Feminist Lena Dunham has lashed out at white women who voted for Donald Trump, calling them “inoculated with hate for themselves” and “unable to look past their violent privilege.”

Dunham, who just last week said the extinction of white men would be a good thing, had been silent on the U.S. election outcome for the past two days.

But alas, she’s returned with a new blog post titled Don’t Agonize, Organize. In the article, Dunham says she woke up “like a bride” on election day.

“I smugly selected a baby-blue sweater with a not-so-subtle pussy motif and headed to vote with my boyfriend,” she writes.

Smugly indeed…

But Tuesday evening, instead of “knocking back glasses of champagne” and “creating a story” to tell her future children, Dunham says she broke out in hives, uncontrollable tears and incoherent mumbling.

“It wasn’t supposed to go this way,” Dunham says she uttered. “It was supposed to be [Hillary Clinton’s] job. She worked her whole life for the job. It’s her job.”

As this unfolded, Dunham says her boyfriend – “who had already wept” – watched sympathetically.

Hey. You. Stop laughing. This is serious stuff, alright?

Lena Dunham has spent the past year and a half campaigning for Hillary Clinton.

Lena Dunham has spent the past year and a half campaigning for Hillary Clinton. She even released a really shitty rap video in support of the Democratic candidate.

Of Wednesday morning, Dunham says, “I ached in the places that make me a woman.”

The 30-year-old Dunham goes on to say that this election has left her feeling – for the first time – “heartbroken by the system.”

Is it any wonder she’s such a big Hillary Clinton supporter?

Further on in her melodramatic rant, Dunham writes that she will be in mourning until Sunday, after which she plans to fight.

“Now, more than ever,” she writes, “our power is in numbers and our refusal to accept the idea that our leaders intrinsically know what’s best for us.”

“We have been radicalized,” she declares.

Oh, well that explains quite a bit, Lena Dunham. ‘Radicalization’ must be why anti-Trump protestors are savagely beating people who stand behind the President-elect.

It must be why elementary school children can’t even vote for Donald Trump in mock elections at school without winding up on crutches.

It also explains why business owners suddenly feel it’s their right to bully their pro-Trump employees into resigning.

Maybe it’s also why a black mob in Chicago feels it’s their duty to assume an elderly white man voted Republican, pull him out of his car and lynch him while shouting “You voted Trump!”

It all makes sense now. Thanks, Dunham.



  • Paul Hayward

    Please somebody buy her a ticket out of this Country

    • Anny1

      Milo bought her one!

  • Paul Hayward

    Will somebody also remind me what she is famous for…besides her opinion.

    • CT

      She’s famous for raping her younger sister and getting away with it.

    • roland3337

      She’s famous for showing her fat ass to the whole world.

  • James hegarty

    Palin was right. When you put lipstick on a pig it’s still a pig.

  • Christian Bowers

    I don’t believe this. This story is complete horse manure…there’s no way she has a boyfriend.

    • Brenda Pipher

      But if she did, you know he’d be crying.

      • glamdeluxe

        All day every day.

        • Formerly blocked by 6abc.com.

          and his d*ck would fall off.

      • Eek Eek Ooogada Boogeda

        Or gay. And being paid to hang around her.

      • samton909

        Her boyfriend is pajama boy

    • Tex Tillis

      Yeah, I believe it: they have special hospitals where they make “adjustments” to an aspiring worm (male cadet SJW after a sniff of SJW Sweaty Pussy Power) to rid him of a good 9/10 of his patriarchy particles; make him learn a couple of different scripts for the one or two sitches where a white male bitch is required by the Priestesse, for show.

    • EllisWyatt

      Does anyone have video or photographic evidence of this alleged “boyfriend”? I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • Jen Lane

      I know right?!

    • Dane

      Hahahahaha yeah that suprised me the most as well, i always thought she hated white men coz no one would fuck her ugly ass

      • Susan Simpson

        I didn’t read that the boyfriend was white.

