More than three million illegal immigrants cast votes in the U.S. presidential election, according to a report from

The organization’s founder Gregg Phillips said they reached that number after analyzing a whopping 180 million voter registrations from across the country.

Phillips went on to say that his organization would be pursuing legal action in tandem with another voter fraud watchdog group.

Voter fraud had been a major concern heading into this election, especially after President Obama publicly declared that illegal immigrants could vote without fear of legal consequences.

Some even refer to Obama’s statement as outright encouragement for illegal immigrants to get out and vote.

Data collected prior to Election Day revealed that illegal immigrants largely supported Hillary Clinton due to her lax immigration policies that would have granted millions of them protection from deportation.

There were even reports of illegal immigrants going door-to-door to campaign for the Democratic candidate.

Based on this information, the fact that 3 million illegal immigrants cast votes during this election calls into question Hillary Clinton’s proposed popular vote ‘victory.’

Hillary Clinton supposedly won the popular vote by 630,000.

Image: Global News

Image: Global News

With 3 million illegal immigrants having voted on Election Day, it’s not hard to see how – even with conservative estimates of how many actually voted for Hillary – that lead vanishes.

That becomes especially clear when you look at the states those illegal immigrants likely voted in – that is, the states that do not require some form of ID before voting. That includes California, New York and New Jersey – all states that ultimately went blue on election night.

How much of that is thanks to the help of illegal voters?

News of the findings has sparked much criticism on the internet regarding the liberal ‘Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, so she should be president’ argument.

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  • Leigh Moyse

    Can’t say I’m surprised. Take away all the fraudulent votes form rigged voting machines, and she would be lucky to have got 25% of the votes.

    • Amir Meshkin

      cant say im suprised that some of you rapist voters, are actually so stupid, that you owuld believe this..tweet. a fucking TWEET. not even an article.

      Just some asshole, witha shady site, that has a RUSSIAN IP ADDRESS….you people are absolutely fucking ignorant.

      • Leigh Moyse

        Thanks for proving you’re a moron. You can’t type, and you accuse people of being rapists voters (talk about reaching). Exactly the kind of low intellect response I’d expect from a retarded libtard like you.

  • joey_c

    so some guy sends out a tweet making a claim with no evidence, and you believe it because you agree with it? somehow not surprised.

    • HT

      Discounting it outright because it doesn’t fit your agenda? Somehow not surprised.

      • Sam

        Your mother loves gang bangs. I don’t have any evidence for it, but will you discount it outright as it doesn’t fit your agenda too?

        • HT

          Typical Iibtard rhetoric. Go get your crayons and Play-Doh and have fun playing with yourself in a safe place.

          • shindigg

            The only tard is you, ya stupid little pretender flunky dummy.

          • HT

            Thanks for proving my point gruber.

      • joey_c

        not discounting it outright, asking for evidence. big difference.

        • shindigg

          HT is too dumb though. He can’t understand the difference. Shame the failure rate in our schools, the amount of idiots that make it through somehow, but can’t distinguish in any way the differences between things, rendering themselves (and the rest of us, unfortunately) at the mercy of unsavory characters who take great advantage of this failure by, so many apparently, to learn stuff.

    • Timothy B Sarver

      It’s no just some random dude tweeting it, it’s from a report by, you muppet.

      • joey_c

        oh, well, if they have a web site they *must* be legit.

    • David Cuenca

      Joey, have you not read the other comments. Everyone is asking for sources/citations.

      • GetAClueOr2

        Correct. I don’t trust it even though it seems reasonable. It’s not as if the democrats don’t have a long troubling history of circumventing any rule or law that stands in their way

      • joey_c

        when i commented there were only 3 comments on this thread and none asked for citations.

  • Chris Shiherlis

    FLASHBACK– Washington Post in 2014: Non-Citizen Voting Gave Democrats 60th Vote for Obamacare

    • Tieland

      lmao Cites Breitbart for every article. Were you able to pull any polls from Stormfront?

      • Chris Shiherlis

        They cite info from the Washington post, politico and the Justice department. Definitely not stormfront, but if you would have read the articles you would not have made such an ignorant statement.

        • Baconator

          Then why not just cite WaPo, etc.? Oh I know why, because the titles are, uh, “not quite true”. Just like this page; I came here to read about illegals voting and to hear Obama encourage illegal immigrants to vote. All I got was a lame tweet and Obama telling a CITIZEN to vote. Yawn. Y’all really ought to try harder.

      • irememberallthelies

        Now your really stretching hard!

  • frenchie mama

    NOW they have your illegal immigrant addresses… seeing as u used your drivers license and a piece of mail with your addresses …. Thank you Obama.

    • rainman

      And if it’s anything like New Jersey. one address will net you 20 – 30 illegals.

  • frenchie mama

    They need to look up all the absentee votes- seeing as most of them are probably dead…

  • Jeff McClearn

    Can we get a fact on this report.. Main stream media has said nothing but, if it is true then it would get out there soon enough…

    • Sam

      Dont need facts, they get in the way of a good sensationalist conspiracy story.

      • Sarah Jones


      • Amir Meshkin

        i know right. who neesd facts when bullshit from russia gets the rapist voted.

    • Terbreugghen

      There’s no doubt illegal aliens, especially in the American southwest, have voted in large numbers. That said, I would not trust any citation of number without clear documentation, and this ain’t it. Mainstream Media will never touch this or anything else that indicts their claim to superiority, but I would not report this either because it is too sketchy. Finally, why is it assumed that all people here illegally would vote for Ms. Clinton? I would not make that assumption

      • JSebastian

        Finally, why is it assumed that all people here illegally would vote for Ms. Clinton? I would not make that assumption

        Huh? You don’t think its a given that they’d vote for the candidate offering amnesty over the one demanding to enforce the law?

        • Terbreugghen

          I don’t put people in a box. I know enough of them not to do so. I’m sure lots of people here illegally would vote for Ms. Clinton, likely the majority. But are you sure no person here illegally would vote Trump? I’m not.

    • Amir Meshkin


      right wing hate sites and russian propaganda do.

  • despin

    tried to go to and got redirected to another site. While I normally agree with you Milo, you need to vet information better.

    • Calbert

      The redirected site reads “You have been re- directed here from because this is our up-to-the-minute website. still has excellent, top-notch information, but its “look” is an outdated mess. Be sure to see “Dear First Time Visitor” immediately below”

    • Amir Meshkin

      duh! this is how propagnada works. this is how the rapist won. who cares if it’s true. tell your friends on twitter.

