowflake mentality.

    • Forensic Doc

      The writer was mocking liberal sensitivities.

    • judithjonbil

      They started this incivility

    • Jeremy

      Liberals have lost their damn minds.

    • MarkJ

      Take a look at her Twitter page. The real joke is her.

    • Libertie

      Sadly (and comically at the same time) it wasn’t a joke.

    • Paula

      I hope a patriot attends every show and slams them in the face with Karma, LMAO!

    • Alexandra

      I snort laughed.

    • Hillsdalealum

      did you see the handle (or whatever they call it)? Oh, the irony! Hopefully it was a joke.

    • taylor2008

      Oh but the asshole that attacked pence was ok?! You liberal are one sided low iq morons! Oh and why doesnt your heart go out to all the people the liberal rioters are threatening? I guarantee you if my family is threatened by those terrorists i will fight back! And fight well i can!

      • IsThisStillTheUS

        Taylor, James is making fun of the person who wrote the quote he posted, he is not agreeing with it.

    • Judgeman


    • The “joke” is all these poor little snowflakes thinking their political views are relevant & they’re shocked that some one dared to enter their “safe spaces”.

      And quit calling me Shirley!

    • Terry Tate

      It never happened. Mike Pence went to this last night, and when he walked in they audience booed him…that’s what really happened….

    • Bruce S

      Now, everything is scary to the libs, they are crying and scared, give me a break already!

    • Ellie M F

      What’s with this scary this and that and afraid if this and that sickens us. But all the rioters and this actor who used Pence to think he could try to embarrass Pence on a supposed to be relaxing night took it upon himself to attack Pence because he had an opinion.
      Every person in this Country has an opinion about one thing or another
      As a Trump supporter though I and other Trump supporters do not condone for that man’s behavior inside the Theater.
      But having them in tears with all these people I do not go for.
      These are adults crying tears all over the place because they were tricked by the Democratic party of even to think of putting a 40 year Career criminal who murdered ger way to the top with the help of her husband Bill Clinton an Impeached President for raping Monica Lewinsky in the WH and others, Monica was the cover up for all the other women he had in the WH for sex.
      Google: Larry Nichols videos.
      He is the first Hit man Bill Clinton hired. Now they have other ones to murder for them as you have read about at least 10 more during this campaign.
      Get a grip and know the truth of the matter and facts about the worst 2 people in history and considered worse than the Mafia gangs that has been their lifestyle for too many years. Thank the Government who some are involved for covering up their crimes. Amen to that.

    • Thomas Riggs

      Can you imagine in what kind of world we live in when someone can’t imagine how scary it was to have someone yell “we won” God help us… and her lol

    • yzhenry

      They got what they deserved…. get over it crybaby

    • maheo793

      “sccccccccccccccccaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy” “my heaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrttttttt” What a puke.

    • Bill Gilson

      HA HA HA Scary to be told you lost WOW buttercup go get your ribbon for trying LOL. Go find your safe space.

    • 1angryscot

      Is it even possible for a heart to cry?

  • wyattmonk

    ROFL, snowflakes couldn’t take it.

  • Rhonda Espinoza

    The hypocrisy! Safe! Of course their safe, you dumb shits. We’re not, burning cars, pulling people out of cars and beating them, breaking windows, blocking roads.

    • Mark

      “they’re” safe

      • Rhonda Espinoza

        Thanks Mark, corrected. I know I get so wrapped up in what I’m righting I forget to check myself.

      • Recalcitrant Truth Seeker

        Small minds concern themselves with delivery over substance.

  • mdgcentral16

    Hamilton cast, please, stay safe. Just pretend it is the revolution, you are the rebels, the audience are the loyalists. You should carry guns with real bullets in case the scary audiences attack during the show. Them redcoats are sneaky fellers.

    • Uno Strawman

      So you are advocating violence? But only in specific instances right? Would it be okay for the ‘redcoats’ to carry just in case the ‘rebels’ attack and pull someone out of a car and beat him?

    • Cindy Kay

      Not in Chicago you won’t be. It’s against their laws.

    • UncleCoconut

      The education I received from the show was that I never knew Hamilton was a man of “color”. On my money he always looked white. Stupid me, I guess it is because I am not white. He must be “Of color” on white or other people’s money!!!!! The things one can learn from Broadway shows.HAH!

    • Tracy Swenson

      I’m Dead! too funny!

  • Corey Jason Cochran

    If that makes them cry, so be it. Fuck ’em.

  • Bad_Hombre

    This was inappropriate, but honestly, because of what they did the other night, I would say they were asking for it. To turn an evening of entertainment into political posturing is uncalled for. I don’t care if they were speaking with respect, the minute they called someone out in the audience and started preaching to them, they were in the wrong. It was terribly rude.

    • Cindy Kay

      This was most likely staged by the cast and crew to make what they did to VP-Elect Pence look justified. That’s my opinion, and I’m sticking to it!

  • taylornotthatswift

    Trump arguing for a safe space because the actors asked Mike Pence to be the VP for all the people. You conservatives are a bunch of babies.

    • Skyhawk

      You have not seen sh!t from conservatives boy. You simply survive because we have too much to lose to slap your dumb a$$ down. The day we dont, you will see the error of your ways.

      • UncleCoconut

        Skyhawk, don’t get caught up in the troll Taylor Not That Swift’s attempt to provoke people here then lean back and say “see they are worse” waaaahhhh. If it ever comes to kicking ass time we know who will have the upper hand.

        • taylornotthatswift

          I’m a troll because I said something you disagree with. Sorry, were you expecting an echo chamber?

      • taylornotthatswift

        You probably disavow liberals that beat up Trump supporters, but then I make an argument and you respond with threatening violence. The cognitive dissonance is astonishing. At least I’m consistent and can see the shit both sides pull.

        Make a counterargument dipshit.

        • Skyhawk

          Just shut up you little pussy. You called us out, I shut you back up. Give me a fucking break. My point is, and still stands, you douchebag liberals only get away with your shit because we have too much to lose to answer in kind. Thats a fact. If shit went down, which side do you think the ex-military would be on? Hunters? Gun enthusiasts? Law enforcement? Survivalists? Prepers? Alpha males? You see my point? You cowards thrive because we arent fighting back yet.

          By the way, you need to look up cognitive dissonance, it doesn’t mean what you think it does.

          • taylornotthatswift

            You’re not gonna shut me up, cunt. And what do you mean that I “get away with my shit”? What shit? Having an opinion? How dare I, right?


            But that’s not how debates and arguments work, you absolute moron. You have nothing to fight back against, and if you did, it would show what a sniveling, idiotic, hypocritical coward you are. Debates work on the merit and basis of whose ideas are the best, not on who fights the most to eradicate any ideology they disagree with. You’re no better than Islamic terrorists who fight and kill Christians.

            And are you kidding me? America and the western world is far more liberal than it is conservative, on everything from background checks on guns to abortion to gay marriage to basically anything. You’d lose a fight like that lol.

            Maybe stop getting wet over the idea of a left vs. right war, because it’s never going to happen. What will happen is your ancient ideas will become obsolete as people get smarter and realize what shit they are.

            I know what cognitive dissonance is you twat. You exemplify it. You threaten and actively want to commit violence against people you just simply disagree with. That’s so fucking retarded words can’t even come close to explaining it. You’re probably the same type of person who thinks anti-Trump protesters are a bunch of violent thugs, though.

          • Skyhawk

            Take you righteous indignation and stick it up your ass piss boy. You have offered nothing to debate of note or I would have dissected it. Maybe you missed the message you mewling sheep, your leftist world view was repudiated primarily because of what you exemplify in your rambling responses…an unearned arrogance and a childlike view that your social-political paradigm is more evolved simply because you believe it to be so.

            You consider yourself to be cutting edge and poignant when you are more amusing than anything. I can just picture some beta male, banging away at his keyboard making ever so biting points, because his highly overrated intellect has always made him so much smarter than all the big mean alpha males out there. Really it has. You are a joke kid. You know little of the world and no, you are not using the term correctly.

          • taylornotthatswift

            I don’t take anyone seriously who unironically refers to people as betas and alphas. Your worldview is too two-toned to allow any nuance and that’s why you’re too stupid to defend your own bullshit and thus want to solve shit through violence. My argument is that Trump wants a safe space because he doesn’t want to be criticized. You replied by insulting me. So fuck you, I owe you no respect.

      • fatscottridesagain

        Can’t hear you through the Klan sheet over your head. Typical Republitard, making threats, scared of the future, uneducated, unemployed, lives in a trailer, drinks daily, smokes pot, married his close relative, once slept with his make cousin by accident. We get it, you are trailer trash. You created your future, you should have stayed in school and gone to college. Life would have been easier. It’s your fault. Such a sad life.

        • Skyhawk

          Nice try friend. Almost certainly more successful and more educated than you, and I guarantee I am 10x more of a man than you, but thats neither here nor there. My point is, we take your inane shit because we have much to lose-businesses, professional licensure, community reputations, mortgages, credit ratings, etc…. if we began to strike back. You leftists have none of those. Beware my tough talking friend, when you take too much.

    • gk137

      You are missing the point of the thread. The liberal constituency has fallen into a tantrum throwing, violence espousing group of cry babies. Sadly, anytime a conservative speaks up the point is missed by liberal blindedness to the issues of the real world.

      • taylornotthatswift

        I’m a liberal who thinks college students that cry like pussies are stupid, and I don’t want to censor or silence anyone. But hardcore conservatives do the same shit. Trump is asking for a safe space because somebody dare questioned Mike Pence, the anti-gay conservative retard that thought conversion therapy should be funded by the government. I don’t respect an idiot like that and Trump shouldn’t have picked a total cuck for VP.