        • Dane

          True, its only an assumption but i dont know any self respecting black man who would go with her. White men are dumb enough to go for her (just for clarification im white)

          • Samuel Chuck

            The fact that your bigotry is also self-loathing does not make it any less bigotry…

          • Dane

            Bigotry? Your an absolute moron mate, back to your safe space you go.

          • Chris Prestridge

            Aw Sam, don’t worry, your Trump Rump Hurt will end, in 2024.

          • High Steppa

            Oh bite me.

    • El Cucho

      Hahahaha Christian Bowers. That was priceless. You are my hero. ROFL…

    • Jim Sterrett

      It’s probably a chick who “identifies as a man” and they met in a gender studies class

      • buddygonzo

        They met in the cisified bathroom

    • SeRiOuSLy!!??

      i don’t buy that either…that goes against everything she represents

    • guest

      I think her ‘boyfriend” is a girl…she is a lesbian…

    • harleycowboy

      It’s the fake rape guy in her head.

    • Some guys do get really, REALLY, desperate …

    • champ

      She does. He’s blind and he can’t smell anything; perfect match for this fat sweathog…

    • tps

      Her “boyfriend” is really a woman who self-identifies as a man.

    • Deserttrek

      I am sure he is plastic, rubber or some type of life like material

    • SineWaveII

      Yeah she does. She carries it around in her purse.

    • Mapquest

      There are plenty of castrati beta males in NYC looking for a rich chick to pamper them. Hopefully in this case he’s deaf.

    • Depends (these days) on how you define “boy”. She didn’t specify “cis-boyfriend”, and it’s probably never safe to assume anything she says is completely true.

    • neil5

      I think she is dating a singer who looks like a huge beta chump. Lena Dunham is a fat, ugly, and mouthy pig, so any man dating her is either secretly gay or a low-T beta

    • Raptor Jesus

      Well, she’s known to be a serious liar. Explains her attachment to Hillary. Two peas in a pod.

  • Peter Westberg

    lol, so funny. They still don’t get it. And I hope they continue to not get it through the midterms in 2 years. And then 4 more years…4 more years…4 more years.

    • Anne Marie Healy

      I never thought about it that way in my thoughts that they don’t get it. Here’s to them not getting it! “Clink”

  • D. Lyrium

    >Of Wednesday morning, Dunham says, “I ached in the places that make me a woman.”
    >Read: “My pussy throbbed at the idea of a Trump presidency.”

    • rainman

      I thought you didn’t need those places to “make you a woman.” You just had to believe.

      • bort

        Yeah I thought her dick was killing her

    • FizzyLogic

      Bullet hard nipples can be excruciating too

  • Michael Grace

    I’ve never seen such tantrums. The millennials and their heroes have exploded into pieces. I don’t like Trump (or Hillary), but his supporters were energized and they showed up, voted and won. End of story…or at least it should be, were it not for all of the crazy death squad Hitler fantasies running through their heads; you know, the same kind of conspiracies they laughed about when it was idiots on the right warning that Obama was going to destroy the nation. I guess they’re not as smart and sophisticated as they imagined.

  • ReneeWatson

    few french fries short of a happy meal lol

  • Debbie Campbell

    Thanks for the laugh.

  • Keely Swan

    This is the same whore who admitted to molesting her younger sister. Like I give a crap what she thinks about anything. Demented perv.

  • Nattie Gray

    a shame, her teeth are so cute

  • rainman

    Why didn’t these morons cry when Obama took away Hillary’s lollipop 8 years ago?

  • Kelvinator

    Lena is a big, fat, ugly sweathog. But then, she’s a lib, so…
    Besides, not to worry, she’s leaving the country. She said so.

  • Shawn Brown

    Ok…seriously guys this isn’t funny anymore. Who the fuck is this? Was she in the goonies, boy meets world? I mean I’ve never heard of this cunt.