  • Drew Linsley redirects to a sketchy website that is by no means an organization, which sprinkles in some doubt on my end…

    • Lol Nadz
    • Amir Meshkin

      it’s russian fake bs news. come on people. use your heads. putin makes you peopel look like complete utter morons

      • m96

        No, you have just bought the ordinary concept of western msm. You need to understand you’re being fed propaganda 24/7. They even invented a word now to make it easy to control your thoughts. Just like cia invented “conspiracy theory”. You fall for it again.

        • waltkovacs

          Yeah there is no evidence or proof of Russian interference, just unsubstantiated claims. Unlike this talk if illegal voting where there is no evidence or proof, just unsubstantiated claims.

  • kiethstoned

    Not real evidence, I need to see what reason this guy has for believing his claim. No doubt the motive and means is there for illegals to vote, but to just say 3m voted, I need to see something.

  • Based

    Can we get more citations? twitter isn’t what I could call a good source, and their website redirects to a pretty shitty site at a weird URL. I’m geniunly interested but need good sources

    • Lol Nadz
      • Based

        Twitter IS NOT a valid source, I can o on twitter and say anything I want, again reputable source please

        • theottoshow

          Greg Phillips IS the source. He’s with a voter rights group and filing the lawsuit. Have you gone to his site or TruetheVote research or are you waiting for CNN to repeat it?

          • Based

            they haven’t backed up their claim.

          • ChaznGwenie Gugins

            why would they go to court without information to back up the claim??

          • BanterLantern


          • Baconator

            Court? He said “consulting legal team”.

          • joey_c

            yeah i went to his web site and they have nothing to offer in terms of evidence, only assertions.

          • Baconator

            Were’s the report? No report = unsubstantiated. Come on, you’re smarter than this.

        • Amir Meshkin

          twitter is not a valid source? really. you idiots have been spreading the news about hillary being terminally ill based on somer acsits twitter posts.

          You people are so easy to fool with russian propaganda.

    • Tara Payne

      Agreed. I couldn’t get anywhere either. I’m hoping we’ll see the official statistics from the voting board or something. Before I put it into my grab bag arsenal for liberals, I need to know the official data numbers.

      • Based

        Exactly! like I’m Anti-Hilary but we have to hold our selves to a higher standard than MSM and actually do properly fact checking. I’m very upset that Milo constantly posts these sort of articles, no actual factual backing just empty claims, come on man, don’t become the evil you (and daddy) are trying to fight!

        • Paula

          You are right.. We need to pay more attention and hold ALL of them accountable.

          • darrelld67

            Hey, these last few posts are actually encouraging.

        • Florian75

          Pamela Geller posted the same story on her website. I called for factual documentation in the comments section of that article. It does our cause no good if such claims can’t be substantiated. I look forward to a Trump Department of Justice ensuring election integrity throughout the nation.

          • Jn1BG00D

            See, you speak of “election integrity” whereas Trump talks about non-existent Voter Fraud. He does not want an investigation into Election Fraud because it will reveal he obtained office fraudulently.

        • Jn1BG00D

          Hold Trump to the highest standard and demand an investigation into GOP Election Fraud that put Trump in as POTUS. That is the real issue.

    • Daniel Willingham

      Well we do know on average non-citizens vote 5-8%. Which is about 675 thousand to 800 thousand. So if 3 million voted, well shit. Just goes to show how retarded NPV national systems are.

      • joey_c

        “Well we do know on average non-citizens vote 5-8%.”
        no, you don’t. there is zero evidence of in person voter fraud taking place across the nation, despite extensive investigation by multiple state attorneys general who are motivated to think it’s happening by their own partisan leanings.

        • Wes

          hahahhahaha there is plenty of evidence only a closed minded neo liberal would say otherwise…

          • joey_c
          • Steve Smith

            You forgot to link in the Project Veritas videos that have Liberals admitting they commit voter fraud and ways they go about hiding it.

          • joey_c

            you haven’t linked it either…

          • David Wiloch
          • Emma Brown

            Mostly liberals say that.. and even WITHOUT “sources” common sense alone, shows that illegals “vote” sny chance they get…and we MUST put a stop to it!!

          • joey_c

            this is not a matter of liberals. it’s just facts. most liberals say that the earth revolves around the sun – do you want to dispute that as well?

            multiple states have investigated the matter (usually after complaints from the g.o.p.) and there just isn’t much evidence that in-person voter fraud actually happens.

          • Amir Meshkin


            You sound like a complete and utter idiot.

          • Gabriel

            She sounds like a concerned citizen of the United States.
            You however, sound like a typical uneducated dolt. At some point, an embarrassment response should be kicking in, that would at least slow your childish insults down a smidge. Obviously, this is not happening.

            To help your childish cause: try stringing words together without using so much profane language. Sure it’s fun to say fuck from time to time, but it can become burdensome while someone is trying to stumble through your poorly contrived nonsense. Go easy on those that have paid for your lackluster education. It’s offensive to hear children put us down with cussing and poor grammar. It’s even more disappointing to hear them think this country revolves only around their leftist fantasies. It tells us that you weren’t paying attention to your history teachers, and that you probably failed those courses. Tax money thrown out the window. Yikes.

          • Gabriel

            Don’t let the progtards drag you down. You are correct in your assumptions. If evidence does come to light, we will have to introduce federal legislation that “Trumps”, (lol) states powers. Concerning voting regs. across the board.

        • irememberallthelies

          In 8 counties in Virginia 1000 were found that had voluntarily turned themselves in. 125 va counties to go.

          • joey_c

            a claim with no citation or evidence…

        • Amir Meshkin

          who needs evidence when you have russian propaganda and hatred for liberals.

          • m96

            Haha 🙂 You have been brainwashed 🙂 Tinfoil hat on.

          • Twana Blevins

            Note he played the professional victimhood card, (hatred of all liberals)

        • Daniel Willingham

          Yes there is….polls….Gallup, Pew Research, and Rasmussen have all done polls/research on this. These are the only BIG credible third party independent research sites. These are the same sites, that polled, and found out conservative know more than everything on political issues (economics, trade, jobs, government, laws, Constitution, education, and etc) with only liberals knowing one thing more by 1% point, which is widespread epidemics from diseases. Other than that, Liberals were behind 14 to 16 points on average.