        The Hamilton cast just asked him to please be the VP for everybody, not just a certain constituency, but I guess that’s just harassment huh? It’s the same shit the SJWs say.

        • lolurfunnybro

          How is he a retard you silly cunt?

          • taylornotthatswift

            “the anti-gay conservative retard that thought conversion therapy should be funded by the government”

            It’s not like I explained exactly why I think he’s a retard right there. Did you miss that somehow? He’s from an old age Ted Cruz style of social conservatism that isn’t relevant anymore. His opinions about gay people are proof of that.

          • four kay

            thats so trump doesnt get assassinated. try and keep up

        • gk137

          First, Trump didn’t ask for a safe place, he asked for an apology. That’s silly, he shouldn’t gaf about what some asshat actors think. Second, MP’s former ideals no longer fly as he’s the VP. Third, calling out the VP is an extremely lame cry for attention, because, you know, he holds sooooo much power.

          • taylornotthatswift

            “The Theater must always be a safe and special place.”

            What’s wrong with calling him out? If anyone is stupid, regardless of their level of power, call them out.

  • UrAllUsefullIdiots

    Liberals LOVE to Scold and Shame when you can’t respond… IE Safe Spaces.

    • fatscottridesagain

      IE Safe Spaces, like Trump wants?

      Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump Nov 19

      The Theater must always be a safe and special place.The cast of Hamilton was very rude last night to a very good man, Mike Pence. Apologize!

      • lolurfunnybro

        How about if I pay for a ticket I want to see the show not a liberal cuckout. That’s kinda what he ment

      • four kay

        no, like college kids want

  • Letthemeatcake

    Bet this was more theatrics from the Hamilton cast. These tickets are $2000 a pop. No one just gets in to the play. This is another Hamilton cast publicity stunt.

  • rainman

    thanks to the Hamilton cast for taking the political divisiveness into their theater. Make note, the silent majority is silent no more. What you dish out, we will return.

    So why did this “conversation” bring them to tears?

    • Paitonboy

      “What you dish out, we will return.”

      Great words. I’ve been waiting a long long time for the silent majority to get a voice and start the pushback.

      • Rick

        We’ve only just begun!

    • fatscottridesagain

      If silent=stupid/racist/homophobic , you have this correct.

      • nituathaill

        You are what you initiate. The spoils of this November lie squarely on your abusive shoulders. You should be very proud.

      • rainman

        waaaa, waaaaa, I’m a liberal crybaby that can’t do anything except call people racist. waaaaaaaaaaaaa

      • lolurfunnybro

        Lol we have a white beta male cuck. His typical words don’t work anymore……blah blah racist, sexist…..fucking beta male

        • Kimberly Ward

          Exactly but it does validate why we voted for Trump and as long as they keep it up it will keep us voting so no democrat will even get back into office. I say to the liberals keep up the good work on keeping us engaged to vote the next 4 years and so on.

  • Heretic2011

    The cast are nothing but a bunch of racists anyway. Screw ’em.

  • Micheal Meyering

    Dixon opened the door to having political discourse at Hamilton. This should occur at every show. Let the cast know your political opinions and ask them to stop the violence in the streets by the liberal nut cases. Let’s hope we voice our free speech rights throughout the show. Thank you Dixon.

    • nituathaill

      I like it. Theater has been a traditional venue for public and political commentary, and this cast was simply carrying on this tradition. Whether or not they are willing to embrace the views of others brought to them as a result is where the real test lies.

  • 4qbud

    Are you really as Stupid as you seem? “Stay Safe” ? From words? Good Grief, grow up you Lib- https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/01c29e5d7a471b35e9d15ea5142766fec7a2002116c1d0086e5f6f6ba983bbca.png TARDS

    • fatscottridesagain

      Republitard. Trumptard. Retard.

      • 4qbud

        Eat shit you Moron, but try to watch out for the broken glass this time. I know you guys like shoving bulbs up your bottoms and all. Sometimes it breaks. Careful Moron. Try

        • Jim Trent

          Come on, that’s why they stick the gerbils up there. They are trained to get the glass 🙂

        • fatscottridesagain

          Oh, scary Republitard rhetoric. Thanks for brining your “chimp level” intelligence to the table. Keep proving the point that you are an uneducated, racist homophobe. We know you dropped out of high school and work at a Walmart level job. Keep praying that Trump brings back jobs, so you can go back to being a fluffer on a gay porn set.

          • 4qbud

            Actually I retired at the age of 53. I now live on my personal pension at over 9 Thousand Dollars per Month, AFTER Taxes. Let’s talk about YOU now, you Moron. Speaking of being a fluffer for Gay Porn you Homophobic Piece of Shit. You couldn’t even get THAT job. Go hide away in anonymity in the basement of your poor Parent’s who feel they must put up with you. You unemployed unwashed unkempt asshole. I knew I recognized that post from somewhere. This is YOU isn’t it? HAH., I knew it.

            Hey, Fat Scotts Parents, https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/feb0fd1afbfaea251999001bf3a1a65ae2256df3c51855a88ff0d062d181b3fc.jpg

            You can free yourself of Fat Scott folks. Just ask him to leave then go Down Town and request his eviction. In 30 days he’s gone. No kidding. It’s that easy.

      • Jim Trent

        Awww, you are going to make us cry with you stealing our using libtard. Words are mean. 🙂 So since you cannot come up with an original saying here is a new one for you. Make sure you put on a lot of windex before you lick that window clean. Also make sure your helmet is on tight in case you lean too far in to lick that window and hit your head

        • fatscottridesagain

          What? I can’t hear you through the Klan robe? Don’t give up your day job at Walmart, your comedy skills are weak.

          • Jim Trent

            Yep, you got me. Now go cry into your pillow as your daddy bends you over and teaches you one more lesson. Not one word about race and your goldfish brain jumps to klan and racism. Good for you. Your indoctrination into the window lickers union is complete. Go back to your mommy’s basement and ask for another bag of cheetos.

          • fatscottridesagain

            You have lots of fantasies about being bent over by your dad. I guess those rumors about Repulitards are true. Maybe Trump can get you a Safe Place to hide from your demons and dreams of penis.

          • rainman

            did the word dad trigger you? Maybe someday your mom will remember who your daddy is.

          • John Crapper

            Well he can always join the cast of Hamilton…

          • Russel aka ‘Rusty’ Shackleford

            When your mom was bent over by your dad, the best part of you ran down her leg.

          • fatscottridesagain

            The distant past called, and they want their joke back. I have not heard that sorry joke since the 80’s. Does anything progress in middle America, or are you frozen in time?

          • Russel aka ‘Rusty’ Shackleford

            The only joke around here is you. The 16th century called and wants you and it’s failed ideas back, but then I repeat myself.

          • Rhondal Swirts
          • Jim Trent

            haha you’re wit and awesome showed me again. You are so awesome. So tell me, is fat scott the one that rides you or are you fat scott that dreams of being able to get that blob out of a chair.

          • Jim Trent

            Oh and just for your low IQ self, I don’t like Trump but I HATE Hitlery. So yeah, keep on thinking everyone is racist with your little teddy bear to keep you safe.

          • Russel aka ‘Rusty’ Shackleford

            Keep talking about the KKK tard, I am sure all four Klan memebesr left are terrified you will kick them out of the Treasoncrat party.

      • nituathaill

        This guy got Trump elected. Congratulations, buddy! Job well done! Keep it up and he’ll take 2020!

      • Russel aka ‘Rusty’ Shackleford

        Or just say Democrat aka Treasoncrat. The retard is implied.

  • heynorm48

    While I am burning up at the stupid, disrespectful actions of the Hamilton cast, I don’t agree with this group either. Two wrongs don’t make a right. It wasn’t respectful of the audience who paid good money for a night out. All this does is to make Trump’s supporters look bad and we must never stoop to their level.

    • UncleCoconut

      I saw the cast from Hamilton lecturing Pence as about as low and offensive as one can get… but one would hope that a Trump supporter would not stoop to the cast’s level. It seems people are stooping all over. I live in Portland and Hillary supporters defaced and burned a man’s car as well as defaced his partner’s car simply because he had a Trump bumper sticker on his car she did not. No one in Portland expressed remorse nor apologized for the incident in spite of the victims being African American and the male a recent combat veteran. It seems that no one is above the other any more…there is so much stooping going on. It is just that the Hillary stoopers are showing how violent they can be as well as racist.

    • Tracy Swenson

      That was my exact comment to my Honey! He’s trying to say,they deserve push back, I still say let’s not stoop!

    • fatscottridesagain

      The idiot who stood up in the middle of the play=disrespectful idiot. Not the same city, not the same cast. The cast in the city who did lecture the racist prick Pence, did it after the show. People paid to see a show, not some Trumptard/Republitard/Retard open his anus and spew nonsense. FDT, FMP.

      • John Crapper

        And Pence paid to see a show, not a lecture by a bunch of LOW IQ, mentally ill “people of color” fearing persecution.

  • Polaris

    I hope this becomes a tradition at this show. I hope a Trump supporter disrupts and makes them cry at every performance.

    Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.

  • Micheal Meyering

    The liberals are funded by George Soros, someone who has worked to topple governments around the world. He hires thugs to incorporate violence into peaceful protests. He is the biggest funder of Black Lives Matter, a hate group that protests for the killing of police. We should bring this up at the Hamilton shows on a nightly basis.