  • Jeff Johnson

    It’s a pity she doesn’t seem to have gotten the mental health help she desperately needs.

  • L84Cabo

    Radicalized? It’s hard to believe Liberals could get even nuttier, more extreme and stupid than they already are. But I’m sure if it’s possible, they’re find a way. Liberalism truly is a disease. On another note…she has a boyfriend? Holy hell! What man on the planet would be willing to stick his dick in that thing? He must be a hell of a Beta.

    • OmegaTou

      A feminist having sex with her boyfriend? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! That’s rich.

    • EllisWyatt

      It’s probably a woman who “identifies” as a man.

  • Mick Trivane

    “The places that make me a woman” I guess she’s referring to her back fat that resembles a pair titties.

  • msjoeshmoe

    Political awakening? She needs to go back to sleep!

    • love.calligraphy

      I actually just laughed out loud- GREAT comment!

  • So when Dems are in power the Government DOES know what’s best for you?

  • Terrence Meehan

    She actually has a “boyfriend”? Not imaginary? How much of a pathetic, self-hating pussy is that turd brain?

  • Wong Feihung

    Shut up gopher

  • Timothy B Sarver

    These irrational babies are going to continue throwing temper tantrums and innocent people are going to get SERIOUSLY hurt, or killed , in the process. Shit’s about to get real, with celebrities encouraging them and the media reinforcing their fears it has them in a panic and they are going to lash out because it’s what children do when they’re frightened. They’ve all been so manipulated they truly believe Trump is Hitler and we’re fucking Nazis.

  • Truth Gun

    ““I ached in the places that make me a woman.”

    The feminine napkin aisle at Walmart? The gyno office? The girl’s restroom at Target? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/987867e30daf21049e15d4f78910a5a534d0a0d722b9b91463724bb61570350d.jpg

  • Bobcat665

    Fuck off and die, Lena!

  • C.d. Gibson

    Well, at least I’ve never sexually assaulted anyone as she has said she did.

  • Carnival Of Gangs

    She. Is. The. One. Wait…the matrix doesn’t really care because she’s fat.

    • EllisWyatt

      If she was “The One”, Morpheus would have killed himself.

      • FizzyLogic

        He would have overdosed himself on red pills

  • lazypadawan

    What’s she going to do, molest more little kids?

  • bort

    wait, when did the Chicago one go from a beating to a goddamn lynching? Unless I’m misinterpreting this, that’s a completely absurd thing to do when YOU DON’T GET YOUR WAY

  • Lorraine Molina

    Absolute troll of a woman.

  • TennTexan


  • MTG

    Somebody please explain to me what does she know about women’s rights being violated? Didn’t she grew up in America? She thinks she knows something about the issue. Some of us did grow up in the countries hostile to women and we know things first hand. American feminists are so fake they defeat the purpose of the movement (or at least the purpose it should have). Definition of “feminism” has been hijacked by those like Lena who know nothing about the issue. Instead she should be helping women around the world who really do live in unjust environments and don’t have equal rights as men.

  • Rekt

    Holy sheet! That thing has..a boyfriend!??

  • EnglishGit

    She enjoys the rancid white female privilege of still not being in prison for diddling her underage sister over a ten year period

  • A Touch of Insanity

    Let’s not forget that kids can’y vote for Trump in mock elections without their mom packing a suitcase for them and then making them leave the house with a sign that says “My Mom Threw Me Out Because I Voted For Trump” all while the kid is screaming and crying and begging his mother not to throw him out…yeah…that radicalization

  • Tom O.

    I feel so sorry for her boyfriend. May God let him realize that there are better women out there.

  • tedi d

    I think she should double up on her visits to the shrink-what a piece of work? And she speaks for whom? Not my daughters . This is the first time I’ve been moved to call someone white trash, but she sure does qualify. Between her sick confessions and her attempt at ‘avant garde’ drama on t.v…..hope someone does have mercy on her soul ( that is if she actually has one)!

