An anti-bullying ambassador was all smiles in court after she was arrested for bullying a 74-year-old Trump supporter and shoving him to the ground.

The ironic assault is emblematic of the recent string of violent assaults on Trump supporters by “tolerant loving liberals” since the election.

Shacara McLaurin, who became an ambassador against bullying after experiencing it herself in high school, was at a protest outside Trump Tower when the assault occurred.


According to her, she resorted to violence after getting into a heated verbal altercation with the 74-year-old Trump supporter.

According to her lawyer, Shacara warned him to back off multiple times, otherwise she would “f*ck him up.”

Instead of being a shining example of liberal “tolerance,” McLaurin eventually pushed the elderly man onto the ground, causing him to slam his head on the floor.

Photo of the alleged 74-year-old victim

Photo of the 74-year-old victim

Police arrived on the scene and, after assessing the incident, arrested Shacara for felony assault.

The following day, she grinned her way through court as her lawyer ensured the judge that she was a good citizen and unlikely to ever hurt anyone. The lawyer also claimed Shacara’s victim used racial slurs.

She was released without bail on Friday. She faces two assault charges, one of which is a felony because of her victim’s age.


According to a friend of Shacara’s, “The old man was harassing them and screaming about Trump. He got too close and she pushed him. The man fell. The police didn’t take statements from the black witnesses until we forced them.”

Shacara’s account, as well as those of her friends, are highly questionable given the numerous hate crime hoaxes since the president-elect’s victory on Tuesday night.

One Louisiana woman falsely accused a Trump supporter of robbing her. In a similar case, CNN was caught using a former cameraman as an impassioned “anti-Trump protester” during a live broadcast.

Shacara is the face of an organization called “Stomp Out Bullying” after she was, supposedly, a victim of harassment in 2011:


  • watcherofolde

    They remind me so much of Chairman Mao’s Red Guard back in the 60’s. I hear others compare them to Hitler’s brownshirts as well, or Stalin’s head-crackers . They certainly use the same tactics

    • Jason Kauppinen

      I make that comparison a lot as well.

  • BrunoPBuhr

    Obama / Hillary world, a black person is always the victim. She doesn’t think she did anything wrong O/H privilege.

    • supernaturalfamily


  • SR

    She’s a big fat moose, someone should of defended the old guy.

    • Dan Cubrich

      SR please don’t insult moose’s!

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    • supernaturalfamily

      Look she’s horrible person. SHE’S a racist . my ass is huge so I’d Ike to fight that bitch show her what is what.
      She’s trash and a racist bully

      • BrunoPBuhr

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    • cornz

      Someone should HAVE. FFS, it’s BASIC English…

  • VerifyEverything

    No signs of recognition of her crime nor remorse. Max sentence and fine. Cut her lose from all positions of responsibility.

  • nativejoe

    Judge needs to wipe that smile off her face

    • rainman

      it’s New York. He won’t.

      • Jace Curioso

        She’s a minority….the judge will probably charge the elderly man with assaulting her hands with his body.

    • Ruth Austin Ikramov

      Judge doesn’t have the balls to do anything to her ugly A!s

    • Victor Lourenço

      The judge is faggot, the bad kind the earns the moniker by behaving like a cucked libtard cunt, not the based kind like Milo who uses it in jest to piss off others.

    • AussieSue

      I agree nativejoe. She needs time in jail, they don’t take to lightly to anyone who bullies the elderly.

  • The Todd

    What a worthless Title, and a worthless life she has. I have nothing more to say about her.

  • Michael Ward LaClair

    If this continues…….this is going to spiral

  • Chronos Z. Wonderpig


  • rainman

    got to end this BS thinking that using a slur, racial or otherwise, excuses physical violence. It’s a word, get over it. Not that I even believe her claim.

    Got to expand the Hillary chant to include her supporters.