    • fatscottridesagain

      STFU. Go tune your tin foil hat. Cutting and pasting Alt-Right lies you see on Facebook is not having and opinion, it’s you being brainwashed. You have been lied to, and you will continue to be lied to by your “Orange Cheeto God”.

      • Gary Mathis

        LOL. Your unhappiness makes me happy.

      • Randy C. Lindsey

        Should have voted for Hillary…a woman known for her absolute honesty.

  • Stacy Mack

    pay back…and I hope plenty more do the same!

  • bill smith

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. love it. Trigger those libtards.

  • NukeDoc

    *someone rudely shouts during a play*


  • Mannie

    That’s not the way to do it. We are better than they are.

  • Shanna Dugan

    The cast totally started it – what did they think was going to happen? Morons….

    • fatscottridesagain

      Morons? That idiot did not even realize he was in a different city, watching a different cast. FDT- FMP.

      • Shanna Dugan

        Hence the backlash of a political opinion of an employee(s) while working…the franchise suffers. Yes, morons…

  • Shane Behling

    2 can play this game…………and we’re only getting warmed up:))) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f4d86035a318e81d20b0d0920b2e736a90213d7d77eba5dbbafcc988b6577e54.jpg

    • Vinson Parkhill

      Sometimes I get so sleepy I make second grade spelling mistakes, too.

  • Donald Managan

    Now you see what Trump events go through by the Libtards

  • enoughstorm

    ill buy thqt man dinner give him a hand i salute you my friend where ever you are my hats off to you my heart is filled with joy those low life actors drop dead on stage and you will be a hit they cried booo hooo so happy i am

  • Rhonda B

    I can’t even right now! “Stay safe”? FFS!! Go suck on your binky! You’ll feel better.

  • Devil’s Advocate

    Love it. You Libs asked for a war – you got it.

  • Joseph Woolston Brick

    Hysterical, the Hamilton cast can dish it out, but they can’t take it. Boo Hoo.

    • fatscottridesagain

      Not the same cast. Not that you would understand that, because that would take independent thinking. Unless it’s fed to you by an alt-right wing nut website, you can’t actually put together the facts.

      • John Crapper

        Same mentality, same politics. They had it coming.

      • lolurfunnybro

        Lol what’s wrong man bun?

  • fatscottridesagain

    Trumptards. Complete idiots. The dumb, brainless, low IQ mongrels are now emboldened by their racist, homophobic, leaders. They don’t use they brains, but just spew without thinking. Republitards.

    • Vinson Parkhill

      Isn’t that racist or something? Just checking…. I hope you’re going to control those terrible people. You can ambush them with poetry readings and interpretive dance.

      And you could always burn your neighborhood down. That always sends a message.

      • fatscottridesagain

        What message? The Swastika is the new symbol for the Republitard army- running rampant in America, harassing and intimidating people. The Republitards message of intolerance, hatred and racism has been heard, loud and clear. Ignorant Republitards with IQ’s in the low teens continue to think they are now superior. Republitards think that being an A-hole is a quality to be proud of. Republitards don’t know they are stupid, you have to tell them at every opportunity.

        • Vinson Parkhill

          You seem angry. Where did you see such things?

          I am interested. Do tell. We need you. You is smart n stuff.

          Help guide us, o wise one. Show us the light…. We need you….

          Would you like some herbal tea? It is calming…..

    • angryguy77

      So what character do you play in Hamilton?

    • fuzzi


    • John Crapper

      BAHAHAHAA Trump won you limp wristed sissy.

      F–k you.

  • jim becks

    This was Chicago, the Pence altercation was NYC.
    Why act like a dumb ass just because some libtards do?
    If you are going to be a dumb ass, choose words that are appropriate, not “We won and you lost get over it” How is that a response to the inappropriate, sanctimonious, bullshit statement made to Pence?
    How about people stand up and deliver a little lecture to the cast at the end of the show, about their own racism? Like when they put out an ad saying no white people need apply?

  • Burt

    It strikes me as odd that the liberal cast feels unsafe in Rahm Emanuel’s city.

  • Paul Campbell

    OMG what a bunch of fucking pussies…

  • Smash_the_State

    Conservatives and liberals are all a bunch of hypocrites. Would all of you do the rest of us a favor, find your closest bridge, cliff, piece of rope, gun or even a knife and end your pathetic lives.

    • angryguy77

      Oh look everyone, we have a neutral among us that thinks he’s smart.

      You know why you’re neither? Because you have no backbone.

      • fatscottridesagain

        Better to be smart, than Replublitarded.

  • BLBH

    Again, inappropriate behavior. If you want to truly upset the cast just stop buying tickets. I am sure that will get their attention and maybe make them think next time they decide to attack ANYONE whom has paid their money to see a show.

  • PD MacGuire

    They are doing their play in a city that suffers more shooting deaths than either Kabul or Aleppo, but some guy protesting in the audience is scary. OK.

  • Candy

    Omg put your big girl panties on you sissy Liberals. They insulted our new leaders. You expect Patriots to keep biting their tongue to all the bullshit the comes out your mouths? I’m 42 a proud Patriot who wasn’t Liberal indoctrinated in school. Conformity is for slaves!

    • fatscottridesagain

      Patriots? I’m pretty sure you mean Racist/Homophobes with tiny brains and no logic. You can’t be ‘Liberal indoctrinated’, when you don’t actually go to school. Maybe if you actually attended school, you would have a college degree and a real job that doesn’t pay in Waffle Barn gift cards.

      • Russel aka ‘Rusty’ Shackleford

        “Patriots? I’m pretty sure you mean Racist/Homophobes with tiny brains and no logic.” Nope, candy does not appear to be discussing the Democrat aka Treasoncrat party.

      • John Crapper

        What’s the matter, hipster barista? Did someone ask you to write Trump on a Starbucks cup? Keep Portland weird.

  • Dudley Morris

    This kind of boorish retard behaviour doesn’t become any more acceptable just because it’s directed at the smug left – and it just gives them ammo. Hell, he could’ve at least waited until the end.

  • Aztec01

    Wahhhhhh, free speech for me but not for thee, waaaaaahhhhhh!

  • Recalcitrant Truth Seeker

    It should have been done to the NY cast – they are the group who decided a theatre was an appropriate forum for personal, political scolding.

  • Leo Derosia

    We won, you lost, get over it, fu haha….they started it, we finished it. Next time do not be sanctimonious, phony obnoxious drama queens and lecture the vp on stage

  • Dean Former lee

    Oh, fuck the great white way and all the crybaby bullshit that it offers as manna from themselves, our actor/gods. Popping off as a blowhard is rarely good form and doing it as a Trump supporter inappropriately shows that there are, indeed, classless asses in the Trump fold. They hardly hold the patent.

  • LadyWarrior

    What goes around , comes around.. We’re tired of taking it and taking it and taking.. The LEFT is a nasty bastion of worthless degraded Marxists who see life through the prism of “Gimme mines.” They trample on anything and everything, anyone and everyone to have what they believe they deserve.. You trashed the VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA for no other reason than you’re a racist HATER… now one of ours struck back.. Be very careful.. we’re still damn angry out here.. we will not sit idly by and allow you destroy the man and his team we worked our azzes off for, to be elected..

  • Donald Jo

    I feel so bad for them…if I felt the way they did…I would make it publicly known and move to another country… just to show us they mean business..but alas they dont have a hair on their ass to do it…

  • Michael McNeil

    Snowflakes are gonna snowflake…

  • Gary Mathis

    Did these liberal aholes think there was going to be no pushback? We need more of this. Much more.

  • Michael A Teuschler

    Wow, I wish I’d known, I would have stood outside the theatre to sell safety pins… I would have made a haul, for sure!

  • Randy C. Lindsey

    Dare I say it? What goes around comes around! I am appalled that someone would interrupt a play in such a manner, but I am also astonished that any actor would take it upon himself or herself (I am gender neutral here) to lecture the vice-President-elect of the United States in such an inappropriate forum.

  • Jim Butowsky

    fuck the cast fuck the show and if you are a lib fuck you.

    • fatscottridesagain

      Woah, Cletus. Put down the beer and go outside. Maybe get laid. Maybe you can ask Trump to make a Safe Place for you ?


      The Theater must always be a safe and special place.The cast of Hamilton was very rude last night to a very good man, Mike Pence. Apologize!

      • Vinson Parkhill

        Well…. they are generally a bunch of goop-garglers and turd-burglars, so what did we expect?

  • Black Kitty

    Fuck the cast. They are all little safe space fuckwits anyway

    • fatscottridesagain

      Republitards just asked for a safe space- The are now fuckwits.


      The Theater must always be a safe and special place.The cast of Hamilton was very rude last night to a very good man, Mike Pence. Apologize!

  • John

    Good for him and f*ck the performers in NY.

  • Ron Heinze

    They got what they deserved, by disrespecting our V.P. elect.. and if you people are so HORRIFIED by some one shouting WE WON! You should be HORRIFIED that the mass MEDIA is not telling the people the whole truth, or that there is ISIS training camps on U.S. soil. Instead you want to cry and pout…this is the most obtuse…

  • CJ

    Who cares what theater freaks think? Seriously, ever met theater freaks?

  • Gale60

    Both the boos and lecture from the cast to VP elect Pence and the “We won” yell from alleged Trump supporter are both immature, rude, and uncalled for. Back to civility!

  • ytuque

    Years ago, I attended the theater regularly in Boston. We go to see them act, sing, and dance. No one gives a rip what they think about politics or economics.

  • Liberal scumbags like to call us deplorables terrible names and say Trump is dividing the country. Its you fuking liberals who are intolerant. Go F yourself

  • Josef

    Pull up your pampers, lefties, the adults are going to fix the country you so graciously trashed.