          Anyways, back to the facts. Here is an independent study, that collected data from all those sites, and others to come up with a conclusion. (as well as an average)

          • joey_c

            richman, chattha, and earnest’s claims in the paper you cite were demolished in a blistering reply paper by the administrators of the database that richman, chattha, and earnest used to gather their sample (see ). as ansolabehere et al wrote:

            “[richman, chattha, and earnest’s] results, we show, are completely accounted for by very low frequency measurement error; further, the likely percent of non-citizen voters in recent US elections is 0.”

            richman et al use survey data from ansolabehere’s database to identify people who report themselves as noncitizens who voted. ansolabehere points out that what they’ve found is not voter fraud but people checking the wrong box on a survey:

            “People accidentally check the wrong box in surveys. The rate of such errors in the CCES is very small, but such errors do happen. And when they do happen on a question such as citizenship, researchers can easily draw the wrong inference about voting behaviors. Richman and Earnest extrapolate from a handful of wrongfully classified cases (of non-citizens). We asked
            people in successive years their citizenship. That minimizes the error. Upon doing so we find NO INSTANCES of voting among people stating consistently that they are non-citizens. The CCES conducts a panel (repeated interviews of people asking the same questions) and vote validation. We found that NONE of the 85 individuals in the 2010-2012 panel survey who indicated that they were non-citizens in 2010 and again in 2012 in fact voted.The Richman and Earnest study is an incorrect use of the survey that
            we manage, and a false claim of evidence of non-citizen voting.”

          • Daniel Willingham

            LMAO xD
            That was a huge explanation with no data.
   (here is something that actually uses many different data sources)

            By the way even 10% of illegals voting (which you might say is small), is over 1 million individuals voting. Especially when those illegal populations are centered in specific states.

          • joey_c

            that was a huge explanation you apparently didn’t read. the paper you cited is the same one that paragraphs 5 and on of my prior post tthat you were replying to discussed. richman et. al. use *one* data source, and the custodians of that data source published a rebuttal (again, at ) where they explain very clearly that richman and his colleagues misused their database and came to evidently false conclusions. i quoted from that paper, but you apparently didn’t see fit to read any of the excerpts before making your ill-informed comment.

    • DesertRose

      Agreed. I am against Hillary but if this true (though it most likely is) and they still try to get Trump out of office by claiming it was rigged, than we need something more creditable than twitter to prove it or we won’t have much of a case.

      • Amir Meshkin

        you can always just use fake russian news.

        fucking idiots

        • m96

          Russian news like RT fx tend to be much more reliable. Just look at the comment fields. Closed in western msm. Open in Russian. Says pretty much 🙂

        • DesertRose

          I wasn’t even talking about Russian news (though even that might be more reliable than CNN and all the biased mainstream media). I am talking about finding info outside of twitter as twitter is a social media site where people can post anything you want. You may want to think before you go insulting people next time.

        • Jason
          • Amir Meshkin

            nice meme bro. idiot

    • Amir Meshkin

      wake up morons. it’s more russian fake news.

      you people were bamboozled by a scam artist and the president of russia. it’s unbelievable how stupid some of you right wingers are.

      • m96

        Haha 🙂 Have you bought the whole fake news msm propaganda? 🙂 They seem to be working overtime now.. An idiot will understand that lots of illegals voted since its so damn easy to do it.

        • waltkovacs

          It’s easy to believe. Not so easy to prove. Or provide evidence.

      • Gabriel

        Conservatives are stupid? That jumble of words, that incredulously sights the “president of russia” as a “scammer”, is as absurd as it is “stupid”. Good lord liberal…
        Thanks for trying to wake this “moron” up. You fail..

        I’m sorry President Putin, for our lack of reasoning, and the constant, baseless attacks levied at you from our uneducated children. Forgive our ignorance, in our countries moment of shame. Please safely watch from a distance, and avoid traveling here while we address this toddler tantrum that is taking place in our streets. To come here now places yourself, and your staff in danger.

        Mr. Putin, we have assembled the 911th daycare provider battalion. As well as the 411th mechanized mama mini van regiment.

        The 911th, will be dropping of, caprisuns, sunny-D, and fig newtons. They are also tasked with diaper logistics. These kids can, and will get stinky.

        The 411th will be handling the medical and restore law. Medical logistics include, band-aids for owiees. Mama kisses, for the non existent owiees. And cribbing for prolonged time outs. We will, turn these frowns, upside down.

        Mr Putin, we thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.

      • jlenoconel


    • N. Thanks
    • Jn1BG00D

      Always remember and never forget, Twitter is for Twits.

  • Kathleen

    I believe that they also may have counted votes from people that are deceased as well. It is a common practice from Democrats in the State of New Mexico.

  • Alan

    Just tried and was redirected to another website??? I don’t doubt there were millions of fraudulent votes cast for Clinton, but this analysis needs to come from a credible source.

    • joey_c

      “I don’t doubt there were millions of fraudulent votes cast for Clinton”

      why? there is no evidence that in person voter fraud is taking place in america, and numerous g.o.p. attorneys general have investigated the matter pretty extensively.

  • DezMarius

    This really pisses me off considering my son was turned away from the polls saying there was a problem with his registration. He had been looking forward to being able to cast his vote for years because he was turning 18 on the 7th.

    • Baconator

      That sucks, but there’s no evidence of illegal immigrants voting. Phillips made a tweet. He has presented nothing.

    • BanterLantern

      It’s not anyone’s problem your son didn’t fill out the easy forms needed to register.

      Isn’t the problem that it is too easy to vote? Wouldn’t your experience show it is too hard for a legitimate citizen to vote?

  • dsmlstanl

    That proves we need them gone because you can’t vote unless you are a citizen and they broke the law by committing voter fraud. Don’t care if Obummer told you to, still against the law.

  • johnmcc

    We know that illegals voted. We just don’t know how many voted. If they were egged on by Obama’s pre election message that the US government would not hunt them down. We need some reputable law firms and other above board organizations to provide us with some substantiated proof. We know its true, but if some fly by night org with no decent oversight is doing the research, then we’re no better than all those Liberal orgs that do the same shady stuff.

  • Larry Sloan

    This is posted on the site…
    “(You have been re- directed here from because this is our up-to-the-minute website., — the FIRST website erected on the internet on this “Election Integrity / Computerized Votescam” subject in March of 1996, — still has excellent, top-notch information, but its “look” is an outdated mess. And only here can you read EXACT updated information & analysis on the Election Night Gatekeepers and the 2016 Presidential Election. Be sure to see “Dear First Time Visitor” immediately below.)”

    Makes sense to me.

  • whucker

    There is nobody more conservative than I am….

    But I need proof.

    • Ribb Rotgut

      you won’t get any

    • Amir Meshkin

      who needs proof. you didn’t use evidence and facts when yOU LITERALLY VOTED FOR A RAPIST.

      just spread the bs like you did pre election.

      • m96

        No. Thats a made up BS story you know that. No proof whatsoever.

  • Leslie Knight

    120 million people voted…and 180 million votes appear possible (registrations). How does that translate to 3 million illegals voting?

    Some states have voter-id laws…where were these votes detected?

    I don’t doubt that fraud occurred…the article needs more citations/sources (proof).

  • Anthony Mirabito

    Ain’t the electoral college a Bee-YOU-tee-Ful thing ! Those Founders were so frickin’ smaht !!!!!

