Obama can’t seem to make up his mind on FBI Director James Comey. Just a few days ago, the White House said President Obama was “confident” in Comey and did not feel the bureau’s top official was doing anything wrong.

Today, Obama pulled an about face and took out the boxing gloves in a video with NowThis – an organization that turned up in one of the WikiLeaks Podesta releases as having colluded with the Clinton campaign on how to angle coverage in favor of Hillary.

“He faulted how the FBI director, James B. Comey, handled new emails related to the investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s private server,” The New York Times reported Thursday.

The article continues, “Mr. Obama’s comments about Mr. Comey, broadcast early in the day as recent polls showed a tightening race, were striking for a president who has insisted he does not comment on FBI investigations.”

Obama made that insistence last June when the FBI refused to recommend charges against Hillary. Why, all of a sudden, does he feel the need to comment now that they potentially might?

Was it not enough that he endorsed her? Now, he is getting involved in political rivalry. It looks like, for him, being a Democrat comes before being president! Maybe Obama thinks that he is The President of the Blue States of America.

His comments are not only blue, they’re dirty blue.

First, consider the suspicious sequence of events that occurred right before Obama endorsed Hillary last June.

The sequence started with a suspicious meeting between Bill Clinton and attorney general Loretta Lynch.

A few days later, James Comey announced that Clinton would not be prosecuted for her crimes.

Describing her criminal actions, he used the term “extreme carelessness” and not “negligence,” since the latter is a punishable crime. The very next day, Obama endorsed Hillary.

Obama and Clinton supporters wanted Comey to wait until after the Election Day. Very blunt request to hide facts from the American people.

Why the news about the new emails were hidden and then released weeks after? Obviously, very contradicting actions.

Second, when the new set of emails were discovered weeks ago, James Comey initially stayed silent. Then, he released the news about the emails a week before the election.

Why the wait?

Well, as we’ve reported previously, there is currently a tug-of-war between the FBI and the Department of Justice regarding Hillary Clinton.

Many FBI agents have felt they have plenty of evidence to pursue the former Secretary of State. The Department of Justice has repeatedly tried to shut that ambition down.

Still, no one could doubt the news about the new set of emails was accessed by many people. After trying to keep it in the dark, perhaps Comey released the news before it would be released by someone else.

Just imagine if that had happened – the criticism he’d face for having protected Clinton. This was essentially a do-or-die situation for Comey – he’d make enemies either way. Perhaps he chose the path he felt was right – to inform the American people.

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