  • gomike

    Would have been better if he would have dropped trow and let a duce fly off the balcony.

  • Ms_Fortune

    ““I’ll leave it to others as to whether it was the appropriate venue to say it,” he remarked, referring to the speech cast members had called him out with.”

    That’s what I’ve been saying, it just wasn’t appropriate to say it there.

  • Alan Barber

    The Hamilton crew only have themselves to blame, they made the show political.

  • Mike

    I’ll wear a safety pin for them.

  • Colleen Hejka- Takasch

    Oh get over it still crying how do you think pence felt karma is a bitch isn’t it

  • Colleen Hejka- Takasch

    And there is nothing scary about it what’s happening to the trump family and his supporters is more then scary!!!!!

  • jbf16falcon

    Lol, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. They act like disrespectful horses hind ends to the Vice-President Elect and think we will give them a free pass! No, life doesn’t work that way. You get to reap a bit of what you sow. Karma bites….

  • rsexton

    Time for them to learn there are consequences for rude thoughtless unprofessional actions!

  • Mike Janik

    LMAO… “T H E S H A K E N I N G” PART 5

  • Ronnie Barajas
  • TheCatholicGirl .

    Once again, the left is allowed to attack with impunity- no more. You dish it out expect to get it back. Bunch of racist fascist bullies.

  • Karen Goins

    Hypocrisy at it’s finest

  • Lori Nelson

    ???????????????? they cried??? Do they have a safe space crying room backstage with play dough, Crayons, coloring books and bankies? Oh, forgot pacifiers,

  • suzsez

    Mike Pence is a total class act. Shame on all Hamilton cast members EVERYWHERE, for participating in a racist show glorifying one of the earliest Banksters, which contributed to the campaign to remove anti-Bankster Andrew Jackson from our money.

  • Ed Hines

    OMG! Was anyone hurt!? Did medical responders enough access to Play-Doh, Coloring books and Pacifiers?! Where can I donate?! Lmfao! Gtfo here….

  • Criminy

    It would be best if “Hamilton” simply closed. I didn’t see it. And I never will. Not ever.

  • Concerned

    Hey Milo,
    Check out what NYC’s Hamilton, Brandon Victor Dixon, who lectured VP had to say on Twitter and Instagram.



  • Sheri James-Morehead

    My heart is crying for Vice president Pence for his Family to be TREATED like this at a show you pay for to go and relax .. they should be ashamed of themselves.. Karma thats all I can say is Karma… God bless Our new VIce President and his Family!!

  • Tommy Numbers

    All future performances must be disrupted going forward ….

    • John Crapper

      Yes! I would love to see that become a trend haha

  • imbeciles

    Eye for an eye. No more “passes” Libturds. Get used to being dealt with in an uncivil manner if you initiate the incivility. We’re taking names. Literally.

  • Darren35

    Payback’s a you know what. Over at Starbucks, when the people are ordering, they are saying their name is Trump, making the staff call out Trump’s name. I’m not crying from what happened. They deserve it. You messed with the Eddies, Snowflake, and the payback is coming.

  • John Crapper

    This guy is awesome LOL. What a hero.

    F–k Hamilton and f–k far-left butthurt.

    Trump won. F–k you.

  • dridata

    If theater wants to become involved in politics then do not be surprised when politics intrudes into theater. Both actions were wrong but if you all had stayed out of politics and remained above the fray and had just done what you were supposed to do which is entertain the paying audience who wanted to see a show and escape political commentary which has been annoying for the last year and a half, this would not have occurred. The aggressors now want to play victim, give us a break!

  • Glen Saunders

    Just has to be terrible for a bunch of no class pompous asses to get as well as they gave. This is the same group that stated white actors need not apply for their shows. Hypocrites and poor losers. They lost, America won.

  • Foghorn Leghorn

    The cast of Hamilton jumps into the political arena and they’re finding that Black Lies Matter.

  • Darren35

    I am very happy Donald Trump won it and our country is not a 3rd world dictated country if they allowed the illegal sham popular vote, flooded by illegals, refugees, multiple ballots, obvious voter fraud in California, New York, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, cut off their funding, arrest the mayors of sanctuary city.

  • Dee Dunbar verified deplorable

    waaaaaaaaaaaambulance, little snowflakes

  • moron

    So why wasn’t the cast escorted out and arrested for their treatment of Pence?

    • John Crapper


      • K Vogel

        No, that’s how leftists do things.

        • John Crapper


  • Carolyn Bowers

    Don’t want nothing,don’t start nothing.

  • K Vogel

    How does a heart cry? That’s a new one.

  • Colleen McCormick Odom

    I feel bad for the liberals, they have been taught that they are all winners. Sorry guys, you have been lied to. You use the words, “Peace trumps Hate”, apparently you were taught that these words have no real meaning. You cannot claim peace when you are destroying our country. I know you supported either Clinton or Sanders, but I guess most of you forgot to vote. Now you want to riot in the streets and call foul when you get ran over. You treat our law enforcement officers with hate and disrespect, yet expect them to protect you.

    When a family goes out for a night of relaxation, and are called out for bullshit, it is wrong. I hate Hillary with all I have inside me, but I would not support someone treating her in such a manner either.

    Hamilton will get backlash for their actions, but guess what…. we will not kill, beat, or riot to make our point…. we believe in a nation of laws, yes REAL laws that hold everyone accountable for their actions. We believe in a free America that you guys don’t understand. We did not like your president Obama and yet we didn’t kill anyone. We didn’t block the streets in a fit of rage. We used our voices and called it like we see it, because we are adults who watch the real world for all its good and bad.
    You are a generation who believes your views are the only reality the world should see. Sorry pumpkins, that is why we went and voted. We wanted to give you guys jobs when you get out of college so you could repay your student loans, buy a home and support your in families. We wanted better for you and your next generation. If you move out of your big cities into ghetto rest of America you will see how sad of a nation we now have.
    We are not rasist or any other label you want to throw at us, we ARE your best chance for a free productive America. I can only hope that when the jobs come back, and your lucky enough to have good jobs, to purchase your beautiful homes to raise your family in, that you will remember that America stood up for herself and gave you and yours a future that does not exist now.

    • Colleen McCormick Odom

      Ok, spell check changed a few words, I did not type ghetto it was suppose to say into the rest of America… sorry to anyone it offended.

  • Gringao

    Mmmm…this goose sauce is great. I wonder how it would taste with a gander.

  • damionblackthorn

    Their Tears are Delicious !!!

  • Monon

    Shitlibs can dish it but can’t take it. Except for poz loads, of course.

  • Misanthrope

    Pretty much what I’ll tell my libtard relatives if they bring up politics at Thanksgiving.

  • Michael Lang

    Tit for tat Libs…tit for TAT!

  • Nonameever

    Didn’t the actors in the play claim the monologue read from a script in the hand of one of the actors was the ‘beginning of a dialogue’ and a First Amendment right? So, if the monologue is to produce a dialogue under the First Amendment, then the play has obviously opened itself to an arena specifically dedicated to addressing the political content of the monologue, and the theater facially violated the protestor’s First Amendment right to speak on that content in that very venue.

  • Dean Scarpinato

    Perhaps we should disrupt every performance now until forever.

  • Jim Borasa

    Another BULLCRAP STORY and PROOF that liberals follow any False Narrative they thinks supports their quest for Communism. Such PHONEY People who chime in -” AS IF ” That is meriting anything that means anything to Americans. These pople must be called out in the open for their fake stories and their followers who fall for crap like this. The Actors were RUDE! Not the Place or the time. Obviously a PLANNED ATTACK by the COMMUNIST LEFT.

  • jukin

    Leftist can dish it out but they sure can’t take it.

    Children in adult bodies that speak of revolution. LOL.

  • tassojunior

    Deja-vu Berlin 1932. Shows protest the Nazi takeover, Nazi thug sympathizers invade and close the shows.

    Indiana gets 1st dabs on the gay gas chamber; Texas gets the Muslim one; Mississippi gets the Jews.

  • Drive-by-Comment

    Cultural appropriation. if a white person puts on a ‘fro and goes Holloweening as Jimi Hendrix is it CA, but a black guy can play Hamilton? Yikes.

  • dogwonder

    The left expect us to take their abuse and bullying meekly and in submission-no thanks you thugs are not getting away with it anymore. You verbally attack we’ll fight back. As for the casts if they were actually bawling that’s just funny-bullies crying because they got a taste of their own venom.

  • Elizabeth Hamilton

    What Did they Expect?
    That Only the Liberals Have a Right to Shout Out Insults to Our VP Pence..
    GREAT JOB!!!
    President Trump Won the Electrol Vote and the Popular Vote..
    LIBERALS NEED TO SHUT UP and Deal with it Quietly at Home..
    There Are More Trump Voters then Clinton voters.. We Are the Voice of America..
    Get Use to It.

  • lgeubank

    The situation is critical. Last night I went to a political debate and a play broke out. (Bada-boom!)