  • TruthShallPrevail

    Can we move the Inauguration up to Nov. 20? It can”t come soon enough.

    • Sarah Jones

      Yes, especially since the Electors will not actually confirm Trumps victory until Dec. 19. And, not all states require their electors to vote for the candidate that won their state. These Electors are “not” required to vote for the candidate, even if he or she won their state on Nov 8th.

      Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia

  • Manius

    Proof? Evidence? Got to do better than this! The numbers are plausible, but too outrageous to believe without similarly outrageous evidence.

    If THIS conspiracy bullshit is what we’re going to stoop to, we might as well all sign up for the Huffington Post, Salon, and Vox tabloids.

  • crankywhitewoman

    When Trump won the electoral college, I told The Mister that he most likely had the popular vote as well, but due to illegal immigrants voting fraudulently in places like California and New York, Hillary got the popular vote. Looks like I was in the money with this one.

    • Sarah Jones

      Electors will not actually confirm Trumps victory until Dec. 19. And, not all states require their electors to vote for the candidate that won their state. These state do “not” require their Electors to vote for the candidate, even if he or she won their state on Nov 8th.

      Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia

      • crankywhitewoman

        That’s right. And the only thing that happens to the faithless electors for going against the will of the electorate is a fine.

    • BanterLantern

      Based on a tweet?

  • shindigg

    Evidence? Who the f*ck is Greg Phillips? Anyone can go on the internet and say hey I’m Greg Phillips and 3 million non citizens voted in Pennsylvania.

    Sorry, but only a moron would believe that is something true just because Greg Phillips went on the internet and said so.

    It’s just something YOU WANT TO HEAR, which while silly, if fine, I guess. But to the rest of the world, this is not a true statement just because Greg Phillips came on the internet and announced it.

    I can make a website and say the sky is polka dot! That doesn’t mean the sky is polka dot. It means I don’t care about my veracity, I went on the internet lied and uploaded it. It means I’m a liar, out to deceive people, that’s all, not that the sky is polka dot.

    Greg Phillips could be a shameless, little Eichmann-style, dishonest liar and con job right wing party propagandist. It’s a fast and growing industry, I noticed. Strong possibility that’s who Greg Phillips is.

    • m96

      ..and still be much more credible than fake news msm haha 🙂

  • Ace Edmands

    Why stop at 3 million fraudulent votes? Why not 100 million? Egad! I wouldn’t be surprised if we learned that citizens of other countries–while residing in those other countries–were fraudulently voting in US elections. Probably the Russians are voting in our elections. The Mexicans are for sure.

  • Dennis is a website that advertises an app wherein people can report instances of election fraud. How can you be certain that the same guy that “reported” an actual vet getting his deserved free meal at a restaurant on Veterans day as not being a vet because there weren’t any blacks with him in Germany isn’t just as accurately reporting for Votestand?

    In other words, how can you prevent people from preventing any Hispanic looking American from being illegal? There has to be a better way to prove voter fraud than a cell phone app.

  • Patrick DiSandro

    We need some sort of citations. Going to redirects to a page that seems to be a mess of hard to sift through info that doesn’t exactly seem credible.
    I’d love to share this info, but as I’ve been telling everyone I know this entire election: Fact Check. Don’t listen to one side’s argument alone, and verify any information you hear. This policy has led me to be more anti-Hillary than anti-trump, so again I’d love to share this around, but keeping to that standard I can’t do so without some means of verifying it. The truth speaks louder than the left’s lies, but I, WE, need to make sure it’s actually the truth or we lose that moral high ground.

  • Matt_D

    I am both pleased and proud to read these comments! Readers here defy the trend of click and share without vetting. I’m reading comments by people who might be tempted to agree, just like I am, but discerning enough to request better sources. In this day and age that is amazing. Like you, I will follow this story and make my own decision about its validity. Milo is very smart and highly dependable, and his readers have shown here that they will question whatever they read, even if someone they like has posted it. Thank you for restoring my faith people. Fight the good fight.

  • Matt_D

    I’m really encouraged by all these comments that demonstrated the readers here are discerning enough to question the source. I saw the correction below and can’t wait to see more come out about this.

  • Michael Johnson

    And can anyone imagine what would happen if the Dems were able to get rid of the electoral? They would bus people around the entire day to cast votes. You would never see another republican in office because of the vote stacking.

  • lestye

    Politifact just called this claim a “Pants on Fire”. As of this afternoon Washington, California and Oregon are still counting votes…and Hillary was about 700,000 votes ahead. Here’s the facts, versus someone pulling a number out of their hat.

  • SuzieD1 .

    People please read and not just post, he has corrected it several times. The site is .

  • Paula

    But… the libtards DON’T CARE if they were illegal votes… THEY DON’T CARE. That’s why it’s imperative that we make some MASSIVE changes in this country and FAST. KEEP PRAYING EVERYONE… STAY ALERT… KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT.

  • Rene’ Widzicki

    Yea we knew this would happen, illegel voting by 3 million!

  • Lexi Cahill

    Obama told citizens with undocumented families to vote… not undocumented individuals to vote. Media spin is outrageous in this country. Watch the video in this article. Listen to his actual words.

  • Gail Holcomb

    FALSE!!!!! And you people really believe this! Show the proof before you spread such BS.

  • v_4_gop

    ,,,, if verfied … we should round them up for deportation !!!

  • v_4_gop

    … these irregularities won’t be printed in our liberal media !!!

  • AnnMarie Ceballos explains how non citizens can vote. Also the governor of California signed a bill I believe 2 or 3 weeks prior to the election allowing them to vote. I believe they were able to cast provisional ballots using a simple utility bill as proof of address. No citizenship paper or d/l or SS REQUIRED

  • Mannie

    If we can identify them, they should all be executed. Any election fraud should be a capital offense. There can be no greater crime in a democratic state.

  • v_4_gop

    … the federal government should start their invetsigation here in california … this state is ‘controlled/ by the liberals … “Illegal immigrants are going to be able to vote in California now that a new bill has become law. That’s what judge Andrew Napolitano said Tuesday on “Fox & Friends,” about a new law signed by Gov. Jerry Brown that automatically registers a person to vote when they get or renew their driver’s licenses.” (Google) !!!

    • BanterLantern

      What is the bill? When was it passed into law?

  • John Miller

    Milo is solid. Any verification would be greatly appreciated.

  • darrelld67

    I can’t believe that there are Americans who actually believe this. Do you people know how voter registration works? Do you know many people willing to face prison time to cast a single vote? No wonder Trump had so many ‘fans’. The Republican dumbing down of American public schools has succeeded in electing America’s buffoon. Just WOW!

