A Canadian English professor says that because canoers are generally white men, the boats are a symbol of ‘colonialism, imperialism and genocide.’

Misao Dean, who teaches at the University of Victoria, made her remarks during an interview with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

“Certainly the majority of wilderness canoers are people who have a very privileged place in society,” she said. “They’re frequently highly educated people. They’re almost completely white.”

Jeez Misao, you teach kids with that mouth? (Image via FacesOfUVicResearch)

Jeez Misao, you teach kids with that mouth? (Image via FacesOfUVicResearch)

“We have a whole set of narratives that make the canoe into something that seems ordinary,” she also stated. “But I think if you look a little further that narrative obscures or erases another narrative – and that narrative is about, to be blunt, it’s about theft and genocide.”

Dean went on to suggest that all non-indigenous people rethink canoeing.

Judging by those statements, it seems Dean is a bit fuzzy on the actual history of canoes.

While canoes are prominent in indigenous history, as Andrew Cross mentions in the tweet below, people from virtually every culture used some sort of canoe throughout history.

In fact, the oldest-known canoe on the planet actually came from the Netherlands.

So much for Dean’s moral pandering on behalf of indigenous people.

Even academics chided Dean for her asinine comments, to which the self-proclaimed ‘old-school feminist’ cried ‘oversimplification and anti-intellectualism.’

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Fox News

  • Deplorable Sterling Archer

    Always knew boats were racists. Time to ban ’em. I’m so triggered right now.

    • William

      LOVE your avatar

  • William

    This will only be rectified when all Brown people are required to travel by canoe everywhere, as part of affirmative action.

  • 143jeanne

    Almost all White! Are you making fun of me and my skin disease,Vitiligo, That makes me almost ALL WHITE? AND a canoe was the first boat I was ever in!

  • C.d. Gibson

    I could swear that canoes came from the first people here on the N. American continent. Even if they did not, what the heck difference could it make? What is racist about canoeing? Oh wait. I know. Blacks are too lazy to work at their transportation is that what she’s saying? Why is it that the ones who seem to have the most education are the stupidest?

    • Jonathan Seidman

      you answered your question. they’ve spent too much time in the echo-chambers of Universities theorizing instead of living in the real-world and doing things.

  • Digger Dan
  • Tarantula2

    Didn’t the Indians get around in canoes?

    • Nancy Nunez Suffield

      That’s why this article is so stupid. Lol!

  • Tarantula2

    I find it interesting this coming from someone from Canada. I go up to Canada frequently. Good friends in Canada. What I see in Canada, from Vancouver to Ottawa to Calgary to Toronto is miles and miles of white people. Canada is the whitest country in the western hemisphere. You can’t tell me Canadians don’t hold their noses when they cross that bridge and come into Detroit…

    • B Allan

      We are not dumb enough to go to Detroit

  • Dag Brokjob

    Mental insanity amongst people seems to occur pretty sudden and this really got me off guard.
    While the world certainly has more pressing matters some people manage to put world hunger, poverty and war aside to blast the real demonic vessels called canoes.
    Well done, to be able to make these crazy ramblings viral is quite a feat.

  • ShawnGL

    She’s a douche canoe.

  • darkwingdave

    What’s the difference between a gun and a liberal? The gun only has one trigger..

    • As a liberal I have to tell you …

      … that’s pretty funny! LOL ??????

      • Dayna Hamilton

        If you were a real liberal you would be very offended by that.

        • What, liberals aren’t allowed to have a sense of humor or be able to laugh at themselves? Christ, it’s a fucking JOKE. Get over yourself. I was probably a liberal before you were born.

          • Saf T Man

            Well at least we know you are not one of them snowflakes, because the word gun would have set you off.

          • Lee Poleschuk

            actually they dont know what a sense of humor is they are not people

          • Saf T Man

            You could at least give them a chance to say something disagreeable before attacking.

          • d.dolcater

            I don’t think that’s something I’d be bragging about.

          • I’m actually pretty proud of it. I’ve also crossed party lines on occasion. Some of us are pretty open-minded.

          • d.dolcater

            Congratulations! An open-minded liberal IS something to be proud of. They are few and far between. It’s usually “my way or the highway”.

          • Thank you. Few and far between is why I’m overly protective of it. I get crap from both sides! LOL

          • dionsius john

            You are in good company… me!

          • Mitchell Brown

            Congratulations! An open-minded “conservative” IS something to be proud of. They are few and far between. Its usually “my way of the highway.”

          • d.dolcater

            Thank you!

          • Paul Campbell

            see… he has a sens of humor…

          • Michel Maiorana

            The confusion seems to be the word liberal. You appear to be whats known as an old school liberal. The intolerant “liberal” who gets offended by everything that goes against the narrative is more properly adressed as a Progressive and is anything but.

          • That’s a pretty great way of explaining it. The left is seeing a shift too far left, just as the right has seen a shift too far right with TP. A few months ago I opined that the moderate, more open-minded from the left and right split off to form a truly valid third party. I’m dreaming, off course, but it’s up to us on both sides to keep “the canoe”, as it were, from tipping too far and capsizing.

          • Michel Maiorana

            As far as these idiots who get their panties in a twist over cultural appropriation go. What they are to blind to see is every thing in all civilizations has been appropriated from someone else. Who knew the barbarians in modern society would be those who are supposed to educate our kids?