    • Ruth Austin Ikramov

      That is ALWAYS a black persons claim when they get into it with a white person “they called me the N word” I know personally how it works b/c my daughter had a black “friend” in her house starting trouble, I told the girl it was time for her to leave as I took my biracial granddaughter out of her arms, 30 seconds later her & my daughter are arguing and I’m standing behind my pregnant daughter and out of nowhere the girl reaches around my daughter & grabs my hair (I was not even talking when she did this) but little did the girl know that I don’t care if you pull me bald headed doesn’t hurt but the fist started flying and because she was getting her ass whooped by an older white woman 2 grown black men decide to jump in to help her (didn’t do much good) I’m not going to stop punching her ass but my elderly mother was trying to get the men off of me as they were kicking me in the side and my head but I was not going to stop. When police showed up (all black) the first thing out of their mouth was she called her a nigger lol yeah I do not use that word to describe anyone ever. But yes it happens a lot but it’s a lame excuse for your ignorant actions.

    • Frank O’Brien

      The use of any word is no excuse to put hands on anyone. Once you do, the law takes over. Ignorance is everywhere but tolerance is hard to find. Need to send a firm message here and everywhere someone steps into a conversation with violence and threats. Even idiots can learn.

  • Patricia

    She was involved in a riot and she walks, no bail etc? BULLSHIT! And the cops would not talk to the Black witnesses? I call bullshit on that too. Not that her witnesses would have told the truth. They were there to cause trouble so we release her to join the mob another night?

    • supernaturalfamily

      That’s so true . THEY jump on people together. They lie for each other too.

    • mindy1

      Manhattan :/

  • Jim Sandoval

    Shoulda never gave y’all money

  • frenchie mama

    She’s an anti bullying ambassador because she was a bully no doubt. And in an effort to resolve bullying, often in their apologies, the aggressor is made an anti- bullying leader to keep them on the right track, hoping to channel the need for attention into something positive.
    Obviously didn’t work.

  • Zanard Bell

    Enjoy your last minutes in the sun, progressives, because you won’t be smiling when the chickens come home to roost.

    • Christian Finch

      Soon the Trumpenreich will begin and this kind of criminal bahavior will not be tolerated anymore

      • walt

        so far all t he Mayhem is on you guys.i bet you didnt vote either. you dont want the conservatives to riot.

        • Christian Finch

          On you guys? Its the hillary crowd commiting acts of violence and trying to overthrow democracy. I didnt vote actually as Im a Brit, however if I could of voted for trump then I would have. This Marxist nonsense has gone in long enough in both the U.S and Britain. I say grats to the Americans for voting against corruption and socialism

          • cornz

            if you could HAVE voted, you thick bastard.

        • Christian Finch

          I think you may if taken trumpenreich as a slight. Trumpenreich = the 1000 years of american prosperity after the election of donald trump

  • DaytonDennis

    If Obama had a blimp….

  • TomTheCork

    Her Lawyer suggests that the assault was justified because his client warned him to back off or “otherwise she would “f*ck him up”. That’s a hell of a defense…

    • Pam Cooper

      In her eyes, that guy just being ‘PRESENT’ was enough for her to “‘**** him up”. I’ve seen it and I’ve experienced it, in a milder way, so understand the ‘contentious heat’. It’s heartbreaking.

  • Grumpy Guy

    Lock her fat ass up.

  • UBStupd

    Thank God there is going to be some major changes in justice system over then four years. No more victim crap and more equality under the law.

  • Stoutcat

    Funny that NO video has surfaced supporting her version of the story. How do I know? Because if it existed and backed her up, it would be plasterer all over social media. My guess is that if there IS video, it’s not being shown because it shows the Trump supporter did nothing to initiate the attack.

  • Dan Cubrich

    Predictably, the judge pampered her.

    • Pam Cooper

      She was charged with a felony, the article said, due to the man’s age; but a few days in jail and bail money should have been in order would have given her immediate perspective.

  • joe_schmooga

    …shoulda picked our own cotton!

  • Anti muzrats

    Filthy animal! go back to the tree’s where she belongs!

  • Anthony Kelsoe

    Screw this bitch. The left has become the most childish, intolerant, hateful and spiteful people in the world. So you precious little snowflakes but you lost so take your participation trophies and go back to your safe space lol

    • loafing

      Anthony, Reference your first three words, not me, no way. And also I read where when we use the word “snowflake”, the better description is to leave the snow part off and that would really identify them.

  • AR15Fan

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  • Just Straight Shooting

    She needs to be horse whipped… That’ll take that shit eating grin off her ugly face.