    • Sarah Jones

      I worked the polls, and without PROOF of citizenship when registering to vote, and VALID Photo Id at the polls, ANYONE can vote. Plus, the registration roles have a person listed multiple times at different locations, so there is another way. NOW before you start throwing names and attacks in, maybe you NEED to educate yourself mister!! You have shown what you really know. Maybe then you can tell others what they don’t know.

      • darrelld67

        Federal requirements
        “First Time Voters Who Register by Mail
        If you are registering to vote for the first time in
        your jurisdiction and are mailing this registration
        application, Federal law requires you to show proof
        of identification the first time you vote. Proof of
        identification includes:
        •A current and valid photo identification or
        •A current utility bill, bank statement, government
        check, paycheck or government document that
        shows your name and address.
        Voters may be exempt from this requirement if they
        submit a
        of this identification with their mail in
        voter registration form. If you wish to submit a
        C O P Y,
        please keep the following in mind:
        •Your state may have additional identification
        requirements which may mandate you show
        identification at the polling place even if you meet
        the Federal proof of identification.
        •Do not submit original documents with this
        application, only
        So, you’re asserting that millions of undocumented aliens either created fake identifications or showed up in person, exposing themselves to possible deportation and or imprisonment so that they may cast a single vote against Donald Trump. That’s rich.

        • Lilith

          Im pretty sure Cali allowed illegals to get drivers licences. That is all you need to register vote in most places..

          • BanterLantern

            And those non citizen IDs (which we have always had for legal immigrants) do not suffice for voter registration

          • Lilith

            Sorry but I just watched Obama on video literally tell Illegals they would not be penalized or otherwise if they voted..

          • BanterLantern

            You think Obama runs the county by county elections? Have you ever read anything real about elections?

          • Lilith

            That is the dumbest answer. It doesn’t even make sense. But let me say this anyway, When our president goes on TV and literally tells Illegals they can vote without consequences many will do so.

          • Baconator

            You watched Obama tell a CITIZEN to vote. Please pay closer attention.

          • Lilith

            No the topic was illegal immigrants. it was not telling citizens to vote

          • Amir Meshkin


            give it up. no one bleieves your bullshit, even on a right wing hate site like this. just giveit up.

          • m96

            Haha.. not an argument 🙂

          • Lilith

            No I watched Obama say an undocumented citizen could vote. And voting makes you a citizen, which is FALSE. undocumented people do not have a right to vote. I don’t care what they contribute. Undocumented is illegal..

          • Amir Meshkin

            This is how propaganda works. THey take videos, spin them, and make it seem like it’s true. THen share them on facebook and other retards believe it.

            THese people are morons. they live in small towns and have never seen mexicans in their towns. but they know they hate them.

            The red states score the lowest on standardized tests. SOME OF THESE PEOPLE ACTUALY BELIEVE THAT OBAMA’S DAUGHTERS ARE ADOPTED AND THAT MICHELLE IS A MAN.


          • BanterLantern


          • Lilith
          • Lilith

            this one is better but yea he told illegals to vote,

          • Amir Meshkin

            Sorry, but I call more russian propaganda and horseshit. Post a link and prove me wrong or just make some racist comments like you right wingers usually do.

          • Lilith

            LMAO Yea there is zero proof the Russians hacked anything, But you keep on screaming the Russians the Russians!!! well here some proof of the rigged machines not allowing them to choose Republicans….

          • Lilith
          • Lilith

            And for the record, I don’t follow into any of your right or left wing labels. That’s all for you “special. T…A…R…D…E…D ppl.! You ppl scream Trump is not a republican and really a liberal, BUT wouldn’t vote for him? lol AND Clinton literally stands for EVERYTHING you ALL claim to be against but you hang from her pantsuit.. lol Stein Just sold out to her as well, The green party has officially scrubbed Stein from their party and has been cast out..

          • darrelld67

            “While it’s true that undocumented people in California can obtain a
            driver’s license, the state has not passed any laws which also gives
            them the right to vote. The New Motor Voter Act was passed in an effort
            to improve voter turnout, and while this law does automatically register
            citizens to vote when obtaining or renewing a driver’s license, this
            only applies to citizens who are already eligible to vote.”

          • darrelld67

            “California Assembly Bill 60 (
            AB-60) is a bill passed into law that, in effect,
            allows illegal immigrants to the United States to apply for a California driver’s license with the CA Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

            Previous to this bill, driver’s licenses were only issued to California
            residents who could prove their legal presence in the United States,
            usually by providing a Social Security number. Per
            AB-60, a California resident who cannot prove their legal presence in
            the U.S. can still apply for a driver’s license as long as they can
            prove their
            identity AND California residency, as well as pass all required tests for an original driver’s license.

            This is a special driver’s license that:

            May NOT be used for identification purposes.

            MAY be used to drive anywhere throughout the state of California.

            Has a distinguishing feature and notice on the front of the license indicating that it is for driving purposes only, per the AB-60 law (i.e. “DP” instead of “DL”).

            Cannot be used against the license holder to determine their immigration status or citizenship, or detain them in any way for reasons other than valid traffic violations.

            NOTE: California AB-60 does NOT allow for the issuance of a commercial driver’s license (CDL). To obtain a CDL in California, you must still provide a valid Social Security number.”

      • BanterLantern

        A vote by affidavit needs to be confirmed against voter rolls. Non citizen IDs, such as those in California, do not suffice for registration there.

        • Amir Meshkin

          facts won’t work on some of these people. hatred and bs will

          • m96

            And yet you’re the one delivering it 🙂

          • BanterLantern

            We only need to peel off 107,000 votes in 4 years.

      • Amir Meshkin


        YOu sound like you got your education from a one room shack in alabama.

        YOu’re a fucking idiot. Illegals can’t even register to vote. And if you believe this story, i mean TWEET, THAT LEADS TO A RUSSIAN SITE, then you truly are deplorable and incredibly stupid.

    • Amir Meshkin

      These people…and Imean americans IN THE MIDDLE OF THE COUNTRY…are stupid beyond belief.

      • m96

        No. Its the people in the cities that have been brainwashed. Easy to do when they are compressed like that living the same lives.

  • Jason O’Brien

    Time out…do you fucking idiots really believe this nonsense? Oh, shit, you’re Republicans, of course you do. How is Benghazi doing these days? You fucktards still on about that?

  • 1NJNurse1

    I can not imagine they have been able to count all the votes yet. I would like to see the total outcome when they do.

  • Michael Segreto

    Since you don’t need to prove you are a citizen in order to register to vote and do not need to show an ID when voting, it is very unlikely anyone will be able to detect fraud.

    In any event, if you believe you have detected fraud, you are probably a racist, and no one wants to be a racist.