          • Bighorner

            You just proved that liberals don’t have a sense of humor lol. I’ll be fair and say that it’s just you who can’t take a joke. Seriously, relax dude. I thought you guys said conservatives were the uptight ones.

          • Dayna Hamilton

            Thanks for proving my point.

          • I don’t like having my integrity challenged. If you were attempting sarcasm, I apologize, but maybe you should work on it, cuz it kinda sucked.

          • Adolf Skroatler

            I am certain you did not sense the sarcasm in his post. But you did manage to prove his jest. Cheers to you Gutmensch for keeping the stereotype alive and well.

          • I don’t think there’s any sarcasm or jest. S/he obviously has no tolerance for the left. “Kill herself”? Seriously? That’s sick. See this comment on the professor:

            “Dayna Hamilton a day ago
            She looks pretty white to me. If she hates white people so much she should just kill herself. I’m so sick of these self-hating “educated” elites telling everyone else how they should live their lives.”

          • Edwin Alexander

            Foul language does not become you Son. If you were a Liberal before he was born…. then you were a CLASSICAL LIBERAL. I do not hear people of that age using foul language as you do. You probably think 45 is old…Not the same thing as a “LIBERAL” today. JFK was a CLASSICAL LIBERAL. Notable individuals whose ideas have contributed to classical liberalism include John Locke, Jean-Baptiste Say, Thomas Malthus, and David Ricardo. NONE of those people were the Liberal of today.

          • Uh, I’m a Boomer, and I drop f-bombs. I have a large arsenal. I do it to make a point, express a feeling, or in disbelief when somebody can’t grasp a simple concept. The f-word is thought to be one of the most useful words in the English language, because it has so many meanings; it’s incredibly versatile. It’s been used for centuries, and has actually become pretty acceptable today, here in the US. There are some pretty intelligent people who use it quite often.

            The only writer, of those you mentioned, with whom I am unfamiliar is David Ricardo. I’ll have to check him out.

            Oh, and I’m a woman, not a Son. Perhaps the avatar threw you. Or maybe even the f-bomb. Women use it, too. Even in polite company, if it’s appropriate, to them, to express or emphasize a point.

        • Calyptratus

          Watching statethesits arguing over who is the most open minded. Priceless. XD

    • Martin Simonsen

      These arent liberals, they are regressives

      • Nancy Nunez Suffield

        They are proof that evolution can work in reverse.
        And I don’t even believe in evolution. Might have to rethink! Lol.

    • Mike Bromley

      May I borrow that, Dark? 🙂

      • darkwingdave

        Freely shared as it was with me, sir!

    • Dayna Hamilton

      Good one!

    • Sr_Peligroso

      What’s the difference between a canoe and a Canadian? The canoe tips…

      • indiana homez


      • paulthe

        being a Canadian I would complain, run to the Human Rights Commission and put a major complaint about how bad you were, but I’m also a Conservative and simply laugh at your joke. Cheers to you sir.

    • JWU

      They are globalist traitors. They are very dangerous and need outed, fired and if in office, prosecuted.

  • phantomfantom

    this is part of the bigger Destruction of the Mind by “progressives”… nothing is what it seems or what u thought it was… let US interpret it for u (AND CONTROL EVERY SECOND OF YOUR MISERABLE LIVES while we’re at it)

  • I sexually identify as a canoe, how is my gender racist?

    • Joseph Bleaugh

      Are you saying your twat is as big as a canoe? Would I have to strap a 2X12 across my ass to keep from falling in? LMFAO!

      • Edwin Alexander

        No she is saying you have a little teeny PECKER. HAHAHA

    • tracy Smith

      You white arent you?

      • diablo135

        You’re assigning race now?

        • tracy Smith

          Why not white folks started it and built empires on racism.

          • Nancy Nunez Suffield

            White folks started it? Tracy, almost every civilization in history has done that.

          • Adolf Skroatler

            Wow… you can’t be that ignorant. Empires were being built on Race thousands of years before the Germanic people learned to write. You are so blinded by hate, that you can’t see past your nose. Do yourself a favor, and turn off CNN.

          • tracy Smith

            Looking at the name you use and your evil Nazi ass call me ignorant.No idiot whites are blinded by hate you dumb asses don’t even know you’re racist after all the centuries of racist atrocities you have committed on all the other races.I think it’s funny as hell when a white person call somebody else a racist.

          • Adolf Skroatler

            So angry, and such language. A little logic makes you froth at the mouth because you don’t know which direction to turn.

            You are very funny.

          • tracy Smith

            Yeah I’m getting a kick out of you too.

          • Michel Maiorana

            1) I think you could have used the words Racist a few more times.
            2) Even an ignorant descendant of Roman slaves such as myself can tell Adolf’s avatar is a Halloween costume and the name is a play on the word scrotum.

          • Bill

            Are you talking about the Romans ?

          • Michel Maiorana

            Romans were not racist. They enslaved everyone equally. Actually more whites were enslaved by Romans than any other race.

          • Bill

            I was being facetious to that racist woman.

          • Michel Maiorana

            I was building on your post not criticizing. Actually I was hoping she would take the bait.

          • Michel Maiorana

            Especially those Egyptians, and lily white Chinese.

      • You’re not very bright are you?