  • Russ Rutter

    I honestly hope Lena Dunham dies. These quotes are a drag. She looks like a hamster but keeps labeling groups shit. Some liberals are becoming crazy and pushing people away. I voted Trump. I love gay people,black people, Haitians, Filipino mahfuckiz and Turks. I can sleep at night.

  • Paraschiv Adrian

    Nothing about packing her bags and getting the fuck out of Kanssas, i have a strange feeling that all these pussy hurt, ugly, fat bitches (Biber included) that said they would leave, so as to force the hand of ther “fans”(whomever they may be???), are not acctualy packing… What’s up with that, be radicalized from abrod you fat ugly fuck.

  • OmegaTou

    Sweet! We have “Violent Privilege” now? Also:

    “our refusal to accept the idea that our leaders intrinsically know what’s best for us.”

    I think the cognitive dissonance required for her to make that statement may have been great enough to fracture reality. Expect to see people turn inside-out, and rain to fall upward.

  • old guy

    The communists are crying in Their kool-aid now.

  • TheGOAT

    Did she learn Canda’s anthem already?

  • Mike Connor

    If I was her boyfriend I would be weeping constantly.

  • Bruno

    Why is she still a thing that matters. She hates white men, white woman, Trump supports, she pretty much just hates.

  • Nick Harman

    What’s ‘violent privilege’?

    • Peter Brook

      Being violent whilst being told it’s ok because the people you’re doing it to are evil.

      So what the left are doing in cities all across ‘Murica right now.

  • Birdman

    Who cares what this pig says or thinks. I can honestly say if it wasn’t for articles like this I would not even know who she is.

  • Helen Witschi

    Lena, the fact that you support a woman who is married to a sexual predator, who follows behind, zips his zipper up and either buys off or bullies the women into silence says it all! Hillary has no self-respect and I certainly do NOT consider her a role model for women and, if you support this, you are just as pathetic in your self-analysis as she is. Who I vote for does NOT define my status as a woman. I have supported myself all of my life, made my own decisions and, shucky-darn, I am still alive and well and able to vote for a candidate that I feel will make a difference in the US. You need to pack your bags and leave since this is such and unhappy place for you!

  • Pac Man

    her boyfriend who had already cried…..HAHAHAHA…….

  • Anny1

    She doesn’t get how she was part of the problem. Many people were on the fence and hated both candidates, but stupid celebrities kept promising to leave the US put them to vote for Trump. Notice, all of the celebrities that promised to move are saying they were just kidding.

  • A Eagle


    I like her show, and her acting. It has inspired a range of emotions and much (intended) laughter.

    Lena, personally, comes across as an emotionally unreliable, fact-challenged, spirit cooking pedo. Her persona is reaching grotesque proportions – which is not a clever way of saying she’s obese, although she may be.

    I want to see her rejoin our American family.

  • Mark Emarc

    who??? this libtard has no say in anything.

  • Steve Miller

    Lena Dunham……And your opinion of this election is supposed to matter to me???? Exactly why???

  • Lord_of_Lotion
  • John Cropper

    Soooo…long, slender, plastic, battery-operated “shoulder massage devices” are considered “boyfriends” now? Panasonic must be so proud that their one of their “sons” is dating.

  • Kenneth James Abbott

    ““I ached in the places that make me a woman.””
    I suspect that has more to do with various microscopic creatures than recent political events.

  • Diavolos

    Apartheid the regressive left from the common sense right. Hard working people cannot be leftists. Liberals live in simulation, nothing they do is real, they only get credit for it and can live on like leeches on a host body./

  • DDogs

    What a sad sad woman thinking that she is right.

  • Eek Eek Ooogada Boogeda

    That vagina has never come within 6 feet of a real penis.

  • Jason Wander

    There is nothing I would ever take seriously nor trust from someone getting paid and writing a book about being a child molester. Fuck off.