  • Joseph Riccardo

    Newflash to ALL liberals … You will NEVER AGAIN be allowed to RULE this nation and its agenda. A new, populist – nationalist movement has taken hold and stopped your globalist agenda in its tracks. The key electorate has spoken – loud and clear. Our voices are growing stronger and we are growing in number and in force. For too long conservatives, LGBT conservatives and other conservatives, have put up with the slimy false notion that liberal causes were just and that liberals were something to be reckoned with. That changed on Election Day 2016. Liberals are divisive, whiny brats, who, when confronted with the key electoral masses, do not have the numbers to out vote us – the conservatives of this nation. Liberals tried for a long time to enact THEIR agenda, and for a long time, we conservatives sat back and let them. This IS WAR. You liberals wanted to start violence @ Trump rallies. You liberals want violence in the streets? A word of warning to ANY and ALL who want to start violence: Law enforcement – and the good men and women conservatives in this nation will NOT STAND for it. You violent, loud and whiny liberals will NOT BE ALLOWED to destroy this nation. I suggest that if you do not like what we have to say, then go somewhere else, or, accept defeat on a large and NEVERENDING scale. You have lost this battle and YOU WILL LOSE THE WAR. We are GIANT IN NUMBER. We are STRONG IN RESOLVE. We are CONSERVATIVES and when necessary, We are PREPARED TO DEFEAT YOU AT EVERY TURN from now on. We saw the devastation you liberals for too long have been allowed to wreak on our society and we will no longer stand for it. Brace yourselves, liberals — A Righteous WAVE of conservatives are going to STEAMROLL you into oblivion. Now, either take it, or suffer the consequences of NEVER-ENDING DEFEAT. You woke a sleeping Giant and now you liberals will pay the price.

  • Snellville bob

    I suspect the Hamilton audience was getting thin so this is all free publicity and advertising for the play.

  • Right Click

    Black liberals are used to launching attacks without retribution, and full protection from white guiltists, and liberal hacks. Surprise liberal America, the tables turned November 8. Prepare for the worst weeks and months upcoming you’ve ever encountered in life: TRUTH

  • m s


  • Lena Stuart Lamothe

    It’s called Karma baby good old karma!

  • Lesbian Conservative

    The Left politicizes everything. They shove their agenda down our throats 24/7 on TV, in movies, sports, and now the freakin theatre. And yet they’re shocked when one little guy shoves back.

    There needs to be a lot more shoving back. The Left has dominated our cultural landscape unopposed. Well, watch out, Lefties. A counter-cultural movement is coming your way,

  • SmartProf

    THAT was “the room where it happened!”

  • Michael Hiteshew

    What you give out, you get back.
    I love it.

  • Kris Casey

    Honey Badger don’t care.

  • William Thomas Henry

    so would you feel different had the man waited till the last of the show when they all came out and bowed , and then yelled that out ? just like the cast did a show or two before to vp elect Pence , poor timing I agree ,but appropriate ? I say yes if you don’t give respect you deserve none .the moral of this story = careful what you spread , you may not like the taste when its served back to you

  • Super Genius

    According to the Washington Examiner, one witness reported on Facebook that the man’s rant drove the cast to tears, although “they didn’t break characters once.”

    Umm, I think crying because a mean man said some mean things (hey, he paid his money – be thankful it wasn’t rotten tomatoes!) constitutes breaking character. I’m sure people back then (even actors) were made of sterner stuff.

  • Jim Warner

    I guess they need a “safe place now”…perhaps with a safety pin to hold up their diapers!

  • Chris Bray

    The New York cast gave Mike Pence a smug lecture, so somebody yelled at the Chicago cast? If you’re going to target some smug a-holes, target the right a-holes. This is an odd choice, and seems to me to qualify as “descending to Alinskyism.” I see the temptation, but pick your targets wisely.

  • MarkJ
  • Roderic Fabian

    I guess the cast of the play thought that the lack of decorum and civility should only go in one direction.

  • greg

    Why is it OK for the cast to be rude to Pence yet not OK when someone is rude to them, and remember, he ONLY did it as retribution, not just because

  • Libertie

    I fully support almost everything this Trump supporter did with the exception of the profanity.

  • Kelly Whitten

    oooohhh how very tolerant of those whiny ass liberal idiots. Remember the old saying…..Whats good for the goose, is good for the gander. Stop your crying, put your big girl panties on and get over it.

  • Eagleclaw 1


  • Nelly Blye

    I voted for Donald Trump! BOO!

  • Grizzly Crossing

    Dumba$$e$, they are so gullible! That person was paid $500 by MoveOn to pretend that he was a Trump supporter. You idiot leftists think that Trump supporters are deplorable. So is creating a danger just to save the people that you put into danger. Arsonists do the same thing. They get a job fighting fires and then be the first person on the scene to put the fire out. That way they can be deplorable and be everyone’s hero simultaneously. We put them into prison for that. Why aren’t Soros and Clinton going to prison for creating schisms just so that they can point a finger and appear to be the heroes?

  • Steve Drew

    SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP…and grow a pair , you intolerable brainless babies …….you lost ..freedom wins again,drain the swamp, and remember ,that the supreme court will go back to standing up for true American values,which unfortunately got lost in your progressive idealism !!

  • Sneetches

    Liberal bullies don’t like getting punched back.

  • Meezle

    Heckling is a bit much. But if you pay money to see Hamilton, you should be allowed to boo at the top of your fucking lungs whenever you like, right? If they try to escort you out, tell them to go to hell. No one who booed the other night was escorted out. Fair is fair.
    That, or the cast needs to stand up and admit that what they did was wrong, rude, and disruptive.

  • Jay

    This is wrong. But perhaps now the hypocrites on the let can see why the stunt that the cast member pulled in NYC with VP elect Pence was equally wrong. Neither act was courageous…it was out of place, rude and wrong. But in typical fashion, most on the left will defend the NY event and attack this one. They are perfect illustrations of hypocrisy and double standards. PS – The cast cried ?

  • krampus

    When you use your position as an actor to lecture the audience, you lose the right of being butt-hurt when the a person uses their position as an audience member to lecture you. Grow a pair. you opened the door to it.

  • ctfarmer

    the unnamed audience member is a hero,God bless him!

  • Big Dog Bite Hard

    What colour flag do we need to show solidarity? #prayersetc

  • dmprisk

    They cried like little babies….what a bunch of pussies.

  • #1 How do you know the guy is a Trump supporter or another liberal shill hired by George Soros/Clinton.
    #2 It doesn’t make it right but you can see the hypocrisy. It is okay to interrupt a show as long ass the liberal point is made.
    #3 Take this as a lesson that if you are in the arts, stop making political or religious statements.
    #4 STFU and perform!

    • Sergeant343

      1. Occams razor
      2. The show was not interupted in NYC. The incident occurred after the show. Anyone who interrupts a show is a cocksucker.
      3. Not sure if you know this or not, but theater and politics have been in bed for centuries.

  • Piltdown Ghost

    While their hearts are crying at the presumption my brain is laughing at the hypocrisy.

  • Kathy Cuyler Austin

    Wow! 1 guy speaks out for Trump, they all cry and feel scared, but hundreds protest and start riots and no one bats an eye.What?? Let California secede and put them all there as their safe spot! I’m tired of their crap! Trump won, you lost! Get over it!

  • pokey5735

    Poor little cry babies can dish it out but they can’t take it. I really hope that the Trump supporter left a box of pacifiers and safety pins for all.

  • Tom Murphy

    “Elections have consequences.” – Barack Hussein Obama

  • Ed M

    Friends, there is no such thing as a “popular vote” in the U.S. Constitution. No American citizen has ever voted directly for a Presidential candidate. You vote for an “Elector” who then votes in the Electoral College in December. The “popular vote” is merely a creation by statisticians and although its interesting to some it is meaningless, there is no such thing described by the Constitution. Read your ballot if you don’t believe me.

  • Terri

    If that really happened, that’s really sad. I’m a Trump supporter and there is no excuse for that to happen. 🙁

  • derechista

    Karma’s a bitch. Freedom of speech? 🙂

  • Craig Martin

    Well fair is fair. If the cast wants to interject themselves and their opinion from the stage… they they have to expect this to happen. I hope it happens in every performance. Pity.
    Need to separate your worlds folks. Leave you plays and skits on the stage, and leave the politics for the adults.

    • Sergeant343

      This was a different cast though and it was after the show.

  • bobbymike34

    Elements of the right are now vocalizing that we understand the Left is at war with the country and with us and we will win this war so help us God.

  • momtojandl

    BLM interrupted shows, restaurants, and many other places all the time and the left applauded.

  • Noelia Fuentes Murray

    The Hamilton crooks should did not said that. He is just a regular person trying to stay away from all the “liberals” crap and enjoy with his family but no, the crew was part of the crap. All those people who called themselves democrats and/or “liberals”, need to take a history class urgently. First was Republicans who founded this Nation, then the Independents shows up, then the democraps shows up. You know why democrats was created on the first place? Because Republicans want to free the slaves and democrats want to keep slavery. That’s the foundation of a democracy. All that “liberal” crap they talking about this young generation that doesn’t even know the history of their country because of the common core system that doesn’t teach in schools and colleges what is important about our roots and history. All this illegal immigrants crying about this and that, wh

  • elizabeth

    KARMA it truly is Amazing!

  • mikekelley10

    For something truly scary:

    –San Antonio cop with 20 years of public service is shot dead execution style in his patrol car while giving a traffic ticket outside police HQ

    Detective Benjamin Marconi, 50, was shot dead in San Antonio on Sunday

    Officer was writing a ticket when a man in a black car pulled up behind him

    Suspect walked up to passenger window and shot the officer in the head

    Police say suspect is a black male wearing a hoodie and baggy pants–


    • Noelia Fuentes Murray

      Oh my God… democraps are going to far. This “protest” are just an excuse to do acts of terrorism.

  • Michael

    They need a safe space with Play-doh and pacifiers

    • Shai Dorsai

      Their Safe Space in in a playpen wearing diapers fastened with a Safety Pin.
      Most of the country’s Safe Space has a Firing Pin

  • MC

    It would be hilarious if one person stood and repeated that phrase at every show until the end of its run.