        • Scholze Kat

          this whole post is a spam I think…it cannot be real or someones made a topic for whahwhah im lonely I will make some stupid paper to have someone..anyone to notice me. sad…sad…

    • Nancy Nunez Suffield

      Oh my, that made me really laugh out loud!

  • CurlyRocks

    I’m already well aware of the genocide of native Canadian’s. Was informed of it ironically enough, while canoeing with Native Canadians (my best friends). Definitely prefer to hear and understand the story directly from them than some fool of a white knight. I don’t think they care about boats as much as this loser. Anyway my “white privilege” did me no good that day as I didn’t get any deer (wink wink) and my friend got 3 (Wink wink)

  • DebraBrunsberg

    Canoing in the BWCAW was the only vacation we could afford, for a couple decades! White privilege my butt…………and I am a woman……… Lord save us from these brain dead people.

  • Funkmaster5000

    Libs are so retarded.

  • Randy C. Lindsey

    Truth is…nobody gives a shit what this old bag thinks. Screw political correctness and screw her!

  • carmenta

    Only people with too much idle time on their hands come up with this stuff.
    She doesn’t even understand how privileged she is to be able to make such an asinine statement. Pompous old gasbag

  • Jesus Christ. Words fail me.

    • disqus_igPBRUBbUb

      Jesus Christ was a white man and he freakin’ WALKED on water. Pardon my outburst. This so called educator is a nut case. I must admit I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw that she was Canadian. We Americans have had more than our fill of nutcases. 🙂

      • NASCARDaddy

        Actually the Savior was a middle eastern Jew so he would have had light olive to bronze colored skin. I agree with the rest of your point though.

        • Joe

          Nascardaddy is quite right.

          • Vonbråten

            The picture in my church portray him as a yellowed haired viking. And it was painted a loooong time ago.

        • tracy Smith

          Wrong,the Bible said he had feet like Copper hair like wool and eyes like a burning fire.Sound like Black man.I know you white folks hate that but you’ll get over and if you don’t well that’s your problem.

          • Patrick Clark

            The Bible is a book of fiction so that means Jesus wasn’t real. If he were though, he was a middle eastern jew and they aren’t negroid. Besides, my step brother has “hair like wool”, he was nicknamed Borrego because we lived in a Hispanic neighborhood, and he was white. So the description of Jesus doesn’t allude that he was black. Wool is soft and curly, if it had said his hair was like steel wool then maybe they were describing a black man.

          • White people are copper with a tan, not black people. Wool is white, black people don’t have white hair. Jesus was white just like the egyption pharos, deal with it…

          • tracy Smith

            That’s the dumbest white wash crap I have ever heard.Whites with feet like copper hair like wool and eyes like a burning fire.I tell you white folks are funny you will come up with and deny everything positive about BLACKS.But hate on white folks hate on.

          • Lmao, can’t refute the content so just roll with rthoric…you are talentless, Trump 2016!

          • tracy Smith

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          • That would be awesome, I’m sure my mother would welcome that. May want to get used to that, the patriarchy has risen…

          • tracy Smith

            I couldn’t give a sh*t who win you mean the hidden white trash racism has risen and that don’t mean sh*t to me either.

          • I know, it’s crazy. White trash racism raises congruent with Black trash racism. Christ you are dumb…

          • tracy Smith

            You stupid redneck only whites can and are racist that’s why your punk asss mentioned Dumo-2016.

          • I’m black, as I stated before, you’re dumb…Trump 2016!

          • tracy Smith

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          • So is Tracy, yet here we are…Trump 2016!

          • tracy Smith

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          • Justin Houston & Justin Upton to named only two black Justins.
            You hate white people & Clinton hates black people, Trump loves black people. Trump 2016

          • tracy Smith

            No it’s not I know more BLACKS name Tracy than whites but I don’t know 1 black person name Justin.

          • Justin Blalock, Justin Simien, Justin Upton, Justin Houston…you are a terrible black woman, shame on you for not knowing our people. Remember, RNC votes Nov 8th, DNC votes Nov 9th. Trump 2016!

          • tracy Smith

            I don’t know none of those suckers sambo.Plus what is all this Dump 2016 I don’t care about that redneck sh*t save that sh*t for your redneck buddies.

          • As I stated, you a terrible black woman. I think the black community should trade your dumb arse for a slutty white girl with good credit…Trump 2016!

          • Trump won in case you missed it…

          • tracy Smith

            I believe that’s you in that avatar.

          • I also believe you look like your avatar, just another Basic bish…Trump 2016!

          • tracy Smith

            Dump 2016 is the new racist code for whites folks looking for a Lord and savior pure 100% racist like yourself.

          • Michel Maiorana

            News flash people from the Middle East are white. Look at the bone structure.

          • NASCARDaddy

            I’ve met plenty of people from the Middle East with copper colored skin and curly black hair “like wool.” Never met anyone with “eyes like burning fire” of any race. It’s important to note that The Bible doesn’t say that he had “hair like wool” but hair that was white like wool. Revelations 1:13-17 says “And in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of man, clothed with a garment down to the foot, and girt about the paps with a golden girdle. His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire; And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters. And he had in his right hand seven stars: and out of his mouth went a sharp twoedged sword: and his countenance was as the sun shineth in his strength. And when I saw him, I fell at his feet as dead.”