  • guest

    The only one that is SELF HATING IS LENA DUNHAM…or she would go about her business…instead she makes accusations that are so insane it is pitiful….she hates HERSELF… and by the way she is NOT FEMINIST…she is a morally vacant vessel who speaks loudly so people will look her way…because she has nothing else…

  • emersonushc13

    Incest Baby Rapist said what now?

  • ThewlynOh ✓certifiable

    “our power is in numbers and our refusal to accept the idea that our leaders intrinsically know what’s best for us”

    ugly sexual molester rape-liar was PERFECTLY willing to let Hillary tell her what to do and when to do it and how and why and where…but OMG Trump

    someone tell this delicate little flower that Yale has puppies & coloring books if she feels bad

  • libertyluvur

    Say what???? this little girl is a moron. She makes no sense…she apparently hates being a white woman. Personally, as a white woman with no prejudices, I find her an embarrassment to my gender….being a liberal is a terrible, terrible disease.

  • bobd111

    So we should all vote for our “identity group” regardless if we think the candidate’s policies suck? Or if she’s corrupt? Or if she’s compromised national security through her negligence and shouldn’t be anywhere near the White House? Taken further, why should a black man vote for a white woman? Why should any hispanic vote for anyone but their own group? To do so is an act of self-hatred and merely allows their party to take their vote for granted and to continue to exclude them. They should stay home in protest of their party until they nominate someone from their group—or at a minimum, have someone from their group run in the primaries from their group. You know, like the GOP did.

  • harleycowboy

    Dunham says she broke out in hives, uncontrollable tears and incoherent mumbling.

    How is this different from any other day?

  • buddygonzo

    “I ached in the places that make me a woman.”

    She’s confusing that with butt hurt

  • Col. Harrumph

    Wait… she’s still here? Flights to Vancouver canceled?

  • ChangeThis

    You mad Btch?

  • SamWah

    “Self-Hating Women” voted for Trump. Talk about Projection!

  • SineWaveII

    She just becomes more and more hideous.

  • samton909

    She is a nutcase. Always has been, always will be. She should be in Canada now, so she has to change the story. So she says something unbelievably stupid to divert attention from the fact that she should be in Canada now. Anyway, she is someone that only the sick artist crowd knows anyway.

  • Grumpy Cat
  • Whelk

    Snidely Whiplash chuckles.

  • dnb03

    Her boyfriend must be “inoculated with hate for himself” if she’s who he’s dating.

  • notthatGreg

    Wait a second. Dunham says that we shouldn’t “intrinsically accept that our leaders know what’s best for us?” That might be the only thing she’s ever said that I would agree with. Too bad she would never have said that while a Democrat was in the White House.

    • cheeflo

      I don’t think she even knows what she said. The thought never entered her mind (such as it is) until she was suddenly confronted with reality — and for her, reality still doesn’t compute.

      • notthatGreg

        Since somewhere around 90% of what comes out of her mouth is based on the assumption that she does, in fact, know what’s best for the rest of us, you’re probably right.

  • SGT Ted

    Mental illness is always sad to watch unfold.

  • Angela Whitaker-Becker

    Ok so I finally know who she is now. Lost an IQ point however.

  • neil5

    That is one hideous beast

  • vickiepowell

    LENA DUNHAM – even though you disagree, we are perfectly capable of deciding for ourselves what our priorities are – without being dictated to by you. You are arrogant, elitist, and hypocritical.

  • xpatYankeeCurmudgeon

    Another generation of delusional Leftoids regurgitating the cult Marx bilge water about ‘false consciousness’ and how entire voting blocs actually vote against themselves democracy would work better without teh capitalism blah blah blah buy my new book

  • John Testa

    Lena Dunham. A white privileged kinky liberal dufus who preyed on her little sister. We listen to her: Why.

  • DevilDog Ding

    Lena Dunham is now identified as a feminist? That’s better than unfunny comic actress and lots better than pedophile, I suppose.