  • aVet

    looks like a fooking STUPID MONKEY

  • Elaine Cummings

    This is typical for these people. They have nothing but contempt for our laws and legal system and think they should get a free pass because they’re black. Would not do for me to have been the judge that day. I would have wiped that grin off her face real quick by slapping her with contempt of court every time she smiled. No respect.

  • Monkable P

    What strikes me is that these people have no idea of the precedent they are setting. If the right are truly ‘deplorable’, ‘racist’, ‘bigoted’ and ‘hateful’ people, people worthy of being feared so much that the left are out behaving like this…..what the fuck do they think we’re going to do when it’s our turn? I mean, I know the vast majority of us would do nothing, no matter what they say about us we do seem to respect democracy, and for the most part tolerate most liberals and the policies they’ve put in place these last few decades…..but if and when the day comes…..I dunno, these liberals aren’t right in the head….

  • Hulie04

    It is because of people like her that Trump won. It was so simple to most of us who supported Trump and voted for it. The reason he was going to win was right there, in front of them, and it was only the arrogance of the left that kept them from seeing it.

    • Pam Cooper

      I agree, the American middle class (White and Black taxpayer–the camel) have been bullied to no end while we continue to fund their ‘programs’ and golf games. The middle-class taxpayer had been pushed out with no ear to our needs, our desires, or our complaints. We have been systematically burdened with hoards of diseased or criminal immigrants and welfare programs (the camels load) far beyond what our resources can handle (–the camel’s back is/was breaking).

  • supernaturalfamily

    Please wipe that smile off her ugly racist face.

  • Brenda Oakley Lumpp

    Felony assault. Hope she gets convicted because that will mean her bullying ass will never be allowed to vote again.

    • BetterTomorrow

      Ummm unless she gets in on the MASSIVE Obama pardons he’s handing out like two-cent candy. She better act fast, though. LOL And, really, they have the dead voting now. STILL couldn’t win.

  • TT

    ironically, it’s always the fat ones that are the most smug

    • Pam Cooper

      I donno, Obama is pretty smug. IMO


    Oh yeah because black witnesses are so honest and civic duty minded. Im sure several will come forward saying she was minding her own business and he rushed up in a white hoody with eye holes cut out yelling were sending you back to africa wielding a gun and bible. She acted in seld defense to save her hungry homeless because of Trump children.

  • PowertothePEEP

    Yep, no one on this comment board is racist at all.

    • Just Straight Shooting

      You are, a racist troll.

  • scanspeak

    She’s a black women = automatic double victim points so therefore unlikely to receive any penalty in Obama’s America.

  • Ruth Austin Ikramov

    She should try that with a Trump supporter that can fight back because she would never do it again!!! Awe come visit me and tell me how much you hate me for voting for Trump I will explain nice & slowly why I voted for him while I gently stroke your ugly face with my knuckles. Let’s see how long it takes before I’m called a racist lol cause bet I don’t care what color you are!

  • benvad

    As soon as Trump is in I want real law and order.

  • These people are ugly. Imagine smashing a man to the pavement. I don’t care who you are, you don’t do that.

  • Thomas in Jacksonville

    Send her to jail. See if she is smiling then.

  • Pedro Skirving

    When all else fails… the race card

  • Steven Phillips

    TNB. That’s all this is.

  • Observer

    Did anyone think we could expect anything better from these people?

  • She must have mistaken him for a homeless black woman…

  • Box

    One smile is worth a thousand words.

  • White Lightning

    What they don’t seem to understand is you can run your mouth as much as you want but laying hands on someone especially an elderly person is a no no. Hope she does jail time if they aren’t scared in NY to punish the guilty

  • Brainhose

    Jane Goodall needs to have a long talk with this ape

  • June Fletcher Reynolds

    She should be charged with a hate crime also.

  • heynorm48 the Deplorable

    An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. Only seems fair to me.

  • DJack K

    Why is this not classified as a HATE crime?

  • Rick Derris

    SHE’S FAT!!!!! Why are SJWs always FAT?!?!

    In a few weeks she will be in a club and approach a muscular Black man. She’ll try to sweet-talk him, and then will find out that the guy would rather have gay sex with Milo than with her. So Milo is going to win in the end anyway. Inter-racial snap!

  • John

    She has no right to lay her hands on anyone unless it is in self defense. The Judge should of held her in contempt for the smile B/S. Even her friends admit she struck the man.