            If you really want to nitpick the description says his feet were like brass and his head is white like snow. John also says he was “in the spirit” when he say this. He is describing a heavenly being “like unto” The Savior. He never says he is describing Jesus himself. John is writing this some 30 to 40 years after Jesus’ death. He wasn’t describing the living Christ but an angelic celestial being. Even the description of of his feet being “like brass” if it were a literal description and not an allegory could be describing some sort of foot wear.

            There is no actual description of what Christ looked like anywhere in Biblical or historical records. However we can make some inferences from what the Bible does tell us. We know that his genealogy was that of a Semite. His mother’s cousin was married to a temple priest which means that she would have had to have come from a pure Hebrew bloodline proven to extend back to the Levites of Moses’ times.
            So Mary would have had to have had a similar bloodline so the only place that an African could have entered Christ’s family line on his mother’s side would be one of his maternal grandparents. Since Elohim is Christ’s father and the father of all mankind it is safe to say that his genetics transcend what we understand about race.

            We also know that when Judas betrayed Christ he needed to identify him to the temple guards. Given that both Egyptians and Ethiopians stood out enough in Judea that they were identified by nationality by the apostles it is unlikely that he had African features. If he did he would have stood out among the Semitic apostles. Likewise he was common looking enough that both Mary Magdalene and the apostles travelling to Emaus did not at first recognize him when they met him despite having spending nearly every day of the last three years together. This would not be possible if Jesus looked out of place in the region, which an African certainly would have.

            Now I’m sorry if you can’t handle the truth but that is your problem not mine. Open your heart to the Holy Spirit and you shall know the truth, and the truth is that the Savior’s race is meaningless. If your faith in him is based on his skin tone then you are guilty of idolatry and worshiping a false Christ. Once you embrace that truth that Christ’s message is what is important and not his skin color then the truth shall set you free.

          • tracy Smith

            You do know before the evil Europeans came those people you mentioned was all BLACK.

          • And they were all ruled by white people. DNA has shown the pharos were white, Science destroys your argument.

          • NASCARDaddy

            Nope, Semitic Hebrews and Arabs were not black and the “evil Europeans” had been in the region for nearly a century prior to The Savior’s birth in the form of The Roman Empire. And before that the Greeks and Macedonians had been in the region for at least two thousand years before Christ’s birth. And ancient Egyptian records describe Egyptians as a tan skinned people like modern inhabitants of North Africa until they were invaded and conquered by the Cushites from Ethiopia. The history of the region is literally not black and white. As the center of the ancient world the history of the Middle East comes in all skin tones.

          • Thomas Village

            Nailed it NASCARDaddy! You destroyed “tracy Smith’s” ridiculous argument with educated fact.

          • NASCARDaddy

            If we are going to continue this game tracy I feel it only fair to warn you that my degree is in history and as a former clergyman I am also pretty well versed in scripture as well.

          • tracy Smith

            I’m I suppose to be impressed by that?

          • NASCARDaddy

            Given the lack of education and intellect you have displayed so far I would not expect you to be and yet you were sufficiently impressed enough to try and tell us all how you weren’t impressed.

          • tracy Smith

            What you taking about redneck plus I never seen or heard of an intelligent redneck.

          • NASCARDaddy

            First of all, “redneck” was a term invented by “evil Europeans” to make fun of people who worked for a living. Because they would spend all day outside working in the fields or doing construction or whatnot the backs of their necks got sunburned hence the term redneck. Pretty much everything you have, including the home you live in, you have because of a “redneck” so be careful throwing that term around. Second of all I’m talking about your obvious propensity to go directly to name calling and profanity when someone challenges you. You have no intellectual foundation to debate people on so you go straight to name calling. To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin you can’t think of anything intelligent to say so you swear. Thirdly you like to call others racists but a quick scan of your posts on Disqus show an endless parade of racist filth directed at anyone with a lighter skin color than your own. Fourthly your lack of intellect and educate is obvious to anyone who spends any time dealing with you since it’s clear that you have no idea how to do such simple things as punctuate and diagram sentences. Finally why you mad bro? It’s all just a game. The fact that you are so mad shows me that I have hit pretty close to the mark.

          • Nancy Nunez Suffield

            Tracey, he was Jewish, so neither black or white.

          • tracy Smith

            The original Jews were BLACK.

          • Nancy Nunez Suffield

            Tracy, you taught me something new today! Thank you!

          • Michel Maiorana

            Hebrews of which Jews are a part, are a Semitic people as were all the peoples of the Mid-East until the Indo- Europeans invaded the Iranian area in the form of the Persians and Turkey in the form of the Celts. The wall paintings in the Pharaoh’s tombs clearly show well tanned whites in Egypt except for the Nubian Pharaohs who were black. Was Jesus as white as most modern paintings portray? No he was Middle Eastern in appearance. So what? It’s common for a people to make their Deities look like themselves. Except of course for the Egyptians with their half human half animal gods.

          • Tom Kratman

            In the hopes of triggering you, Cleopatra was a Macedonian, which is to say a sort of Greek, and Hannibal was either full Semite or – just possibly – half Semite and half Celtiberian.

          • tracy Smith

            White lies aren’t going to change historic facts but you white folks are going go down in flames trying too.

          • Tom Kratman

            You mean historic facts like Hannibal and Cleo were white, and so were the Jews?