  • Michael Segreto

    How’s this for LEGAL voter fraud. Obama takes over the Census from the Commerce Dept in 2010. The Census counts all illegal aliens, every man, woman, and child. The Census determines how many electoral votes your state gets, the more counted, the more votes.

    If there are 30 million + illegal aliens in America, then 10% of the electoral votes are directly the result of counting illegal aliens. So, blue states have 40 to 50 more electoral votes than they should.

    Gee, maybe I’m a racist after all?

    • BanterLantern

      They also use felons and move them to rural counties to give them more weight. And there are plenty of illegal immigrants in Arizona, Texas, Tennessee,and other states.

  • Jason O’Brien

    You Trump supporters will believe anything. Further proof that you all lack any sort of critical thinking ability (which is why you voted for a dude who brags about sexual assault). Trump supporter: If anyone were to grab my daughter’s pussy, I’ll kill them. Clinton supporter: What about Trump’s comments that he actually did grab women by the pussy? Trump supporter: Well, that’s just locker room talk. You’re all a bunch of fucking idiots. When the Trumpster fucks up the country, you can thank yourselves. His tax plan is going to cause a middle class family of four who makes 50K per year have a 2,400 increase in taxes. Those making over five million per year will experience 76% of the total benefits of his new “simplified” plan. Enjoy reaping what you have sown, idiots.

  • Walt Young

    Any illegal that voted should be immediately deported.

    • Sarah Jones

      Will all illegals please report to their nearest ICE offices to pick up their flight arrangements? lol Sorry, we needed some levity!!

  • AsSeenOnTv

    Would like to know how in this short amount of time you were able to request voter records from all 50 states and then corroborate the information. I mean I voted Trump but this is about as fake as fake gets folks.

  • v_4_gop

    … with data … a powerful processing unit … and the right program command … you’ll get the result in a couple of hours !!!

  • D. Wright Downs

    If this is true, I am interested. Need good sources. Real journalist sources.

  • heavensentme

    Pure bullshit

  • Bronnaspen

    This is fucking retarded. Even it were true, which there’s no reason to believe it based on those “sources”, being a NON CITIZEN doesn’t necessarily mean you are in the country illegally AT ALL. You can be a legal permanent resident, or being on a visa, and you’re NOT a citizen, therefore, you can’t vote. Shouldn’t a British national like Milo know that? Is this willful ignorance?

    • Sarah Jones

      Only citizens are allowed to vote. That disallows “temporary” residents of any classification. If any of these people cast a ballot, then they became an “illegal” voter too.

  • Deon Van Zyl

    Can you believe this fucking asshole? Undocumented. You have even a greater reason to vote.

  • Chuck Pelto


    I can’t find them on the web. Instead I get dropped into GoDaddy offering to sell me the name.

    ERRATA: Fat finger issues. Found them.


    I’m redirected to another outfit….

    Where and who is

  • Iatemine

    3 million illegal votes backed out of Shillery’s count put her WAY under the popular vote!
    How many fraud Republican votes have been exposed…..?


  • Sarah Jones

    If they don’t have to prove citizenship when they register to vote, and are not required to show photo ID when voting, how can we actually tell, if the are illegal? I am positively wanting the proof, so I can speak to this when in a discussion. We need this information in hand for the Mid-term elections in 2018, where 33 Senators, 435 U.S. House members, and 38 Governor seats will be open. If we see this Congress is still not willing to change, then we can add more Trump supported officials to our numbers.

    Following are states that will be having their 2018 mid-term elections.

    AL, AK, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, HI, ID, IL, IA, KS, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, NE, NV, NH, NM, NY, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX,
    VT, WI, WY

  • Sarah Jones

    If they don’t have to show citizenship when they register, and are not required to show a photo ID when voting, how do we know they are illegal? I am a Trump supporter, and would love to bring this into discussion. However, without definite proof, we may as well be the mainstream media, that reports info without valid facts. We also need to this info for our 2018 mid-term elections which will have 33 Senators, 435 U.S. House members, and 38 Governor seats up for grabs. If we see that this Congress is still unwilling to change, we can replace them with elected officials that will support trump’s policies.

    Following are states that will be having their 2018 mid-term elections.

    AL, AK, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, HI, ID, IL, IA, KS, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, NE, NV, NH, NM, NY, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, VT, WI, WY

    • BanterLantern

      Voter registration rolls require some proof of citizenship. Here in NY, a driver’s ID or the last 4 social security digits.

      • Amy Mya

        Drivers ID + social security number is NOT a proof of citizenship – legal immigrants have those too.

        • BanterLantern

          So there is no proof of citizenship at all, because most Americans have no passport.

          • Amy Mya

            You are correct. I don’t understand why there’s no checkbox on the Drivers Licence: “US Citizen” or “US Resident” that would solve this problem.

          • BanterLantern

            And there hasn’t been, ever, in the history of the US…

          • BanterLantern

            Suddenly it become an issue? Why wasn’t this an issue during the 1860 to 1920 era of mass white immigration?

          • Amy Mya

            I am not any type of expert, as I am sure you are, but here’s my laymen’s logic as to why:
            A) I wasn’t there
            B) I am not going to go back ONE HUNDRED YEARS for a valid comparison
            C) 41 Million immigrants and their children (legal and illegal) in the US as of early 2015 and 63 million immigrants and their children (legal and illegal) in the US in early 2016 – the difference of approximately 20 million. Open borders, massive legal immigration, and voting without citizenship is beneficial to one party (I’ll let you guess which one) and is done to get those votes. But that will destroy a two party system and WILL lead to tyranny.
            D) If one party (I’ll let you guess which one) uses taxpayers’ money to stuff their ballots, it’s not playing fair and once again….that will destroy a two party system and WILL lead to tyranny.

          • BanterLantern

            Legal immigrants are half as likely as American citizens to collect government support. Facts hurt.

          • Amy Mya

            I am sure. But they still shouldn’t vote.

          • BanterLantern

            Did I say they should? They also shouldn’t be demonized for just existing as who they are based on lies.

          • ACMECorporations

            That’s an interesting fact. Where did it come from? This sites indicates the opposite:

          • BanterLantern

            Look deeper into the study. Legal immigrants are more likely to work, and be eligible as well.

          • BanterLantern
          • ACMECorporations

            Your first assertion was “Legal immigrants are half as likely as American citizens to collect government support” The report I cited shows “An estimated 49 percent of households headed by legal immigrants used one or more welfare programs in 2012, compared to 30 percent of households headed by natives.”

            Now you’re changing the parameters of your assertion. How about backing up your initial assertion, or admit it was incorrect.

            And whether they work or not has no bearing on their usage, as the report indicates that their usage is greater: “Households headed by legal immigrants have higher use rates than native households overall and for cash programs (14 percent vs. 10 percent), food programs (36 percent vs. 22 percent), and Medicaid (39 percent vs. 23 percent). Use of housing programs is similar.”