  • micha

    fat THUG PIG

  • Cpl Punishment

    so her organization is called “Stomp Out Bullying”….
    the very name implies that it’s ok to use Violence to get your way…..
    beating up on an Elderly man….. let her try that with me.
    I’ll “Stomp Out this Bully”

  • Joan Maglitto

    tisk tisk little girl you need a puppy . We’ve all been bullied. But we dont all resort to pushing old people.

  • Sandy Miller

    I know a way to wipe that smirk off her ugly face. Well of course her friends are going to lie for her. That’s the only kind of friends bullies have. Liars and trouble making skanks.

  • TxSon

    Come on Milo. You can proof better than that … “her lawyer ensured the judge that she was a good citizen” Assured the judge.

  • Camilla Carr

    This is the kind of woman that makes other people feel racist when they aren’t. She is a nasty vicious female, period. Sadly, she won’t get what she deserves, of course. Too many people seek
    to reward garbage behavior from garbage people.

  • Laurence X. Odhner

    Ugly on the outside, ugly on the inside.

  • Lucifer Morningstar

    Milo is a firestarter. I’m pretty sure this nugget muncher is going to end up either in jail or broke from multiple lawsuits in the next couple years. Any account events he manufactures is highly suspect.

  • Steffi Liao

    She is a disgrace to all blacks. Her behaviour actually promotes racism, by giving blacks a bad name.

  • AussieSue

    I’m an Aussie, and very please that DT is President, as this sort of thing will change asap.

  • Ken Settle

    Of course…..always trot out the old standby…”But….he used RACIAL SLURS”!!!

  • Lee Burston

    Maybe I should smash her head on the concrete see if she smiles then!!!

  • Kimberly Jones

    Did he TOUCH her first? or just use his voice??? Cause, as far as I can remember We have a right to use our voice! We DON”T have a right to lay hands on other because we used our voice!

  • DancingFlower

    Funny how it ALL the old man’s fault!! Its never their fault. When is this ignorance gonna stop….wait… never because of the tantrums being thrown by the libs.

  • darren_s

    Guess love trumps hate , not so much. Typical liberal intolerance

  • TPS12

    She’s a member of the liberal hate and lies group. libs bullying is accepted just look at the past week and the msm even after saying they would get back to telling the truth fail to report this liberal bullying.

  • psychoskin

    Cow needs to have that grin wiped off her face…with a brick…

  • Her defense is that she told the guy she would assault him before she did so. So, if I tell a bank I’m gonna rob it before I do so, does that mean I don’t have to go to jail for it?

  • Free Thought

    Fuck that smug bitch. Slap the shit out of her.

  • “Shacara is the face of an organization called “Stomp Out Bullying” after she was, *supposedly*, a victim of harassment in 2011”

    Look, I don’t think what happened was right, but this kind of language towards victims of abuse is complete garbage. Especially when her attacker plead guilty.

  • bschec7

    It is time we take to the streets. Not young, but I shoot tight groupings.

  • walt

    all three of my grown children turned into Republicans sometime before the election.I had nothing to do with it at all.I wonder what they saw that made them change?

  • Martin Vlcek

    there was definitely no remorse on her part, or she’d be a bit more somber; doesn’t that disqualify her from no bail? good lesson taught. i just watched a video on saying No to kids, to then see how Lady Shacara is becoming a spoiled brat.

  • making_pie


  • making_pie

    Badyear Blimp

  • David Behrens
  • Dice Royal

    Where is that racist talk on tape? Boom missing.

  • Frontierland

    The Anti-Whites will continue exposing themselves, however…

    They won’t be smiling following January 20, 2017.
    The Police State is Ours now.

  • mowens

    So tell me how she can continue being the face of “Stomp The Bullying” organization now?

  • neil5

    That welfare queer needs to lose her food stamps and welfare handouts

  • Samurai

    We need to end this Orwellian PC Newspeak tyranny.

    The Authoritarians lost, freedom one.

    The days of Leftist violence and victimology are over.

    All we are saying is give freedom a chance.

  • robmanwiller

    Somebody (another woman her age) ought to wipe the smile off this baby rhino’s face – with a shovel. Just another ‘shovel-ready job’ Obama never delivered. ;>)