            I used to be more contemptuous than I currently am about Afro-centric theories of history, especially as regards great civilizations and centers of learning that somehow seemed to recede further and further into the distance the more white colonization advanced. I’m still contemptuous, mind you (and also think that triggering idiots is a moral imperative) but somewhat less so since reading Seamus MacManus’ Story of the Irish Race, which was just as idiotic.

      • tracy Smith

        Jesus was not white dummy well maybe white folks Jesus is white

        • indiana homez

          there is no such thing as “White”; JC was Caucasian… just like many Mexicans, Hispanics, and Persian folks. He was not SW Asian, or African.

          That’s it! The three only discernible races, and most ethnicity’s are a jumble of those 3; including you.


      • Liza Yellowbird

        Jesus was not “white” — he was a dark-skinned Middle Eastern man.

        • indiana homez

          there is no such thing as “White”; JC was Caucasian… just like many Mexicans, Hispanics, and Persian folks. He was not SW Asian, or African.

          That’s it! The three only discernible races.


      • Scholze Kat

        i agree is she on facebook her profile page shows her in a swimming suit? omg

      • Nanci

        Uh… I hate to tell you, but Canadians ARE Americans…as are Mexicans, Chileans, Brazilians, and everyone else who inhabits the North American and South American continents. Just sayin’.

        • disqus_igPBRUBbUb

          Okay, my bad. I should have specified U.S. citizens. Geez, you gotta be on your toes when posting online 😉

        • indiana homez

          don’t be ridiculous; everyone knows that “American” is used to describe an American Citizen.

          The point was clear to ingenuous folks. Your nit picking is just that… it is not common in English for Canadians, or the others you mentioned to call themselves “Americans”.

          It is analogous to when people say “there is nothing “liberal” about liberals”. It is a simply a way to make dunderheads feel smart by nitpicking(because they probably don’t have anything productive to contribute to the conversation).

      • Thomas Village

        Proves the point: We don’t have the nutter market cornered here in the US after all. The nutters are everywhere. Should she still be teaching?

    • Jenkem Jones

      You didn’t fail to commit blasphemy.

  • Arel Sickler

    I thought this was The Onion until I saw the sources.

  • Mike Suhor

    Ugh me think white woman teacher ass to fat to fit in big Chief’s canoe, maybe she should get off of Buffalo and walk around

    • Nancy Nunez Suffield

      I love your comment!

  • gregory alan elliott

    Row row row your boat, gently down the stream, merrily merrily merrily merrily, life is but a dream. This English Professor is insane. Now white men cannot float upon the water? Freaking insanity. CANADIAN UNIVERSITIES ARE DUMBING DOWN CANADA! I can only guess it is a Canada-wide conspiracy to make Prime Minister Justin Trudeau look smarter in comparison. Dumber Canadians get, the smarter Justin looks. Geez, that Justin Trudeau is one stupid feminist.

    • Nancy Nunez Suffield

      Hahahaha! The song! Lol!

  • James hegarty

    Why are there so many nutty professors?

    • Steven-X

      They can’t find real jobs.

    • Melanie Blinstrub

      They think more highly of themselves than they ought. At least this one anyways. [So hard wired to themselves as gods, the circular logic seizes :/] Not all are like that .. but man there is a lot

    • Adolf Skroatler

      Professors generally can not function in the real world. Therefore they have to work at place that is very similar to a government job. They start to feel empowered because they can ruin a student’s career on a whim. They also feel smarter than everyone else because they are surrounded by people that do not know what they know (students). They get a false sense of intelligence, where in fact they are mediocre at best. If you will notice, 90% of them are very Liberal. Not saying that Liberals have a substandard intelligence level, just pointing out an observation.

      • James hegarty

        Sounds logical. Well put. They just seem kookier now than when I attended.

      • Captain Jack Gunder

        Only the ones with tenure…The lifetime pass to paid mediocrity.

  • BRush

    if this is true this woman needs a pshyc assessment , really.

  • Liberty and Truth

    I love it, the CBC is a far left rag and even the people on their site in the comment section are admitting this shit is getting ridiculous !

  • Lon Pirkl

    Dr. Misao Dean has a bit of a mental problem. She needs to stick to english and leave history alone.

    • Theresa

      Most Liberals have a mental problem. It’s a brain disease actually that makes someone think the death penalty for convicted murderers is bad….shredding of an unborn innocent baby is good.

      Capitalism, being a 1%’er, working hard to better yourself and your family … bad. Electing a lifelong member of that same 1% club as Prime Minister of your country…. good.

      Islamic degradation, oppression and honour killings of women … defendable and acceptable. Expecting women to pay for their own tampons … reprehensible.

      Imposing carbon taxes that will only hurt the most vulnerable in our society and throw millions of people into poverty … good. Gore, Suzuki, Di Caprio, et al flying around the world preaching to the sullied masses that they don’t deserve to have heat or lights….good.

      A career politician who lies under oath before Congress and the FBI and deliberately destroys subpoenaed evidence…. what crime?? Where?? An 11 year old audio tape of two guys engaging in locker room banter….shocking and appalling.

      This insidious brain disease can’t be explained away, but hopefully someday there’ll be a cure.