          • BanterLantern

            Immigrants are less likely than similarly situated native born people to collect benefits…better?

          • ACMECorporations

            Not in the slightest. You still haven’t provided any type of source for your assertions. 49% of legal immigrants collecting benefits is greater than 30% of native. “An estimated 49 percent of households headed by legal immigrants used one or more welfare programs in 2012, compared to 30 percent of households headed by natives.”

          • BanterLantern

            So increase legal immigration for well qualified rich people, like the ones who funded Trump;s tower in Jersey city?

          • ACMECorporations

            You’re the only one that suggested that.
            Why are you changing the subject?
            Is it because your “fact” was a lie?

          • BanterLantern

            A lie requires intent. I clearly was mistaken, and unlike most people, I am willing to admit it.

          • ACMECorporations

            It’s good to know that you didn’t intend to write it, when you clearly wrote it.
            Facts hurt.

          • BanterLantern

            Really? I clearly did not have the overall facts, and therefore could not have had the knowledge that it’s a falsity. I clearly stepped away from it. Your comment was asinine and childish.

          • ACMECorporations

            You “did not have the overall facts” and yet you still wrote it. You also wrote “Facts hurt” about something where you “did not have the overall facts”. If you “did not have the overall facts” how could you represent that it was a fact?

          • BanterLantern

            The same way everyone on this entire earth does. With incomplete knowledge, unless you are crazy enough to represent yourself as omniscient…

          • ACMECorporations

            Incomplete knowledge is vastly different than representing something you don’t know as a fact.

  • Steve Smith

    Question I ask, i am sure they know this already is if take out those 3million votes, is there Blue states that turned Red like Maybe California? Since we know that state has many millions of illegals that likely voted cause how they setup their law’s.

  • Jason Allen

    The voted fraud needs to be exposed.. Just because Trump won doesn’t mean we should just let it go. It needs to end.

  • epauls

    The Democrat machine uses many forms of VOTER FRAUD including the Inner City voters under the Power of Democrat promises. The newly discussed elimination of Electorial College is also a means of VOTER FRAUD when combined with uneducated minorities.

    • Baconator

      Oooh those hoodwinked “Inner City voters”! You all really need to get more creative.

      • Amir Meshkin

        we inner city voters are sso tupid, with our 6 figure jobs, and college education. how dare we NOT VOTE FOR THE RAPIST TROLL. man, we sure are dumb

  • Dick Hurtz

    If you believe this, I’m very sad that you don’t know how your voting process works. You know that thing called a “voter registration card?” You can’t vote unless you fill one out and send it in…you can’t get one unless you’re a citizen…take it from a Canadian whose working on his permanent status AND CAN’T VOTE, even though I’m legally here on a VISA, have a SSN, and pay American taxes…

    In some local elections you may be able to get away with voting as an illegal, or may even be permitted, but nothing over the position of something like town council. Definitely not able to vote in a federal election. Y’all motherf**kers need to learn about your country and your government…and from a reputable source, please don’t learn about it from some wackadoo on twitter…

  • GinnyCW

    How many precincts in Philadelphia will have ZERO votes for President Trump like with Romney in 2012? Democrats are pros at cheating. Illegals voting is just one way.

    • Amir Meshkin

      democrats arne’t the ones gerrymandering. you people are unbelievably stupid. Reality doesn’t match up with your beliefs.

      for fucks sake, you’re taking a tweet, that redirects to a russian site, and making it seem like it’s a pure fact. what a joke

  • jeffparkerpetersen

    Liberals conveniently forget EVERY SINGLE VERIFIED OCCURRENCE OF VOTER FRAUD! For example, in California, 82 ballots were delivered to the SAME ADDRESS!! The only problem was the address was actually a little old lady’s one bedroom apartment! These people did not live there! The ballots got delivered to the wrong apartment and the guy took them to the Democrat run election officials. NOTHING WAS DONE!!! Google it.

  • Amir Meshkin

    case closed morons. because a tweet is now news. Russian fake news will no longer do.

  • Amir Meshkin

    illegals can’t even vote. they can’t fake it. they CAN’T VOTE. It’s impossible. they don’t have the documents needed to vote! Fake docs get you turned back! You can’t even register to vote if you’er illegal. It’s unbelievable what you people believe.

    The BS news articles let this country into VOTING FOR A RAPIST TROLL. It’s just fascinating.

    Go head. post your racist replies

  • Amir Meshkin

    right wingers deleting my posts. ha ha ha.

    fascists. Keep spreading the BS from russian sites. you people are just unbelievably stupid

  • Amir Meshkin
    • scottblanks

      Lol @ source. You’re dumb, dude.

  • disqus_A8eYKkzMZi

    Is there a verifiable location we can use to investigate the truth about this story? Or is this just click bate and I’ve been had?

  • George Parker

    There were reports of the democrats registering dead voters! Also using hired busses to transport illegal immigrants to vote where checks were not being made. Now I would like to see some justice for this fraud. One way or the other.

  • charles17121

    When are people going to realize barack hussein obama is NOT a US Citizen ? Why do you think he encourages illegal immigrants to vote ? The fraud and usurper barack hussein obama is trying to destroy our electoral system and Constitutional form of government .

  • Algemein Kriegsmaschine

    Obama needs to impeached for this.

  • elixir x

    how were illegal immigrants able to vote?

  • N. Thanks
  • Rex Vaughn

    Amazing how fast the republicans put out these phony news articles..

  • EddieJMurphy

    I’d love to believe this, but VOTEFRAUD.ORG claims Gregg Phillips is not now nor has ever been a part of their organization. Shouldn’t you further investigate before considering Phillips a reliable source?

  • dmprisk

    And that didn’t even take into account the dead voters and the voters who vote multiple time with misspelled names, etc.

  • Dexter

    Ugh really Milo? I agree with you on so much sans Trump but I always respected your ability to portray facts above all else. This is unverified.
    I’m truly surprised you believe this

  • Bill Bennett

    Use the voter registration to identify the first people to deport. California issued over 400,000 licenses to illegals in 2015 alone. That’s a verifiable fact.

  • Valerie Marzani Cameron

    California has automatic voter registration with issuance of drivers licenses. California allows undocumenteds to receive drivers’ licenses. It warrants inquiry into what precautions are in place to prevent voter registration at the same time, in CA and any other state with voter-motor registration. Given the policy and the activists on the left driving their vote, it is reasonable to investigate how many illegals voted.

  • charles17121

    The mere fact the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama said illegals can vote and not be afraid of being prosecuted in a video just about says millions of illegals vote in the 2016 presidential election . Add to the fact the state of California issues drivers license to illegals wile automatically registering them to vote ! California and New York make up a large % of the popular vote in the last presidential election .