  • Shai Dorsai

    I’m reminded of the song, “Don’t Cry Out Loud.”

    Would they be This Nasty if Hitlery had won????

  • Silvercrimson

    Oh, so now people have to apologize to fascist pigs like Trump and Mike Pence?

  • Squishy123

    Hope Trump cuts funding to “the Arts”. They want money… sing, dance, act, do magic, you know… entertain me and I’ll pay for the ticket. Lecture me with your opinion at an event I paid to attend, well then fuck you.

  • ahva

    3 Million Illegal Immigrants Being Investigated For Voting After Obama Told Them It Was Safe To Do So…

  • Kellen Joel

    Seriously? Liberals did the exact same thing when Pence was there, and none were escorted out. Why is one situation right, and the other is not?

  • mike5586


  • Rich K

    Man, this nation of Sissies is really getting old guys and gals.
    Any chance,,,,,,,,,,,Na, why bother asking this brood of 6 year old adults to get a grip.Waste of words.

  • Pam Neufeld

    How much you want to bet that it is fake. Probably a Soros plant.

  • The Oatmeal Savage

    You would have to have a heart of stone not to be laughing at these pathetic babies.

  • Carol Ford

    Well, I sure was afraid for the well being of our VP Elect from all those on that stage a couple of days back. Was very upsetting and just down rite rude and unprofessional to say the least.
    Maybe that Trump Supporter and the rest of the Trump supporters will apologize when that crew and staff take a step in the right direction.

    • Sergeant343

      What was the threat made to Mike Pence by the cast and what was rude about it?

  • TempoNick

    Live by the sword, die by the sword.

  • Brocko Bomma

    ROFLMAO! Don’t you just love it the Snowflakes get “offended”!!

  • Gabrielle ~

    Typical, dish it out, but can’t take it.

  • Michael Meltzer

    The schmucks of Hamilton have lost at least half their base with this pompous bullshit from the stage.

  • S H

    I kinda like it. Finally dishing it back on them… vs them always only doing it to us…

  • rb2424

    the casting call for Hamilton said only non-whites were sought

    • Sergeant343

      For a certain role. This is nothing new in casting calls. There are times when they only call for men, and other times only whites, then of course age. Before getting the pitchfork, you should learn a thing or two about casting calls.

  • Phil Ryan

    once again, they are trying to make two totally different acts into the same thing. The play was OVER before the case member spoke. He didn’t break character to stop the show…. he did it after. Second, Pence wasn’t offended by the things said. And he shouldn’t be. Nothing that was said was disrespectful at all. But of course, Trump supporters always default to outrage over nothing… because if they had nothing to be angry about, they’d have nothing to do.

  • RJohnston

    It was just a “conversation.” Wasn’t that what the cast said about harassing Pence?

  • mengy kun

    These self-righteous pieces of liberal shit publicly humiliated the vice-president-elect AND a paying customer.

    They should be ashamed of themselves in the first place.

  • No One In Particular

    It appears there’s plenty of butthurt on both sides. Maybe if everyone took a deep breath and changed their diapers?

  • Colleen Theresa Gazzo

    So an entire cast calls out one person and that’s ok. One supported yells to the cast and they’re all scared……. Sure makes sense. (Although Chicago hamilton could have been left alone they didn’t say anything)


    Excuse me….. This all started with one of the actors in the play, calling out Mr. Pence, who only went to the play for entertainment. Give me a break! Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it in return! Freedom of speech doesn’t belong to the few! Mr. Pence was a guest!!!! I don’t even know what the play was about, but because of the actions of the cast toward Mr. Pence, I’d never go to see it now!

  • WEST M.Ed.

    Guess Freedom of Speech only goes one way?

  • Dan

    This is a joke right? These people need to get over themselves and grow up…! OMG

  • aVet

    oh my goodness….the little gaybirds had to run to their safe place……they was sooooo scared!!!!

    • suqsid4

      A Viking Kitty in the birdcage…

  • Tanker74

    There is no Goddess if these deplorable Trump supporters aren’t struck dead by lightning! NOW!

    • J_Biggs

      Poor little thing. Did you ever your knickers tanker?

      • Tanker74

        Please edit your comment into an understandable form of English.

  • ….So what happened to the “WE ALL MUST LEAVE THE CHILDREN OUT OF OUR POLITICS” bull-chit? …..Was that only for the Obama’s or ALL you bigoted hypocritical Democrats. ….So the hell with Pence’s children right! ….What a bunch of low lives you truly are, and now that a Republican has been elected, you all are showing the world the “real” base of your party and yourselves.

  • J_Biggs

    When will all of these hypocrite Democrats stop being such whiny little beaches?

  • cathy

    American cupcakes have lost their mind. They need to watch Red Dawn, any other movie might make them get into their safe space.

  • Truth Speaker

    If her REALLY wanted to scare them, he would have shouted “ALLAHU AKBAR!”

  • Armitage408

    More proof Trump supporters have no class.

  • BidensHairPlug


  • spunknik

    Love it. Absolutely love it. Being jerky cuts both ways.

  • Kevin McIntyre
  • Kelly M. James

    The New York Cast was doing their charity call after the curtain call, and Mr. Pence was walking out to beat the crowds, this idiot was interrupting the show.

  • Chuck

    R.S…..I haven’t seen the Democrats this mad since we freed the slaves !……lol

  • thatsnutty

    what saying can we use….Karma’s a bitch….what comes around, go’s around…one good turn deserves another….It takes two to tango….Taste of your own medicine….

  • David Pawson

    I don’t understand. He was removed, despite the insistence of the liberal public that we all have the right under the first Amendment to speak out? It seems they mean, once again, that THEY have the right to speak, but those who disagree do not.

  • Sergeant343

    Several things.
    1. The Mike Pence incident was after the show, not during it. If wanted to do it after the show, he would have been more than welcomed to do so.
    2. It was the NYC show, not the Chicago one the incident took place, so it does not even make sense to do it here to begin with.
    3. The NYC show was cordial and insisted that no one boo and no vulgarities were used, just very vanilla inoffensive rhetoric that Pence himself used. They more or less used the first amendment in the proper way, a platform to express grievances they have.

    Mike Pence took it like a Champ, while those offended had PC outrage.

  • Vicki Larrabee

    The audience booed Netnahyu Saturday night at Hamilton. What is wrong with people. If you haven’t got something nice to say then don’t say it. Where has the love gone?

  • JJJ

    Awesome !!!

    OK, I’d be a bit annoyed if I were in the audience (and paid $1,500 for a ticket), but GOOD!! I’m glad liberals were made to “cry.” Now they know what we’ve been feeling all these years.

  • Tomon

    All these witnesses and no Video????

  • Puddle Jumper
  • dennodog

    “Quivering colon yodelers assailed”, oh my.

  • Thomas Williams

    Cool! Now we can go protest the liberal people political craziness at their home and work, and all over the place too, right.

  • Harry Mustachio

    “I can’t imagine how SCARY it was when the trump supporter started shouting at them.”

    “Please everyone in those casts stay safe!”

    “I’m horrified by what happeNed in Hamilton Chicago.”

    • amendingangel

      Our tears are scrumptious. Yours taste like liver.

  • Gabriel A. King

    Were I to receive a “Hamilton” flyer haphazardly in the wind….. I would promptly and fortuitously moisten it in the alley behind the Pub.

    • amendingangel

      You won’t. They’re booked for the next 100 years.

  • Derrick Howard

    When you disrespect others you bring it on yourselves. Grow up Libbys!!!

    • amendingangel

      People must earn respect.

  • RainingLogic

    Well, any behavior that you accuse the left of, they certainly learned it from the right. For decades the right’s MO has been to whine and cry foul when they can’t force everyone else to endure their antiquated and ill-informed beliefs they cling to so desperately.

    • amendingangel


  • Paul Stuart

    Omg,seriously they were crying. About what? If anyone should be upset it should be the VP’s children when that idiot said what he did. Idiots.

  • Aaron Moore

    It looks like Hamilton won’t be able to have any productions without interruptions. Anybody know if anybody’s smart enough to lock a noisemaker to a seat?

  • Donald Bader

    Liberals are rioting, destroying cars, smashing store windows, beating up Trump supporters, screaming profanities about Trump, and blocking traffic all across America. One Trump supporter yells “we won, you lost, get over it” out during a Chicago performance of “Hamilton”, to disrupt the show, and the left is terrified and scared. Some liberal idiot has to tweet “be safe” to the cast members. Seriously, liberals are completely dislocated from reality. They are the biggest babies, and the whiniest losers, ever!

    • Aaron Moore


    • amendingangel

      Says the biggest whiniest loser ever! Hey, you wanted political incorrectness, you got it!

  • amendingangel

    So, what’s up with Milo? He didn’t get the memo that the right wing despises gays and wants them eradicated from the human race?

  • Sharon Foley

    What makes them think Trump isn’t guna protect or be on their side? Because the Media said so???? And he has not appointed all white men I’ve heard of 3 that are not white. Give the guy a chance would ya!

    • amendingangel

      He kinda said it throughout his campaign!

  • Randy Wilson

    Likely staged, it is the theatre

  • Randy Wilson

    We will draft all the Libs and send them to the front lines to earn the right to act like little biatches

    • amendingangel

      You first!

  • 1981Mog .