      • diablo135

        I want to give you 10 likes

        • Adolf Skroatler

          In order to vote more than once, you will have to become a Democrat. Sorry.

      • Thomas Village

        I want to give you 10 likes too and I’ll even throw in a couple of licks …

      • Captain Jack Gunder

        Yes. Two points that really gall me. The Gores of Carbon Caps spend more time in a limo or flying cross globe while being the least financially effected.
        How to scream about women rights, glass ceiling, etc, yet ignore Muslim females treated like a bad dog, no driving, education , and that burka thing??

  • pat mcgillidicudy

    Golfers are white. So What!!
    The USA requires 18,000 golf courses.
    Many are installing lights for 24 hr golf.
    Blacks are welcome.

  • Charles Wallace

    The “professor” reeks of stupidity.

  • Scott Smith

    Milo, left-leaning, tree-hugging douchebags like the “esteemed” Prof. Dean make me ashamed to be Canadian

  • TeDarius Jebediah


  • Tom Kratman

    What we need are maybe 50 quinqueremes we can use to chain 12000 SJWs to the oars of, so we can exercise our privilege without engaging in cultural appropriation.

    “Row well for Rome, Number Forty-one.”

  • Alias Darker

    Canadian, say no more lol

  • wagonwheeldc

    Reminds me when I was in school. I refused to call them doctors. They are not doctors they are school teachers that need a label. Silly woman that can prosper in academic world but the real crisis is that they want to force this nonsence on middle Am by use of gov force

  • Arthro

    Geez, give it a rest, liberals. So stupid.

  • Vladimir Putin

    Sometimes I am almost certain that the IQ of these people are petty damn low, if anything..

    • drumdad

      Of my 3 children, one has completed uni, one is currently attending. When I hear some of the rubbish coming from their professors, I remind them that being educated does not automatically signal being intelligent. Anyone with adequate financial resources is capable of getting a degree.

      • Vladimir Putin

        Too true!

  • Thomas M Ingram

    She is a total dip shit and makes me ashamed to say my paternal grandparents came from Canada , the word canoe comes from the Carib kenu (dugout) and Arawak canaoua, 2 indigenous people from the Caribbean and translated to canoe by the Spaniards in the 15th century.

  • Rodney Elkins

    Hey prof.,why don’t you murder yourself?

  • Craig

    We could laugh this off if she was a little old lady living alone with her cats. But she’s not. She has influence over people. [Her students mostly] She is – therefore – a THREAT to all of us.


    Well, it’s nice to see an English professor condemning educated people.

  • Letthemeatcake

    How far we have fallen when a canoe is a sign of privilege.

    • drumdad

      Careful ! She may find out about the misogynistic, xenophobic bicyclists next.

  • Maurice Poirier

    what ? incredible ! who call it “doctor” after that ?

  • TCS

    What kind of “professor” this lady is?

  • Joseph Bleaugh

    Doesn’t this stupid CUNT understand that native Americans introduced the first canoe?

  • gregzotta

    Tell that to the Indians.

  • Trevor Johnson ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I’m jewish and I canoe. Its not just whites.

  • strubbiedoo

    Gee, I would venture to say that all native peoples had canoes of some sort to travel by water, way before White man made it to these lands! This woman teaches the next generation? No wonder so many of them are clueless! She is an idiot!!!

  • Trevor Johnson ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Miss dean is whiter than me! she cant talk!

  • Dennis Greer

    Was this woman recently deprived of oxygen for an extended period of time ?

  • BayStreetBabe
    • Theresa

      LOL…I thought the same thing.

    • Adolf Skroatler


  • Andrew Rothwell

    Official Canadian Milo fan here and BC resident. Just asked my wife, archivist of musqeum nation Indian band if its racist. Her answer: Salish people were carving Canoes before 1000 BC, so no. Sounds like professor libtard fuckface didn’t even bother to check.

  • Vonbråten

    The only white privilege here, is the stupid woman privilege to come with stupid comments.

  • Ed Hines

    The water is racist! It impedes the White Mans travel! Lmfao! See? I can be ignorant, too! 🙂

  • Valewood

    I wish someone would hurry up and find a cure for that brain disease known as liberalism. How much research money are we spending on it? Better increase the budget.

  • Mike Bromley

    Holy lord t’underin jesus dyin’ fuck. No apology for the exsperated Newfinese.

  • Peter Toth

    Do I also have to have a degree in order to be that stupid? If I try hard, really hard, I think I may be able to be only “Bachelors Degree” stupid. I don’t suppose I’ll ever achieve “Phd” stupid, no matter how hard I try.

  • ShoutItOut

    I was going to get upset about this but then I found out she is from Canada. So there is no reason to take her seriously now! LOL

  • Richard James

    Could this ‘professor’ be any more idiotic? Now canoeing is racist and ‘white privilege’? What’s next, breathing contributes to global warming?

  • Christine Rhew Thompson

    This would work better if the picture on the left was actually a canoe…

  • Dayna Hamilton

    She looks pretty white to me. If she hates white people so much she should just kill herself. I’m so sick of these self-hating “educated” elites telling everyone else how they should live their lives.

  • Peter Kane

    she is totally screwed up…pretty soon we won’t be able to use washrooms because crapping is racist and eating a cone of ice cream is to sexual oriented…fucken crazy stupid bitch !