  • metronomic1

    There were 4 cases of voter fraud in 2016, and all of them were Trump voters.

  • Jn1BG00D

    The allegation of Voter Fraud by Trump is either an overt lie or he is really stupid.

    Since, I know he is 1) a pathological liar, and 2) not stupid, it is a deliberate lie.

    The real issue is Election Fraud. The kind of election fraud documented by Greg Palast and the kind that GOP election officials perpetrated upon the American people in collusion with Trump Campaign operatives that put Trump in office as POTUS.

    In Michigan, a State in which Trump won the entire state by a paltry 10,000+votes, In one Detroit, Michigan district alone, 75,000+ votes cast for Clinton were thrown out by GOP election officials based upon the nefarious and illegal process called “cross-checking” wherein a list compiled by GOP election officials before the election is compared to actual voters and if the GOP decides that the actual voters are on their list after “cross-checking” the lists, those voters deemed solely by the GOP election officials to be invalid are thrown out.

    So, in Michigan alone, if those votes for Clinton had been counted, she won the State of Michigan by 65,000+ votes!

    Wake up, people. It is election fraud, relying heavily upon voter suppression, that is the real issue.

    If you want an investigation, demand an investigation in Election Fraud perpetrated by GOP election officials on behalf of Trump in 2016!

  • Jn1BG00D

    Greg Palast In his documentary, explains cross-checking. In other words, election fraud via means of voter suppression.
    Supposedly, this is how it works. GOP election officials in Detroit, Michigan, compiled a list of “ineligible voters” based upon GOP research into citizens that are not allowed to vote.
    Then, when a real life qualified voter came into the Detroit precinct to actually vote, those same GOP election officials “cross-checked” the name of the real voter with their list.
    So, if the name on their list matched the real life voter, that vote was disallowed. It was not counted.
    Now, here is the problem with this illegal system. For example, the GOP list has the name George H. Lopez on it and a real life voter comes in and is registered as George G. Lopez, that vote is disallowed.
    in other words, the GOP election officials IGNORE the middle initial and disallow th the legal right of the real life voter to vote in the election.
    In particular, having the same last name for Hispanic voters is quite common. The only way to determine who is actually voting is to have the registered voter sign in, and indicate that he or she is the George/Georgia G. Lopez that is legally registered to vote.
    So, GOP election committed election fraud by disallowing the vote of a legally qualified voter.
    Now, in Michigan, there were 75,000+ voters who were determined after “cross-checking” the two lists that their votes would NOT be counted.
    In the precinct in Detroit, Michigan where this occurred, every single disallowed vote was a voter who voted for Clinton.
    Trump won the entire State of Michigan by a paltry 10,000+ votes, if those 75,000+ votes that were illegally disallowed for Clinton had been counted, Clinton would have won the State by 65,000+ votes.
    The statistical probability, mathematically speaking, of every single disallowed vote being one for Clinton is astronomical.
    So, one can easily see how this illegal election fraud effected the election and put Trump in office.
    Now, let us address one more issue. The alleged Voter Fraud that Trump claims occurred. He claims that 3-5 million illegal voters cast votes in the 2016 election and that every single one of those votes went to Clinton.
    He never explains how this happened or how he knows that every single illegal vote went to Clinton.
    But, put that aside for the moment.
    Clearly, the implication of Trump’s allegations are that Democratic election officials working conspiratorial with the Clinton campaign, arranged for 3-5 million illegal voters to vote in the 2016 election.
    However, if this is true, how and more importantly why would the Clinton campaign arrange for so many illegal voters to vote but not also arrange for those voters to be in key electoral college states thus ensuring a Clinton electoral college victory and the popular vote.
    We are constantly bombarding here on TD and all over the internet with conspiracy theories about the malevolent, despicable, duplicitous and deplorable Clintons.
    They are Satan incarnate according these conspiracy theories, BUT, they are so stupid, so inept that they did no consider the importance of the electoral college vote and while arranging for 3-5 million illegal voters, they did not arrange to have those votes in states that would insure an electoral college victory?
    Only an insane paranoid, pathological conspiracy theorist, in other words, a Trump Supporter/voter would believe such a thing.
    Decide for yourself. Was it faux Voter Fraud, or REAL Election Fraud that occurred in 2016?
    We have gone done the rabbit hole and are now in Trumpland wherein conspiracy and paranoid delusion rule the day!

  • S. Richard

    We need to be patient and wait for the information one way of the other. However the claim that there were on 85 illegal immigrants who voted in this election defies logic. Libs say these 85 only voted because they were confused as to what citizenship actually means. I think on the face if it, it doesn’t even hold water. Am I so stupid that they think I would believe that out of 12 million illegals in this country that only 85 of them were confused. Given that conclusion, what would be a realistic representation of how many in 12 million could have actually be confused,given that a large percent of the population may not read english or understand the word citizen, even in spanish. What would you estimate a fair number may be. A million?? To further complicate and confuse this client population is that many states started registering people to vote when they went to the dmv to get their drivers license. Although this seems to be a good service for people, it can lead to rampant fraud. You all know how incompetent our dmv has been since the beginning of time. Fraud, confused latinos and yes, maybe people that were paid to lie or just wanted to vote. So, now we ourselves build into our voter system room for all these unfortuante things to happen. Can you actually tell me that oh no, you are wrong none f these things could ever happen because people have honor. You’re absolutely right. Most people do have honor. But what we do know is that if students can cheat on a test that many won’t but also many will. We also already know that people like power, money, can get confused and it goes on and on. Conclusion, just because the so called proof is not in, don’t dismiss it. What now would be a fair estimate that these things happened and therefore voter fraud would have happened. I have no idea what would be a fair figure as I don’t know thee numbers of new registrations in any one state. Accompany with with a political narrative meant to be slanted to one side, well, then we have a great big mess don’t we. I think voter id or proof of citizenship should be worked on before another election as with all these variable, I no longer have confidence in our voter system in this country. Way too many fingers in the pie.

  • Jimbobogie

    There has been talk of “illegal” voters being “bussed” into New Hampshire on election day. Trump lost New Hampshire by 3,000 votes. The average Greyhound (or equivalent) bus holds 50 passengers. I’m not a professor of mathmatics but I believe that the Democrats would have had to charter approximately 60 busses on election day for this one state. A parade of 60 busses would have been noticed, even by the “liberal” media. So far we have been able to identify 3 people who were registered in more than one state…all of who are Trump’s people including his daughter. Of course we know for sure that all of those “bussed-in” voters were Democrats, right?
    I wonder what the Trump investigation will find when they double-headers the results in Pennsylvania and Michigan and Florida and…what’s that you say? We’re only looking at states that Donald lost?