    If you interrupt a show with your own unsolicited bullshit, you are a cunt. “Ooh ooh, but what if he was a liberal, then-” No. Cunt. Any circumstance, cunt. I understand there are a lot of knuckle dragging sheep out there who, by pure luck, have knee-jerked their way into supporting what turned out to be the winning candidate, and there are lots of sheep who knee-jerked their way into picking the losing side of this election, and as a complete fucking moron you want to lay into your complete fucking moron counterparts on the other side with all the barbarian yawping you can muster, and that’s fine. On the complete list of bum-bitingly, bed-wettingly, eye-bleeding retarded shit you get up to, this rates mid to low. That said, you should be aware that if you start chucking your half-arsed semi-coherent opinions when I’m trying to have a quiet sit down and watch a show, all that will happen is your car will get fucked up, your shoes pissed in, and your face slapped. Is it worth it?

  • Cali Trisha

    bwahahahahahahahahaha!!! OMG – they actually cried? That is the funniest thing I’ve read all day!

    • amendingangel

      You haven’t read much today, have you?

  • Alan Wood

    Man. What a World. Uppity elitist performers smug lecture to not only paying customer but our next VP> Now a revenge, ‘of sorts.’ I long for the simplistic day of GREASE.

  • Peggy Ask Hardt

    Idiot in the audience disrupts the show; actors DID NOT cry, they continued on. Trumpsters will be the last ones crying when they realize what they have done. Fascists dictator trying to infiltrate America, Putin’s Puppet! Trump must be stopped!

    • happytortuga

      LOL thanks for the laugh!

  • flpbpress

    This idiot was just as big of a jerk, as the New York cast of “Hamilton.” We go to the theater to be entertained, not to hear some jackass run his mouth in a political rant.

  • David Benkert

    CRY ME A RIVER!!! freedom of speech.. they want to sit around and have cry sessions and protest. and it’s alright.. well someone protested against them and what they did.. This man wanted to voice his displeasure.. We have raised a generation of babies.. People who are mentally UNFIT to survive in life. People with no mental fortitude. As parents we need to teach our children HOW TO LOSE.. and that it is OK to lose. you are letting your children think it is acceptable to glide thru life. it is ok NOT to do your best.. You are rewarding your children for giving half to no effort.. Then you wonder why they can’t hold a job.. We tell our children to grow up… MAYBE you Parents need to GROW up and be parents…If you want to stop the hate TEACH your children to be better people..

  • Michael Kosak

    I notice they didn’t name the “Trump Sup[porter”… and considering it is the democrats who have been violent and obscene since the election, i’ll wait to see if they identify him. I would not be surprised if it is a democrat trying to make Trump supporters look bad.

  • Bandit

    But it’s totes kul if rioters block the streets around Trumps apartment building and riot in Portland – becuz we got rites

  • gearbox123

    Sweet! We need more of this.

  • dilligaf421

    these asshats don’t understand anything except direct confrontation, then they cry like little butthurt girls when anybody disagree’s with them…who gives 3 shits what any of them think???

  • La Lummus

    democrats are a big fat joke especially these so called artists and the hollywood wannabees actors and singers. They are what is wrong with this country.

  • Chris Weaver

    Great… trumpers behaving badly makes everything better…
    Trump sold retribution the entire race… and here is the alt right mouth Milo selling it.
    Pence showed grace…. it was ignored for the smell of red meat.
    Conservatives do not do this.

  • Annette

    My style would be to bring a whoopie cushion and repeatedly sit on that thing. It’s kind of like the football thing. It’s not right to bring things into entertainment that people paid for…..they came to be entertained…..not stressed out by ignorance. The actors started this at the other play. I know it’s not right, but (in a way) I can’t blame the “Trump supporters” for dishing out some of their medicine. I’m actually surprised the “Trump supporter” made it out of their without being thoroughly beaten.

  • Judy Susag Cardwell

    This is the same production that sent out a casting call that

    said white actors need not apply…

  • Howard Remington

    turn about is fair play

  • sarah farrar

    Well, at least the little snowflakes were in their SafeSpace….the stage, when this scary thing happened.
    Poor dears.


    The truth was screamed from the balcony. The liberals cannot handle the truth.

  • Terry Tate

    This so called rag doesn’t tell you when Mike Pence walked in they booed him. This accusation from this rag didn’t even make the morning News, doubt it ever happened.

  • Christine Zielinski

    So lame. you can excuse what the cast said and did to Pence but are horrified when a Trump supporter calls them our for their rudeness? I for one am tired of you cry babies as I think most of us are so you will see more of these actions .

  • Terry Tate
    • Terry Tate

      The link above is the real story…

  • Kevin Roberts

    Needs to happen nightly until they apollogize

  • Mr.B just another deplorable

    To all performers who think they are politicians.

    Dear Broadway Performers,

    You exist for my entertainment. Some of you are great eye candy. Some of you
    can deliver a line with such conviction that you bring tears to my eyes. Some
    of you can scare the crap out of me. Some of you can dance up a storm. Others make me laugh. But you all have one
    thing in common, you only have a place in my world to entertain me. That’s it.

    You make your living pretending to be someone else. Playing dress up like a
    6 year old. You live in a make believe world on a stage. And often when you are away from one too.
    Your entire existence depends on my patronage.

    I’ll crank the organ grinder; you dance.

    I don’t really care where you stand on issues. Honestly, your stance matters
    far less to me than that of my neighbor. You see, you aren’t real. I leave the
    theater and you cease to exist in my world. Once I am done with you, I can put
    you back in your little box until I want you to entertain me again.

    I don’t care what you think about anything but I bet you think you look cute
    saying it. Get back into your bubble. I’ll let you know when I’m in the mood
    for something blue and shiny.

    And I’m also supposed to care that some of you will leave this great country
    when Trump becomes president? Ha. Please don’t forget to close the door behind
    you. We’d like to reserve your seat for someone who loves this country and
    really wants to be here.

    Make me laugh, or cry. Scare me. But realize that the only words of yours
    that matter are scripted. I might agree with some of you from time to time, but
    it doesn’t matter. In my world, you exist solely for my entertainment

    So, shut your pie hole and dance!”

  • The libs are slimy jerks. Hate em. But that was not cool. We shouldn’t sink down to their level like this. Then we’re no better than them.

  • William Biondi

    A Trump supporter simply stands up and shouts to the actors who then “ad lib” a speech to Pence about how he needs to have a bleeding heart. Wait. Theater. Actors. Stage. Play. Performance. Of course! This is all part of the act! The whole thing was staged! A planted “Trump supporter.” An indignant cast. A script. If it isn’t Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. Live! From Chicago! It’s the Democratic Liberals Guild!

  • Chris

    what a bunch of little bitch ass cry babies..i read the tweets of the black actor who embarresed mike pence and blakc dudes raping white girls..screw you assholes

  • Josh Hatfield

    At a play, the actors can say whatever they want, and you don’t get to respond. That’s jus the way it is.

    • happytortuga

      The audience that booed Pence had plenty to say and so did the paid protesters outside of the theater.

      • Josh Hatfield

        None of those people interrupted the show. People need to show more respect to the theatre.

  • Patricia Meitzen

    I’ll be happy when the play fails because of boycotts and the actors are out of work. Karma

  • Chris L Hough

    Someone spent a fortune to see a production that tickets can not be obtained…. and interrupted the show… in a city different than where Pence was booed….with a different cast… and the audience that booed him wasn’t even there. yeah, that’ll show em. Trumpets are the DUMBEST people on the planet.

    • You know. There are safe spaces and coloring books plus play doh that can help you with your hurt feelings….

      Oh, don’t forget to take a few safety pins. Never know when a diaper might get full !!

    • happytortuga

      Hillary lost.

  • happytortuga

    This makes me so happy.

  • Actors and people in showbiz are very often shallow, superficial, self indulgent airheads. The cast here have obviously decided they want to be out of work over Christmas because they are obviously determined to dissuade people from paying to see the show..

  • kaynash

    They opened the political dialogue with Pence, so…..

    • Chris L Hough

      so go ahead and boycott tickets that you can’t get… and write Trump on Starbucks cups… and while you’re at it give someone else money that you don’t agree with because it’s apparently working for you.

  • Janet Walston Pollard

    He touched me…you touched me….na ah…yes you did (bottom lip trembling) GROW UP ALL YOU FREAKING CRY BABIES. Trump/Pence won, there will not be sweeping changes tomorrow that will (some of what I heard) put you in a camp…ban you from anything. Really people study the way your government works. If there is an executive order, like Pres. Obama used often, it can and most likely will be torn up or overthrown by the SCOTUS. If he follows through and appoints constitutionalist you’re set as are we all. we are protected. Read the 13th 14th and 15th amendments and realize that if they uphold the constitution..ie a constitutionalist, all your rights are protected. You are letting a jackass and an elephant lead you around by the nose.

  • Mike

    Reason 101 why our family abandoned the Dem Party. That sorry excuse for an actor should be fired for trying to interject their political opinions onto an audience. What a bunch of safe-spaced cry babies on that stage.

  • Travis Wright

    Oh, for Christ’s sake! The cast didn’t really say anything rude to Pence, he himself wasn’t even offended. What people here are forgetting is that Pence is now an elected official and whether we like it or not he is now subject to any rant, public admonishment, printed lies or unflattering truths, etc. What I find ridiculous is Trump thinking that he can “demand” an apology because the President nor the President-Elect gets to demand anything because they work for the people. Additionally, if Trump can’t handle Pence being spoken to in a serious tone from actors then how do we trust him to handle world leaders that make him angry. This is a serious issue, but not because of what happened, but by the way Trump is responding to it.

  • SaltyShaun

    Why do Trump supporters seem to think that Trump WON A CONTEST and they can act the way Trump portrayed himself when running? This wasn’t a CONTEST, this was a JOB INTERVIEW. Why does the Republican Party act like this? They did the same thing in Wisconsin and gerrymandered while they were at it.