  • Brian O’Hallarn

    Why is it that University Professors, both men and women, who we think are academically proficient come up with the stupidest analogy on any and many topics. This canoe thing by Milo dean is beyond ludicrous. She should have her teaching licence taken away and she be placed in a home for the mentally challenged for the country’s safety. I guess we ban the canoe to remove that terrible image it represents! I hope that our students look beyond this stupid analogy.

  • John Swenson

    Racists perpetuate racism. When one realizes we’re all human and move forward instead of always looking back, color will just be an adjunctive and race will just be used as a verb. The noun usage will be removed from the dictionary and we can move forward.

  • Bmac39

    The CBC in Canada is a Liberal government funded joke.

  • Liza Yellowbird

    It takes an excess of stupidity to think this shit up. Which goes to show you what a “free” education in Canada produces.

  • Scholze Kat

    IDK MILO I am not a high spending woman and my family is not either we are paying high student college loans like any other parent..we CANOE the boundry waters because its the cheapest form of recreation we can find. and I am half native and the last time I checked we do it to harvest wild rice and also fish so did you do this for attention? if so knock it off… you way off course on this better grab a GPS…

  • Liza Yellowbird

    BTW, for this idiot, most of the early explorers were not college educated — they were self-taught, self-make, explorers, trappers, mountain men, etc.

  • PeteNice

    Rucking fetard

  • Nate

    Well, if nothing else, we can just “Blame Canada”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOR38552MJA

  • Doug Dandridge

    If she has so much self loathing, perhaps she should go out on the lake in a canoe and drown herself.

  • eramthgin

    This woman is crazy. This is what passes for a english professional?

  • Not only is she totally wrong about canoes, what she is spouting off about is Sociology and History. Her stated area of study is English, NOT Sociology or History.

  • hcurrie77

    I can’t believe this stupid cunt is teaching college classes…and there in is the problem with youth. The people they are learning from is a bunch of Sjw bitches who hate men and want to claim all whites are racist so they can look like they’re better than everyone else.

  • Peter Drypolcher

    This is the most polite comments discussion I’ve ever read. Surely, you all
    are Canadians.

  • Ademard Pion
  • Nancy Nunez Suffield

    Okay, who pushed the global Coo Coo button?

  • Alan Manisco

    Libturds are just all MENTALLY ILL. We know that mostly from watching Shitlery for the last year or so

  • quilthead

    wow. just, wow. If a canoe is racist because they are primarily used by rich white guys, then she needs to quit wearing shoes, get rid of her home, and give up her cushy prof job.

  • Michael Varga
  • Brian Ritchie

    Wow. There’s one scary nut job. Look at those psycho eyes. Last time I saw that look it was on a bag lady in an alley behind the Edison Hotel in Pittsburgh. She pulled a knife and told me fuck off.

  • Proof positive college does not impart common sense!

  • Marc Pleau

    well its not a big stretch, when you think about it. This country was only navigable by canoe for thousands of years….the Canoe is a Indigenous creation, had the French and Huron not become Allies, they wouldnt have been able to learn the ways of the canoe, able to snake thru the land from Mont Royal to the French river, into the Laurentian Uphills…..to trap pelts….The Coureur de Bois, wouldve had to do a Lot more running..
    Canada might not even exist, had it not been for the early friendships between the French and Indigenous. Canada was initially only settled, to acquire furs to send back to Europe, for Fashion Statements of upper crust snooty men. Honestly our countries founding is rather bad.
    and yes, today, most of the people you see on canoe….are white males of upper class birth, some even jesting that they can canoe to work in the morning, cause there are so many lakes between their lakeside home and the office downtown.
    That all reeks of Colonialism, Imperialism, and White Privilege.

    • Valewood

      You must have been a student of hers.

    • Bob Jenkins

      Pesse canoe

  • Marc Pleau

    most of the comments on here are from uneducated people, clearly. who’d rather not think about how their entire lives and family’s lives are built on a hotbed of evil. So sad…..wont let themselves even think about the layers behind every single aspect of this country.

  • William Matt Fleming

    -Sigh I’m part Algonquin Indian (11 generations back), for Indians of various tribes this was their core form of vast transportation, Canada was formed around the birch bark canoe which easily included more natives then white men, the Indians taught them how to make them ffs!!…people like this should be stripped of their credentials for their sheer stupidity…

  • Anonymous1

    I’m so glad she brought this up because phones are in the same boat so to speak. “Certainly the majority of phone users are people who have a very privileged place in society,” “They’re frequently highly educated people. They’re almost completely white.”

    Why do universities hire these complete idiots?

  • Brimstone52

    Does anyone have a rational explanation as to why so many academics are so stupid?

    • Valewood

      They’re almost all liberals?

  • FourFooted Messiah

    Uh, weren’t canoes invented by the First Nations peoples? I thought we got the idea/design from them.

    Oh, and, well, it’s time to ban the fur trade then, it’s racist, it’s really white people profiting off of it. Can we ban it now? Sport hunting too? Most thrillkillkultists are white, can we finally get rid of slaughtering independent nations of other species for fun?

    Oh, overpopulation? We have to make sure they don’t overpopulate? Or they might starve? Well, get your guns to the third world, then, and take care of all those kids they wave in front of the television, please! Take care of your own, first right? Humans first?

  • harri326

    She’s been sniffing something I think

  • USMC Gunny

    Hmmmmm, did someone forget to take her meds? Does someone need to get out more? Maybe she needs to get laid (providing she can fine someone willing to do the deed).

  • plusaf

    Did this come from an article in The Onion or what?!
    Who is cloning these “people”?!
    They’re everywhere, like locusts, and make similar ‘contributions’ to the world… 🙁

  • Mark204

    Why is it always a Progressive Liberal who spews stupid comments like this?

  • Bob

    Holy crap !! what next ?? Time to commit all liberal professors.. Problem is … They never got out of school.. Think about it for a few minutes.. They have no sense of reality at all. They live in their own little world of confusion..

  • John McCormick

    Is it true that the indigenous canoeists in america were the first Birchers? 🙂

    • Michel Maiorana

      Cute, very cute.

  • Oil and beef

    It took her many years of education to reach her present state of confusion.

  • 1911HeadBanger

    These are the Coneheads who are Teaching Your Children. Some people can educate and think themselves beyond reality and reason.

    Now I have a reason to go out and buy that new Canoe I was thinking about.

  • David

    I own a kayak, is that Inuit privilege? Or am I guilty of Cultural appropriation?
    I know I must have done something wrong.

  • Billy S DuBose

    Get yourself a canoe , b______! It is relaxing after all of the discriminating crap we have to endure, from people like you……….not to mention we are forced to pay you for it! Damn!

  • Zerock22
  • She´s not even a liberal, she´s just an insanely psychotic cunt, who needs to get laid big time and because nobody is able to penetrate the spunkdumpster of that fugly eye-cancer, she gets madder and madder every day until she kills someone.

  • Lee Anne

    Hmmm. I am white. It’s kind of hard to hide that fact. I am also a canoeist and kayaker. I have been for most of my 64 years. I enjoy getting out in nature away from the noise and bustle of civilization. For that I am thankful for the inventors of these two fine crafts. Oh, since I am also transgender do I get a pass at being a racist?

  • This is one dumb, dumb, dumb fuck.

  • gege1

    What a stupid woman. She reeks of an over educated doofus !

  • Beau Diddly

    What bothers me is not so much she has mental or emotional issues, is that she is gainfully employed. Someone thinks what she is doing is of such grand merit, she must be compensated, and well compensated I’ll bet. If the Canadian want to reward it, then they’re the idiots. The losers are the poor kids in their formative years looking up to a role model professor and hear this garbage spew.

  • Don McKinnon

    I can’t agree with her. Canoe?

  • Kat Broek

    Just another lefty trying to get their 15 minutes of fame. If she actually did her research she’d see that canoes have been used by many people of many cultures for many years. Maybe in her privileged little world canoers were always white but that is not the big picture. Interesting to note that she is lumping her boss in with these “privileged white men who canoe”.

  • Merry Indiana

    …am I the only one who learned about “dug outs” in 3rd grade history?

  • Ussula Lutrova

    this political correctness has gone too far…i totally understand not being obviously or purposefully racist. fine. but canoeing is racist just cuz too many white people like to do it??? seriously??? so does this mean white people are racist if they eat crackers? or if they dont personally like watermelon? or that im racist because rap music makes me want to bang my head on the wall till i pass out so i dont have to keep hearing it??? or maybe i just simply dont like rap music! these are just stereotypes and cultural trends. get over it world! this is not real racism. you want to see real racism? go back to the 1800s.

    • FourFooted Messiah

      Hell, just go to paradises like Zimbabwe, Pakistan or China, and try to see past the grins they give you for to get your money.

  • Bill
  • Paul Campbell

    I guess by her narrative I’m totally a raciest since I drive a Cherokee… LOL

  • Jenkem Jones

    Many of the people that work at Old Town Canoe are ‘Native American’.

  • Paul Campbell

    I guess by her narrative I’m also be a raciest since I drive a “”Cherokee”” https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9a4b4b257f2f3cb552ca68bac13a4ca2df8fbc42d9f1f7bdc04a35a6ac231827.png … LOL

  • Jenkem Jones

    What about kayaks? Old Town Canoe now makes more kayaks than canoes.

  • Captain Jack Gunder

    To protest white man canoe racism she could volunteer to deodorize every canoe in Canada. Since they reek, eh?

  • Bob Jenkins

    The world’s oldest canoe is from EUROPE, the Pesse canoe that was found in the Netherlands.

    Maybe before libs start saying whites can’t have something because it’s “cultural appropriation”, they should first check to be sure if it actually doesn’t belong to whites in the first place, huh?

  • Michel Maiorana

    By order of the SUPREME.
    1) All cultural appropriation is hereby forbidden.
    2) All people are hereby ordered to strip naked, go into the fields and forest and forage for food and shelter.
    3) No tech of any kind is allowed including bows and arrows, or spears. If someone else has ever made anything, under the rules of no cultural appropriation you are forbidden to use it unless you can document someone in your lineage invented that item.
    Thank you for your cooperation on this pressing matter.

  • violetteal


  • Michel Maiorana

    Canoes have been invented and used by every people who needed to travel by water. From the simple dugout to the birch bark to the ocean going outrigger. Black white or yellow, all have invented and used canoes.
    And we actually pay money to these people to teach our kids.

  • Si Simmons

    Dean couldn’t fit in a canoe !!!!