  • jacky

    listen it is all one sided i would bet you that person who interrupted was not a Trump supporter just someone who played out to be one. we don’t do hateful things like that, unlike the destruction of our country with the hillary/sanders supporters, it is all a ploy so they can say to the american people who voted for Trump see I told you so.

  • Alias Darker

    I’m for Trump but not for that “safe space” line …

  • hrwolfe

    What a Class Act. Man I’m so glad to have him over Timmy………………

  • David Hersch

    As ye sow, so shal ye reap and the cast of Hamilton had it coming.

  • Charlene Rollins

    Hamilton Chicago Cast is an embarrassment to showmanship. Their show should be stopped and they need to apologize to Pence.

  • gregory alan elliott

    We are drinking the ironically hypocritical tears of an entire cast of #ButtHurt leftist thespians. Broadway is ashamed of the unintelligent cast of Hamilton. #BoycottHamilton

    #TheLeftLost #Bigly #SoBitterYetSoTasty #FineWhine #SJWsReserve #VintageButthurt #Broadway #TheGreatWhiteWay #Theater #Theatre

  • vidgamenerd


    Time for a Right of Center boycott of all Broadway Plays until the cast of Hamilton apologizes for being rude and thinking that all people that believe or work for right of center politics are some kind of mega racist, Klan loving,bigoted people.To do what they did was as uncalled for as Member of The House Of Representatives Joe Wilson to stand up and to say to Barrack Obama “You Lie” during the State of The Union. In case you have not yet totally understood it yet let me tell you yet one more time…You Have Lost In A Big Way..and you lost because of your insistence upon identity politics and political correctness,which by the way are both hallmarks of failing communist governments.Ponder upon Identity politics and the base simple fact of “to enfranchise one party you must purposely disenfranchise another.” To do this is purposely is to go against the Declaration of Independence in that, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,
    that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,
    that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”That all men/women are created equal thing is not so easily bypassed;and when attempted,usually finds those who do so relegated to the dustbin of history. Today the (D)imwit Party stands on the edge of of two stark choices…Choose to represent all Americans equally or choose identity politics and political correctness and stay basically a municipal political party in charge of the dog catchers and such……….

  • Maz

    Wrong place! Sack the cast!

  • Deplorable Frog

    The Hamilton cast must consist of a bunch of dysfunctional fagg©ts. How the show goes on is beyond me.

  • Lockdown Antioch now


  • Delta Rain

    The NY cast brought it on themselves and the rest. They should have asked the audience to please conduct themselves cordially or simply ignored it? Instead they became the cheerleaders of the pack by staging a lecture to VP Elect Pence with a rehearsed speech? Did they really expect it wouldn’t go any further?

  • Dustin John

    Liberal actors learn a few lines and they think they are experts on patriotism. Then they smear a patriot and wonder why patriots get mad at them. To what country do they want to belong?

  • Richard Lawler

    So it was okay to call out guy taking a moment to see a play with his daughter and friends but when someone calls out them you feel sorry for them.This nation will be over in a few years and you can only thank the liberals for being so soft and cry babies

  • tom_quantum

    You guys don’t understand how hard it is to act when you are LITERALLY SHAKING RIGHT NOW.

  • Carran Maxey Manning

    Don’t be so sure they were a Trump supporter. Everyone thought the other were too but it has been proven wrong and they lied and fortunately got caught.

  • Gary Gillespie
  • Lisa

    Lol…soo terrible! Come on what do you expect. You can say and do whatever you want to Trump supporters and we can say nothing. Sticks and stones, oh ya you all throw stones too. Hypocrites!!

  • Lamar

    They where wrong Mr Pence came there with his kids to see the show the cast should have never voiced their opinions then that was not the place or time.I hope people boycott this show for not telling Mr Pence they where wrong.The guy was right they lost now get over it and work with the new people to make America great again.

  • Led Robster

    “As panic envelops the entertainment business, you can expect even
    more leftist bashing of conservatives, and of President-Elect Donald J.
    Trump, specifically. Hilarity will ensue as leftists trot out tons of
    allegorical content about battling a dictator, or a fascist regime.

    This will occur despite the fact that the Left still doesn’t realize
    that fascism, Nazism, communism, socialism, and Marxism place the state
    over individual sovereignty — a hallmark of the Left. Terry Gilliam couldn’t even recognize this in his landmark unintentionally conservative 1985 film, “Brazil.”” — Lawrence Meyers

    Most young leftists do not understand that the Democrats fought to
    preserve slavery, founded the KKK, and were the party of Jim Crow,
    racism and segregation. They also don’t seem to understand that Abraham
    Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Susan B. Anthony and Martin
    Luther King were all Republicans. Democrats claim to have “flipped”
    ideologies since the death of MLK, but just look at them now… rioting,
    spewing out hatred, bigotry, lies, profanity, while burning down small
    businesses, trying to destroy our constitution, assaulting innocent
    people, destroying property, looting and preventing people from going to
    work and getting back home to their children by blocking traffic. Same
    KKK mentality, different colored hoods. I am appalled that I — as the
    father of six 1/2 Hispanic and east-Asian children, a man that protested
    the KKK in Indianapolis, and someone who has literally fought against
    racism time and time again — would be accused of being a racist just
    because I voted for my Republican party. The hypocrisy and history
    revisionism never ends. Each party has a few bad apples, but I chose the
    party with the most ANTI-racist history. Enough is enough. Trump hasn’t
    even been president for one day and yet so much judgment and hatred

  • ImJusSayin

    Its all good when the LEFT has their say and protest. But if anyone else makes a statement its a crime! Suck it up buttercups! The silent majority speaking out has only just begun.

  • patriotsunitedin2016

    Are we even sure this was a Trump supporter and not a liberal plant just to get headlines?

  • Lorna Hinkle-Carroll

    Poor baby cast. ????

  • Michael Butler

    But they feel it is okay to disrespect co elect pence from the stage while hideing the fact black man who lectured vp elect pence called for raping white women few years ago

  • Christopher Colon

    Good Good thats how you do it..Lets throw poop at them better yet…Shit and piss…at the whole entire cast…

  • mirt

    Actors called their lecture a conversation. In a conversation both participants can speak.

  • Daniel Roberts

    I say wait for these liberals to come outside and kick their asses . Give them something to really cry about .

  • JOHN E

    He should of pissed off the balcony at the liberals beneath us all.

  • InternetWarrior

    The guy interrupted the middle of a play. That’s annoying as all hell. And in no way the same as saying something after the performance. But oh yeah, it’s the same thing.

  • Shawn B.

    This guy deserves the Freedom Award. As for you two-faced liberals who can dish it out and can’t take it, well, don’t throw rocks in glass houses. People go to a show for the performances, not your political point of view and to hear you insult the VP-elect. Amazing how it’s only news when the protesters have their feelings hurt by, ironically, having the same stuff done to them. Reap what you sow.

  • Paula Burkhart

    Why would anyone think that the cast of Hamilton would be apologizing to Pence? He’s not yet the VP, and after hearing him comment on the incident, he seems completely untroubled by it. You Trumpettes have got to get over this toddler tantrum thing. The jerk who yelled into the theatre should have been thrown out. Period. End of story.

  • Richard Cranium Jr.

    What about the children!?!? American values. Racist. Xenophobe. Homophobe. Misogynist. Safe space. Sums up leftist ideology.

  • ImaginaryCanary

    Just like bullies they can dish it out but can’t take it. Boo f’n too

  • ImaginaryCanary

    I hope they all go broke sending money to the southern poverty center to protest President elect Daddy. A liberal friend of mine posted it on her Facebook five ways to silently protest him….and it was a big money grab!!! My friend just won’t take the red pill.

  • xstratusx

    SO they feel sorry for the actors but not for an audience member (Pence) who gets told off by the actors.

  • Johnny Q

    I just know that any liberal on this post with the word Angel in their name is pure evil.

  • Tatiana

    it is so ridiculous that American singers and actors (thanks God, not dancers) are expressing their political believes and EVERYONE pays attention. Those people are mostly illiterate in history, economics, and other social sciences. They generally do not read anything besides texts of their roles written by writers They do not know ANYTHING about reality because reality of theater and Hollywood is different world and has nothing to do with normal reality of life. They are crazy, spoiled children. Would you listen to the tantrums of your spoiled 5 year old, as majority of liberals, even old once, are? Performers are the worst of them.

  • Victoria Boond Heuman

    Let this be a lesson to the actors of Hamilton from this day forward! Do your job then bow and move off stage PERIOD! Hamilton actors created this discourse!

  • Lynette Johnson

    “We won, you lost, get over it, fuck you,”

    *shaken to my core

    So Racist!

    a xenophobe obviously!
    SEXIST pig!
    and so on, i can hear it now.

    they likely imagined he was holding a loaded gun and that the KKK would soon storm in too …..

  • Infadel Macgee

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha you libtards fuktards are hilaaaarious ! You gonna cwy? You gonna cwy ? Lololol

  • RedDeplorableSoloCup

    The Hamilton Hacks, finding that Schadenfreude tastes like shit!

  • Riku Ruohomäki

    A theater should be a safe space 😉

  • CuckLivesMatter

    I was on the stage crew for my high school play sophomore year, the cast was filled with delusional flakes who thought they would someday end up in Julliard or on Broadway. From first hand experience, it really does not take much to make theater people cry like babies.

  • Mary Shepard Jablonski

    Completely inappropriate…but crying? Please have your spines reinserted.